System Killer

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System Killer

By: KaGen Ongoing

Language: English

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The world was invaded by monsters that suddenly appeared all over the world and a system-like software had been installed on some humans' intelligence by an unknown force. The war between monsters and humans was bloody and two billion people lost their lives. Jianyu, who was at the bottom of the power ranking of the Upgraded Humans with his team, was preparing for a future where he would lead humanity against this extraordinary enemy...


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46 chapters
*** End of the Apocalyptic Wars, China, Monsters vs. Upgraded Humans of all countries ***Above the Potala Palace and all of Lhasa were shrouded in dark shadows at midday as if it was a night, as the sky above the area was covered with hundreds of soaring humans and an army of monsters in front of them."ATTACK!" Bon-Hwa, The South Korean leader of the Human Army in scarlet-colored armor had pointed at the monster army in front of them... And the Upgraded Humans Army, some of whom were injured, proceed to attack the monsters again. Thus, hundreds of super-powered humans attacked more than a thousand winged monsters in front of them.While the frontline warriors as Slasher-class tanks attacked with special non-man-made war weapons such as swords, axes, etc., Casters specialized in long-range attacks rained glowing objects like ethereal arrows on monsters. Passive supporters soared further behind providing support such as technical analysis of monsters that were helping injured people..
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Warm-up Hunt
"I didn't like this." Jianyu expressed his displeasure. "They are gathering the strongest parties in this mainland due to BOSS EVENT at a time when the monsters are so weak." He reflected this discomfort as a physical act by scratching his short, neatly combed black hair. Having a fit body at 170 centimeters tall, Jianyu had blue eyes, which is not very common among his compatriots."Why are you bothered? We are lower than the hundredth place in the rankings of the strongest parties. We couldn't fight against such an attack, I think it's good.""Again, we will probably encounter a very weak group of monsters. They will leave a lot of neighbors unnecessarily vulnerable. Anyway. Did you call the others?""Yes, but according to what it says here, it will take more than three days for the monsters to get here, so we have a lot of time. Since we are the only party that knows this region best, I think we should plan what kind of strategy we will implement during the war.""You're right, Mur
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Gathering for the Boss Event
They stood on the defensive stand for without moving a few more minutes and observed around, but there was no further attack, and they were now confident that they were alone on the battlefield.Six members of the Sightseers Party and four members of the Origin Party were staring in shock at the bloodstained pieces of the monster on the ground...The functioning of their minds was completely stopped by unanswered questions..."I think we need to return now..." As Jianyu continued to stare at the ground thoughtfully, he remembered his leadership responsibi
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Boss Event
*** Boss Event, Turkey ***Rank21 King's Eagle of ItaliaRank43 Hola Al Dia of SpainRank57 Feudal Party of TurkeyRank72 Passione Party of FranceRank89 Dual Wind of BulgariaRank109 Garde-Corps of FranceRank127 Sightseers Party of TurkeyRank138 Sahih Party of SyriaRank154 Origin Party of TurkeyRank177 Sebesseg Party of HungaryRank191 Runners Party of CroatiaThe ten parties had come to the edge of the battlefield and were now looking at the three youths who were alone in the plain where the monsters were supposed to be found..."We can't wait any longer. Stun them, Anna, then we'll land on the battlefield!" Bardrick of King's Eagle, the leader of the strongest party to reach the battlefield, instructed his party's physician and indirectly told the other parties to be ready for war. Anna applied her skill to the three youths on the plain to attack, and they expected them to faint, but only one of them fainted, and the other two panicked."What's going on Anna?"Anna was
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Boss Event: Part Two
*** Boss Event Battlefield, Turkey***As their formidable foe walked towards Bardrick, a gunshot was heard and a bullet lodged in his head, his head bent sharply to the right, his arms moving left and right in the opposite direction, but he didn't fall to the ground.***[Target hit][Damage -509][Weapon bonus -500 Damage][Headshot bonus -509 Damage]***"JACKPOT! It is your turn, Andrej, Vlado!" The Serbian Udaraci Party, the 9th strongest party, the last party to be called into battle, had finally emerged with its three-man team. Their leader, Zivko, activated his skill, transforming his right arm into a space-crafted sniper gun, hit the creature in the head with it, and then called out to his other two friends, who were also Casters like him, to take action.***Party: UDARACIPower Ranking: 9[Name: ZIVKO (Leader) - ANDREJ - VLADO][Type: Caster - Caster - Caster][Level: 29 - 27 - 27][WP, Skill: Space-crafted sniper gun- Zeus / Ares - Locked][HP= 1025 - 888 - 888][AP= 509
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Boss Event: Part Three
