The Goddess of Creation and Destruction

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The Goddess of Creation and Destruction

By: Jennyoniichan OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Gaia Moraitis, a human with an ability, despises having one. To her, possessing an ability entails significant responsibilities and plays a crucial role in the deteriorating hierarchy of the world. But what if she carries an even greater responsibility? Something more complex and immensely challenging. Will she be able to endure it?

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INFRONT of a golden tree was the five powerful beings, all surrounding it, holding hands with closed eyes, chanting magical words in unison.And there was another figure in the midst, holding something that would give life to the new God."With the power you have bestowed,The golden tree shall bear fruit,A new God against him shall rise,But in creating, a price to pay,She shall not love anyone,She must fulfill the ordained,Under my guidance and power,She shall be born."The powerful man in the center uttered these words while throwing something into the golden tree.And from that day forth, the new God was born. The God who would change everything.
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1: Loufnorths Academy
ANOTHER normal morning in the extraordinary Academy. Students entering, students chatting in the hallway, students arguing, and students who were not ordinary. Loufnorths Academy had the most powerful students, exclusively for those with abilities.The population of Theós country was divided between those who lived here— the ordinary and the extraordinary. It was the same worldwide.They believed their abilities were a gift from the gods, but not everyone received it. A child could have abilities even if their parents were ordinary. Gaia was one of the unlucky ones not granted an ability, and she liked it that way— or so she intended.But here she was, entering the academy where she didn't belong. The academy for those with abilities.She clutched her book, ignoring the stares thrown her way. However, her plan to avoid trouble was shattered when she overheard a group of girls planning to confront her.Gaia's plan to avoid trouble failed. In a matter of moments, she felt pain in her ba
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2: The Ordinary
"SO you're really a trash ordinary thing, huh?" The girl suddenly spoke to Gaia as she accompanied her towards the dorm room at the academy. They were the only ones in the hallway at that time since it was still class hours."Ah, yes..." The girl with ash-colored hair stopped walking and turned to look at Gaia, who was following her. She tossed a key that Gaia caught. They were now in front of Gaia's room."This will be your room, the two of you will share it. Good luck if you can survive this year at the Academy," she said emotionlessly to Gaia before leaving her alone. Gaia stood in front of a white door that matched the color of the walls. After a moment, she decided to enter.The room she entered was not too spacious. She noticed two doors, indicating her room and her roommate's room. Gaia closed the door and then focused on the interior. There was a two-seater sofa and a mini glass table in the middle. There was also a TV, which pleased Gaia somewhat.Gaia headed towards the sofa
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3: A God Tier
GAIA woke up early in the morning, it’s just 5:30 AM and her class will start at exactly 7. She deliberately woke up early to have time to organize her things.While arranging her stuff, she looked for the necklace she needed to wear. She straightened out her clothes before rummaging through her suitcase. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the oblong black box that contained the necklace. She opened it and put on the necklace—a simple black circular pendant. It wasn't for decoration; it served a different purpose. Now she felt more at ease to step out. After sorting her belongings, Gaia decided it was time for a shower.In just a few minutes, Gaia finished showering and got dressed before leaving the room. She saw Zeira in the living room watching the news on TV. She approached her, but Zeira didn't notice her as her attention was fixed on the TV."Another person with an ability has been killed by the vigilante group called HUNTER. The group is known for leaving a note or any
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4: The System
IN FRONT of Gaia stood a God Tier. His eyes glowed a golden hue as he stared at her. She felt her knees shake due to the intensity of his gaze."And who are you to command me?" The newcomer spoke calmly but with a firm question. Gaia's tongue faltered, but she was determined to defend him. Zeira saved her earlier, so Gaia felt it was her turn to protect her."Let go of Zeira... She did nothing wrong," Gaia's voice, though shaky, carried courage. The man's face darkened because of Gaia's resistance. However, he slowly lowered Zeira, who almost lost her balance if not for Gaia's support."Are you okay, Zeira?" Gaia asked when she noticed Zeira weakening. Zeira nodded, then shot an accusing look at the man named Zhyke, who still stared sharply at Gaia."Z-Zhyke, please don't involve Gaia. I know you will punish me, but she's not part of the trouble." Gaia frowned at what she heard."But, Zeira? You didn't do anyth—" Zeira looked at Gaia, silencing her."Gaia, please... You won't be able
