Discriminated Son-in-Law

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Discriminated Son-in-Law

By: EngMan Ongoing

Language: English

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He's being rejected by his mother-in-law because he did not have a good education. He decided to leave his wife however the sweet spouse would protect for him.


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15 chapters
Chapter 1- Ryan haunted clumsy at Sweetie's mansion
Bryan apprehensively arrived at Sunrise family, added with the awkwardness and low voice when he largely gazed at Hannah, who madly looked like a vampire, in criticising his beauty. He dependently interrogated the two police men, regarding the purpose, why they had brought him, without sufficient explanation. A quick flashing to his ears, which made him feel too anxious to talk with them. Anne, a voluntary helper, Hannah's cousin, apparently sympathised with the black guy, who had not sashay to the terrace. Her flawless eyes craved to carry him, however Sweety bonked her silhouette to him," don't be scared to my mommy, that's her nature, and I already pulled the police men," harsh sounds associated with Hanna's eyes. "Hey attorney, is this your future husband? You must judge him to reject him, we are rich and well-educated," an aptly shutting to the fresh ear, but it fell down to the shining floor. Her mommy strictly followed the dust, which came from the visitor’s feet," Anne, cl
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Chapter 2 Henny forcedly accepted Hannah’s offered
Hannah aptly altered her direction, instead of approaching her hubby, who had been attacked by the thunder. Deep conscience that she quietly clutched on the floor, so she consistently knocked the door of her hubby. A pleasant discourse that she had aptly discerned," what pregnant?" Her feet quickly confronted to her daughter, such strict finger pointed to her," what's a worst news, darling, why do you give your life this ugly and uneducated guy?" Pellucid voice reached at Ryan' ears, it trembled to come to the gate, with Henry's image, he bigly showed his respect to him." Should I leave this mansion? But I couldn't pull my hands to the next door." His neck rounded and the cheek kept on shifting upward which quietly stood up his painful heart. Clearly, Anne predicted Ryan's feelings, which had elastically hauled her heart to clutch him," Ryan, don't change your mind, my hands will probably protect you," then the handsome guy raised up his feathers, touching the cool helper. Henry he
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Chapter 3 Anney offered her pearly heart to Ryan
Anne courageously came out of the room; though grating and spine-chilling sounds bonked to her ears. The feet silently toddled to the floor with the blurred light. Instead of dropping the first room, her nose never fragrant his shoulder, then her ears did not pellucidly lend him again. A piercing wind dragged her feet back to the black room; a low mouth aptly shifted to her understanding," Sweety, pull the door now," her hands hauled the door using her brave knees. Hence, the light fautlessly reached the black bed where Ryan filled with tears, specifically his face. Her hands acted as a towel; to clutch him," who brings you here?" Sounded interesting to him, but he felt scared if Hanna would know it. Re asked,`` who brought you here?" Sounded enough to him," shut up Anne, you can guess her name." "Don't worry, I won't tell her," she actually offered to bring him to her room. However, Ryan did not want Hanna to get mad at her," allow me to live alone like in the prison." Likewise,
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Chapter 4 Hanna interfered to Sweety’s life
Sweety astonished looking at the white man, who had sat beside her bed when the lightning emerged to the entire room. Her heart were further getting furious when Hanna slowly approached her bed. Her furning face displayed together with the stern movement. A slow voice came out from her," Sweety, how's your night with the medical doctor?" Meanwhile, her whispered hands had clutched to Sweety's shoulder," don't need that mommy, you have broken my love to the low educated man." Her tears fell down to the bed which was attached to the doctor's t-shirt," sorry for making your night worse, my daughter," her mother had knelt on her feet. But Sweety's hand sharply pulled Hanna to Henny's arms. Then, she swiftly ran away from the room with trembling feet to the floor. That time, Henny mutely cried to think how worse he did. Indeed, his face was physically heavy like the rough place which sharply absorbed the woman's heart," don't put it to your heart and mind, doctor." Her face felt timid wh
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Chapter-5 Sweety’s engagement to rich man; second son-in-law
Henry aptly perceived the movement of his wife," where are you going, darling?' His spouse disregarded his question, what Hanna thought, her hubby was still unconsciously asking such a question. Beside the golden car, Henny awkwardly sat in the chair, especially when he noticed a stern face which had stared at him. Although, it was just a shadow, valuably centered to his eyes and heart. His feet were painfully affected by many mosquitoes that attached to him, beside that flawless woman who had stood up on the terrace," Dr. Henny, you can enter the mansion now." In the third floor, Hanna had already made a decoration with her advocators, excluding the helper, who had not shown something wrong to her eyesight. That time, Anne gladly approached her master who had worn her apple smile as well. Beside that smooth chair, there was a handsome guy who had operated her phone," wow, what a nice guy! Honestly, I liked his beauty, but Ryan is better than him." Too much trembling on the door, w
