War Of The Witches

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War Of The Witches

By: KING XXX CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Five high school students decide to celebrate Christmas a little different this year and run off into an abandoned building to have a good time on Christmas Eve. They unknowingly unleash a Witch's curse upon themselves in the form of a flesh-eating beast and the curse traps them in an inescapable prison, leaving them to fight for survival throughout Christmas Day. Will they find a way to break the curse or will they not see the next day? Begin the journey to find out. If you dare!! 👹☠️

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PHASE ONE . . . SAMSON"Guys? Where are you?" Samson asked with rising fear. The sudden wind that blew into the room was gone and so were his friends."Guys?" Samson shouted even louder looking extremely worried. He ran to the door and tried to open it so he could get out of this place but the door was stuck shut. He struggled to open it, using all of his strength but the door wouldn't open. He began trying to break it open but still no luck.Suddenly, he heard a soft voice whisper his name. "Sam...Son" the eerie voice called out in a hushed tone."Who's there? Guys, is that you?" Samson asked after hearing the voice.There was no response and Samson could tell that he wasn't alone in here. Someone or something was watching him."I said, who's there?" Samson asked aggressively, trying to sound intimidating."Samson!" The voice called out again and he noticed a figure in the distance. The figure began moving towards him while calling his name."Samson!" It said with so much pain and
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Five Kids
A WEEK AGO.... SAMSONSamson woke up from his deep sleep thanks to the persistent ringing of his alarm clock. He rolled around on his bed, not wanting to respond to the call so he pushed the clock off his nightstand and it fell to the floor.Samson covered himself up with his blanket and went back to sleep only to be suddenly forced awake by his little brother Jamie, who jumped on top of him in an attempt to wake him up."Wake up, Sam. Wake up! It's time for school. Mom's already made breakfast and I need you to drop me off at my school." Jamie said in his innocent, adorable little voice."Get off me, Jamie. It's the last day of school before the holidays. We don't need to go early so leave me be." Samson said and tried to sleep again."Let's go, Sam." Jamie cried out and gave Samson a smackdown, landing hard on his belly."Oh, that hurts!" Samson said in playful anger. "You want to wrestle, little man? Let's do it then, come on." Samson said and picked up his little brother and
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Five Kids II
JENNIFER"Hey, assholes! What's up?" Jennifer wrote in her text and sent it to the group chat."Well look who finally decided to get out of bed, little miss sunshine." Peace wrote."Hey, unlike the rest of you, I need my beauty sleep." Jennifer texted back."Unlike the rest of us, you can sleep in for as long as you want because your parents are loaded." Nelly texted."Some people find luck, others are born with it." She wrote back."Tell them, Babe!" Darryl, the final member of the group and Jennifer's boyfriend said in a text."Morning handsome. Are we going to have some fun today?" She specified the question to Darryl."Of course, gumdrop. We should all meet at the rendezvous by nine and all head to school together." Darryl wrote back."Sure" - Peace"Alright, see you guys there" - Samson"Let's do it" - Nelly"Let me make myself all pretty for you and then I'll meet you there Babe." - Jennifer wrote to Darryl."Sounds good babe. See you soon." "Wait! You forgot to send me a morni
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Last Day Of School
Samson stood in the corner with a lit cigarette in his mouth. He took a long suck and let out the smoke from his mouth which was carried by the wind."A little too early for that, don't you think?" A voice said to him from the corner of his eye."Peace! There you are. I've been waiting for you guys." Samson said and reached in for a hug but none was forthcoming.Peace only pulled the cigarette out of his mouth, threw it in the ground and stepped on it."Why?" Samson asked like a little child whose toy had been taken away from him."Those things will kill you. And what will Jamie think if he saw you doing that stuff?" She asked, seemingly concerned about him."That's why I don't do it in the house," Samson answered and brought out the cigar box to take another."Don't even think about it or I will burn the entire box." Peace said.She sounded serious so Samson put the box back inside his backpack and said, "Later then.""How about Jamie? How's he doing?" Peace asked."He's good, he's g
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Last Day Of School II
"Students! I know you're all eager to begin the holidays so I'll keep this short." The principal said on the PA system."The year has been long, and we've all had our ups and downs but I'm glad to see how it all turned. The Brimwood Supernovas, our senior soccer team lifted the state championship title just a few months back. Timothy Sherwood represented Brimwood in the Inter-State School spelling bee and brought back home the gold. Mr and Mrs Goldberg, in their generosity, solely funded the availability of the new cafeteria menu, providing the students and faculty with healthier and more delicious meals and the one accomplishment I'm most proud of, the remodeling of the teacher's restroom. With all that being said, it has indeed been a very productive school year and I'm so sad to see it come to an end. See you all in the summer. This is Principal Bradley, wishing you all a very merry Christmas."With the announcements over, the entire student body burst out of their classes in celeb
