Early Access System Volume 1: Shadow Of The Behemoth

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Early Access System Volume 1: Shadow Of The Behemoth

By: ChadGuy45 CompletedSystem

Language: English

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After the death of his father, Arthur gets blacklisted from good-paying companies forcing him into a life of misery and depression. He remembers that his father left him something before he died. "My son...when you are ready...break this" After he breaks the glass a hologram suddenly appeared in front of him. [EARLY ACCESS TOWER OF DEOS UNLOCKED!] Donation Link: PayPal.me/ChadGuy45 (The link is case sensitive) There will be a sequel to this novel.


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Chapter 1 : Early Access Tower Unlocked!
5-22, a retail shop that is located in the middle of Xys Nex, New Nex City. There was nothing significant about the place. The products that were sold in the shop cost 4 dollars on average, and it was just like any other basic retail shop in Amerigo. The television that was hung at the left side of the entrance stood out the most, with it being the only active thing in the whole shop. "Today marks the 2nd death anniversary of the former New Nex City mayor and former Amerigon presidential candidate, Arthur Behemoth I. On this day, April 5th, two years ago, the beloved former mayor took his own life to escape the burden of having to solve the high crime rate in New Nex City. Two years ago, the crime rate in New Nex City was 52%, but this year it has been reduced to 12% thanks to the resources and legacy that he has left behind. Thank you, Arthur. Thank you..." A news reporter said on the television while he tried holding back his tears, but eventually a drop of tears fell down his ch
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Chapter 2 : The Diary
[Early Access of Tower Of Deos Unlocked!] The hologram was light blue and it was almost transparent. The hologram was shined brightly in Arthur's dark and gloomy room. The sudden flash of light made him fall backward. "What on earth?!" His heart was beating fast and he didn't know how to react. He tried finding the glass that he broke, but it was nowhere to be seen. There was not even a glass shard or dust around. It was as if the glass had never existed in the first place. He tried touching the hologram cautiously. The hologram felt minty cool, and as he moved his hand, the hologram moved like mist only to return to its original position. [Would you like to enter the Tower now?] [yes] [no] "The heck…" 'The hologram appeared after I broke the glass that dad gave me…If he gave it to me then nothing bad should happen to me right?' He clicked the [yes] button trusting his father. The [yes] hologram was surprisingly hard compared to the other sides of the hologram that only felt li
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Chapter 3 : Far Too Weak
An orange hologram suddenly appeared in front of Arthur. {My son} "Dad?" {This is a record that I have left behind for you. This diary is meant to help you in your journey to completing The Tower.} {It will be first played in the hologram in front of you, but if you forget anything you could just refer back to the diary.} {The glass that I left behind for you to break was an early access token, it exists for you and you alone. This tower has existed for a very long time, it had 5 prior versions. The Beta Version and the Alpha Versions. I was in all of the versions and I survived through all of them. Now what you are about to experience is the full version of the tower.} {Now before I go into further details, let me explain why I sent you here. I want you to kill and made everyone who betrayed me suffer.} "What…" 'Wait… Dad is asking me to kill people?' { Let me explain.} {I was in the Beta I, Beta II, Beta III, Alpha I, and Alpha II versions of the tower, and through all of the v
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Chapter 4 : I Can't Increase My Speed!
{In the tower, hypertrophy isn't the way to get stronger. It is much simpler than that. All you've gotta do is to push yourself to your limits.}{Now do push-ups and don't stop. You have to push your limits, now go!} Arthur started doing pushups in a proper form. It wasn't hard at first but when he did 50 of them his hand started to feel pain and the speed of his pushups started to get slower. "Hup!"As he was nearing 81 pushups he realized that he couldn't do more but he pushed himself. [+1 STRENGTH] "Huh? That's it? I became stronger just like that?" {That's how you increase your stats here, break your limits or level up. Simple as that. I advise you to use weights and only focus on strength for now.} Arthur did weighted pushups by putting heavy objects on his back to increase the weight of his pushups so he could get to his limits faster and get his strength points faster. But there were times when his muscle tore up so badly that he couldn't even move causing him to need to res
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Chapter 5 : Break A Head Arthur!
