Curse of The Witch

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Curse of The Witch

By: sporanium OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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The world is doomed and the dark cloud envelops the sky for the second time. No one knows what will happen and no one knows what to do until those who have been called witch appears. With the equivalent prices, the world was once again relieved. Bearing the world's weight, the witches took their step forward to the uncertain future and disappeared. Because of that, people began to call them the lost witches. One day, a young man wanders around the slums searching for a place to die. Alas, his wish didn't come true. On the brink of death, he's been found by a young girl that claimed as a witch. The peaceful daily life began and uncovered the truth one by one. And this is a story of the 13 lost witches.


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Place to Die
I don't know how far I've been walking. These legs are dying as if when I stopped it will stop forever. My sight is clouded as well. Sometimes it feels like droplets of water have been touching my body. Is it is raining today?I don't know.Walking, walking, walking, walking. That word keep ringing out inside my head. Did I even have a head, to begin with?I don't know either. Did I?I began hallucinating, and my past memories have been flashed inside my head. I remember, there's a book or even some old man rumbling about their comrade that talking about their life flashed before their death. I don't know who it is but even if I tried to remember, it's just a vain attempt. So, is this what they called the dying reminisce?Even though it's an unpleasant memory, it still popped up out of nowhere. A certain memory that I hold dear but at the same time my misery."Have you eaten yet?"Those are? My parent's voice?'How bold of you to ask that to me in this situation, even though you're ju
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Our Daily Life
"Orion~" She has been calling my name in her sleep. It seems, she's dreaming of something that included me. Even if I'm curious, I can't peek into her dream like a magician. "Well, she's a witch though...." Maybe it's been a week since that day. The day that I've begun to acquire my ultimate goal in this world, but,.... alas, this girl next to me didn't seem to let me achieve it. The moment when I thought that I died and opened my eyes, rather than an angel or demon, the foreign canopy greeted me instead. She asked a few questions and in that question, she's asking my name, but. I can't recall my name. I know and am aware that this is a world that's different from the world I know. But, I only can't remember the name that my parents bestowed me with. My memories of this world seem fuzzy as well. How can I come to this world, how far that I've walked, and the reason why I keep wandering. In my confused state, she gave me a new name. The name of a constellation. A name that has a m
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Our Daily Life (2)
Warm, that's what I feel right now. The lighting ray of the sun that peeked a little has come to shine the whole world. I sit on the sofa, opened the book that I brought with me, and read it with enjoyment. The breeze gushed, blowing the leaf and twigs, making a nice sound of nature in harmony."Latina,....""Hmm,...?"I called her, but her response's somehow always like that when she's focusing on something."You're kinda heavy you know,....""Wha-!"All this time, when I read something she will be with me. Also reading a book by my side but, rather than leaning toward the sofa she's leaning toward me instead. It's not like she's interrupting my reading but, I always feel weird about it."How rude! For your information, I'm light as cotton!""Hmm, I think I agree with you,"She was puzzled, it seems she didn't expect that I will be agreeing with her and made a baffled expression."But you see, you feel like a bunch of wet cottons to me,""Wha-!"She snapped again and punched me with
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The sun was already high in the sky, paving a path for a certain young man. Under the shadow of trees, a single man walking. Slowly pulled his cart while experiencing new feelings that he's never expected to come back, a feeling of joy. He's walking and sometimes hums a weird song to relieve his boredom."It's been a while since the last time I feel this happy,...." thought him.Until recently, Orion was lost in despair. He didn't know what reason he live, and what reason he is walking all this time. Seeking a reason for his endless journey to end, but, he can't stop walking. As if his reason for living was wandering on the mortal world without reason. He still vividly remembers the despair that he felt back then, but in the end, a certain young girl comes to his aid. Thwart his plan to end his endless journey."Well, I'm grateful she saved me back then,....""Even though I don't want it"He chuckled, remembering his life this far after living with her. A daily life full of amusement.
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I'm Home
He finished his needs and began back home with a cart full of necessities such as food and others. Passing a sea of forest before reaching a deserted village. Orion keeps walking at a steady pace until reaching a lone house at the peak of the hill. In front of it, there's a single girl standing alone wearing an uncertain expression. Standing still and staring straight as if she were daydreaming.When Orion is inside her sight, she begins walking slowly. Seeing that, he thought, 'Is she welcoming me back?'He let go of the cart that he pulled, and when the two of them were close enough she said, "Welcome back," with a smile on her face.At the moment, the smile that she gave seemed like a fleeting smile. But, Orion senses something different from it. It feels almost like a glad smile when she sees him up close. As if her worried had been washed but not entirely."What's wrong?""Did you miss me?" Said him, trying to tease her.She's ignoring him, walking slowly and trying to get as clo
