The Hero Against The World

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The Hero Against The World

By: The Feather If Twilight OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Transmigrated unknowingly, I found myself to be blessed by the goddess of luck, But Too bad. The luck didn’t last long... Shackled to the duties of a hero that is destined to be die in battle and.. Who gets his everything stolen by the ‘protagonist’ of the story… Is this my punishment, for asking the author to.. “ Please pity the Heroes!” As my blood boiled in anger, I decided. No matter the plot, no matter the reason If I live to see the next day, I will give the author such a gruesome death, even The Lord of Hell will shrivel up in fright. But first, I have to kill the Protagonist…

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My Doom
Chirp-! Chirp-! My gaze was inadvertently swept across the window. A beautiful valley in the background, full of greenery, a small forest in the distance, a half view church cross, possibly a church located in the, (I don't know, maybe) middle of the city that became the focus of my attention. Houses built in mediveal style lay around as people of different origin and ages interacted happily. The centre plaza featuring a huge fountain was buzzing over the gathering of couples, happy families and... adventurers. Their genuine smiles touched my heart, yet I couldn't squeeze out a smile on my face... "Haa~" Instead a sigh came out much more naturally... Fwip! Turning around, the scenery changed. What greeted me wasn't the happy cheers of the public... but a gloomy office. The turmoil that had been suppressed while watching the jostling city, naturally came back with a deeper frown. The heart fluttered with animosity and a looming sense of.. Dread! "Haaa~" I sighed again. Tur
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The Hero and His misery..
" Blakeee! " when I turned back, an unknown face greeted me. ", Do I know you ?" I cocked my head. I had an inkling that I knew her, but I couldn't remember her nam- Oh! Shera! I remember her name! Shera Nox Darkstar. With long purple hair and large purple eyes, she had a petite figure with a perky bossom that was greatly accentuated by the dark purple dress that draped around her body. You can't mistake her light purple hair and similarly purple eyes. It was a trait of the Darkstar Royal Family, that had summoned me as the Hero Of Darkness. In the Story of the ( The Dragon Monarch saves the day ) She is one of the few heroines that marries the protagonist before he departs for the final war. Uggh! whenever I think of the name, my mouth turns bitter. Seeing my reaction, her face turns dark in silence.. "...Shera, I was kidding.. hehe" I uttered in an awkward yet flustered tone. When she took up her face, to meet my eyes, my body inadvertantly shuddered. Her large pu
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Fleeting thoughts and Resolution..
Swish-! Swish-!In the personal training ground behind the building I lived, I swung my katana to the movements that I saw back in morning.The body knew how to move, and it could be done instinctively for the most part."Haaa,Haaa"I stopped in my tracks and breath out my exhaustion. It has been an hour since I started swinging my sword.If I thought back from the concept of my old world, it was a great feat to hold on for 1 hour continuously, but.." Terrible..."Thats all, I could mutter.I wasn't being 'Haughty'. Neither was I being impatient... maybe a little bit?" Haaa.. "I breathed a sigh, and sat down in a lotus position like those martial arts novels. Remembering the sensation I felt back in the early morning, I channeled the energy that sprouted from my navel all around my body.I kept channeling my Ki as I gathered natural Ki from the atmosphere. The process went so naturally it felt almost abnormal. As the Ki form the nature was getting absorbed by me, my face scrunched
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First Step..
The Sun was threatening to hide behind the mountain valley... So I let it go. It was dark now. Probably around 7pm. I sat in my room overthinking my future plans, and managed to wash away some my worries from the day. Thump!Thump! From across the door I felt the Princess approaching. Now that I thought about it, it was a bit weird that I could sense a presence like in those Fantasy novels. Hmm. It felt like a shadow clad in a glints of purple approaching the void like door before my room. After her were her guards. Probably.. I can't explain exactly how I felt but it was cringe asf! Anyways.. Did she have something important to say? After all it was dark and it was rare for a Princess visit outside the visiting hours.. Hmm.. Was she probably feeling guilty? Knuu! Thud! I wasn't given the leisure to think, and the door opened with a thud. " You are in the Presence of Princess Shera Nox Darkstar! " The guard who opened the door with a bang, Announced and positioned himself t
