Yu Bin. Immortal Of Water Land

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Yu Bin. Immortal Of Water Land

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It's a story about love and hate, trust and betrayal, life and death, it's about a broken promise and unwanted rebirth. This story's about a woman who had everything but lost everything. She was a princess, she had the best master, she found the person who could be her soulmate, and she even found herself a big brother who was always beside her. She had a best friend too, she was loved by many and envied by many more. But she was losing everything because she trusted the one she shouldn't and hated the one she shouldn't. In the end, she finished her life with her own two hands. If one day you will be on the verge of dying, what will be your last wish? And what if you don't have a last wish? What will happen?


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Chapter 1
"Is she really dead? ""That's what I heard" "Hey did you hear? That evil woman really died""I heard, that's good, she should've died a long time ago ""I heard she killed the queen and the king""I heard that too, what kind of kid was she, to kill her own parents""That's incredible ""I heard she killed Bao Fang too""Wasn't Bao Fang her master?"" yes, I heard she trained her" "I can't believe this woman, she killed her parents, her master and I heard before she committed suicide she killed the prince of heaven too. "" I heard she took out her own golden core""I told you she is a demon" "She suicided knowing that she can never be reborn again.""Even if she will reborn she can never be an immortal again "" That's good, that's good, it's better to never reborn, after all, she was a sinner, she was a demon ""Are you sure she is dead? ""I am, I know from someone I trust that her body got burned by the Princess.""Poor Princess to think that her sister killed their parents""Y
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Chapter 2
"Miss, miss ... wake up, wake up miss." An unknown voice was heard and Yu Bin woke up confused. "What happened?" Yu Bin asked opening her eyes and in front of her was a ticket collector"Miss, you have reached your destination ...." He said, making Yu Bin realize that it was just the usual dream she had for a long time. If you were to say how long ago it started you would have lost count"Oh, thank you, sir." She said coming back to reality."With pleasure, you look tired." The old man said, smiling tenderly at her."I am," Yu Bin said, smiling back"You should rest more." "I'll try, good night sir ... Thank you for waking me up." Yu Bin answered. It was nice to see that there are still nice people in the world."You are welcome dear ..." the old man said tenderly and she got off the bus, lost in her thoughts."Resentment is born of inflicted pain. Love can turn into hatred, and hatred can be melted by love."Sighing wearily, Yu Bin thought,*I just dreamed of someone saying tha
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Chapter 3
On a normal day time will seem to pass so hard but today it was looking like time is passing faster than usual. Four hours passed in a blink of an eye. Yu Bin became anxious, there were only two hours left and she could not find the boy anywhere. *Where is he, did he leave the country? * Yu Bin got more and more worried. If she could just figure it out faster.After looking for him everywhere, she went into a restaurant to drink something, almost giving up, thinking that he probably already left the country.*****"Hey …"Yu Bin said, approaching a table where a young man was sitting crying and drinking at the same time.He looked pathetic and regretful ... He was crying as if it weren't tomorrow, the sadness could be seen on his face and if you didn't know him you would think that his whole family was wiped off the face of the earth."Can we talk? "She added, seeing no reaction from the young man."Hmm..."The boy murmured, not daring to look up."Can you please tell me what happe
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Chapter 4
"If you can't see me; if it hurts, don't come to see me. See you when I go out." The woman said, looking straight into her son's eyes."Mother please ...." the boy shouted and his mother winced."son ...." The old fragile woman didn't know what to say anymore. "Mom, please let me do it. " Her son said calmly, this time his voice became warm again. With tears in his eyes he grabbed his mother's hands and said again:"Please let me do it mother, if I tell the truth I will be happier, mother, he deserves to die, he was hurting you so I will tell the truth and I will pay for what I did. .. don't you want me to be happy, mother?""That's all I want. I want you to be happy. "Tears began to flow down her face and fall on her hands."But mom ... would I ever be happy if I knew you were to be blamed?"The woman looked at their hands and tears streamed down her cheeks. She already knew what her son was like, that's why she didn't want to talk with him until now.She knew her son was a good m
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Chapter 5
"It is ?" said the Master, smiling,but the next moment the landscape changed.No flowers, no rivers, no bright fish. The godly place has now turned into an inferno.Lots of living corpses were coming out of nowhere."What is this? Yu Bin shrieked in shock"This ?.... The reality...""The reality? Master, what's going on?""This place is known as the place where darkness shines.""What ... ?""Here, my dear, you will have to fight for your life. "said the Master, smirking devilishly."Are you kidding me, master? Did you fool me? I assumed we were having fun but did you take me to train here? ughhh, I hate you, master," Yu Bin cried out." I love you more, now, my dear princess, fight. Show me what you can do and I'll think about training you to ride a sword.""promise?""promise."Yu Bin took her master's sword and began to destroy the corpses one by one. Her sword was cut one by one, leaving white marks behind.Master Bao Fang watched her closely, she was right behind her at ever
