The Strongest Son-in-law

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The Strongest Son-in-law

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Myles, the strongest mage with the softest heart, saves his world and gets murdered in return. What awaits him, however, isn't the afterlife but another life with another wife and a novel world that needs saving. Myles be like: "I ain't saving any ass this time."


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79 chapters
Growing up, I’ve seen many ugly things and known as many ugly truths if not more. However, all my wisdom couldn’t see the dagger that pierced my heart coming. Do people only form relationships for selfish reasons? I didn’t believe so, but my wife’s divine dagger shook not just my heart but all the beliefs residing in it. Her seemingly empathetic smile like she was doing me some favor as blood poured out of my heart was something I might never forget… even after death. I pathetically fell to my knees before her, as though I was admitting my mistakes. To make my heart hurt more, my head fell and touched her feet. “Oh my-sweeting, Myles,” she pitied, her fingers touching her mouth. “Even in death, you try to lick my feet. You really are such a feet-person.” Yeah, I liked clean feet. And I licked my wife’s feet many times, but now, her words made me regret all those times I thought I was making love with her, thinking she loved me back the same. Now, I realized that I hankered after h
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At the mage headquarters, a skyscraper kissing the clouds, on the 450th floor.“Sir, the automatic missile didn’t hit the target and fell in the sea, but the explosion seems to have annoyed some beasts. We’ve identified a C-rank threat, Gale Shark, approaching the eastern shore!” one of the hundreds of guys working on that floor yelled while staring at a projection that showed the shark speeding toward the shore. “It’s not something the border guards can take care of. Should I send a Confronter?”“Wait… Did you say Gale Shark? If we can extract its blood even once, we can make millions out of it!” the officer in blue ordered. “Send a Beta Squad to bring it alive if possible.”“Yes, sir.”[Dispatching a Beta Squad to the Eastern Shore.][Requesting all of our subscribers to come on live if you want to witness our Adept Beta Rabbit Squad fight a C-rank monster real-time.]At the shore, Myles was sitting on the edge of a broken building, as cold winds whipped at his face. He could hear t
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“Heal.”A word from Myles’ mouth cast the sickness in the man’s body away all the way. His limbs went back to how they were before, and his strength was restored.In shock, he stood. And in unbridled happiness, he jumped and hugged Myles and cried and shed tears cooked with warmth and gratefulness.The guards who witnessed this were left speechless for a good few seconds.“H-He healed the Black Doll disease just like that?”“Only top mages can possibly heal such a serious disease, not to mention it’s in a late stage.”“He must be an alpha mage from another city.”No matter how many times they rubbed their eyes, the scene before them stayed the same. Their once fellow guard who had fallen sick now looked so healthy and energetic he could go for a wrestling match. It was a miracle. No. It was something much more than that. It was beyond words.“I’m Justin. Justin Alves,” the once sick man introduced himself, wiping his tears away. “May I know my savior’s name?”“Myles Mertzel, and I’m n
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“I don’t think so,” the guard pulled the trigger without a second thought.Justin slapped the guard’s wrist, and the spiraling air bullet went scraping past Myles’ ear while he stood unfazed, without even blinking. The air bullet struck the sand and left a hole in the ground, lifting up a lot of sand particles in the process. Myles slightly scratched his chin.“What the hell, Justin?” the guard furiously glared at Justin. “Why did you touch me before you got the clearance certificate? Do you want to die?”“I’m sorry,” Justin lowered his head and quickly apologized. He was no longer a border guard but someone with authority lower than a citizen until he was given clearance of being free from the blacklisted diseases.“You think your half-assed apology would cut it? You also interfered in a guard’s actions!” He pointed his gun at Justin. “If you want to die so badly, I’ll grant your wish for not knowing your place.”He pulled the trigger, but the air bullet blasted inside the gun and de
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The border walls were over 100 feet tall and fifteen feet wide, and they helped shield from the threat of the sea monsters to an extent. The walls also had missile launchers installed in them.Justin and Myles had to pass through another gate of inspection before being allowed entrance into the city.With almost half-million square miles in area, Cobra city boasted as being one of the largest cities in the world.The first thing Justin saw after stepping into the city streets were the buildings and felt good to be back inside the walls.Myles was watching toward where dead bodies were being burned to crisp. Not far from there, rotten beef was being sold with the poor and the wretched waiting in queue.“This is the eastern border, where the monsters attack the most, so this is where the waste of the city lies,” Justin explained, rubbing his forehead as he felt an itch. “In case the monsters breach, they first have to go through these poor folks.”Myles stayed silent.“How is it in your