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The Witch Feelings
A day has passed since then, and as always, Latina woke up from her slumber to find herself alone on the bed. Even though there's another room that can be used for the second bedroom, Latina's still persistent to sleep with Orion in the same room on the pretext of the disciple can't be far from his master.After stretching her body, she put her legs down. Before she stands up, a flash of what happened yesterday comes to her mind. Remembering that, her face turned beet red. She blushes, even though it's cool this morning, her whole body feels hot. She covered her face and battled against the embarrassment in her head.'Why,....why did I do that?!?!?!''Crying in front of her disciple,....'With a small voice, she let out a cry, "Hnnggghh,.....aaaaaa!!!!" while rolling over to the bed.It's last for a while, when she calmed down a little, she said, "What kind of face should I show when meeting him,...."After that, she's walking and goes to the kitchen. When she stepped in, she saw a ma
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Princess of Abandoned Castle
In the middle of nowhere, there stood a single, big, castle made of brick. Dark envelopes the castle without a single source of light. The inside of it was vast with its beautiful interior. But there's no single living being that can be seen. Only a doll with variety decorating its corridor. When the floor shook, all the dolls lined up, making space at the center, as if waiting for someone to pass by.With a shrieking sound, a single creature deep inside the castle passed. The creature has a big head that seems like a deer, there are so many eyes on its face. With each step that the creature took, the doll beside it shivered as if all the doll has a life inside it.The creature itself walks through the corridor, passing some small rooms, and then vanishes at the end of the corridor after entering a large door. Inside the room, there's a lavish room with king sized bed with a frill decorating the rear. The creature halted, moving slowly to the large mirror beside the bed. Its eyes glow
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Princess of Abandoned Castle (2)
"Don't be shy and eat!"A high voice enveloped the round table. The girl that took care of the shop placed a dish one after another on the table while the other two sat around it. Across Sarah, there's a girl with long blonde hair that shines because of the light reflection. It's Latina, all the time, she just bows her head and didn't see the interlocutor's eyes the whole time. Her ears still read, it seems she's still embarrassed. Beside her, there's Orion with both of his palms pressing against his face.At times like this, the only rational thing that he thought is to keep silent until the end. He didn't want to spoil the atmosphere and mood that already build up."So, how both of you met each other?" Said Sarah.After half of the food at the table was gone, Sarah tried to open a talk with them. Hearing that, Latina halted and blushed again.'It's weird seeing someone blushing this much in a single day,...' Thought Orion."Nothing special actually,""I think we met each other six m
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Princess of Abandoned Castle (3)
Inside the room, there's a boy, lying down in the middle of the room without a single light. The room was dark, and the only source of light was the big windows at the rear. Slowly, Orion gains consciousness and wakes up in the middle of a foreign room. A big room that seems like he is inside a castle. With the interior that can't be seen clearly.'Feels like deja vu,...' thought him.Even when he woke up in a different place, he still remain calm. The first thing that he thought about was how Latina doing right now. He seems very concerned about her and hopes that he didn't make her worried.'Hope I didn't make her worried,'Suddenly, the big door opened. From the other side, a girl walked in and slowly closed her distance toward Orion. He is silent, staring at the person who walked towards him. When the girl reaches the part the light from the windows illuminates, showing the figure of a girl with white silver hair before him. With ease, he walked and said, "Excuse me, where am I?"
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The Witch Madness
One year ago, Latina went to the capital. Walking through the slum, searching for something that can she hold onto to become her hope, her aspiration, her reason to live in this world of madness.The sky was dark and drizzling. Clinging to hope, she's walking, witnessing a dozen of corpses on the side of the road. A common sight to behold in the darkest part of a glorious city. A corpse of kids, adults, even a mother hugging her child. It's stink, a cold and unmoved body that can't hold a conversation.'....Its stinks,'The truth that she sees, taught her that there were people who once lived in this world. Helped her to keep her loneliness at bay.The deeper she went, the deeper she realized that her wish was just a mere wish. But, by the time Latina began to lock her hope inside her heart again. She found a boy, lying down, looking at the sky with empty eyes. A boy that seems fragile, like he was ready to disappear at any moment.Latina approached, reaching out to the boy's face."H
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