The Hero System

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The Hero System

By: Stevanyla OngoingSystem

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Dragons attack humans. They are the devil king's subordinates. The devils uses them to kill humans. The devils need a new place for them to live. However, humans only found out about this on their last day alive. It turned out that the dragons were divided into two groups and they had committed the sin of killing the dragons who refused to become subordinates to the devil. Alexander Sawyer was shocked when he found himself alive again, one year before all of humanity was wiped out, and he received a system that required him to become a hero. [5 days after the devil king's subordinate dragons attacked humans.] [Congratulations on being chosen as a hero to save all humanity from the devil and the devil king's subordinate dragons.]

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8 chapters
Chapter 1
“The dragons attacked Hytopia,” Ezra said.“We have to get ready to fight them!” exclaimed Rowan, chief of the dragon-hunting organization Klaudstion.The Hunters went to stand on the roofs of every home and building. They raised their swords, arrows, and spears to the skies, fearlessly and without trepidation, to greet the dragons.Almost every day this year, Hunters and Magic Hunters fought dragons, resulting in a 20% decline in the human population.All Hunters and Magic Hunters all over the world were determined to eliminate dragons. Still, the number of dragons continues to rise, as if the animals with gigantic wings were ridiculing them.“Prepare to attack them!” Rowan instructed the Hunters to focus on the dragons that were getting closer to Klaudstion's territory.A dragon flew in the front, leading the other dragons, throwing fire from his mouth toward the iron gate as a warning and hint that they would burn whatever they came along. The five Magic Hunters quickly extinguishe
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Chapter 2
Alexander was perplexed. He was sure he was dead. Now, he should be in heaven or be the brightest star in the sky.He ignored the unfamiliar voice.“Was it all just a dream?” Alexander hugged his body. “A horrifying nightmare.”Alexander sat at the edge of the bed. His brows knitted together, indicating that he was thinking deeply. He remembered his dream vividly and could still feel the tension and terror surrounding him.“How could I have dreamed that the dragons attacking us were subordinates of the devils? Then the devil king appeared to reveal the truth and kill us?” Alexander felt that his dream was genuine.The fragrance of cooking diverted his attention, and his tummy growled, signaling that he was hungry.Alexander smiled at his mother, who came out of the kitchen.Alex, you have to eat a lot," Lilian said as she forced her son to sit down. She nimbly placed the rice and all the side dishes on the plate. "This is your first time joining your dad on a dragon hunt."Alexander f
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Chapter 3
"Attack!" Rowan gave the order.The ten Hunters immediately attacked the red dragon.“Why are you worried about me? You should be worried about your father!” Francis hissed."But you will die!" Alexander growled. “Trust me if you don't want to die!”Alexander never forgot the forest in front of him because he had many memories of that forest. At that time, it was his first time hunting dragons, and he lost his best friend.Many dragons inhabit the forest. There were no Hunters or Magic Hunters who could enter the forest and find the cave because most of them died after only killing two or three dragons.Rowan, the chief of the dragon hunting organization Klaudstion, was curious about the forest and allowed all Hunters and Magic Hunters from everywhere to join him. He even invited his son, who had never hunted a dragon because he had just graduated from the Hunter Academy two weeks ago.Alexander was tense watching his father and nine Hunters struggle to kill the red dragon, but he was
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Chapter 4
Dragons have a sharp sense of hearing. They know someone or many people were walking or running towards them. They open their eyes and rise from a lying position when they feel threatened.Almost all Hunters, including Francis, hurried towards the black dragon. The black dragon's body was double the size of the red dragon laying on the road to the forest, which they had killed thanks to Alexander's shot.They didn't just want the black dragon's heart, eyes, and skin.They also really wanted the magic crystal, which the black dragon made a bed for.That's why they had to kill the dragon.Francis was so happy that his sharp sword had injured the black dragon's front leg and caused the dragon to lose its balance.Dragons' skin is as hard as iron. The hunters' swords, spears, and arrows needed to be coated with fire magic crystal to penetrate dragon skin.20 Hunters attacked the dragon with swords, spears, and arrows from various sides.The black dragon used its wings, tail, and front leg
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Chapter 5
“Alex!” Rowan yelled and prepared to sprint towards his son, but a Magic Hunter with healing magic stopped him because his leg bones were broken.In Alexander's mind, warning signals sounded. He carried Francis quickly. Then he raced as quickly and lightly as if the air was propelling him.Everyone was stunned when Alexander lowered Francis from his arms to the ground next to Rowan.A second ago, they froze and worried that Alexander and Francis would be roasted, and unexpectedly, the two people they were worried about were already with them. Alexander only needed one second to run.Alexander didn't realize that people were looking at him with questions in their heads, especially Francis; he swears they were flying.The black dragon realized too late that its two targets were no longer there. The fire from his mouth only burned the shady tree. He went into a rage because, again and again, he failed to kill his opponent.Ten Hunters standing behind the dragon jointly attacked the drago
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Chapter 6
They had arrived in Klaudstion. No one spoke until they reached the dragon hunting organization's office.They mourned the deaths of Hunters and Magic Hunters.40 Hunters entered the forest, never expecting that only 23 Hunters would return to Klaudstion alive.The 12 Hunters trapped in the circle of fire suffered burns that were not too serious, and their wounds had been healed by Magic Hunters, who had healing magic.They were used to losing a large number of party members, but seeing 17 people burn to death at the same time shocked them.The dragons in the forest weren't to be overlooked. They were unlike the dragons in other forests, which 20 Hunters could kill. To this day, no one has been able to kill the dragons in that forest.The 23 Hunters were grateful to be alive despite having to leave their companions who had burned to death.The Hunters who joined to find treasures and magic crystals could only take deep breaths. It was a pity they could not take the black dragon's magi
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Chapter 7
Five judges announced the results for the 25 contestants. Alexander received a perfect score. When dozens of dragons attacked Klaudstion, he was responsible for shooting the dragons with giant arrows at the 30-meter-tall, 50-year-old tower.The participants who had underestimated him secretly acknowledged Alexander's archery abilities. They felt ashamed and had no desire to apologize to Alexander.Alexander gazed at the 24 participants as they left the Dragon Hunter organization building's backyard. He smiled crookedly; all he needed to do was demonstrate his skill, and they would hush their mouths, as he had done in his previous life.“I told you before you would definitely win!” Francis put his arm around Alexander's shoulder. He was so proud of his friend's archery skills.“Wow. I was amazed.” Luca clapped his hands, and the admiration in his eyes was directed at Alexander. "Even though we believe in you, Francis and I are worried that your arrow will miss the target because bad lu
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Chapter 8
“Hunters and Magic Hunters have been fighting with the dragons,” said Luca. He stood close to Alexander, and dread made him want to climb down from the tower.Alexander was once scared to see dozens of dragons from the top of a 30-meter-high tower, just as Luca is now because they appeared to be able to reach them.Alexander also felt pressured because he was tasked with killing or harming the dragons with giant arrows.But Alexander no longer has those terrible feelings. It was all because of his previous life experiences. Furthermore, that unknown voice gave him a mysterious strength worth more than a million points.It was the second time the dragons had attacked humans. Everyone, including Hunters and Magic Hunters, wasn't used to being attacked by dragons because, so far, they were the ones who attacked dragons.Only Alexander was familiar with the dragons.“The dragons didn't scatter,” Alexander complained. “They focused on countering the attacks of the Magic Hunters and Hunters
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