Rebirth of the Dark Hero

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Rebirth of the Dark Hero

By: Amedrianne OngoingFantasy

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Following his accidental death on earth, Vandread Le Crozerea is summoned back to be reborn again in the parallel world of Dizencia. He steps into a realm rich in myths and magic, where he will one day be hailed as the legendary earl and hero tasked with saving Dizencia from the brink of oblivion. When Vandread stopped the wild wyvern from attacking Dizencia, he was promised wealth and a marriage to Princess Camilla Sulivec, the heir to the kingdom. However, the princess had evil plans for the earl, and on the night of their wedding, she used an incantation to drain his omnipotent powers, leaving the earl defenseless when the whole kingdom disposed of him to the ogres' lair. Ever since that day, the earl had a deep well of resentment, and he intended to use it to exact revenge on those who had betrayed and used him like a fool, even if it meant being renowned as the legendary dark hero.

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  • Dante Fernandez


    It is very interesting story

    2022-11-09 07:27:35
  • Amedrianne


    Kindly check out my book and let me know what you think about it on your review. ...

    2022-11-01 05:00:34
  • spencer.boudrey


    Missing a few chapters after 62

    2023-03-23 10:30:39
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185 chapters
Chapter 1: Grand Wedding
On the 24th day of the third spring month,Year of the prosperous era of DizenciaAfter the extravagant procession of carriages that decorated the rough and rocky streets of Dizencia, colorful fireworks blasted across the night sky like a blazing banner. A newly wed royal couple were said to be on their way from the Bellroyal Cathedral, which made the crowd begin to cheer and rejoice in anticipation of their arrival. Also, the lengthy procession was held in honor of the Earl of the Kingdom, whose presence had been eagerly anticipated by everyone, especially after his recently infamous victory. This spectacular procession was held in honor of the wedding and raid victory of Vandread Le Crozerea, a legendary earl who was said to have been summoned all the way from a parallel universe that lies beyond Dizencia's reach called "Earth"."A toast to the legendary earl, Vandread Le Crozerea, the savior of our kingdom and to his blessed marriage to my only daughter, Princess Camilla." Inviti
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Chapter 2: Stolen Pride
Moments later, Princess Camilla opened the door to find Grand Healer Larys standing there, holding a small ceramic bottle on an aluminum tray.“What brings you to our chambers, grand healer?” the princess asked.“I came for the tonic you asked for, your highness.” “Right. I almost forgot. I'm glad it’s already done. Come inside, grand healer.” She replied. Not too much time passed before the princess flung open the door to let the great healer into their chamber.“Ah...if it isn’t the grand healer who has interrupted my claimancy to Dizencia’s most valued treasure.” When the earl saw the grand healer, who had made his way all the way into their chambers, he gave a very sarcastic response.Vandread, who was completely naked in the presence of the great healer, walked over to the closest table and helped himself to another glass of wine. He held the wine cup in his left hand and looked up at the grand healer, smiling as he waited for an answer.“Apologies, but I was tasked with bringin
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Chapter 3: First Blood
Once Vandread realized what kind of hideous creature stood before him, his eyes widened with surprise. He couldn't believe such a creature had shown up at this time, when he was too weak to even wield the wooden branch effectively as a weapon.“What a perfect timing for an ugly ogre to appear of all time.” He muttered.Even though he was aware that ogres were roaming the area, he had maintained the hope that he would not come across any of them while he was here. However, it would appear that fate was playing a cruel joke on him, as it appears that he did come across one of the Ogres while he was here.“Hey, do you have anything to help me?” Vandread tried to reach the system that had been talking to him.‘I have already instructed you on what it is that is necessary for you to do. It was necessary for you to acquire the knowledge necessary to make use of the hirudyneas in order to awaken the latent power that you possess.’The response provided by the system was so straightforward;
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Chapter 4: Killing Spree
The ogres, who grunted in unison, had a significant numerical advantage over Vandread. They all looked at him as if he were the next piece of fresh meat that they were going to have for dinner. However, Vandread was not going to sit there and passively watch them take him down so easily..As best he could, he attempted to use his own strength to regain his footing. He intended to return and completely wipe them out this time. It makes no difference to him whether or not taking such action would result in actually letting the kingdom of Dizencia know that he was still alive.He wanted to prove these hideous creatures that he was far superior amongst them. And that they don’t have what it takes to defeat him.Therefore, despite the fact that the impact had broken his left arm, Vandread raised his right arm and gathered a quantity of energy in his palm one more time before uttering the word "Haltos!" And as he witnessed how the ogres’ movement were slowed down by his attempt. He immed
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Chapter 5: Summoning Spell