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Chapter 6
"Yu Bin ... my dear ... why did you call, did you miss me?""Who would miss you? ...crazy..." Yu Bin said annoyed staying down on her chair. "As cute as ever." Bao Fang said with a laugh."So, Yu Bin, what exactly do you need? "She added seriously."I'm sending you a picture ...""Oh, what kind of picture? a sexy one?" Bao Fang interrupted "Two corpses." Yu Bin said, punching the table. *This woman… can't she be serious, really now * Yu Bin thought but she got out of her thoughts hearing Bao Fang's voice "Oh...what happened Yu Bin," Bao Fang said, her voice seeming worried but Yu Bin didn't notice."Can you ....?""I can, whatever you want, I can." Bao Fang interrupted."Please be serious, I'm losing my temper. Just make sure that all TV posts will make it visible for at least 24 hours.""O.K.""Okay, thanks, goodbye" Yu Bin hurried to close the phone, taking it from her ear but Bao Fang's voice was heard again. "Yu Bin…?!" She called longingly "Yes?" Yu Bin answered surpris
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Chapter 7
"I still don't understand, why does she hate you? She has no reason. If I remember correctly, you both were very close. I know you don't want to talk about it, but can you please tell me why is she so against you? why is it so much against you, why does she hate you Xian Xian ?""Because I killed you ....""oh ... what? "Bao Fang shouted the last word in surprise. She couldn't believe it. How could he kill her when he…"But you ... " she added in bewilderment"It was my fault..." Xian Chen answered, his voice trembling."Are you crazy? No, I'm just asking. Are you damn crazy Xian Chen? Do you want to die in my hands? How is it your fault?" Bao Fang was truly troubled because she couldn't understand what happened after her death."I couldn't protect you master..." Xian Chen said looking down tears streaming on his face like a river. His chest was feeling so heavy and he wished he was not reborn." Ehhhhh ?! Xian Xian, listen to me, it's not your fault. You weren't even there, so how
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Chapter 8
"Xian Chen ..." Yu Bin tried to make her voice audible for just Xian Chen"Where, God, we have to leave this place, but how to leave without a map.""Where did I leave it?""Xian Cheeeennn..." Yu Bin cried out in desperation "Where? Where?"Xian Chen for God's sake, stop and listen to me ..." Yu Bin shouted, making Xian Chen hear her, but not just him. The noise made by her attracted the uninvited guests too."What? Yu Bin, what is it now? please let me think, for God's sake. " Xian Chen replied angrily."There ... What is that? " Yu Bin said, pointing behind him, her voice trembling in fear."where?....run….fast, Yu Bin run . " he shouted"what? "" Just run, I take care of them, you just run ... right now."Xian Chen said worriedly when he saw that Yu Bin was not moving. Of course, she was in shock. She doesn't remember her previous life, so of course, she doesn't know about these things.*How can I leave without you? **And what are those monsters? They look like ... corpses?* Y
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Chapter 9
1000 YEARS AGO"Yu Bin, wake up! How long will you sleep?" A young girl was shouting at the sleeping log who seemed to not have any care in this world just to sleep. She pulled the curtain from the window letting the strong sunlight illuminate the whole room."Just a little bit more please." The sleeping girl yawned from under her blanket which she pulled on her face the moment the sun's rays touched her, disturbing her sleep which seemed so sweet at that moment."You can't sleep anymore, his highness sent me to wake you up. Looks like you'll be training starting today." The young girl said and the sleeping log got up instantly making the young girl startled.From inside the blanket appeared a petite girl with long black hair and brown eyes. Her lips were forming a naughty smile right now. " Ah, yes, is it today? My mother told me that I would be trained by the best and wisest person in the world." She said jumping to her feet and going to the big window she looked at the sky content.
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Chapter 10
"Understand?"" I ... I ...""Yu Bin? " Bao Fang called out when she saw that Yu Bin did not answer, standing confused." I ... I ... just ... I killed a person ..." Yu Bin stuttered looking awful." Actually it was more like a ghost, but because it's having a body it's called a corpse and because it's moving we are calling it fierce corpse""What ?""Yu Bin, are you sure you have time to be worried right now ?..." Master said looking straight into her eyes "What do you mean ….Yu Bin said surprised."Just then a corpse tried to catch her but Bao Fang stabbed him, making Yu Bin cringe. Master Bao Fang put her sword in Yu Bin's hand and told her to try and use her spiritual force to control the sword and kill the monsters. But the moment she opened her meridians to let her spiritual energy flow into the sword she found herself weaker than ever. Was just for a moment but she almost lost all the spiritual energy she cultivated till now. Master Bao Fang was taken by surprise because of
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