The Mafias

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The Mafias

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The biggest and the most risky cartel in the nation of Zuma and the entire continent, which took over 25years to build, comes crashing as the joint proprietors become arch enemies. They separate to become to distinct risky cartels, and the mafia lords go into obscurity, threatening to return for themselves for a horrendous retribution. Here comes two lovers in the same continent, frantically enamoured with each other and able to go to any lengths for themselves. They are each called back to their various homes by their folks to assist in starting a battle against their family's most terrible foes. Accidentally, these lovers families are the enemies of each other, and that implies that the lovers would have to battle against each other's families. They must choose between limited options as this is what they have been trained for their entire life. The horrendous battle of the Drug Lords against themselves and the one of the love birds against each other's families comes simultaneously. These battles take several lives away and turns the continent upside down. This leaves Cole, an agent of the AAHD befuddled. There is a connection between the lovers' families' war and the Drug lords war, this, Agent Cole, is set to unravel the mystery behind.


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Chapter One
Sounds of conveying and dropping of weighty containers could be heard, a portion of the men were completing it of the trailer and dropping it on the floor while the others were moving the containers into the various boats. They filled in as calm as could be expected, they had been given guidelines and needed to finish or pay with their lives on the off chance that they were found doing the inverse. The cool wind around the ocean port added to their assets as sweats from their hardwork were immediately evaporated.Don Pedro and Lord Fredrick, dear companions and joint proprietors of the association, strolled together around the port this cool night. Don Pedro had a line in his mouth from which he enjoyed in periodic puffs to warm his body framework. Lord Frederick likewise had a line in his grasp yet was more aware of somebody's nonappearance in the spot than the virus.They had cooperated for north of twenty years to construct this famous enterprise and they were becoming stronger reg
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Chapter Two
The lounge room of the Pedros' was outfitted with the most costly materials that could be viewed as on the planet. The floors were made of sparkling marbles, the couches were made of Plume Blanche Diamond and were perfectly organized to frame a square opened toward one side.Lord Frederick and his better half Silvia sat at one side of the lounge room while Don Pedro and his significant other, Mabel at the opposite side and Laura, Frederick's more youthful sister was sitting at the center end. Don Pedro's better half had a six months old child in her hands while Lord Frederick's significant other stomach gave indications of her four months old pregnancy. The two families giggled hard as the men told wisecracks and described their amusing encounters reciprocally.Both drug lords, to their wives, were noble men and the best husbands that one might at any point have. The two of them were heartfelt and minding in their ways, even the wives' extended family members could verify their husban
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Chapter Three
*A month later*Mabel and Laura crashed into the huge compound in the dark Lexus IS 350C, they rode directly to the recreation area. The top of the vehicle shut following a moment of leaving, then, at that point, in the following moment Laura emerged from the traveler's side while Mabel from the driver's side. They started to stroll towards the fundamental structure which was a few meters from the recreation area.The compound was an exceptionally enormous one; sufficiently huge to frame local area, the complete number of individuals living there including the landscapers, gourmet experts, safety officers, cleaners and other homegrown staffs was just somewhat lesser than hundred. The spot was in itself like a production line which gave bunches of open positions to individuals.Mabel and Laura got to the entry of the house to meet a shock, Don Pedro had returned home unannounced."Honey!" Mabel shouted and ran into the arms of the spouse who had the young man's head laying on his shoul
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Chapter Four
"I've been anticipating you sir," Laura told old John as he joined her in the verandah."Please accept my apologies Miss Laura, however I'm just two minutes late in light of the fact that Master called for me." Old John answered her with a grin."Try not to mind me sire, it's simply that it seems like two hours to me." She answered with a benevolent grin. She gave space for him to sit with her on the long conveniently finished wooden seat. She was wearing a dark streaming silk outfit, her dull hair was conveniently pressed behind her head. Her wonderful face focused under the splendid light while her shadow on the tiled floor framed the state of little youngster wearing the little lady of the hour's outfit."Excuse me Miss Laura however I should say that you truly are an extremely beautiful young woman," old John said, gazing definitely at her face as he took in a full breath, actually remaining with his palms fastened together at the front."Much obliged to you John," Laura grinned,
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Chapter Five
