I Sold My Soul To The Devil

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I Sold My Soul To The Devil

By: Author Latte Ongoing

Language: English

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Becoming a famous singer and actor is one of Kent's biggest dreams. But it seems that the popularity is not in his favor, and he has tried several times in different types of auditions, but he always fails. He is a tone-deaf. Therefore, he is often insulted and laughed at by everyone. Even his friends and family are trying to stop him from pursuing his dream. He has been discouraged and weakened many times, but he never gave up on his dream until he met the powerful, RM, a demon who is willing to do anything in exchange for a soul. He made an agreement with him without even reading what was stated in the contract he signed. In the blink of an eye, everything he wished for came true. Fame, talent, and honor. His popularity almost had a big impact on his ordinary life before, not knowing that everything had a price and condition. What if he only knew that everything he had now could also disappear with just a flick of the finger? Will he still sell his soul to the devil if he discovers what is stated in the contract he signed? Or will he just retreat and stay in his useless life?


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6 chapters
Kent's POV : A Dreamer
One day, I will also be a famous singer, and they will know my name all over the world.“I'm sorry, but you're not what we're looking for.” The talent judge told me after I sang in front of them with my old guitar.“I have another song. Do you want to hear it?” I answered, but they just exchanged glances, so I grabbed the microphone and was about to sing when suddenly one of the judges laughed loudly while clapping. That's why we all turned to him with surprise on our faces.“Looks like you got the audition wrong, boy? Have you heard your voice and how you sing? What motivated you to have the courage to sing in front of us?” He said, and suddenly, his face became serious. I didn't say a word to what he said, but I just looked at him while my hands were shaking with so much nervousness.“Do you know what Amusia means?” He added as he stood up.“Xander, it's okay, you don't have to take him seriously.” Said the female judge who was next to him and seemed to be stopping him. But he remai
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Kent's POV : I met the devil
“What I'm saying is true. I saw him outside the building where I was auditioning, and he even took my guitar because he said he was going to fix it.” I am now telling my best friend, Carl, about the superstar I just met on the way. Furthermore, I even showed him the photo of the artist I was referring to, but he didn't believe me and thought I was just making up a story. Even my grandmother, Tessie, who was listening to us, just smiled at what I was saying."If it's really him that you saw and talked to, why hasn't he called you about your guitar until now? Isn't he just a fake and pretending to be an artist? Don't you know that there are many scammers around who pretend to be vloggers? Or renowned artist just for the content of their vlogs.” Carl responded to me as he sipped from a bottle of soft drinks.I took the calling card that the man gave me from my shorts pocket. I was staring at it carefully when Carl suddenly snatched the card I was holding from my hand.“Wait, where did yo
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Kent's POV : My soul is yours
I could hardly believe it when I realized that I was now in front of the CEO who owns a company that everyone's dreamed of. Besides that, I am now holding his calling card and this is not just a dream.“Was it Vincent who was troubling you? I think he's the reason you dared to enter at my company, am I right?” He said, but I didn't respond to him right away, but I just nodded my head.“I don't know what he promised you, but if you have some spare time we can discuss the problem you two have, and maybe I can help you. Just call my phone number and—” he was cut off when suddenly I knelt in front of him, which shocked him.“What are you doing?” He asked.“Help me, I want to be a good singer like him. I also wish to be as famous as him, and I would like to prove to everyone that I am also good at music.” I said, but he grinned and put his two hands in his pants pocket.“I will do anything you tell me to do. Even if you make me your slave or your dog, I'll do it as long as you help me get
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Kent's POV : All my wishes were fulfilled in the blink of an eye.
“You summon me here, so just make sure what you will say to me is important because every second counts for me.” Emotionless, he said.I don't know whether he is mad at me or not because of the mask covering his mouth, besides that, there is no emotion in his eyes.“I-I thought about what you told me, that you can do whatever I ask of you in exchange for my soul.” I stammered to him that he nodded his head.“You're right, I said that. Do you have three requests in your mind?” He asked as he approached me. I stepped back and looked around, but it was strange because I didn't see anyone around me, and everywhere I turned I didn't see anyone else there except for the two of us.I turned to him again, and I was very surprised when I noticed that his eyes were red, like burning in a fire. In my fear I just wanted to run and get away from him, but I couldn't move where I was, and it was as if my feet were sinking into the ground.He went behind me and whispered in my ear. “Tell me your wish
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Kent's POV : Dream come true
When I left the hospital, I was greeted by numerous fans who were waiting for me. I was almost stunned and could not believe what I was seeing. But at that moment I felt joy from my heart without realizing tears were falling from my eyes. They were all eager to see and touch me, but I couldn't get close to them because of the bodyguards who were protecting me and forcing me to ride inside the black van. When I got inside, I immediately looked around and was amazed at this beautiful car.“Kent, how are you feeling? Are you not in pain anymore and are you sure you are ready to perform again?” The strange man asked me, and he was also the first person I noticed when I opened my eyes.I turned to him and watched his face carefully. But no matter how much I think and look at him, I still don't know how we met.“Excuse me, but how did we meet each other? I mean, where did we first meet and how did we become close to each other?” I asked him and he smirked. Furthermore, I didn't make it very
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Kent's POV : I met my enemy
“A Dreamer.” That is the title of the song that Dad wrote, and that is also the song that I will sing in front of many people.“I walk on a quiet road where no one notices me.” The first lyrics of the song, but my eyes widened in shock when I noticed that there was something different in my voice where I was not out of tune, and I was able to keep up with every beat of the note. I just continued singing as I watched the audiences watching me. They all have different expressions and emotions to feel. Some are crying, happy, singing along with me and some are just watching silently.In the middle of that stage, you can see everything. You will know what is on a person's mind and what they think of you. But in those moments I did not see anger, envy or hatred towards them but overflowing happiness, excitement, and love.I can't really imagine if I deserve to receive that kind of support and love from them when all about me was not true.I'm not really a good singer, and I'm certainly not
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