The Charismatic Adam Reed

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The Charismatic Adam Reed

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Adam was a broken man. He was dumped, bullied, humiliated, and nearly killed. But then, the Supreme System appeared before him, granting him powers beyond his wildest dreams. In no time, Adam transformed from a victim to a victor. Stunning women vied for his love, and tycoons begged for his favor. Adam smiled and said, "Next stop, the top."

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  • Tammie Lanier


    Wow. Love it. Well written so far. The protagonist and antagonists are like wow. A good wow.

    2024-06-15 18:09:20
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Chapter 1
Adam jolted awake, his heart pounding in his chest. He glanced at the clock and cursed under his breath.'Fuck!'It was already 8 pm. He had overslept again.The 22-year-old man quickly headed to the bathroom, but he heard a faint sound of sobbing from his sister’s room. He stopped and moved closer, peeking through the slightly open door. There, he saw his mother, Sarah, sitting on the edge of the bed hugging Rachel, his sister.Sarah stroked Rachel’s hair, trying to comfort her. "I’m sorry, sweetie. I promise I’ll pay your tuition next week. Don’t listen to those mean kids. I may always be late, but I always manage to pay it, right?"Adam felt a pang of sadness. He knew how much Rachel loved school, and how much she suffered from being bullied by her friends for being poor. As for his mother, she worked as a tailor, whose income had declined due to her health condition. Adam wished he could do something to help them, but he felt powerless and useless.When Adam was about to walk away
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Chapter 2
Adam tried to avoid looking at Lily, but he couldn’t resist. She looked joyful and at ease, unlike when she was with him.Lily looked up and saw Adam, then smiled. "Hi, Adam."The man next to her frowned and looked at Adam with a hostile glare. He wrapped his arm around Lily’s waist and drew her closer to him. "Who’s this, babe?"Lily leaned into the man hugging her. "This is Adam, my boyfriend, the one I told you about earlier."The man laughed mockingly and looked at Adam from head to toe. "So you're the pathetic waiter who's been dating my girl, huh? You're nothing but a loser who can't even give Lily anything. How did you manage to fool her for so long? Did you use some cheap tricks or drugs? You should be ashamed of yourself, you worthless piece of trash."The man then turned to Lily, caressed her cheek and continued, "You deserve better, babe. You deserve someone like me. Someone who can give you everything you want and more."Lily smiled sweetly at the man before turned to Adam
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Chapter 3
Mark's face contorted in anger, and he seemed ready to explode. However, before he could spew more venom, Mr. Lee intervened."Adam, come with me to my office. Now!"With one last smirk at Mark and Lily, Adam followed Mr. Lee, limping slightly. Though his body ached and his heart hurt, he felt strangely liberated.Lily pursed her lips and snarled at Adam's retreating back. She refused to accept the sight of Adam smirking at her. "I can't believe it, Mark. You're not going to do anything about this?"As much as Mark wanted to punish Adam, he couldn't shake the feeling of being watched and potentially recorded. He smiled, but his anger palpable. "Don't worry, babe, he'll learn his place. And when he does, I'll make damn sure he never forgets it."Mark glanced toward his bodyguards and gave them a subtle nod. The two burly men exchanged knowing looks before quietly slipping away from the scene.Meanwhile, in Mr. Lee's office, the atmosphere was tense. Mr. Lee slammed his fist on the desk
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Chapter 4
Knowledge of countless martial arts techniques and medical practices began to flood Adam's mind like a raging flood in a once dry riverbed. It was as if every scrap of knowledge that no human should have was suddenly embedded in his brain.Adam jolted awake, his body aching from the brutal beating he had received. He struggled to recall what had happened, and suddenly, he remembered the voice in his mind.He shut his eyes and scanned his mind. He found a wealth of knowledge such as Nine Skies Acupuncture Method, Mystic Martial Arts Techniques, and other abilities like Celestial Restoration and Visceral Vision in his memory.Adam couldn't contain the feeling of happiness in his heart, but he was too confused, so he decided to try using a skill called Celestial Restoration. Soon, a warm stream circulated to his extremities and bones via his veins. His wounds vanished miraculously as the stream passed through them. Moreover, his fractured bones were mystically mended. All the injuries h
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Chapter 5
Adam couldn't believe what he was hearing. Supreme Being? 100 Supreme Points? Losing 2 inches in height?'What the fuck is going on?' he muttered to himself, while trying to get rid of the fear that was creeping in.The son looked at Adam in confusion. "Are you alright? You seem a bit shaken.""I'm fine," Adam forced a smile before turning to the old man. "By the way, has the pain in your leg decreased recently?"Upon hearing this, the old man's eyes widened in shock, and he stuttered, "H-how did you know about that?"Previously, Adam had examined the old man's condition using Visceral Vision, so he could give a clear explanation. "The ginseng pills are indeed good for your health, but the poison has stayed there for too long and it has merged with your bones. In short, the ginseng pills can only pull out the poison from the bones but not get rid of it, causing it to spread throughout your body. This poison will kill you sooner than your heart problems."The old man was terrified by t
