Demon's blood

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Demon's blood

By: rain OngoingFantasy

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"Mother," I opened my eyes. Everything around me is a haze. I gazed at the candlelight. It was wobbling from side to side. I noticed a woman seated near me, but everything was fuzzy. I heard a voice unexpectedly. It was a woman's voice, echoing in my ear. She was singing a low-toned lullaby. "Mother, is it you?" I heard my name, "Maxilin, I am here." "Mother," I said with a tremble in my voice. I have no idea what's wrong with me. I reached out cautiously to touch her, but she was out of my reach. "Where are you, mother?" "Oh, my beloved, try to hold me, come here, " "Mother," Maxilin tried to stand up, but he was too weak. Maxi narrowed his eyes in an effort to see her face clearly, but he couldn't because everything was fuzzy. A woman in a white outfit moved in front of his sight. Maxi took a few steps forward while still gripping the chair. "Mother, don't leave," he murmured, dizzily. As he said, he saw in his fuzzy vision that someone had opened the door. "Mother, please don't leave me," Maxilin pleaded. He let go of the chair's hold and dashed behind her. "Mother, don't leave me. Wait." In his frail state, he shouted and followed her. "Huf". In the middle of his path, he stopped. "Mother, you've left me here alone," "Maxi," he heard the voice unexpectedly. Maxi glanced up and looked around. It's all clear now, but he's stuck in the midst of the woods. He gazed up at the sky. A giant moon was staring at him, and a horde of deadly, voracious creatures were roaring around him. "Son," someone touched his shoulder, he looked back, saw a terrifying creature standing in front of him. "Hello, dear."