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Nox Forest
The Next Day, I set out on my journey to the Nox forest. I was ceremoniously escorted to the City walls. The walls were your characteristic giant Black Walls, that symbolized the Nation that worshipped or protected by the Hero of Darkness. The Flags had the symbol of a Katana That cut down the sun rising between the Valley of the Nox Mountains. Nox was the name of the Forest, thereby the mountains were named so. I know, a simple story without much making sense. After all the main focus of the story was the growth of the Dragon monarch and how he humiliated the 6 Heroes... no 5 Heroes. After all one of the female heroes joined his Harem in the late story. I swear I hate harem, and when I kill the 2nd Demon Monarch, I will make sure to implement an Anti-Harem Law around the world. I shook my head to put down these stray thoughts. After all the next few days will decide my fate. There are several factors that I didn't take into notice. And there are ones that I can't take notice o
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The Transcendental Realm and Dragon egg..
YoIts Blake h,hereeee-!Just wait a second!Swing!Roar-! Slash! Slash!'Tch! Persistent bastard!'Right now I was facing a black Lion. Its mane was snow white in color, and a few white stripes ran across its body, that made it look like a Lion and a tiger Hybrid.Its was called a Twilight cat. I don't know from which angle it looked like a cat.If something, it looked more Ghastly.Did I say that out loud? Because he started grinning madly, yuck those disgusting teeth, God knows whose poop he ate with them.well enough self talk.Swish!It approached me with his right paw.Swoosh!Thump!I managed to evade his attack narrowly and jumped back landing smoothly.Fuuu!It turned back trying to throw me away with his long tail.Aaaaa!I roared and parried the hit with my katana. After five days of constant grinding and practice I could enhance my katana with Ki. Although faint a dull black haze shrouded the blade. Meanwhile , I readied my toes to jump back from the impact.Thab-!The swo
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Sighting the Nest!
Black Dragonets. As I mentioned back, I would have to pay a visit to their home. " I,if we are noticed, we will all die " A paladin spoke in a hushed, almost inaudible voice. Heyyya! I am back again! Yours one and only Blake, The 'future' Heavenly Demon God. So straighten up your hunched backs, Pull out your left hand from your underpants, and lets Start today's journey. Raaaaaaawr! Nevermind! lets wait for a bit and meanwhile I will fill you on our situation. After the last day in forest, we have been searching for traces of The Black Dragonets. And. And after grueling for 4 more days, we finally spotted their nest yesterday. A rocky cave behind a cliff. The ground covered in moss and leaves, acting as a cushion for the Dragon eggs. The eggs were large, probably 5 times the size of ostrich eggs. Just imagine how painful it was for the mother dragonet who pushed it out. We were laying low behind a few rocks just by the Nest. Tbh, I would love to jump out, run to the nes
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Yo! Its your boy Blake here and welcome to this show. After grinding for three days, in which we ran into a nest of Twilight cats, and a few more black wolves which range close up to a few hundred monsters, we managed to stay well on our feet and move on- " I WANT TO GO HOME!!!! " -Okay, not everyone has been able to move on since then. We were walking along a hill road, it was quite steep and if the road broke it would really spell our doom. It was so dangerous, even I would run back into my mother's womb, normally. But who transmigrates normally and finds themselves living as a dead character. Much to my misery, I only have 2 years before I die. So, I can't stay still. " Joshua, stay clam and keep focused on your track! " Hamil barked his P.E mode. Seriously, just let the boy nagg, his life is in stake here. Actually how are you so cool when we are about to piss our pants? AHahahahah-! Someone laughed out loud, probably extremely pushed to the edge of mental strain. I re
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