No Life Without a System

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No Life Without a System

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Kelvin Stewart is a junior high school student who dreams of becoming a wealthy businessman. However, he was born into poverty, not even owning a house because his mother sold it to pay off his dead father's debts. So he and his mother were forced to live under a bridge. At school, he was hated by many students because his parents were scavengers. Every day, he was insulted, bullied, and even beaten to a pulp by his classmates. One day, after school, the students who usually beat Kelvin every day tortured Kelvin until his body was crushed and he almost died. However, in his dying moments, Kelvin discovered a system that helped him. Without the system that helped him, his body might have been lifeless. What is the story of Kelvin Stewart's life after getting the system?


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  • Euro


    Interestingly, the plot of this novel is different from that of a typical system novel

    2023-11-09 06:17:38
  • Serpihan Salju


    Wuuiih, finally ...

    2023-09-21 20:52:55
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25 chapters
Chapter 01
Seen in a deserted alley, a teenage boy dressed in a school uniform was being tortured by three other students who were also dressed in osis like him. Of the three students, two gripped his right and left arms very firmly so that he could not escape, while the other punched him in the stomach with all his might.The teenager's name was Kelvin Stewart. He had been beaten up by these three students many times before, but this was the most vicious of all. Maybe it was because they were fed up that Kelvin was a student who was always defended by his school teacher."Please stop, Zico, I can't take it anymore!" Kelvin pleaded in a weak voice as his stomach continued to be punched by the student he called 'Zico'. In fact, he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood as a result of being tortured like that. Zico stopped his punches, then he ordered his two men to force Kelvin to bow down before his feet. The two men obeyed, then one of them pressed Kelvin's head to the ground, making Kelvin's body
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Chapter 02
After chatting with the system, Kelvin Stewart received a prize award of $150. He then headed to where his mum was, under the bridge. However, when he got there, his mouth opened, his body froze, he stared with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. Of course he was shocked, because what he saw was that the bridge where his mum lived had collapsed."Mum!"He immediately ran towards the bridge, then pushed aside the rubble to look for his mother who might have been buried under the rubble. In the end, he found his mother's bloodied but lifeless body.Kelvin held his mother's head in his lap, then patted his cheeks frantically while saying, "Mum, wake up, Mum! Don't leave me! I have no one else but you!" Seeing his mother who was no longer alive, Kelvin burst into tears. His tears continued to drip down his mother's lifeless face. Then, he hugged his mum's body with a broken heart. He had just felt happy after getting the system, but his mother had left him. "System, please bring my mum back
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Chapter 03
"That's... Zico!" When he saw Zico and his two men inside Ajisaka Store, Kelvin immediately hid behind a long cupboard inside the store while crouching down and peeking at the three of them. "Don't let them know that I'm here!"Despite this, his sense of hearing could still catch the conversation between Zico and his two men."Boss, what happened to the mother and child, huh?" asked Zico's men on his right.The man on his left replied, "They both must have—"Zico immediately silenced his men's mouths while glaring. "Not so loud, you idiot!""Sorry, boss. Slipped up, hehe," said Zico's subordinate while scratching his head that wasn't itchy.Hearing that, Kelvin immediately clenched his jaw and clenched his fists while saying to himself. "So they are the perpetrators of my mother's murder, huh?"[System detected: Correct, Master. They were the ones who destroyed the bridge that Master's mother traveled on with a bomb.]Hearing the system also say so, Kelvin immediately asked the system
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Chapter 04
Normally, after completing a mission, the system would immediately notify Kelvin that the mission had been completed. However, it was strange that right now Kelvin hadn't been notified that the mission had been completed. Kelvin ignored that and continued cleaning the other three rooms. Not only that, but he also cleaned the terrace, because he was sure that this house would soon be his.After everything was done, the system announced.[Congratulations, Master has successfully completed the mission!][Congratulations, Master leveled up!][Congratulations, Master earned 4 points!][Since Master cleaned 4 rooms at once plus cleaned the terrace as well, the system will give a bonus of $5000.][A balance of $6000 has been added to Master's account!][After completing two missions, do you want to check the status again?][Yes/No.]Kelvin immediately pressed the panel that said 'Yes', after which a holographic screen appeared in front of him.________________________________________Name: K
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Chapter 05