The creature, whose cigarette ran out, lit another cigarette and continued to stare at the standing Upgraded Humans. "I can wait as long as you like, it's going to be a long night, we have plenty of time...""It looks like we're not going to get out of here alive...IF SO!" After the creature had released him a few minutes ago, Jianyu, who was standing in anger, raised his voice at the end of his sentence, signaling his party, and they all started running toward the creature to attack but they fell to their knees again with the weight they felt because of the creature's mental attack toward them again in their second steps..."Don't waste our time and answer my questions." The human-looking creature kept its composure and deactivated his power again, freeing them.After a few more minutes Bardrick said in a low voice, "Let them go...I'll give you whatever you want...""Huh, what can you give me alone? You're alive because you're a strong white-spirited warrior... But I need a Detector,
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Boss Event: Part Four [Earth Ape]
The Kamov Ka 52 model military combat helicopter, which continued to advance rapidly, had approached the battlefield about 5 km from the Boss Event."We're almost at the battlefield, Rahim. I need data before I get there, do it now!""The distance is enough now, boss. " Rahim, who was able to use his power in a maximum area of ​​5 km, replied to Said, the leader of the 14th strongest party Yad Alsalam, who started to get impatient. Five fingernail-sized bats that appeared in his hands flew towards the battlefield at 10 times the speed of the helicopter they were in, and then they started sending sounds to Detector-type Upgraded Human Rahim at a frequency that a normal human could not hear."There is no movement on the battlefield at the moment, boss. But the problem is there are 16 people and one unidentified entity, and...""And?""There are over 65 slain Upgraded Humans corpses in the area!""WHAT! MOST HALF THE CLAN WAS DEAD!?" Zain, the physician of the Yad Alsalam Party,
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Boss Event: Part Five [Earth Ape]
Contrary to expectations, Earth-Ape, which was about four meters tall, freed from its chains, did not attack them immediately and remained silent for a while, looking around and them...Unable to shake off the horror of their horror, the Upgraded Humans had likewise not attacked, and they were still trying to decide what to do without speaking..."You know we are not strong enough to defeat that thing... And we have neither the will nor the cure to fight against you...You enjoy doing this, don't you?" Jianyu's Origin Party's physician Beril prepared to give an impudent speech against the creature. "Most monsters are killing us all the time, I'm used to it anyway...But you don't even consider us worthy to die right away...You want to torture us for a long time...There were times when I liked monsters that didn't hurt us... And I hated other monsters... But my feelings for you right now...You are the worst!"None of the people there would dare to have this conversation because they were
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Boss Event: Part Six [Bardrick vs. Earth Ape]
***[Race / Name: Human / BARDRICK][Level: 24][Type: Slasher][Weapon / Skill : Blood Hammer / Call of Enyo][Exp= 2350 / 2760][HP= 700 / 700][AP= 346 / 346][MP= 277 / 277]***"Y'all stay here!...I'll handle this! " Bardrick, the surviving leader of the King's Eagle Party, whose all team members were recently murdered; by activating his skill, he enabled the ivory armor made of a non-Earthly metal over his black muscular body to completely cover his body even cover his face.***[Bardrick's MP decreased from 277 to 177][Bardrick has gained Armor of Enyo][Defense bonus +1.500][Bardrick's DP increased from 0 to 1.500]***"WHAT! NO! By fighting alone, none of us stand a chance of surviving against such a powerful enemy!" Said, the leader of Arabia's Yad Alsalam Party, the 2nd strongest team on the battlefield, warned him."A leader who did nothing while his team was murdered has no right to live anyway!" Burgundy lights appeared in both of his hand
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Boss Event: Part Seven [Bardrick vs. Earth Ape]
Earth Ape was laying on the ground 300 meters away like a red wax-covered statue."That...that was amazing..." Kirana of the Origin Party could not hide her admiration."Yes, according to the analysis I've seen, his Blood Hammer is an elemental weapon that can immobilize objects it touches by covering them with blood, consuming very little mana." Elena, the most powerful Detector on the battlefield, also expressed her opinion."But still, this battle seems to be going on for a very long time..." When she checked the current stats of the two opponents, the table she faced still couldn't stop her from being realistic. "If we don't help him, he'll die for sure!"***[BARDRICK] vs. [EARTH APE]Level: [24] vs. [52]Race: [Human- Slasher] vs. [Monster- Boss]HP= [480] vs. [7.157]DP = [0] vs. [0]AP= [646] vs [1.720]MP= [57] vs. [0]***"So why don't you do it?" Doom, the most frightening antagonist of the day, made a sentence as if he were making fun of them."...""I am serious. Even I
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