Being a Billionaire's Son

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Being a Billionaire's Son

By: Chessman OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Mr Charles a billionaire sent his son on disguise to his hometown school, where commoners lives, in other to see the world in a different. find out how his son overcome this experience


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64 chapters
Life the other way
I am Sam, the son of a dad name is James Charles, while my mom name is Anita Charles. I am the only child in the family, I am seventeen this year. Today my dad told me the craziest thing. We were having breakfast, when my dad said , sam“I want the best for you”. I was confused at first, then he said. “You will be attending another school for your final year”. “Are we traveling? , I asked, hasty”. He was paused for a while, he finally said, “we are not traveling, I have enrolled you in omega high school “. My mom finally spoke in the discussion, “where is that located, I haven't heard of that name before”. “It is located at my hometown” my dad told my mom. “That way too far honey, you can't put our son in such stress”. I puzzled, “mom, it not going to be stressful, trust me I can handle it. “No, you can't son, always siding your father. I won't allow it”. “Anita let our son decide for once, you have always chosen for him “my dad raise his voice a little. Okay, okay, befo
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Omega high school
We finally arrived at our destination, but it was already late, so I spend the night at Mr. Carlo's house, it was a one-room apartment, I will have to sleep on the couch. Mr. Carlos brought out some snacks at out of the fridge, " you must be hungry he said" yeah, thank you sir, he handed the snacks to me. I ate silence Mr. Carlos, put on his TV, I haven't seen this type of screen size in a TV before, it was manageable, though. "Can you see is he asked?, curious of my answers." I can, I replied, "do you watch soccer Mr. Carlos asked" , yes I do, we watched a champion league matched Real Madrid Vs Paris Saint Germain, it was interesting though I found myself jumping here and there, football can really bring out one's true self, but the score didn't end to our favor, our team lost. It was dark already Mr. Carlos shut the TV and went inside his room, he brought out a blanket for me, rest early he said, he off the light and I folded myself on the couch, it was difficult to sleep. I checke
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A new start
I couldn't sleep again, not after having a nightmare. I wash the dishes, cleaned the house. Before Mrs Sarah woke up, I was done. Sam you are up already she said with a wink face, she went back to her room. I did some of my morning routine and 6pm clocked the time, Mrs Sarah was already in the kitchen preparing something, after a while she called, and we ate in silence, “thank you for the meal I said.We arrived at school early,, so she left me to roam about, Wander for some time then somebody tapped me on my shoulder, it thought it was Christabel, it was just some tall black guy, he wasn't dress properly, he had a shady haircut, “Boss wants to see you, he said. I was like “boss" , follow me he said, so I followed him, he took me to a corner in the school, I already know they were bullies, I have encountered many, this one was common between my former school and here, this is going to be interesting, when we reached the place, I saw a boy, he had broad shoulders, he was also tall like
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Trials Begins
Few days have passed since Mrs Sarah stop leaving with me, believe me I had had it tough, I only eat one times a day, I had to wash my clothes, which I have never done. I have almost cooked, all the food left, I will soon run out of stuffs to eat. My only hope is if Christabel could take me for the job offer, I just have to sustain before then. Christabel was right about the carfare outside been cheap than the school. I am almost late for school, my food stuffs have run out, I had to go with an empty stomach, on getting to the school gate, students from alpha high school was passing, “poor scumbag on the boy scouted, I didn't respond, I kept walking, they kept saying all sort of things. I wasn't interested on that, I was hungry like dead, I have never felt hunger before. Mrs Sarah said, the foodstuff will last for a month but how did it finish, I can't really tell. We have an assembly today, so I will be going to the school Hall the principal came up for a speech.” well as we all kn
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Mr Carlos advice
It was time to leave for home, I wanted to wait for Christabel, but she was doing something with Marcel upstairs and I have to go see the principal, so I left. On reaching the house, he was already outside with Mrs Sarah, I wonder why I was summoned. Good evening sir, good evening ma I greeted, Sam the principal called, have a seat, I seated at the chair nearest to me. Sam he called once more clearing his throat, your father and me were old-time friends, we were classmates back then me, Mrs Sarah and Mr. Charles, your father was a talented individual, he did wonderful things in his era, you see our school was one of the local school around, we were surrounded by four schools, those school were better than ours, but our school always win the best of everything because your father was with us. What I am trying to say is that your father won't be happy with you, if you come home without winning anything. I see, that why I was called. I put you in the judo team with special recommendation