Kelvin walked into the cafeteria feeling angry to see Zico and his two men there. He wanted to forget his anger and beat them up. However, seeing many other students there, he abandoned his intention. His hands, which had been clenched into fists, went limp. While his face, which had an angry expression, returned to its usual expression.Arriving at the canteen, he ordered fried rice, grilled chicken, and orange juice from the staff. After that, he sat down in a chair next to a round table. The students were astonished that Kelvin could buy food in the canteen. In their hearts, they wondered, "How can such a poor boy buy such good food? Where did that scavenger boy get the money to buy good food here? Maybe he stole it!" The cafeteria worker brought Kelvin's breakfast to his table. Then, Kelvin gave the canteen worker a $10 dollar bill. Actually, the fried rice and grilled chicken were $5 and the orange juice was $1. However, when the cafeteria worker wanted to give him change, Kelv
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Chapter 06
"Teacher!" Kelvin stood up while raising his right hand, making the Math Teacher turn his head towards him."What's wrong, Kelvin?" asked the Math Teacher as he looked at Kelvin who was now walking towards him.Arriving in front of the teacher, Kelvin said, "Sir, I want to explain that Xenovia is actually innocent. The one who started the commotion was Zico. He called me 'trash boy', Sir. While Xenovia just wanted to defend me."Hearing Kelvin say that, Zico clenched his jaw as he glared at Kelvin with a bloodshot look on his face. He immediately snapped, "That's not true, Sir. He's lying!"Even though Zico was telling a lie, the Math Teacher didn't just take his word for it. The teacher thought for a moment while looking at Zico and Kelvin's faces, trying to read their thoughts through their facial expressions. After that, the math teacher said, "You're lying, Zico! Judging by the look on your face, you can be sure that you're lying.""I ... I'm not lying, Sir. That Kelvin—" Before
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Chapter 07
"How do I say it?" His heart was beating rapidly. For Kelvin, this mission was the hardest mission the system had given him. However, knowing the reward he would get, it was hard for him to refuse this mission.Kelvin turned his face in another direction so that Xenovia wouldn't see his face. Because he was afraid that the girl would see his cheeks that were flushed from holding back his embarrassment."You're still angry, huh? You don't usually act like this." Xenovia was surprised when Kelvin turned his face away from her."No, I'm not angry with you. I'm just ...." Kelvin was at a loss as to how to explain it to the girl. He wanted to express his feelings for the girl, but he didn't know what to start with? At first, as far as Kelvin knew Xenovia liked his just because he was a friend. However, remembering that the system detected that Xenovia loved her, made his want to get closer to the girl not just as a friend, but as a couple who loved and cared for each other, and also not j
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Chapter 08
"Dead?" Kelvin asked in a dismissive tone. His tone seemed as if he wasn't afraid of Zico's threat at all. He then closed his eyes as he said calmly. "Maybe you guys will die!"Hearing that, Zico immediately responded by saying, "What? Didn't I hear wrong?" After saying so he laughed dismissively. "A weakling like you can't possibly win against the three of us, hahahaha!""Just die!" Zico immediately jumped off his motorcycle while preparing a kick towards Kelvin who was casually sitting on his motorcycle matic.Seeing this, Kelvin immediately grabbed Zico's leg and threw Zico's body towards Jengki and Fredy who were still sitting watching."So strong!" screeched Zico as his body was thrown.Because Kelvin's throwing speed was so fast, powerful, and accurate, Zico's thrown body crashed directly into his own two men, making them fall off their bikes and suffer severe injuries."It hurts, Boss!" said Fredy, whose leg was crushed by his own motorcycle, Zico's head was bleeding from hitti
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Chapter 09
16.35Kelvin had arrived at his house. He took off his helmet, then got off his motorcycle. At that very moment, the sound of the system rang in his ears.[Master, about 200 meters behind Master, Zico and his two men were hiding behind the roof of a house. They want to shoot Master with a sniper gun. Be careful Master!]Kelvin's eyes widened at the notification from the system. He didn't know what he should do to avoid the sniper. Hence, he decided to ask, "Then what should I do?"[The system will manipulate time temporarily. Master just follow the system's instructions, when the system counts, and at the count of three, Master immediately bows down. Does Master understand?]"Manipulating time?" Kelvin furrowed his brow. He really didn't understand what the system meant.[Manipulating time is the same as slowing down time. The master will feel as if everything in the world is running slowly.]Manipulate time for Master...Processing...10%67%99%100%Finish.[Now Master is in a state
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Chapter 10
Before the Death Godam Fist launched by the Mo Xie Jue hero controlled by Zico hit Qing Yuan, Kelvin immediately pressed the ultimate button, making his Qing Yuan hero character release a skill that was no less powerful than Mo Xie Jue's ultimate skill.Qing Yuan's pair of Red Star Stone Swords suddenly let out an extremely powerful wave of flames, this was his ultimate skill, 'Phoenix Fire Attack'. Phoenix's Fire Attack and Death Godam Fist collided with each other, creating an explosion large enough to make the two hero characters who were clashing skills and other heroes who were near the area bounce. Each of them lost a lot of HP / Health Points which became the life force of the hero character in the game. If the hero's HP points run out, then the hero will die.Seeing that the Qing Yuan character he was controlling had lost about 50% HP points, Kelvin intended to play more carefully this time. However, when he saw that the archer on the enemy side was dying of HP, he smiled sli
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