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All that Jordan Rivers knew was that he was married to the granddaughter of a man he saved years ago. It was the old man’s plea as a way of rewarding Jordan for saving his life. He gifted him a wife. But soon after, the old man died, and life took a drastic turn for Jordan. Everyone turned against him. Including his wife. He became their servant. And then one day, the wife he had not touched for years approached him, claiming she was pregnant. But she decided to be honest. She had cheated on him with a guy in her class, and so, she asked for a divorce, and they ganged up and kicked Jordan out. While walking through the darkness, wondering where to go, he bumped into a gang assaulting a poor girl on the road. He decided to play hero, and he succeeded, but that left him in a critical state. He was bleeding terribly, and he blacked out. Weirdly, a ring he always wore absorbed the blood he was oozing, and strange memories started flooding his memory while he still lay unconscious - memories about his knowledge of martial arts, medicines, and the acknowledgment of the use of the power of the gods. He thought it was a dream, but he awoke with the same fresh memories lingering in his head. He sprung up from the ground with renewed energy. He scanned his body. Magically, all the blood had been sucked back into his body. All the wounds had closed up. He was scarless! Everything in him howled three things: him ascending the throne he deserved, taking revenge on all who bullied him, and unearthing the mysteries surrounding his family.

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    I just read the first chapter and I must say that this book looks promising.

    2023-11-08 04:48:03
  • RMg7055


    a so-so story. don't like the drag. name keep on changing from time to time..

