Wake Up With Apocalypse Survival System

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Wake Up With Apocalypse Survival System

By: hotaka katsuo OngoingSystem

Language: English

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On his luckiest day, Oliver died feeling betrayed. The world on the day of death becomes a scary world. The zombies appear and carry out attacks on humans, Oliver dies by zombies with feelings filled with rage. When he opened his eyes again, Oliver knew he was alive before the attack began. Luckily, Oliver got an apocalypse survival system that could help him survive this apocalypse. Oliver gains strength and knowledge of what happened. He vowed that he would survive the unfolding apocalypse and only those he cared about would protect him.

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The End
He walked with weak steps. He had tried not to get fired again, this time from his job as a porter at a moving service. Still, instead, he was fired because a senior broke a customer's favorite statuette and he was blamed.“Damn, him! I didn't do anything wrong, but I have to make up for it." Oliver reached into his trouser pocket, only Atlansia $1 left there. It makes his eyes glaze over.He stepped out and decided just to go home and bury his sadness by being at home. At least, a sweet wife will be waiting for him at home.“Della, I have missed you so much.”Oliver smiled a little, he encouraged himself and took a big step, he finally arrived at his small house.A luxury car parked in front of his house bothered him, making his mind very uncomfortable.He walked in and heard a voice he knew so well, but in a spoiled tone that made his heart race."He? What kind of husband can't buy what his wife wants? He's so useless!” Della said annoyedly, she looked at the man who was under her w
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How To Use It?
Something rushed inside of him, making him open his eyes quickly and get up from his sleep while choking his neck, his flesh was being torn apart, and he couldn't tell the difference between reality and hallucination.His heavy breathing made him cough repeatedly. His body was covered in a cold sweat, clothes sticking to his body.“Aaa, aaahh, what happened?”Oliver's hands were shaking violently, he looked at his hands and then looked around him."I-I'm in my room?" he asked himself. " D-didn't those zombies eat me…? They killed me…." It felt terrifying to him, he was trembling violently, and his entire body could feel that the zombie was biting him.The pain is so real.After a second, he then slapped his cheek. The pain made him widen his eyes."I live!" he shouted, so pleased with this. He had just gone through something so terrifying to him.Click!The bedroom door opened a figure appeared, making his expression cold. Della entered with a face that looked annoyed."How long are y
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Believe Me?
Chapter 2It only took a few seconds, Oliver was impatient and when Dae opened his mouth, he tensed up even more.“You will get quests to complete. And the prizes can be skills, items, bloodlines, or special objects. Of course, it will make your strength increase”Dae's explanation left Oliver speechless. He didn't expect that he couldn't just calm down even if he obtained the Apocalypse survival system.He had to do a quest?“Then, when will I get the quest?” He wanted to know everything immediately to think of any necessary action."The system will tell you." Dae took the burger that was in front of Oliver, ate it in one gulp and Oliver looked around him restlessly.His eyes widened because what Dae did just now could have been seen by other humans."They won't see it."Dae tilted his head, and he responded calmly."You don't have any questions? If there aren't any, I'll go back and take a nap."Oliver immediately caught Dae's hand, and he spoke. "The text that appeared on the notif
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A Bait
Ding!Ding! Ding![Warning][Zombie Attack on Ranvier ][ Time 6 days, 1 hour]Oliver drank water from a bottle he took from the refrigerator. He was off work these days and heard Della's voice chattering about it."Everything is ready." Oliver put down the bottle in his hand, then saw Della was on the phone with someone."He must have called Henry, those two trash humans are a perfect match."Oliver walked towards his room, he ignored Della as if she wasn't even in this house. He had also prepared everything well to save himself.Oliver brushed his brown hair back after putting on his shirt.Ding!The notification sound came again, making his brows furrow this time."Ah, what is this?"[Gather food supplies, and save your loved ones.]Oliver read it carefully, he sat down on the sofa. "It turns out that this system has more heart than them." Oliver smiled, he already had a plan today and would do what the system asked him to do immediately.Della entered the room, she stared at Olive
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Revenge I
"Oliver, it's been a long time since you came here. Your uncle and aunt think you've forgotten about us." Ilda hugged Oliver tightly. To her, Oliver was like her own son.It only took half an hour from where Oliver was to his house. However, Oliver was so busy working odd jobs that he found it difficult to get to Uncle Sam and Aunt Ilda."Sorry, Aunt. I've been swamped, I came to you because I wanted to give you something."Oliver spoke softly. Their embrace broke apart and Ilda and Sam looked at their nephew with great curiosity."Uncle and Aunt are coming with me for a vacation, okay?"Oliver spoke calmly, he had been thinking about how to evacuate the two of them. They had a hard time trusting Oliver. When Oliver was going to save them during that zombie attack, it would be hard. So, he better evacuates Sam and Ilda first."Holiday?" Sam saw Ilda, and they both looked surprised."There's a quiet place, I want Uncle and Aunt there. We haven't spent time together, so isn't that good
