Dark knight: Game on

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Dark knight: Game on

By: DkGoManga OngoingSystem

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From best life to nightmare as the perfect life for Rodney Hart gets turned around by an unnatural phenomenon from a game that makes him feel at home. As he gets warped into it and figures out that it might not just be a game as it seems. Follow Rodney Hart as he rises through the rank of another world in this adventure... Will he grow stronger in time to save the ones he cares about from unpredictable doom? Cover: Thanks to Freepik!


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52 chapters
A new world
Friday is considered the second best day of the week for both students and workers. With Saturday being the best day of the week, well unless you work on Saturdays then that just sucks. And for Rodney Hart, the latter Was the case as he walked back from school quickly to get home and do the one thing he proclaimed he was born to do, PLAY GAMES.Rodney had just arrived home and had quickly rushed off to the kitchen to see if his mother was there."Mum!!!...mum!!?.. Your son is home"..he proclaimed.Then he quickly realised how stupid he was to be shouting so loudly knowing his mother would probably still be at work, since she closed as late as seven o'clock depending on her wor
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The red sky
The person in the cloud was covered by a long cloak with a hoodie covering his face. After looking down at the people currently at the town square like they were peasants, he finally spoke."Welcome to my world.....the only way out is to defeat me.......if you survive long enough " he said just before he began to laugh and then the red sky began to fade off with everything returning back to n
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First quest
Turning around with a frown not too excited about having to go back to where he had just left minutes ago. He began his journey back to the town square. The whole events taking place today weren't just favoring him. "Read more
solo hunter
Rodney had set off to go hunting. Using the built in map that would give the user a general description of where there could potentially be a beast roaming.Just like how the gamers have a ranking system, the beasts also had rankings and groups.-Basic feral beast— lvl Read more
No space!
Rodney went on hunting down level 1 beasts until he was tired and thought it wise to call it a day or atleast take a break. He had managed to not get himself into trouble as he stuck strictly to hunting the basic feral beasts. He alsoRead more
Team effort
Not too long ago, Rodney had received a shocking notification that left him dumbfounded."Guys I really think this is too much,Eiko would have been the perfect leader" rodney said."We've made our decision so make yours and name the faction so we can go for some group quests" Eiko said."Now would you stop being a baby and decide already" Blair said punching Rodney playfully on the shoulder.It came as a surprise to him and he was finding it very difficult to digest. The responsibilities that came with being a leader was no small fryRead more
A bad day for a break
 In the market place, there was a small food store where gamers come to buy food supply such as meat,fruits,drinks,and vegetables.Mia and Blair had long since stopped chasing each other as the other realized Blair was a tank."Such energy!" she thought to herself.They arrived at the market and met a much larger crowd of people than they expected .." well I guess we ain't the only ones hungry"..Blair commented as he could see people sitting all over, chatting and enjoying their meals."I'll go get some food while you guys get
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The players present in the room where still in shock after realizing that it was no longer game they were playing but a battle for survival and the only way to survive was by getting stronger. The whole ordeal was taking a toll on some of them psychologically as if it were to be put into context, these were only Read more
Who are you?
n an office high up in a 25 storey building, two men sat across each other. These men could be considered as the city of ZOA's elites. Sitting across the table on one end was Mr Rogers the CEO of Wayne inc, the popular gaming company responsible for the hit game "The heat" and across him was the former mayor of the city, the man who he beat in the just concluded election, Mr Josh."So.. Mr ..eh...Josh to what do I owe the pleasant surprise". Mr Rogers questioned with a smile on his face. He was in a blue suit that not only looked expensive but Read more
Hunters faction
The group was seen running through the forest trying hard to catch up with Yang. Yang the purple haired man who had earlier approached the group to help them was moving through the forest like it was his home. His movements and speed was so smooth as he avoided evey branch,log and vines that was in his way. After running for a while, they had entered a cleared out path and could see Yang sti
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