    2023-11-03 18:28:29
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“You are what?” Jordan screeched with disbelief and denial, gawking intently at his wife. He found her statement laughable, but something was holding him back from flaring with laughter. Something he could not decipher, but it was so unnerving.“You heard me loud and clear, Jordan, unless you have grown deaf over the years! Or what damn part of ‘I am pregnant’ don't you understand? It's just a three simple words statement, for crying out loud!” Diana, his wife retorted with fury, glaring at him with contempt.Jordan was still battling with the contradicting sentiments of this being true. He knew from the look of his wife that she was not joking, but he was also certain of the impossibility of what Diana was ranting about. “But, how? No! You simply can not be pregnant, Diana, and you and I can attest to that!” He spoke softly, still trying to scan for any proof of uncertainty in Diana’s eyes who didn't even blink.At this point, Jordan was pulled out of his confusion by his mother-in
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Jordan dropped his bag to the ground, taking a turn and running in the west direction, where the cry of a girl was coming from. A few meters ahead, he collided with a poor girl. She was running out of breath from running and losing the energy to escape her tormentors. A group of six men were after her, and they slowed down when they saw Jordan. But they kept their eyes on their target.She was a beautiful girl. Her eyes sparkled even in the darkness. Compared to that arrogant, cheating bitch he was married to until a few minutes ago, this mysterious girl seemed like an angel.Jordan nudged the poor girl toward his back, shielding her. The men sneered, scoffing at Jordan.“Get out of our way, buddy, unless you want to get hurt!”’ One bearded guy said, pointing at Jordan. “What do you want from her? What has she done?” Jordan challenged, holding the poor girl's hand as she clenched his shirt as if he were her black messiah. “Please, mister, don't let them get to me. Please!” The poor
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In what felt like a dream, Jordan envisioned himself seated on the throne of the Rivers clan. It seemed to be an ancient seat crafted for an emperor. With a battalion of devotees bowing before him. He saw himself practicing martial arts, and his familiarity with the techniques was amazing. He also saw himself describing some medicines to some people with health issues. On top of that, he also felt the voice of the gods speaking to him. Guiding him and warning him. The dream was getting intense, causing his head to throb badly.When he peeled his eyes open, he was greeted by the blinding rays of the morning sun. He was unconscious the whole night. He stopped for a moment to have a recap of what he was dreaming about. If there was any connection between him and the emperor he saw in that dream. But then, his head banged with the same raw memories. Everything became so clear. There indeed was a connection between him and this mysterious family. He was the emperor he saw in the dream. I
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“Such guts for someone who equals the dirt he is standing on.” Edwin sneered, browsing Jordan’s entire being with scorn and disgust- like his entire being smothered him.Jordan’s rage was stroking him pretty wildly. He scorned how the fool was looking at him as if he were some stinking trash. But he held his cool tight.“You should learn how to be humble. That is what cheap and pathetic people like you do.” Edwin mocked again, while Jordan kept clenching his fists to suppress his wrath from bursting out.‘These two fools do not seem to be in a hurry to enter the court and leave me alone, huh.’ Jordan thought. Maybe because they wanted to humiliate him even more.“I suggest you stop yapping and let us just end this now, Mr. Rich Man! Your lover here,” Jordan fixed his glare at Diana, who squirmed in return, “is dying to start a family with you. You don’t want to keep her waiting any longer, do you?” He then shifted his gaze to Edwin, leaving Diana puzzled.Diana was finding it arduous
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Astonishingly, the girl that Jordan had rescued the previous night was no ordinary girl. She was from an extremely affluent family, and so, finding someone was as easy as blinking an eye. After conducting an emergency search, she was able to learn of Jordan’s whereabouts. And like she had promised last night before she ran away for her safety, she came for her savior.Jordan’s facial idiom was no different from that of the couple beside him as he watched the girl approach. He was in awe as he watched the girl match toward him. Her face was glowing more in broad daylight than it was in the dark. What moved him more was the fact that the girl looked for him. He didn't know she would ever find him even if she searched for him. Hell! He did not even anticipate she would bother looking for him. They say, do good and go your way, and that is what he had done. He did not expect anything in return. Knowing that he rescued someone from danger was more than enough for him.But here she was.
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Jordan was itching to break the fool's bones, but his sixth royal sense soothed him. They were in the wrong place. The court was not a place he wanted to start a fight. Diana could not crack the situation. Her bafflement was not so much banked in why her husband could not slap the girl and avenge her, but in how he seemed fearful of the girl all of a sudden. She could not just figure out her lover’s behavior. And his next action left her in more bewilderment.Edwin bowed to the girl. His eyes could not even meet hers. His actions portrayed fear and respect, and the sincerity of his actions was portrayed in his words.“I am so sorry, Miss Anna. Please forgive my actions. I hadn't recognized you. Please, I am so sorry.” His head was still hunched down as he spoke.Anna, on the other hand, did not even care to spare the fool a glance. Her gaze was fixed on Jordan, and her grin shone over the whole place. Once Jordan caught her staring, her smile widened shyly. She cleared her throat b
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Jordan and Anna got into her gold sports car and drove to The Hilton Hotel on the outskirts of Nairobi city. It was a short distance from the judicial court where they were. She also felt the need for some privacy with the man who now meant so much to her, so she had asked the driver to join the guards in the convoy behind them, while only she and Jordan drove in her car.They pulled up in front of the voluptuous hotel after a few minutes.“Umh, Jordan, right?” She asked after turning to Jordan.“Yes. My name is Jordan.” He said.“Okay. And I am Anna De’Luka. But just call me Anna.” She said after realizing they had not introduced themselves.“Okay. Anna, it is.” Jordan said with a small grin.“Okay. You may go in first. I will just park and join you.” Anna explained.“Alright.” Jordan responded and stepped out of the car.He started his way to the entrance as he sampled in the rich, unruffled aura. He had not sniffed any peace for the longest time, so this got him all intoxicated unt
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The manager continued howling for help from the guard. But the guard was extremely frightened of Jordan now. He did not move an inch from his spot. He was still battling whether to call for help for his boss from the inside when a female voice interrupted them. “What is happening? What the heck is going on here?” Anna spoke as she stopped behind Jordan.Jordan released the manager’s hand, who then walked a safe distance from Jordan as he groaned, soothing the pain in his hand. He hoped that the hand did not develop an internal injury due to the pain he was experiencing.The manager’s groans stopped the moment he saw Anna's face. His face dropped, and formulated deep furrows. He could not help but wonder whether there was any truth in Jordan’s words. He hoped there wasn't, because if there were, he knew they were in for big trouble.“Jordan, what happened? Why didn't you go in?” Anna asked with a deep frown on her face.‘She knows this beggar’s name? Could it be possible that this sti
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Derrick’s eyes remained fixed on Jordan for a long moment, scanning the competition before him from head to toe. Anna was his prey, the girl he had taken interest in. He wanted nothing but to have her. The mere thought of another man beating him to the game was arousing his demons. He could not envisage another man having the girl he was after. And looking at the duo at the moment, with Jordan’s hair dripping wet, looking so raw from the shower, Derrick’s head throbbed with assorted sentiments. Who was the man? Why were they together? And in a room? What had they done that he needed to freshen up? Had she given herself to the man? Derrick’s anger rose, breaking the awkward lull that had been engulfing them.“Who the hell are you, if I may ask? What is your name, and what are you doing with her? What family do you come from? What do you…” “Enough, Derrick!” Anna yelled at him, cutting him off.She found his vetting unfounded and contemptuous. They were not together, and she had not
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Jordan smiled weakly at Anna’s apology. Then he spoke.“It is okay.” He said.“Are you sure?” Anna asked.She could not decipher Jordan’s slight frown. He took in a deep breath before speaking.“You know, I have not had any luck with these rich people. They are all the same - arrogant, full of themselves, granitic, proud, intolerable.” He said. Anna felt a tinge of pain in her heart. She wondered whether he thought the same about her too.“That is so harsh.” She said softly, cloaking her pain.“It is all true. I am a witness, and after my divorce from my ex-wife, I will be extremely careful in choosing my partner. I don’t want a rich brat near me ever again.” He affirmed, and he meant it, what he didn’t know was that he was hurting someone.Anna felt that ripple of pain again. It was like the message was indirectly meant for her. They were from two opposite worlds. She was rich and he wasn’t, and with his last words, there seemed to exist a big rift between them. All the possibilities
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