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“Excuse me, is Casey inside?” Justin asked politely, his eyes filled with mild excitement.“Yes, what do you need my wife for?” asked the man licking the pink ice cream.Justin’s expression froze at once. Something in his chest sank down into his stomach and swam in the gastric juices virulently.“Who is it, honey?” Casey’s voice came from the inside and stirred Justin’s heart. Her familiar voice sounded sweet, and for a second, he thought she was calling him. The reality, however, was utterly opposite.Justin turned around and walked away without looking back. Myles silently followed him, leaving the man at the door to ‘seemingly’ wonder what this was all about. By the time Casey, a beautiful blonde, came to the doorstep, they were gone. “Who was it?”“No idea, dear.”A few minutes later.Justin sat at an open cafe, fighting his tears.“You should have at least talked with her,” Myles said, taking a seat. Justin took an electronic wristlet from the worker and video-called his lawyer
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Cobra city was known for its snaky roads as well as for the eccentric job opportunities it provided.Justin had heard many citizens say along the lines of: “I scratch pimples for a living.”There were always people who would hire other people to keep their ugly houses clean, keep their rebellious brats quiet, to mourn at funerals, to taste the beta-food they made, and to bring their runaway pets home and what not.There was always someone hungry and jobless in the city, so there were plenty of people gravitating toward even the strangest of jobs like moths to a flame.Justin was also thinking of being a street cleaner. He would then get to officially clean the streets at night, and he was hoping, maybe, he would find some valuables. In the mornings, however, he could look for better career opportunities. Since every city block had its own street cleaner, the chances of him getting a job were not low. He just needed to find the one with openings.Justin thought of all these things whil
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Many of Justin’s bones broke in the face as he got utterly knocked out of his senses. Kong was still going, even though blood was flying everywhere.“Hey,” a chilling voice entered through Kong’s ears and penetrated his heart like the sharpest needle out there. Even his bones felt the sting and shivered a little. Before he realized, he had already stopped punching.“What the—” he looked to his left, and there was this young man in shitty clothes staring at him with not-so-friendly eyes. “Who the fuck are you?”“The water of a river is for everyone to drink,” Myles stated calmly.“What?” Kong looked more annoyed than puzzled.“The cheek of a crook is for everyone to slap,” the moment the words flowed out of his mouth, Kong felt a slap that shook his brain. His feet moved a couple of steps back, and his hand touched his cheek in response. His ear made a nonstop buzzing noise. He looked at Myles who was standing still. He knew for sure Myles just slapped him, but he couldn’t even see the
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A heavy truck fully loaded with second-hand clothes stopped in the outskirts of the city. Children and adults swarmed in and emptied the truck in a matter of seconds.Among those who obtained clothes for themselves, Justin was also there. He managed to snatch three pairs of clothes, but one was a woman's, so he gave it away to a needy lady.They asked the same woman for towels before putting on the remaining two pairs. They were just simple T-shirts and jeans. Nothing too fancy.Myles had removed his underwear and tossed it away.“Why did you throw it away?” asked Justin, unable to control his curiosity.“Isn’t it obvious?”“No, it’s not.”“These pants are too tight,” Myles complained after putting the jeans on. “How’s air going to pass through the pants at this rate?”“Heh, why do you need air to pass through your pants?” Justin chortled.“To keep your hair and skin healthy,” Myles replied. “And this is also highly uncomfortable. It’s too tight for me.”“Well, if you call this tight,
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Utter decimation.That would be an appropriate way to describe what the explosion resulted in. Even the metal frames of the palanquin melted away.It looked like there was no chance of anyone surviving that grand explosion.At the ground level, Kong was laughing. “Haha, you are superb, Defender of Fire!”Standing close by Kong was an old man in his sixties, with a cannon barrel for an arm. He was Sukazu, a Veteran Beta mage. His face was full of dark spots, and he breathed fire through his nostrils.“I expected some fight, but it was boring,” Sukazu said, walking away. “I’ve got a meeting with Aqua Double, so I’m leaving.”“A-Aqua Double?” Kong was slack-jawed. “Aren’t they Alpha mages? C-Can I come along? I will disappear once I get their autographs, I swear!”“I don’t mind, but watch your manners around them.”“Sure, sure.” Kong excitedly tagged along and reached a public stage where a lot of people were gathering. “As expected of alphas from Liger city. They are attracting quite so
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