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Chapter 6- Sweety got pregnant
Ryan was shocked looking at the environment, which was physically different to the black room. He still whiffed the harsh sounds, which imbibed to his nose and mouth," Sweety, please detach the clouds above my head," slowly attached to his ears," just be silent, perhaps Hanna might lend you." In a quick," are you hiding from me?" his voice palpitated the whole floor, which Anne got anxious if Hanna might reach the room. This time, Henry unexpectedly found the two knives above his head," Hanna, did you place it over my head," it would be too dangerous if that fell down to his head. So, he spent his time seeking his wife to explain the matter. When Henry crossed the second floor, he surprisingly saw the killer who had brought the knives, which he found above his head earlier. In fact, it's just the shadow which was fully reflected from the black room. The killer and Hanna dolefully found out that Ryan was not dying, but it was the artificial clothes that had closed to their eyes; a lo
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Chapter 7 Uneducated son-in-law confronted Hanna
Sweety couldn't measure her gladness, meeting her true love. Although she was also scared if her mother would glimpse the son-in-law. Her hand craved to bring him in the room, but she got scared if Dr. Henny would be back. That time, Ryan happily informed her about the secret room where he had haunted in '' bell, bell, bell," the son-in-law ran quickly to Anne's room. His sweet woman still drank the water, then an old voice interrogated him," hey daughter, where is Henny now? Did he check your stomach?" Sweety was shocked by that topic, which was uttered by her mother. Her mommy repeated to ask those questions again," why do you ask him? He is your real son-in-law, right? He should have coordinated with you," her mommy slapped the daughter many times," you don't have any respect for me, dear." "If I were you, you should definitely close your mouth." Hanna left to her daughter, though it's still arduous to make a clash with her. Hanna called her rich son-in-law, and she automaticall
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Chapter-8 Ryan, son-in-law reunited his heart with Sweety
Ryan did not reside underground for the time being due to many insects that kept on attacking his cool body. His mind was filled with chaos and uncertainty if the snake might slay him tonight. But he sometimes worried about his family, including Sweety. He waited for the right time to happen in his life if Sweety would be his meant to be or not. Early in the morning, Henry soberly talked to her daughter regarding the best man to live her life. He further advised her to ignore Hanna, a brave voice came out from his daughter," ignore, how many times did she overtake my life?" An interrupted voice," don't mind her, as noticed by the family, I don't really like her behaviour," he further convinced her to fight whoever is the right guy in her heart. Happily," you're definitely right, daddy, how I wished Hanna might understand my situation?" Her daddy hugged her shoulder and breast, whispered in a voice," sorry to hear your complication in the family." That time, Henny saw their sweetne
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Chapter 9 Sweety stayed inside the coffin
Sweety felt clumsy clutching the shadow, a smooth lips kissed to her," take your new journey, baby." Then, the wedding bell pulled Sweety's feet to reach the stage, yet her golden heart did not feel that awesome night, though the music was apparently nice that urged her face to kiss the guy who had waited for her presence. (Might I proceed to the stage or not? My mind pessimistically thought of the doctor, but I still doubt the location where I could temporarily live.) Anna's mind was mentally absent in the wedding," would Ryan heed the wedding song? What if he would visit the venue," her mind still took a slight converse, while Dr. Henny and Hanna were getting anxious when they whiffed at the poor-son-law. Beside their ears, a yelled dropped," sorry honey, I wish to attend your wedding, but your mommy had angrily blocked the door." The doctor shook his hands to Sweety," you're a great mother-in-law to me." A pleasant chuckled," you're my dream son-in-law, Ryan," beside their ears,"
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Chapter 10 Sweetly magically got out from the coffin
Anna mournfully witnessed the family sadness, her mind filled with ecstasy when her eyes were not seeing what she thought recently. At the back of her," hey Anna, did you close the gate?"In a quick," yes ma'am, I did""Why did my daughter die?" Hanna voiced slowly to her ears. Beside her, Henry angrily stared at his wife," if you have allowed your daughter to grab her hubby, this would not happen." His wife did not accept the consequences which led to their arguments.That time, Henny craved to use his talent as a doctor, however he could no longer open the coffin. Beside him," my son-in-law, let's bring her heavy body to the hospital."" Alright, let's hope that her body is still alive," Henry said. Unfortunately, his wife contradicted his plan," never just seek the cause of her death.""What caused her death? You can evaluate your action," Henry madly voiced.To make the long story short, the doctor and Hanna brought the coffin to the hospital, while Henry investigated Anna regard
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