Doomsday Supreme: I Have An SSS Grade Talent

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Doomsday Supreme: I Have An SSS Grade Talent

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Doomsday finally befalls the earth, and a global announcement resounds throughout the earth, declaring that all humans from age 13 to 65 should participate in a Universal Survival Game to save the earth from being erased entirely. If all humans fail, the earth will be turned into another hunting ground with all living beings on earth degenerating into prey, like any other world and their inhabitants that failed before them. In a university dormitory, a 19-year-old boy, Jason Shemrite, also hears the announcement that rings directly in his ears. And before he can express his astonishment and discuss it with his roommates, he is dragged into a new space in a blink of an eye. When he re-opens his eyes, he finds himself in a small, simple and nearly empty room with only a door inserted into a wall. To the MC's relief, he finds a metal axe in the corner of the room. Yet that is not all. Everyone awakens a Talent to help them survive the coming Doomsday, and Jason was one of the lucky few to obtain a high grade Talent. [ TING!! ] [ Congratulations to Player ****** for having awakened an SSS grade Talent - Infinite Extraction ] "What? SSS grade?" Join Jason as he explores the coming Doomsday with his SSS grade Talent, and watch how he uses it to the best of his abilities. To lengths no human mind, nor paranormal could imagine. Watch as he sets on a journey where he either becomes Supreme over Doomsday, or proves whether Doomsday is truly Supreme over All.


