My Zombie Revenge System

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My Zombie Revenge System

By: Atom6334 Ongoing

Language: English

Chapters: 49 views: 8.4K

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Alex Bart died trying to avenge his sister who has been kidnapped and killed by the strongest evolvers in the world, the ten emperors because of her healing abilities. but when he thought all was over, he suddenly woke up three years into the past just a few days to the apocalypse with his memories intact and a unique system that allows him to grow stronger by completing missions. Taking advantage of this new opportunity, he swore to protect his sister this time around and take revenge on all those who have trampled on him before. But what is the origin of the system, who granted it to Alex and for what purpose, Alex will eventually find out eventually, for now he has to level up and exact his revenge!

49 chapters
EPISODE 1: A Painful Death
My name is Alex Bart, I am twenty-three years old and my life has not exactly been a walk in the park. I come from a painfully bad background, an abusive father, addicted to drugs and gambling.When I was fifteen, he came home drunk and covered with bruises, having been beaten up badly by the loan shark for money he had borrowed to do drugs. He started beating my mother out of frustration and ended up killing her; he was arrested and was sent to trial, leading to his execution, which left me and my dear sister orphaned. With no money, no family connection and a lot of debt to pay the local Mafia.My life has always been agony.I am not particularly smart, good looking, or talented. I am what you will call a fated loser, but there is one very thing I excel at and that is survival.Whatever it takes, whatever I have to do or go through, I will do it without hesitation just to see my sister happy, to shield her from the evil of this world, and there is one thing I have learned so far in
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EPISODE 2: Edith's Rescue
“So I have indeed regressed back in time! I still don’t understand what this thing is, but only I can see it and it looks almost like a game window trying to give me missions. Well, it doesn’t matter because there is something more important for me to confirm and that is my sister’s life. I will believe this regression is true once I can talk to my sister!” Alex said to himself.“What are you? An idiot or what?” A voice said.Alex immediately turned around to see who was talking to him, but he could only see his reflection in the large mirror in the bathroom.The voice sounded like that of a girl, and it is not that of anyone he has heard before.“I am talking to you, idiot. I am only going to say this once, so you better listen carefully. I am the will of Nemesis, the goddess of divine retribution, and you have been selected as the vessel to carry the revenge Hero’s system based on all the conditions you have fulfilled.”The voice said and Alex ran to the stalls and opened them one a
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EPISODE 3: Reunion With Elise
Alex and Edith walked pass the security guards of the bank lying on the floor passed out, the vital point strike that Alex has landed in them earlier somehow took effect again and made them faint right after they have recovered and were about to chase after him.People have gathered around them and an ambulance was already approaching the compound as he and Edith just walked out of the bank’s compound. Alex started heading straight to his sister’s school to pick her up. As they arrived, Edith refused to enter the school premise because that is her school.“Do not worry, it will not matter that people see you like this soon enough. Everybody will be too busy trying to survive!” Alex said, and dragged her in with him. As soon as the gate security saw him, they rushed to stop him.“This is an all-girls school young man. Who are you here to see?” the security asked and Alex just looked at them and said.“I am here to pick up my sister, Elise.”The security looked sat him well and saw how
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EPISODE 4: The Infernal Rain.
It was already evening so Alex did not stop anywhere until he has reached the most expensive hotel in the city, he drove the truck into the hotel parking lot and asked the two of them to stay in the car before he prepares their accommodation.He booked a VIP room with very good security doors on the floor just above the parking lot and tipped the receptionist big. As soon as he was done, we rushed back to the floor below and helped Elise and Edith to pack all the supplies that they have bought.They settled in the room which has two beds on it. As soon as they have taken their showers eaten, they gathered around a table where he brought out all the guns and bullets he has bought. He taught both of them how to arrange bullets in the extra magazines and the three of them sat down and started loading and arranging all the bullets in them.After a few minutes of that, Elise stopped and looked at him directly in the eye.“Brother, isn’t it about time you tell me exactly what is going on as
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EPISODE 5: Awakening
“What is that red thing you just put on the bed brother? It looks like an oversized ruby, but it feels…….. How do I say this, electrifying?” Elise asked Alex who at the moment has walked to the bathroom washing the blood of the zombies he had killed off of his body and his clothes.Out of curiosity she and Edith climbed the bed and started observing the rune crystal up-close.“It looks like there is some sort of electricity inside of it! Although it is faint I can still feel it.” Elise said and Edith nodded in agreement.“I cannot feel anything, but I can see it, little fizzling sparks of energy coming from the crystal.” She said.Elise reached her hand to touch the crystal but Alex has already come out of the bathroom and grabbed her hand just before she touched it.“I forgot to mention you should not touch this just yet, it has very highly condensed rune energy.” He said.Both the girls were looking at him dumbfounded by what he just said.“Just what is it brother?” Elise asked agai