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The Cursed House
"Good morning guys. It's finally almost Christmas. Are you all excited?" - Samson asked on the group chat after logging in on the morning of Christmas Eve."Is this a rhetorical question?" - Peace"Yeah what the hell, Sam? Why would we be excited about Christmas? All our lives suck and there isn't really much to celebrate or be excited about." - Darryl"Woah! Didn't know you both felt that way. What about you Nel, you excited for Christmas, got any plans?" - Samson asked Nelly."Sure I'm excited. Tomorrow's gonna make it exactly 11 years since my Dad left me and my Mom. My Pops has been admitted into the hospital because his condition got worse. My Mom is never at home anymore because she's got to work twice as hard to pay his hospital bills and to top it off, I'm still feeling the effects of almost dying last week at Jennifer's cocaine party. So, yeah, I'm excited. Bring on Christmas, the season of bullshit." - Nelly"Sorry for asking." - Samson texted back."Hey don't blame my party
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Answer To Our Problem
Samson and Nelly were the only ones awake while the others were still unconscious. Samson went to the door to try and get it open while Nelly watched over their friends. They were all breathing heavily and sweating in their sleep so Nelly used his jacket as a fan to cool them off. "I don't understand how this door got stuck and why it refuses to open!" Samson complained and kicked the door in anger. "Whatever's messing with us doesn't want us to leave this place," Nelly said to Sam from where he sat. "Nothing is messing with us, Nelly. I already told you that we were all just probably exposed to some sort of chemical that made us have those hallucinations." Samson said. "And what chemical would that be? Joker gas? This place is haunted and you know it." Nelly said loudly to Samson. "This place isn't haunted, Nelly," Sam replied. Nelly's behaviour was starting to get on his nerves. "Yes, it is. Think about it, Sam! The door is locked shut and you can't open it, our phones have ab
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Locked Box
Peace opened up the horror book and on the first page, it wrote:"This is the life's tale of Kristokulos, the demon that haunts the spirit of Christmas in its anger of being separated from his own family on Christmas day. He infects your mind and uses the things you love as a weapon against you, showing you your deepest fears and bringing them to life."."Go on! Keep reading. We have to find out more about this thing and what it wants." Jennifer told Peace and she continued reading and flipped the cover to the next page."But Kristokulos wasn't always an angry demon. He was once an ordinary man who loved his family but his one moment of weakness and desperation condemned him for all eternity, making him the monster that he is today."THE STORY BEGINSOnce upon a time, in the days of old. There lived a hardworking woodcarver name, Kristopher. He had a wife named Nalia and two beautiful daughters and they were his entire world. Kristopher was not a wealthy man so he had to work really
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Dirty Laundry
A wise man once said that no matter how hard things get, how hopeless the situation is, how futile all your efforts seem, as long as you have hope in your heart, you can scale through every obstacle and overcome the greatest of setbacks. That is kind of what Christmas is all about. It's about scaling through the problems the year brought your way and celebrating your triumph at the end of it, knowing that life tried to knock you down but you stayed strong and got through it with the closest people in your life by your side. This is the true spirit of Christmas. But, unfortunately for Darryl, his year hadn't come to an end and he was still living through the horrors that came with it."Nelly? Nelly?" Darryl called out. He took out the flashlight and turned it on but the light was flickering on and off until it stayed off.A faceless figure lingered in the shadows watching him while he struggled with the flashlight. The figure had a mouth on its face but it had no eyes, nose, or ears.
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Unbroken Curse
Trapped in a haunted house, attacked by a hungry monster, stalked and tormented physically and mentally and now, a friendly spirit appears. It seemed too good to be true and the guys weren't so quick to trust the words of the spirit of Carl Worthington."How do we know that you're really here and not another figment of our imaginations?" Samson asked the spirit cautiously."Since you awoke Kristokulos, have you all ever had the same illusions at the same time?" Carl asked.The boys looked at each other in the realization that they hadn't. Whenever the monster attacked their minds, he did it individually and not all together."If you are indeed Carl Worthington, why are you here? Why aren't you in the spirit world or the afterlife or whatever?" Nelly asked."A good question! Let me explain." Carl said and began.Suddenly, the room transformed back to the way it was all those years ago. As Carl narrated the events of the past, he also provided visuals and the boys could see everything a
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