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Doomsday Experience
[ TING!!! ] [ Greetings to all living beings of this planet. I am the Doomsday Administrator, and I welcome you all to Doomsday Ruins ] "What..." Jason could not help but wake up to such strange, and nonsensical information within his head. It was unbelievable to begin with, yet that was not all that woke him up. [ The Rules are simple ] [ 1. There are no rules within the Simulation either than those declared by the Administrators ] [ 2. Your only purpose is to survive and strive for humanity. Band together, fight against the corruption, and raise the banner of Humanity. Everything else is second-hand matters ] [ 3. Only those aged between 13 and 65 are eligible to participate within the Simulation. Those not qualified are free to do as they please ] [ The Simulation will began in just a moment ] [ Note: See yourself as a desperate prey seeking for survival, yet also a celebrity, seeking for fans. Do everything not yourself, but for the greater good of humanity ] [ Note: You
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The Game Ensures
[ Infinite Extraction (SSS) - The very essence, embodiment and conception of extraction. The user can extract anything from anything, regardless of what it is, or what rank it is. The only drawback being the rank of the user themselves, but in essence, this talent can even extract Infinity itself once unleashed to the peak of its effects... ] [ Note: Candidate should explore the functions of the talent themselves ] Jason could not believe what he was reading. This was just, unbelievable. At some point he even subconsciously held his breathe, and commented, "Amazing." There was nothing more he could say. He could only think. Think about what the short definition truly meant. What extracting Infinity signified. What heights he could achieve. But as he was having such thoughts, some real, and some delusional, more notifications from the [Game Announcements] abruptly chimed within his head. And taking a look, he realized that it was actually information about the talents the others
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Infinite Extraction Talent
Fear.An unpleasant emotion caused by being aware of danger, A feeling of being afraid if you may.Or rather.A feeling of respect and wonder for something very powerful, unknown and beyond comprehension.Ultimately, it was an emotional state uncomfortable for the human mind to bear. And it was something everyone present, among all the remaining 2 995 players felt.None of them could believe what was going on. Despite the proof before their eyes.Some even wondered about whether the concept of survival even existed within this game that they found themselves in.Unfortunately for them, the game itself was no emotional spectrum, and continued with its business as usual.[ Ting!! ][ NOTE: The Safe Zone is a temporarily safe area. Repeat. The Safe Zone is a temporarily safe area... Anyone within the safe zone is given absolute protection for a given amount of time ][ NOTE: Yet it goes against the main theme of the Opening Survival Ceremony. Hence carefully bear in mind that, staying wi
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Jason's First Kill
Time went by, and the players went deeper into the wild. And the challenge likewise became more intense.The groups and parties pushed forward and went on a killing streak. Killing Zombie Cats, Zombie Dogs, and other zombified wild creatures.In some cases, just ordinary beasts that did not seem one bit ordinary at all.Tigers that had powerful strength, birds that flashed with terrifying speeds, and even rats the size of dogs and cats.All that one could think of within a nightmare were here, and the more they pushed on, the more things became more and more terrifying.Meanwhile, Damien himself did not seem to mind that problem. He was protected by the three groups before him, and only did the work of an inspector.Or so, was what everyone thought.They would see him touch a corpse from time to time, not sparing a single one, as if studying it vehemently. His behavior was strange, and people began conversing about it."What is that guy doing?""Beats me. Maybe he has an inspecting-ty
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Caught Off Guard
Jason stood at the same location for a few more seconds before he rushed off like a storm. Since there was nothing more for him to gain here right now, he moved. His direction not being further away, but actually closer towards the battlefield. He starting to have a small belief right now; it never hurts anybody to have more Talents on hand. He thought. And he believed. And as for the situation within the sight, it was getting chaotic, and very out of hand. Those clear headed tried their best to be commanders and bring order. "You  you, and you!! Get your asses over there an help those guys there!!" A man in a military gear roared out towards a few people behind him, trembling in fear. With their current emotional state, the trio could only do as they were told. And the other reason was because the man himself had a command-type Talent. He was not the commander of thus group, but his words now meant more than those of the c
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Moving Forward
"I would say, yes. To myself, my life matters more. But then again, I do not understand how those that died relates to me. I did not kill them, nor did I result in them dying." Jason responded, and the man seemed to be angered even more. But Jason ignored that, "All I did was collect information from the corpses of the things that you killed, and also to check a few after effects of being killed by them on the humans." "I would have done that anyway, whether you were here or not." He said. "So I will say it again. If you want to kill me to avenge the people that died, then simply do it." "You have the power to do so, so you don't have to give yourself a reason. I know for once that I did nothing wrong." Jason concluded with that, and the man stood behind him in silence. Both men kept their silence, yet the gun never moved away from Jason's nape. The situation remained the same until the Level C Talented player, whom was also the leader, appear
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Showing Off Might
[ Player: Jason Shemrite ] [ Serial Number: 336663996 ] [ Rank: 0 (110/300) ] [ STR: 11 ] [ AGI: 12 ] [ VIT: 11 ] [ ERG: 32 ] [ INT: 30 ] [ Talent: Infinite Extraction - SSS ] –[ Distributable Points: 6 ] –[ Extra Talents: Semi-Enhanced Speed(E), Fireball(G), Weapon Reinforce(F), Enhanced Scent(D), Bite(F), Semi-Enhanced Endurance(E), Claw Sweep(I), Mighty Roar(F), Decipher(D), Bloodlust(E), Claw Sweep(F), Poison Claw(F), Fire Blast(E), Dash(F), Strength Up(D), Twin Thoughts(D), Kingly Aura(B), Vision Enhancement(E), Fast Recovery Speed(G), Phantom Pain(H), Curse Evil Eye(F), Charm(F), Hand of Paralysis(E), Minimized Energy Consumption(I) ] [ Hunting Points: 60 ] Jason checked his template once again, and it was really looking up there. He kept his Distributable Points for the time being, and saved them for a perfect opportunity later. Because right now,
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Tier 4 Zombie Lord
Jason ignored all of these notifications, and using his whole strength, he swung his axe and easily beheaded a Zombie that had yet to react to his fast speed. 'One down!!' His perception slowed down, and he could see everything at half their speed. But his movements were not one bit slow at all. Just as he swung his axe, he later swung his spade and beheaded yet another Zombie that stood next to the first one. His STR was now above 110 points, and his AGI was at 96 points. Jason believed that this was not something that a Rank 1, or Rank 2 predator could handle!! The other Zombies finally reacted, then charged at him and roared at him in anger. "Raaaaggghhhh!!!" "Raaaaggghhhh!!!" But Jason was unphased. With Phantom like speed, he dashed towards the Zombies and beheaded one Zombie after another. With every second, a Zombie or two Zombies would fall down like reaped cabbages. He was like a god of war, kil
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Zombie Chase
"RAAGGHH!!!" A Tier 4 Zombie appeared right before the face of the woman, and she could see the insides of it's mouth. It felt like time had slowed down for her. But that was briefly, for the moment she realized that the Tier 4 Zombie was right before her face, her mind perceived everything at a normal pace. And it was about to swallow her face whole with a single bite. Until– "Fuck off!!" Bang!! The Tier 4 Zombie was tackled by a fast rushing figure, and they both fell to the sides. The figure, which was Jason, hurriedly got up and placed his hand on its face. He activated his two Talents at the same time, which he believed could directly deal great damage, if not kill this thing. [ Fireball (Level G) - Conjurs a Fireball within one's hands, that deals 50% magic damage equivalent to the user's INT ] [ Fire Blast (Level E) - Releases a burst of flames within a linear direction of the user's arm
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[ Player: Beatrice Linux ] [ Serial Number: 332853894 ] [ Rank: 0 (157/300) ] [ STR: 5 ] [ AGI: 6 ] [ VIT: 12 ] [ ERG: 7 ] [ INT: 8 ] [ Talent: Divine Protection - C ] [ Hunting Points: 73 ] [ Divine Protection (Level C) - Call upon a barrier using Divine energy, that is absolutely indestructible by anything below Tier 10. Lasts for 10 minutes. Cool down time lasts for 24 hours. (Cool down decreases per Rank up ) ] Jason read through that, and then went through everyone's Talents, finding nothing better than Beatrice's Talent. But he did see other descent Talents, from four other people. The lucky woman, the leader Joe, the vice Adolf and the young boy who hid from others. [ Name: Anabella Kiles ] [ Sonic Speed (Level D) - Can run or react at the speed of sound for a full 10 seconds (1 ERG/sec). Every Rank up, the duration doubles and the energy
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