Conan Morata

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Conan Morata

By: SUMMERIASWINTER OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Living in the slums of the City, Conan experienced all the horrible things that he could ever imagine. He admired the City view from afar and been dreaming to be part of it someday. During the outbreak, Conan manages to enter the City gates. Hope arose in him with the thought that he can finally change his life— but not everything went according to his plan. The City was like a jungle, much crueler, more brutal and darker. He thought that he had suffered enough but the streets had more to offer. He was trampled, degraded and ruined. With his dying breath, he oath to himself that he'll bring storm to everyone, make them kneel and beg for his mercy!


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8 chapters
Chapter 1
On the outskirts of the City, a boy around fourteen years old was silently sobbing as his father was mercilessly whipping his small frame. He was supposed to be taller like the normal kids around his age but poverty and malnutrition hinder him from growing physically. His bones were almost visible and his gunmetal gray eyes were almost popping out from their sockets."This is the only amount you can give me? Twenty bucks? What can this money buy? This isn't even enough to buy a liquor!"Conan stared on the ground, biting his lips hard to avoid any audible cries from coming out. It will only anger his father if he heard a single noise from him.Their neighbors didn't even bat an eye on what was happening as they were already used to these kind of scene almost everyday in the slums of the Highlands View.He was working from dawn to midnight just to buy food for their family. It should be his father that was working but that responsibility had passed to him.His father doesn't want to
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Chapter 2
"Conan, I heard that your mother is sick. I hope she'll get well soon. Here, this is some of our left over last night. Don't worry, it's still edible."Conan took the styrofoam that Mrs. Jones was handling. He can say that she was their only neighbor who really have the heart to help others."Thank you, Mrs. Jones. This is well appreciated." Conan bowed his head in gratitude.The lady waved her hand in the air. Everyone knows what happened days ago and Mrs. Jones felt sorry for the whole family."Go now and feed your mother and sister."It was already dark when Conan arrived in their house. It was dark and silent. He felt a pang inside his chest. It's been almost a week when the cops came and declared the captivity of Garou Morata. They haven't heard any news yet if they had found him but that's likely to happen.Since then, Agnes felt seriously ill and been staying in bed. Emma on the other hand was still in state of shock. She tends to cry whenever she remembered that she doesn't ha
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Chapter 3
"Emma!.. Emma!"Conan was sprinting in a high speed. This was the first time that he ran like this— desperate and furious. Mixed emotions filled his chest. He was mourning yet he's heart was in so much rage. His body was radiating a dark aura that everyone he passed was slightly shaken. The dark circles around his eyes didn't do any help as it gave more details to his murderous look."Conan! I saw Emma being dragged by huge men! Hurry up before they can enter the City!"Conan was breathing heavily while running in the middle of the dump site. This was the shortest route to the entrance as this is where all those big trucks threw all the garbages from the City to which for him, a source of their life— to prolong their misery and despair.It didn't took long when he saw the group of men who abducted his sister. They were all wearing a dark t-shirt and pants. There were five of them."Emma!" he shouted upon seeing his sister who was struggling to get out of their grip."Brother Conan!
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Chapter 4
Three days had passed and Conan was still unconscious. Mrs. Jones took him in their home upon hearing the incident.She felt sorry for him for all the bad luck that occured to his family in the past days. She didn't know how to cheer him up once he woke up."Mom, is he dead? Why isn't he waking up yet?""Sssshh! You saw what happened and it's reasonable that he's still unconscious. Those men didn't even spare the poor kid."Mrs. Jones eyes landed to the collar around Conan's neck. She sighed. This isn't a new sight to her. There was almost a hundred of people who were wearing the same collar as him in their area. The only difference was that it didn't came from the same organization.Their life was far beyond hard. It was lucky for a family to eat twice a day.The government had turned their backs to them as they don't see any value of them anymore. Just like garbage, they were the City's leftovers.Some people who live here used to stay before in the City. But due to high competition
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Chapter 5
"What... the fuck?"Shock and horrified was not enough to explain what everyone was feeling. Though it was possible, they weren't expecting this at all. The last time that they received a gift like this was a year ago— a full load of disabled children. Mostly of them died and only few manages to survive up until today."This is getting disappointing! I am expecting to get a ration of food for a week!"Conan looked at the man beside him who was holding a huge sack. Well, everyone had their sacks with them including him. But they can't sack people, do they?He heard a series of complains and curses. Some started to leave while the others approached the newly arrived group to search if they had valuable items with them.Conan was about to leave as well when he heard a frightened voices and pleas.He turned to the group of old people who were trying to get on the truck and return to the City."Don't leave us here! This place is scary!""I still have money in my bank account! I have milli
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Chapter 6
And hour after that, Conan's body felt heavy. His breath felt hot like he was catching a fever.He was now in the dump site together with some kids but he felt the urgency to go home and just lay on his bed. He couldn't take anymore the feeling and just decided to rest for the whole day. He can't understand what he was feeling. His body was extremely burning but his head was fine. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He doesn't have a fever yet his body was on fire. Conan groaned when a blistering heat strike his lower belly. It was annoyingly uncomfortable but there's a faint tingling sensation on it.Maybe he was having a different kind of diarrhea? Maybe milk doesn't sit well to his stomach?Conan curled into sleep for hours. He fluttered his eyes open when he heard a knock on the door. He checked the time. It's already getting dark. He was feeling better now and his body felt energized."Coming!"He strode to the door and opened it. Lisa, one of Mrs. Jones daughter was standi
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Chapter 7
Thursday morning and Conan felt something different in the environment. It was unusually quiet and the atmosphere lingers eeriness.It was like a heavy storm was coming and everyone were unprepared.Regardless of that weird feeling, Conan felt extremely excited because it was their yearly so-called mini festival that was being held in their small plaza.There were parlor games and feast. Every household's had their own contribution for the meal. Since this was only happens once in a year, everyone was generous for the preparation of the occasion.Conan went out and saw a group of men who were cutting meats and women preparing for ingredients that they bought in the market place.Kids were running and laughing around, taking advantage of the festive mood.He spotted Mrs. Jones with her peers. Her laughs was so loud and funny making the ladies around her to laugh as well. Everyone were enjoying themselves. The only thing that they can combat poverty were silly jokes and good laughter's.
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Chapter 8
Conan blinked his eyes and saw old man Poro. He was holding a baseball bat and the armed man who was holding the little girl had now fallen on the ground, unconscious or rather dead."What the... You bastard!" Before the other man could shot him, Conan forced himself to kicked the gun. It fell to the ground and old man Poro took that chance to finished him off."Conan, hurry and get up!""It hurts so much! I don't think I can walk!" He cried while trying to stood up. His right leg was numb in pain and his body was trembling."You can! Stop being a wimp!"Old man Poro was in hurry to help him stopped his leg from bleeding. He was in rush as he kept on checking the situation."Who are they? What do they want from us? What will happen after this? They're going to destroy everything! We need to—"Old man Poro grabbed his arm and breathed heavily. "I don't know what they want but they are taking kids and teens at your age."His eyes widened. "F-For what?"He didn't answered his question i
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