Lord Frederick laid on his gold plated regal size bed wearing just the pants of his nightgown. He was going through certain records when Silvia came into the room from the restroom, at first he made an effort not to take a gander at his better half who was scouring her body with cream however he just couldn't take his psyche off the uncladed lady, even after every one of the years that they have been together he actually gets a similar hot rush very much as he did whenever he first laid with Silvia."I realize you are gazing," Silvia said in a quieted and fun loving tone."What do you mean?" Frederick answered rapidly as he removed his eyes from her and zeroed in on the record. "I was occupied with going through my document so I don't have the foggiest idea why you think I was gazing.""Fred, sometimes you fail to remember that you are presently an old man, for what reason are you lying?" Silvia giggled at him."Silvia, are you conversing with me as such?" Frederick stood up from the
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Chapter Six
"Morning my Lord" one of the servants welcomed as Lord Frederick Settled into the dinning table."Serve my food" Frederick requested the lovely servant who was remaining by the dinning table, even the house keepers working at Lord Frederick's home could undoubtedly make look like girls of a normal rich-man, they were all very gorgeous and savvy however this specific one is the prettiest of all which made Lord Frederick command it that she should be the main one to serve all his feasts."Go get me General" Frederick instructed when the house cleaner was finished serving."Okay my Lord," She answered and strolled outside to meet General.Master Frederick stopped to view at her as she stunningly strolled outside, he gazed till she was out of sight and afterward he shook his head in the wake of laughing quietly. She got outside and saw General settling on a telephone decision at the nursery, she then tiptoed to where he was and attempted to frighten him yet General as an expert gatekeeper
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Chapter Seven
A soft knock on the door woke Mabel from her sleep, she opened her eyes and yawned. She looked to the side of her bed and her husband wasn’t there, she sat up and looked around the room, there were no signs of him. Could he have left already to Asia? She thought. But he would never leave without giving her a goodbye kiss and there was no way he was going to do that without her feeling it. She rolled the blanket off her body and placed her feet into the sandals on the ground by the right side of the bed. The knock came again. From the softness and calmness of the knock, she could tell that it was Anne. She got up and proceeded towards the door.“Good morning my beautiful princess,” she said as she opened the door and Anne ran into her legs.“Good morning mum,” Anne released her mum’s legs and held unto one of her palms. “Let’s go for breakfast.”“Anne? Breakfast?” Mabel asked in surprise, staring down at the little figure before her. She noticed that Anne was dressed up in a beautiful
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Chapter Eight
“Thank you,” Don Pedro smiled. “Now, grab your cups ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to make a toast.” He said and then led by example by taking his cup first. “But before we make the toast, I’ll like to give an opportunity for Silvia here to say something about my wife.” He added and was greeted by another round of applause as Silvia stepped out.“Whoever said that some friends are not more than sisters,” Silvia spoke in her soft polished English. “Over the years I have come to realise that even if I had a blood sister, she wouldn’t have been closer and nicer than the way Mabel is to me. She is the sister I never had, she is the bestfriend anybody can ever wish for, she is the complete definition of an Angel.” At this moment, a tear escaped from Mabel’s eyes, she was completely overwhelmed by the immense touching speech of her bestfriend, she couldn’t have wished for a more birthday celebration.“So today we are here to celebrate Mabel, please I need everyone to raise their glasses
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Chapter Nine
“Old John, are you in?” Old John could hear someone call from his window, it was a lady’s voice. He turned to look from where he was seated in the bed but couldn’t see the person’s face well. He got up and hid the small white envelope he was holding in a shelf before walking back to the window. He rolled the curtain and peered through the glass. “Oh, Katherine!” He exclaimed on seeing the face. “Just a minute please,” he rolled down the curtains and quickly returned to the shelf and took out the envelope again. He took another stare at the envelope and smiled, he made a quick silent prayer to the person he paid to write the letter for him. He kissed it lightly and then hurried out. *“I’ve been searching everywhere for you old John, why did you lock yourself in?” Katherine let out her frustration on him. “I’m sorry dear, I was tidying up some things.” Old John replied without paying much attention to her, he fixed his eyes on the envelope, rereading the address again to see if he h
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Chapter Ten
*Kanturai, Asia*Lord Frederick and Don Pedro watched the streets and tall buildings from the backseat as they drove down. Their partners had sent four cars to come and get them and their entourage from the airdrome, so three more heavy cars which contained the Drug Lords men and the hosts men followed behind.The day was turning dark slowly, few people were just returning from their places of work while some other movements were for leisure. The road was busy but orderly, the law enforcement agencies also helped to maintained order.They were flagged down as the got close to a police check point. The Asian man who was the driver of the first car rolled down his window and made an eye signal to the police man. The police man nodded in understanding. The driver made another signal displaying three fingers, then he turned his head slowly to the back. The police man nodded again, he got the message passed. He retreated and allowed the four vehicles pass before they continued the check on
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