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Revenge II
Henry froze where he stood, which he saw now was so absurd.“Zo-zombies…?” he asked in a weak voice. He didn't understand this, Della, who fell beside him, held Henry's hand firmly."W-we have to save ourselves, Henry!"Henry woke up from his reverie, he saw a scared Della beside him. His hands shaking, he took out the cell phone he had tucked under his jacket.Just as the phone was about to touch his ear, a strong punch directly hit Henry's hand."Aaaa! Damn it!"Henry held firmly the hand that was hit earlier. The cell phone fell on the floor and a piece of iron pipe immediately crushed the cell phone.Della looked at Oliver, who was looking at the both of them coldly."O-Oliver! You must protect me!" Della screamed and it made Oliver grin, Della's words stirred his stomach. It was so funny that he had to tightly hold the corners of his lips."Just ask Henry for help!" Oliver snapped, he had wanted to vent his anger on the two people in front of him for so long.Della stared at him
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Rewards And Quests
He watched through the binoculars, and from his position was the rifle he had prepared. Oliver had told Dereck that no one else could enter this place but himself.Dereck must be prepared to open the door for Oliver soon.From the binoculars he was using now, Dereck finally saw the van that Oliver had."That! That's it!"Dereck was so happy because he could see Oliver finally back, he thought with the chaos that was happening in the city, Oliver might die. But things are not calm, Dereck sees three zombies chasing the van that Oliver is riding.The zombies had white eyes, flesh that seemed to rot and peel off, their mouths opened wide, and they forced their jaws to work so that their lips were torn."Damn, zombies! They're so scary!"Dereck put the remote to open the gate beside him, after that he was busy chasing the rifle in front of him.As the van got closer to the gate, Dereck immediately pressed the button. Fifteen meters away, and he tensed up. What if the zombies manage to get
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Lunch was made lavishly enough despite the frightful conditions outside. Those who have prepared for the apocalypse can rest easy.Warm French fries and meat in a fragrant sauce at least made them grateful.“You have a great blessing, Oliver. Your eyesight can save many people.” Ilda spoke while eating. At the dining table, the four of them looked at each other."Of course, aunt," Oliver replied. The situation between them became calmer compared to before.Oliver was gentle with them and secretly filled his mind with thoughts of surviving this."But why don't you tell this to the others?"The house was quite long and wide, and there were valuable items for them, Sam and Ilda knew that these couldn't be prepared in a day. "Uncles and aunts won't believe me if I say it?"That's why he lied to both of them, if he said a zombie attack was imminent, Ilda and Sam might insist on not coming with him.Oliver finished his meal, his statement based on facts that made Ilda pause for a second."
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New Quest
The two of them ate very hastily. They had finished a plate of noodles and returned to eating the bread in front of them.“I…mmm didn't know there was such an amazing place to hide.” With her mouth full, Vida spoke, she took in this whole cave which she found extraordinary.“That's amazing.. ugn...” She finally swallowed her food. Jane handed her a bottle of water and she drank it in such a hurry that she coughed a few times."Just take it easy. No one will take your food.” Ilda spoke so softly, making Vida blush.She wiped her mouth and then became calmer."How can you collect all the necessities here?" Vida is very excited. She even wore new clothes.Black big size T-shirt, there is water for bathing too here, this is very extraordinary."He's the one who prepared it." Dereck pointed at Oliver, who had been looking very quiet all along.Oliver raised his head, he felt that everyone was watching him and his guess was correct."What?" he asked flatly."How did you manage to prepare al
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A Tense
"They're not outside." Vida stared at Jane with wide eyes, then she looked at Sam and Ilda."I can't find them. It was so quiet outside, and the van they showed me yesterday wasn't there either."As Oliver manages to save Jane and Vida, they drive past the van, which they cover with a brush. According to Vida, it is pretty intelligent.“Don't you remember wrong, Vid?” Jane asked. He kept the ax in his hand, always on guard under any circumstances."Jane, I'm not you."Jane rolled his eyes lazily. They were college friends and when the zombies attacked, they were at the foot of the hill to collect specimens. Jane often made mistakes compared to Vida."Then where are they? What are they doing again?” Ilda was trembling, she stood up very agitatedly. She had refused to come out of this cave for days even though Oliver said it was safe around here. She was so traumatized by what she saw then.Her neighbors, who often talk to her die from being bitten by zombies or turning into zombies."C
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