Universal Educator System

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Universal Educator System

By: Q.Biey OngoingSystem

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Dhaffa Arman unlike the others in his world was non-awakened. He didn't possess any slight power even after went thru an awakening test. Although he was disappointed in himself over it, he didn't give up and decided to be a teacher instead in the hunter academy. With his intelligence and ability as a teacher, he manages to produce all kinds of outstanding abilities users till his retirement.However, just when he went home and watched anime, he was poisoned by someone and fell unconscious, and when he woke up, he was no longer in the body that he used to know!!To think he becomes a character in the anime that he last watches!! and even awaken with this weird system??just what can he do to live here? and how can he go back to his world? Would his newly acquired power help him somehow?Just read to know.

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  • Precious Onyema


    I'm gonna be the first to give this book a five star rating. I mean, I loved the book from the begining, highly recommend it!!

    2023-11-04 07:12:45
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29 chapters
Prologue : A Teacher
One night, my world changed unexpectedly.The world is invaded by creatures that are only seen in novels, comics, and anime.In the beginning, all people think that this is the end of the world. But unlike what they expected, God did not leave them so easily. Despite the commotion and despair of all humans, among them all, are gifted with the power to kill and stop this disaster.Humans finally find their hope.'well, at least that's the story we usually hear, right?'even though it sounds very cliche and I don't want to say that cliche sentence repeatedly like a mantra because I'm sure there are many people out there who are used to reading such preface sentences, but what can I do? My world has changed in such a way. So I had to explain it like that.haa*'I'm tired of repeating this story too..'but this is the only way for me to let you know what is happening in my world before we move on to the next story. so I hope you all can bear with me.'alright?'well, let's proceed to the
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Chapter 1 : An Anime
'not just the figure of the teacher, even his name was the same as mine.' This is really strange for me. Alright, let's say that all of this is just a coincidence and that the creator of this anime accidentally put the same name as me. "But why even the subject I teach is the same?" Moral & Ethic and Hunter & Monster subjects. The subject is the same as what I teach at the academy. Is it possible that the academy allowed me to be included in the anime without my knowledge? "eh... no way. if they want to do that, they should tell me first." Does this mean that all this is just a coincidence? But the problem is, "That teacher's face is the same as mine!!" if the name was only a coincidence, I could accept it. However, there's no way the face is a coincidence too!? So that means, they deliberately put everything about me in this story!! 'haa* just what's wrong with everyone?? did this anime creator, my student, too?? did they want to thank me by using this way??' Is this what ha
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Chapter 2 : UnEd & Affa
From the moment that Ai whatever thing pops up, I know deep in my heart that,'I don't like him.'It's not because it wears my appearance or anything. It is just because, the way he acts and talks is somehow, not to my liking."haa* whatever, now explain... why am I here??"(well, because this body is the only one suitable to hold the UnEd soul.)"no- in the first place why am I-"(Sir, you do hear a message before you fainted in your world before, right?)That's it. That cheeky way of talking and how he cut my words in the middle. Just how can I like this dude with the way he acts?He's the type of person that asks for a beating. In the first place, he isn't even a person.'Should I try to slap him?'is what playing in my mind a few times but I endure it quite well. If not, he might already be in danger a few times from my temper."I did... but so what?"That Affa guy then rolled his eyes before wearing a such annoyed expression on his face as he answer,(Can't you get it? you alread
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Chapter 3 : Beginner's Perk
A bright light then shine before my eyes and blinded me. I close my eyes, not able to face them. After a few seconds, Affa's bright voice then reaches my ear. (Ta-da!!! it's your beginner gift, sir!! take a look!!) Urge him as I open my eyes to see it, Dudun* A screen window displayed in front of me shows a few words and an item. But before I read all of it, what catches my eye the most is that item. "This..." A small item with a suitable length to carry. It's something that has always been with me in my past world while I was in my class. A teaching stick or pointer made of rattan. Such an Asia thing for me. "What a nostalgic item..." Remark me as I click on the item on the window without Affa telling me to. The item then drops on my left hand that I click on it. I eyed the item a couple of times before slashing to my left to try it first. swoosh* A sound comes out through my action. It's a satisfying sound to my ear. "in the past, every time I take this out... I remember
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Chapter 4 : Quest