It was a woman. A woman who appeared to have a robust physique landed in front of him and used a court sword to block his attack. Despite its antiquity and apparent rust, the court sword was formidable enough to fend off Vandread's spiritual weapon. For the time being, at least, it was as though the woman’s court sword was able to absorb the energy coming from Vandread’s spiritual sword as his thirst for masacre slowly faded away along with the depreciation of the radiant light surrounding his spiritual sword.As soon as Vandread realized what the woman was capable of, he made an immediate move in the opposite direction by taking a few steps backward. He proceeded with extreme caution in order to forestall the possibility of the woman completely ingesting all of his spiritual energy.However, before Vandread could even realize what was happening, the woman was already able to absorb sufficient amounts of spiritual energy from him. This was sufficient to cause him to gasp for air aft
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Chapter 6: Die Or Be My Servant
“Suicidal?”“Yes. If you didn't know, I've been watching you from afar since those guards got rid of you here in ogre territory. And I have to say that trying to kill them all at once and soak up their spiritual energy is a suicide mission.”“You think you know it all, huh? How am I supposed to believe someone who has just snatched what I had been hunting?”"Who are you hunting?" Oh, the ogres. How petty. I don’t prey on weaklings. You can have them all and remain a frozen corpse forever.”"What on earth are you talking about right now?"There followed a wicked grin on the woman's face. "Didn't you know that their mana is infused with lethal poison, making it undesirable for anyone to absorb spirit energy from these creatures? This poison was so potent that it would kill any living thing that ingested it.”Vandread was astounded by what he had just heard. At first, he didn't buy it, and it wasn't until the mountain lion finally stopped roaring and making piercing cries as it fell to t
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Chapter 7: Elemental Mage
Vandread was holding his breath as he waited for the woman to respond to his question. He was completely perplexed by what was taking place, but instead of providing an explanation, she gave him another sly grin and then pulled him closer to her chest.She coaxed Vandread to take a breast to his mouth and said, "You wanted the antidote, right? Here it is then.” She told him.Vandread's mouth was forced to suck the woman's breast, and his eyes widened in shock. It felt awkward, but at the same time, comforting. As he sucked milk from her breast, Vandread had the sudden impression that his mouth was moving of its own accord. As Vandread had anticipated, there was a discernible distinction in the flavor. It was not normally rich and sugary like fresh milk. It has a honey and eucalyptus after-taste infused together, and it was slowly becoming an addiction for Vandread.As Vandread persisted in sucking milk from the woman's breast, he abruptly became aware of a surge of spiritual energy
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Chapter 8 : CUNNING LIES
What the woman had just listened to was so unbelievable that she could hardly grasp it. Her condition was already poor, but what she had just listened to could have made her feel even worse about herself. "Don't try to trick me into thinking I'm stupid! Just put me out of my misery right this instant and kill me!" Despite her obvious difficulty in communicating, the woman insisted. On the other hand, Vandread did not seem to be the kind of person who would eventually back down so quickly. Even more so when he realized how much he stood to gain from achieving his objective, he would press forward with unwavering determination. Vandread cocked his head to one side in order to get a better look at the woman's face. They were in such close proximity to one another that the tips of their noses actually touched. The woman was caught off guard by the unexpected move, and all of a sudden she felt ashamed of the predicament they were in. Unfortunately, she could not push him away from her
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CHAPTER 9 The flying shaft 
Vandread eventually uttered, “You…” When he caught sight of Shesmaire once more in her full strength. He was completely dumbfounded by what he was seeing at this very second. Vandread recalled that Shesmaire was in a very weak state when they first arrived, and he had to help her. Even as she entered the temple, he helped her to her feet and supported her as she walked. When Vandread saw how quickly she was able to regain her strength, he was taken aback and couldn't understand how it was possible. "I'm sure you're curious about how I was able to get all of my spirit energy back, isn't that right?" Shesmaire asked. She was standing there with her arms crossed over her chest. Shesmaire waited for Vandread's response, but it seemed as though he had made the decision to remain silent or more likely that his state of shock had overcome him. Therefore, Shesmaire just started walking forward outside the temple. In order to speak with Vandread, she approached him from a closer vantag
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A secluded pavilion could be found in the mountains that stretched across the northern part of Dizencia. This pavilion gained notoriety for the hundreds of mistresses who kept the place lively. It had a hot bath, which served as a witness to the steamy activities that were going on around the place. The singing of birds that were hiding among the scattered trees blended in with the constant sound of water dripping from the bamboo fountain. These creatures could be heard singing their hymns, and they were joined in the chorus by the few cicadas that were scurrying around in the grass. Women of varying types chatted and laughed among themselves as they attended to the needs of their one and only master while he delighted in the pleasures of a steamy, hot bath with them. In fact, one of the women was supposed to pour and serve him drinks on a scheduled basis. And anyone who lived close by could hear them clearly. Most especially, Vandread, who was the master
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