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Put into action
I arrive at school, Christabel was waiting for me at the entrance, hey Sam she said after spotting, why didn't you wait for me yesterday. I had something vital at home, I replied swiftly walking into the school.(what up with him today, he seemed strange). so, what your plan today Christabel followed me. Nothing from the usual I said walking faster (it must have affected him, Marcel said he was humiliated in the judo team, even the worst person beat him by an ipon) (an ipon is when throw the opponent perfect on floor). I walked fast, leaving behind Christabel. when it was time for sport activities, I went straight to the judo practice ground. When I got there, the coach had screened me out. I saw the number one in the judo squad he was wearing an orange belt, I put on my gi and went on the tatami uninvited. I want to spar with you, I told the number one, the others sitting all burst into laughter, even the coach. Let go he said, my name is James, he expends his hands for a handshake,
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The strange girl
I got home, I wanted to prepare something, but I already ate something at Mr. Johnson's shop, and I am saving money, to get a present for Christabel. I didn't give her anything on her birthday, I wasn't happy, I must find something tangible to offer, the next day came in with a bink of eye. After today, the judo competition will start, we will be going to alpha high school, they are the ones hosting it this year. I came early and run through some practice, everybody was training hard, the coach was impressed, I left to watch, Christabel practice, the student on the seat for the basketball court was counting, they weren't many, so I sat in front. I watch their game closer they are still making that same mistake, they only pass the ball to Christabel to score point , if only they have another person, who can score point. The game was almost done, I left without Christabel seeing me. On my to the exit, I saw students coming in, they all want to watch the boys practice. This is why Chri
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Judo competition
James and Chris has long been displaying their new moves, we had nothing to worry about, I said in my mind. We already defeat reigns high school, it was only Cambridge left. James was in place to fight for alpha High while Chris was to fight in Cambridge, coach I said approaching him. Where were you, we searched everywhere, I wasn't feeling good, so I fell asleep, "are you okay now" he said hold my two hands. Chris came out to fight against Cambridge high school, his opponent was a big one, he will have to use of the moves I showed him, that will be effective against big people. Soon the match begin, Chris was doing well, he had almost got an ippon, but it wasn't enough, so he got a waza-ari. He tried to pull his moment but, he lost his balance and the opponent seized the opportunity he throws Chris up perfectly and landed him on the ground, we already knew he had lost but some of us kept saying "pull yourself together, you can still win". Chris wasn't able to shake out of the pinned
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The winner
Alpha high school as also qualify for the final round. The final round was only one opponent. He entered the tatami, I quickly recognize him as the boy from Mr. Johnson's shop. The one with a water can. This will be interested, I smiled. Him to recognize me from his facial reaction I could tell, but he will underestimate me given that, they know that James is the strongest judoka among us. I looked around to get an insight of my surroundings, I spotted someone unusual, it was Christabel, what was she doing in alpha high school, she was breathing heavily I could tell, her face looked worried, she was staring at our team, trying to find something. But she didn't succeed, her face look pale, then she looked at my direction and spotted me, I was staring at her, she stepped backward, she placed one of are hands-on her heart. She wanted to say something but for some reason, she couldn't. She later walked to where our team is. the game was about to begin, I heard he was the best in alpha hi
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Sam gift
Marcel was staring at me from close quarters, Christabel was close to me holding my bag. "I want to go home" I said to Christabel, she handed the bag over to me and drop it, we both quickly tried to catch it out head jam each other, "sorry" I said, but it seems like she purposely did it. She raised her head and said, "your head is hot" she said stretching her hands to touch my neck, wow, your body is really hot. I will walk you home she said, I tried to refuse, but I couldn't, or maybe I didn't put more effort, I won't make it home, If someone doesn't help carry my stuff. Christabel carry my bag and stuffs that I brought along, call Mr. Johnson that I won't be coming I said with a fainting voice. I will, she said while assist me as we walk to the entrance of the school. I raise my head to look forward, and I saw Marcel waiting for us. Christabel, where are you going, he said with a demanding voice. Sam is sick, I want to help him home, Christabel replied swiftly. He can walk himself,
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