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5: Vines Attack
GAIA is currently walking with Zeira towards the classroom. Gaia is grateful to have someone to walk with in the Academy."By the way, Gaia, which class are you in?" Zeira asks her."Ah, I'm in XII Class A," Gaia replies, and Zeira taps her shoulder, chuckling."Of course, surely you'll be in Class A. Thinking that your intelligence is beyond normal, like you said. That's great, Gaia; we'll be classmates then," joy is evident in Zeira's voice. Gaia laughs in response to Zeira's reaction. She is happy because of someone, after going through months of hardship. 'Should I give her a try?' Gaia thought."What are you thinking?" Zeira asks Gaia, noticing her deep in thought. Gaia shrugs and smiles at her. "I'm just happy that you chose me as your friend, even though I'm just an ordinary student. I was supposed to follow your orders because I'm just a pawn," Gaia genuinely tells her. Zeira just pouts at her then playfully hits Gaia's arm."I know that you're a genuine person, Gaia. Student
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6: New Start?
EVERYONE turns their attention to Fier as he speaks, still seated and staring straight at the whiteboard.Whispers fill the room as Fier's unusual interference prompts a reaction from their classmates. Gaia and Zeira remain standing amidst the commotion, hearing their classmates push and shove each other, trying to figure out who was responsible."Mister Kraig, I'll take care of it. Now you two, take your seats," Gaia walks weakly, guided by Zeira."Such a waste of time," Zhyke hisses, audible enough for Gaia to hear. He glares at her as if she's the most insignificant thing in the world. Gaia clenches her fists as she takes her seat, trying to ignore the pain."Gaia, should I take you to the infirmary?" Zeira whispers to Gaia before she sits. Caiz also glances at Gaia, seemingly agreeing with Zeira's suggestion."N-no, Zeira, I'm okay. Besides, the class is about to start," Gaia forces a weak smile. She doesn't want to burden anyone. Zeira sighs and nods."Gaia, always stick close to
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7: Expressions
"HOLD on, Fier!" Gaia shouts with a smile, catching up with him. They proceed to walk together towards the cafeteria, and Gaia can feel the eyes of every student they pass. As she approaches Zeira, who waves at her, Gaia becomes aware of the whispers surrounding her."Oh, here comes the parasite," someone mutters, audible enough for Gaia to catch. "I know, right? She's just trash. If she doesn't stick to Zeira, I'll teach that trash a lesson."Ignoring the comments, Gaia tries to avoid conflict. She doesn't want trouble to start because of her. Upon reaching Zeira, she takes the seat beside Fier. "What took you so long, Gaia? Did someone bother you?" Zeira immediately inquires."No, I just forgot something in the classroom. Why haven't you ordered yet?" Gaia shifts the conversation."We waited for you. Come on—hey! Let me go!" Zeira protests as Caiz pulls her to the front of the line to place their orders. Gaia follows them. Zeira is ahead, and someone is in front of Gaia. The girl in
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8: The Interview
CURRENTLY, Gaia and Zeira are watching TV in their room's living area. It's six pm, and they've just finished dinner."There's another target of the HUNTER group with abilities. Authorities still can't determine the reason behind this group's targeting of people with abilities," Gaia remarks, glancing at Zeira as the unidentified group hits the news again. Zeira's eyes reflect anger and resentment towards them."I'll make sure whoever is behind that group pays," Zeira asserts, still focused on the TV, which is now showing commercials. Gaia places her hand on Zeira's shoulder, hoping to alleviate her friend's feelings of sadness and anger."I understand, Zeira. But please, don't rush into decisions," Gaia advises. Zeira takes a deep breath, looking at Gaia."Thank you, Gaia, for being here. I might go crazy if I didn't have someone to talk to about this," Zeira sincerely expresses her gratitude.It's been a month since Gaia joined the Academy. Within that time, she has grown close to Z
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9: Vine Control Ability
ZHYKE still pulls Gaia until they exit the coffee shop. "What happened there, Zhyke? Who are they?" Gaia asked. "They're nothing, and don't you dare overthink what I did. Miss Sage, leave you to me, so you're my responsibility," Zhyke replied sharply to Gaia. "I know that, jerk. Protecting me is the last thing you'll do," Gaia retorted. Zhyke got annoyed with Gaia's response, expecting gratitude. "Fvcking talk to me properly, Gaia," Zhyke demanded. As they headed back to the Academy, Zhyke still didn't let go of Gaia. So, Gaia quickly withdrew her hand as they entered the gate.As they entered, Gaia heard shouting near the gate, and she recognized it was Zeira. She immediately ran and she found Zeira struggling against those holding her."Let me go! What the hell! Let me kill that asshole!" Two guys held Zeira's hands, and Miss Sage stood in front of her. Gaia raised an eyebrow, seeing the slight bruise on Zeira's cheek. Despite Zeira's continued struggle, Gaia approached. "Let me go!
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