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"Mother," I said as I opened my eyes. My throat was so dry that I couldn't even speak. Everything around me is a haze. I gazed at the candlelight. It was wobbling from side to side. I noticed a woman seated near me, but everything was fuzzy.I heard a voice unexpectedly. It was a woman's voice. Her voice was echoing in my ear.That woman was singing a low-toned lullaby.Read more
Episode 1
'Slice a piece!'"We will dominate this world, you feeble human," whimpered a monster.Another hand fell apart on the ground as a result of the slice'. "Ahh," wailed the creature in agony. He collapsed to the ground and began crawling. He was muttering, "You're a flimsy, greedy piece of trash. You'll never be able to defeat us. ""Really? Then let's see who wins this time. "As he stated, he slashed the monster's face into pieces with his powerful sword.Evan yelled his name and dashed towards him."Maxilin."A 23-year-old guy, 6'2" tall, pulled out his sword. His eyes were the color of the sea, his nose and lips were drawn sharply, and his hair was styled smooth back.Evan approached him and saw his face, which was stained with monster blood. Maxilin wiped the blood from his hands and responded, "I'm OK." But this jerk wasted my time ".."I can see it here," Evan stated.Evan fixed his gaze on the beast. Maxilin ripped h
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Episode 2
Yean and Benneth tried but failed to move Maxilin. They didn't even bother to move him. Yean and Beneth let go of their grasp on him and looked down. "You're still figuring things out. However, Maxilin is not your cup of tea, "said Wyiner."Go help Evan," he urged, and he picked up Maxilin in a flash. When they saw him, Beneth and Yean's eyes widened. "How is it possible, brother Yean?" Beneth mumbled as he stared at Yean. Yean looked at him and nodded, meaning "no." They both let out a sigh. and walked near Evan.Wyiner entered the carriage with mexilin. He stared him in the eyes as he placed his head on his lap.Wyiner's Aside.You have to help yourself first, Mexilin. Or you will never be able to find the truth or your answer unless
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Episode 3
I heard someone calling my name, "Maxilin, Maxilin." "Who? Who is this? " I asked aloud.I had a look around. I was standing on the shore line. I gazed up at the sky. The colors of the sky became crimson, and lightning struck many times. I said, "Who is this?" I was startled to hear a horse neighing. I turned around and attempted to see it through the fog. However, I was unable to find anything."Max," I heard my name again, but this time I sensed someone approaching me from behind. When I turned back, all I saw was dust flying. I was ready to grasp my sword when I realized it wasn't with me."My sword," I muttered as I straightened my back.After that, I noticed something about 7 or 9 feet long.I could sense the rage in that creature's gaze as I looked into his eyes. In
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Episode 4
"When its owner is in danger, it can help him," Xavier said."Really, father? Will it also help me? "Maxilin asked. "Of course," Xavier responded, "it helps you, my son.""But how did you figure it out? This sword belongs to my great-grandfather. So, how can it help me? I am not his true owner, "Maxilin asked."Because this jewel has never shined since your great-grandfather died, yet this sword gleamed on the day you were born," Xavier said."Does that mean it's a magical sword, father?" Maxilin asked. He said, "Obviously it is." "But father," Maxilin said, touching the sword and trying to grasp it in his own hands. The sword, however, was far too hefty. "However, it is really heavy, father. I'm not sure how I'm going to play with it because my height is just half of it
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Episode 5
"But, brother, what if he wakes up?" Wyiner asked."Don't be worried if he wakes up unexpectedly. Our Maxilin is a smart boy. He will not open the door for outsiders, "Xavier said.Wyiner's aside.I didn't say anything when my brother remarked, "It'll be OK." But I'm not sure why my heart isn't ready to leave this little boy today. I turned back to glance up at the upstairs before leaving the home.After a while, Xavier and Wyiner emerged and went to their team members. They made their way to the village carefully.It's around midnight, and Maxilin is comfortably sleeping in his bed. However, he abruptly opened his eyes after hearing a sound. He sat on his bed, observing his surroundings. He murmured, "father." He didn't get
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Episode 6
Maxilin walked downstairs and headed to the kitchen to look for insects. He killed two cockroaches and found a lizard.He wrapped them up in a piece of paper and returned to his room. He sat close to the hawk. As soon as the hawk noticed Maxilin, he approached him. It began to chirp. Maxilin smiled as he saw the hawk in this position. He held the lizard in front of his mouth and that hawk just grabbed the lizard and started gulping. Maxilin was far too excited to find a bird right now. That hawk perched on the edge of Maxilin's bed and began to relax after eating. Maxilin smiled and caressed his back. Maxilin said, "Will you stay with me, Hawki?" That hawk began chirping after hearing Maxilin. "Is that yes?" Maxilin said, his eyes gleaming."Then I'll call you Hawki from now on. I'll tell my father to build you a house, "Maxilin remarked.Read more
Episode 7
When I opened my eyes the next morning, I was in my room. My father, uncle, Evan, and Leko uncle were all present. They were all staring at me. They had an anxious and fearful expression on their faces.When I glanced at my father, I noticed tears in his eyes. I didn't understand why he was crying at the moment. I felt an ache in my heart when I tried to get up to wipe his tears.When I looked down at my chest, I noticed some weird markings. That's all I recall. I only know that after that incident, I got this mark on my chest and it wasn't my mother. That was the devil. But I still feel my mother was there.While touching this mark, Maxilin looked in the mirror. As I stroked it, I said, "I truly want to look inside of it."After that, I sighed and put on my clothing. It
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Episode 8
Maxilin returned to his room after talking with Wyiner. He spotted Evan waiting for him as he opened the door."Evan, you haven't slept yet?" Maxilin asked. "I had been awaiting you," Evan said. "What's the matter?" Maxilin asked.Evan appeared to be quite serious. "What is it?" I wondered as I sat on my bed. "Maxilin," Evan said, "I think you should return to your father."Maxilin narrowed his eyebrows and said, "Evan, what are you saying?" "I'm telling you what you should do," Evan said. "Evan, why are you saying this?" Maxilin asked. I can't see you in this state. You are putting your lives in danger. Now put a stop to this, "Evan said. "Stop it, Evan. I'm not going anywhere. It is my decision to be here,"stated Maxilin.Evan said, "I can't see you like this, dude." H
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Episode 9
Next day.Evan said loudly, "Uncle Wyiner, uncle Wyiner," as he banged on Wyiner's door. Benneth came out of his room when he heard his voice. "What's the matter, brother Evan?" Benneth asked."Did you see Maxilin in the morning, Bennet?" Evan asked. "No, I didn't see him. I didn't see him in the barracks either, "Benneth said. Evan narrowed his eyes and began calling for Wyiner once more."Uncle," Evan shouted. Wyiner unexpectedly opened the door, but Evan and Benneth saw a letter in his hand as he opened the door.Wyiner had a glum expression on his face. He was reading the letter very seriously.Last night.Maxilin returned to the fort and went straight to his room. He walked t
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