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EPISODE 6: The First Wave 1
Alex woke to slight voices and sound from outside the apartment, his evolution and awakening has enhanced his hearing far beyond the capabilities of a normal human. The voices of people on the floor below them woke continue to reach him all the way to his room. From the footsteps he can hear, he realized that there must be at least five people. “This is the truck, he must be inside the hotel somewhere!” one of them said. “I cannot believe we are still doing this despite what just happened to us, despite the chaos going on. We had to kill five of our own brothers. What exactly does Yondu even want with that kid?” Another asked. Alex slowly opens his eyes and realized yet again, Edith had snuck into his bed clinging to one of his arms while his sister Elise clings to the other. Gently, he sneak off of the bed and slipped on his shirt. “I knew it! Yondu that fucker is still going to come after me just like in my past life, although at that time it was because I was holding his money
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EPISODE 7: The first Wave 2
The car speed up on the road and starts running over few zombies that are standing in the way, the large horde gathering all over the city only get larger by the minute. More zombies rush out of the buildings as more people who turned while still inside their apartments rush out.As they drive down the road, the sound of growling from the zombies only continue to intensify and compete with the roaring of the engine.Alex was driving past the heart of the city where there are a lot of sky scrapers and other very tall buildings, a zombie suddenly fell from above right in front the car. Alex hit the brake hard that the guy in the front seat almost broke his nose from hitting his face on the truck’s dashboard.“Son of a bitch! You almost killed me!” The man shouted at Alex but after turning to see that Alex’s attention is elsewhere on the road right in front of them.“Nobody stopped you from strapping your seatbelt on bitch face! Now shut up before I kick you out.” Alex said without looki
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EPISODE 8: The Prison
After a few hours driving, they finally arrived at a place where a very tall fence stands with barbed wire and an electric fence warning on it.Alex parked the truck by the roadside and got out, Elena, Edith and Yojiro followed him to the fence.“This should be the place. We will get to the door on the other side but before that, I just need to check a few things first.” Alex said and leapt into the air and for a few seconds looked into the prison yard to see the situation inside.After he landed, he said. “It is just as I expected, there are people here already. Let’s go and see what they have made of the place.”They got into the truck and Alex drove them to the entrance of the prison, the gate was locked so Alex got out and broke the padlock that had been used to lock the entrance gate, he pushed open the gate and went back to the truck and driving it inside.Once inside, the prison is divided into four section. The first section is the entrance of the yard, it is connected to the
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EPISODE 9: Clean Up 1
Alex stood from the floor and opened the cell, he walked out feeling much stronger than when he walked in and began the fusion process, walked to where Edith, Elena and the rest of the people are and said.“Listen up everyone, if we want this place to be our secure little paradise in a world where a single zombie bite can change the fate of all of us, I suggest we get cleaning the entire place up. So I have decided we will take care if all the zombies in this prison.”“I understand what you are saying, but we only have a few guns here with limited ammo. There are hundreds of them in the wire and there are only a few of us here.” One of them said.Alex shook his head and said. “You don’t have to worry about weapons, I have plenty if of them and some ammo to go with it. The eleven of you should take care of the zombies in the left side of the wire fence, I and the two ladies there will take care of the right side and the inner cells as well. “He walked the rest of them to the truck and
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EPISODE 10: Clean Up 2
As soon as the last of the doors locked, Alex activated the system powers he possess, he instantly hardened his skin and increased his speed. He placed his hand on the sword tattoo on his back and said. “Activate formless blade.”Instantly, the blade handle manifested in his hands and pulls the rest of it out it and held it in one hand. He started walking towards the larger hallway where all of the cells are located and the first thing he noticed is the dead silence that chills the place.He arrived at the first cell and looks inside to find the dismembered body of two zombies whose heads have been ripped off and taken. This was a great surprise to Alex because all of the bard in the cells are intact and the doors still locked, yet the zombies inside have been decapitated and their heads are missing.He walked from one locking cell to the next noticing that all of them have decapitated bodies of zombies where the heads have been torn off by force, all of the cells which doors were sti
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