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Chapter 6
Adam swallowed hard and whispered, "Supreme Page."Instantly, the screen changed to display his personal details.[User: Adam Reed][Age: 22][Strength: 8/100][Intelligence: 35/100][Endurance: 8/100][Mentality: 20/100][Charm: 50/100][Skills: Nine Skies Acupuncture Method, Mystic Martial Arts Techniques, Celestial Restoration, Visceral Vision][Supreme Point : 100][Information : More features will be unlocked after completing three missions.]Adam took a deep breath and tried to comprehend everything. This wasn't a dream, but unlike before, he felt nervous. The Supreme System was indeed amazing, too amazing, but it wasn’t a guarantee of joy. There must be a complex destiny ahead of him. But what could it be?As Adam sank deeper into his thoughts, the System's voice echoed in his head once again. [Would you like to use your Supreme Points?]Adam wavered, not sure what to choose. He didn’t know what the price of his decision would be, even if it was very tempting.However, he could
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Chapter 7
Adam's blood boiled as he watched Mark's eyes wander to Rachel's body. It made her look uncomfortable, and Adam couldn't stand one more second of it.Without hesitation, he lunged forward and smashed his fist into Mark’s face, pushing him back with such force that he collapsed to the ground. Gill saw the assault and ran at Adam, but Adam was quicker. He dodged Gill’s swing and countered with a brutal hook to his jaw, knocking him out cold."You're dead, punk," Mark stood up, holding his bleeding nose. "I'm gonna sue you and send you to jail for this. And when I do, trust me, you don’t want to know what I’ll do to your mother and your sister."Adam was so furious that his eyes turned red. "You lay a finger on them, I’ll make you wish you were never born.”Mark just smirked, unfazed by Adam's intimidation. "We'll see about that. For now, I'm gonna make sure you pay for what you did to me today."With that, Mark spun around and yelled at the workers, "Get him! I’ll pay you five thousand
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Chapter 8
Wayne nodded nervously. Pastry Paradise and the nearby stores were vital for their development plan. Without those properties, their whole project could fall apart. Not to mention, the other investors would be furious, and that could spell disaster for the Hilton family business.Some time later, Adam was on the phone outside the Latte Lounge, a café next to Pastry Paradise, when they arrived. He flashed a smug grin and ended the call as several cars stopped in front of him."You, scum!" Mark slammed the car door and stormed towards Adam, fuming. "I don't care how you did it, but those properties are crucial for us. Sell them back to us right now, or you'll regret it!"Adam laughed, unfazed. "Regret? That's cute. I got what I wanted fair and square. You should've sealed the deal faster."Mark shouted, "But we had a deal with the owners. You can't just barge in and disrupt everything!"Adam smirked. "Deals change, Mark. Welcome to the real world. If you can't handle it, maybe real esta
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Chapter 9
Wayne and Mark stood there in shock, staring at Adam. They knew he was poor, so he must have had powerful backers. But who could they be? Were they stronger than the Hunt family? These questions made Wayne and Mark feel less secure about the situation.However, Mark, who was less experienced and less wise than his father, thought a bit differently. He turned to Henry and asked, "Do the people behind Adam not know how powerful and influential the Hunt family is? They're clearly trying to mess with your family. Are you going to allow this, Mr. Henry?"Henry's expression was unreadable as he looked at Mark. "Then what do you think we should do?"Mark's heart began racing as he saw a chance to redeem himself and prove his worth to his family's business. He took a deep breath and spoke with confidence. "The person who gave Adam the money must have had malicious intent. We should take this to court, and believe me Mr. Henry, our Hilton family has the best lawyers in town."Wayne felt a lump
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Chapter 10
Wayne Hilton glanced at Adam. He couldn't help but feel confused by the situation. Why was Henry Hunt, with his status and power, giving so much importance to Adam? Was it all part of a plan to push the Hilton family out of the project? But why? The Hilton family wasn't a threat to the Hunt family in any way.As he continued to observe, Wayne began to form a theory. He had a suspicion that the West family, who were both partners and competitors to his family, had done something to provoke the Hunt family to do this.Regardless of the cause, Wayne knew that the situation had become dangerous for the Hilton family. He had no choice but to play along for now.He took a deep breath and mustered his courage. He spoke up in a clear voice. "I choose to face Adam."Henry looked surprised at Wayne’s choice. "Are you sure about this, Mr. Hilton? You know that if you choose to face Adam, his punishment may be harsher than anything the court can dish out."Wayne nodded firmly. "Yes, I'm sure."A
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