'so this time... instead of taking my time... I need to hurry up and finish it quickly.'is my plan for this life. 'but for now...'I have to finish this explanation thing quickly before I started."Hey, Affa."(Yes, sir.)"That quest thing... you say before that i finish 49 per 50 of my quest... so why it went to 51 now?"(ah... about that, your main quest for the 50th is the Revenge quest... but as an encouragement for you, the system had made a bonus quest that related to the main one with a clue as a reward)"so it's just an encouragement... and that question mark thing is the reward and a clue, huh..."The thing that I saw at the bottom of the quest window explanation,[Reward: ???]That must be a clue that the quest talking about. But Affa then says something else to my murmur.(it may be a clue and maybe a solution itself!!)'hoh... that's quite tempting...'Because if it's really a solution itself, then, that quest for revenge would be easier. Just, from that, it makes me thi
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Chapter 5 : Hero
Even if this world is not in a state of emergency, invaded by those monsters. Sooner or later, this world will eventually meet its demise through humans.Don't they see? How wrecked this earth is? many trees were cut down, hills were levelled, smoke from the factory contributes to globalisation and many other things. The count of terror that humans do to mother earth can't even be numbered.The cost of their inhuman activity isn't just affecting human life, even animals were involved.Can't they see how miserable those animals are? their home is gone!!"So why should I save them!?"(...because you're a human too.)haa*I snort at Affa's answer. My eyes rolled to the side but I didn't retort back.Cause I know that what he says was right.I admit that I was one of that humans. Perhaps there are things that I did that led to it too.However, isn't it enough now? Why must we keep going destroying everything?When we think like this, isn't it better for me to refuse this? So that I will
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Chapter 6 : Is This Okay?
Soon that thought was also quickly erased.huu*I take a breath, organizing my thoughts.'my plan had gone smoothly just now...'It's really something. However, whenever I had that thought, I realized how feeble the universe is. Just with a little touch, they quickly crumble to my threat.'Hey Universe, are you okay with this?'Isn't you being a pushover right now?Is this world safe with a Universe like this?I feel like the moment I wear that thought, the Universe looks at me like an odd child and some might sit like Buddha, trying not to mind my questions.'I mean... they really different from the book or manhwa I read though.'Isn't usually in manhwa, a thing like a system would have some kind of power to control the people who received their power? or something.And the guy with the power would have no way to fight the system.'if they have to kill, they kill.'But this one, they're so full of expression.'just look at that guy.'The system and Affa seem to be staring at each oth
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Chapter 7 : First Day In The Academy
From the books and map of the academy that I found, I learn a lot and was able to make some schedule for this week. Of course in the first place, I didn't have much to do about it, just look for a suitable place for the field trip and today I need to ask for permission to use the place that I choose. Even so, it's not like that was the only thing that I could accomplish in the limited time I had. Two days was enough for me to digest this world-built setting. The setting of this world is modern a little + old. Some of their buildings are modern and it's limited to only a few places like a city. Their most prestige buildings have lifts but it was operated by using magic power. Their train also operated using mana or magic. To communicate, they have a cubic-like shape communicator. It sends a message, a voice call, and even a video call like a telephone and there's even a device that functions like a fax. And their hunter's equipment was the same as in my old world. Not to mention,
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Chapter 8 : Drama & Popcorn
30 minutes before 8 am, somebody comes to my office. Tok Tok Tok* I open my sleepy eyes, stretching before asking them to enter. Welcoming them while standing up for politeness. ""Hello."" ""Excuse our intrusion."" Turnout they are the optional subject teachers that stay in the same building as me. They came from other offices to another to greet all optional subject teachers. Three of them. They introduce themselves from the back on the right to left, Theo and Asfar, they are both commoners, while the woman in front is a noble from baron rank like me, Esmelda Rothchild. I also introduce myself to them and keep chattering with them before we reach the point I asked them about this building's residents. Esmelda says, "All the teachers on this floor and the second floor belong to the Optional subject teacher. We are not as many as the regular teachers. And by the way, we come from above to the first floor only to greet. Though there's still other floors above it-" "It's because t
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Chapter 9 : Stats
'but he said the teacher was from an optional class.'Devon turned to his classmate."Hey, how do you know he's from an optional class!?"he asked, wanting to be sure. His classmate's face started to frown."hey? I'm not hey. I'm Regen!! call me Regen."Regen said, not liking Devon calling him that. Devon's eyes widened slightly at Regen's scolding. But at the same time, he seems to have heard that name.'Regen..?'After thinking for a moment, He then realized where he had heard that name.'ah- that person with the same score as me together with that girl!!'Yes, correct.Regen is one of the two other people who got the highest score like him on the list of new students. When he found out that his score was the same as two other people, he immediately saw the names of those people. And he remembered his name from the list.Regen.From his name, Devon knew that this man was a commoner unlike him and that girl. But he didn't care bout that fact at all.All he had was curious about who t
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