The players that have just arrived were still trying to comprehend what was happening to them. Most of the manhwa addicts were disappointed with the "system" that they have received. After all, there were no cheats for them to use. And the portal in front of them could potentially lead to their demise. And their stats were just horrible even compared to regular human beings who spend time at least walking and jogging outside. Everything about them was just single digits, from their stats to their skills. The first step to getting stronger in the tower is to survive. And it seems that they might have failed already. "Hey, isn't that Arthur Behemoth?! I thought he died!" "Holy Moly! It's Arthur Behemoth!" 'Crap! I shouldn't have hidden my helmet!'The crowd started questioning Arthur. They all mistook him for his father. "Hey, let's give our beloved former mayor a break alright? We'll take turns to ask questions, so start lining up." A man suddenly said while ordering the people
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Chapter 6 : ???
The part of the ground that the large hand met was completely destroyed. It created a crater that was enough to fit in at least three cars. The hand was as big as a van and it looked grey. It had stitches that connected the hand to its green forearm. The hand could barely fit the entrance and the arms were destroying the walls just by touching it. 'What the heck...' Arthur's heart was pumping faster than ever and his body was shaking uncontrollably. "Ins-inspect" He stuttered quietly in fear. _______________________________[MOB STATUS][CURRENT STATUS:???][NAME: CHIMERA GOD][JOB:???][RACE:???][LVL:???][HP:???/???][MP:???/???][SPEED: 500][AGILITY: 250][STRENGTH: ???][STAMINA:???][DEFENCE:???][DESCRIPTION: MADE TO BE AN INDESTRUCTIBLE AND ALL-POWERFUL MONSTER BY A TALENTED CHIMERA CREATOR]_______________________________[SKILLS][PASSIVE][SILENT STEPS:999+]_______________________________ Upon seeing such ridiculous stats, Arthur froze trying to not make any sound.
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Chapter 7 : Goblin Killing Streak
Vazimperium raised his hand while emitting blue gas clouds out of it and controlled it to surround Arthur's head. Arthur felt a cool sensation inside his head and the memory of the monster that attacked become blurry until it completely faded away. "That should do the trick." Arthur opened his eyes and got up trying to catch his breath. He was sweating and his clothes were damp. "Am I dead?" Arthur looked at the muscular bearded Vazimperium. "Uh no. But you were very close to being dead." "I see..." "Well, I'm partially responsible for what happened to you." "What do you mean?" "I am the Third administrator of the tower, and a constellation sent a chimera god to attack you for their viewing pleasure since you are a special player. I should have at least sent a lackey or a staff to look after you. For that I am sorry." "I have no idea what you just said but I accept your apology. " "Do you remember anything?" "Yeah, I remember that there was a-, wait I don't remember... I wa
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Chapter 8 : The Blessing Of The Goblin God
"I don't even need to say anything. Vazimperium lifted his hand with his palm facing the evolving goblin. A few seconds passed... " uhhh" The tutorial staff and Arthur looked at each other awkwardly. "Uhh, Great Administrator...is everything going okay?" The tutorial staff asked Vazimperium. "Yeah! Everything going fine...no perfect! Nono everything is great! Greatest it's ever been!" 'Why the heck is it not working?' Vazimperium sweated as his eyeballs started to move towards the middle weirdly. "Hah," Vazimperium wiped his sweat and looked toward Arthur and the Tutorial Staff."It seems that I have to say something to remove this goblin. "Ah! Of course Great Administrator! You know best!" "Yes... I know best...haha" Vazimperium cried inside. "Delete Target!" Vazimperium shouted. His voice echoed through the cave system. [YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO INTERFERE WITH NATURAL TRANSFORMATION!] "Impossible!" He shouted. "Great administrator! Is everything okay?" Tutorial Staff asked.
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Chapter 9 : Going The Distance
The apostle of the goblin god looked at the other goblins in disappointment. "Deva esse confita."(Translate: God must be disappointed.)The great goblin told the goblins. "Sedta Titan surt azuceler!"(Translate: But Titan suddenly fast!)The goblins tried explaining what happened. "Satta! Imna excudeza! Vati occati titan nulm!"(Translate: Enough! No Excuse! Go kill titan now!) The great goblin shouted, pointing at Arthur. "Situ, maghan aposerita!"(Translate: Yes, great apostle!)The goblins wasted no time and attacked Arthur. "Thank goodness the big one isn't attacking me yet..." There were still hundreds of goblins left, probably about 600 of them, or maybe slightly more. Arthur attacked them with the basic and boring stick and retreat method. If this was a fight scene, then it would be the most boring fight scene in the history of fight scenes, there was nothing flashy about his movements, just basic movements that would ensure his survival. The fight took about 3 hours an
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Chapter 10 : Eye Of The Tiger and The Goblin Knight
The goblin stood up to fight Arthur once more and approached Arthur while dragging his legs slowly and throwing punches at Arthur very slowly. Arthur dodged all of them and kept punching the great goblin. “Why are you not falling?!” Arthur shouted. The goblin’s health was negative but no matter how much punch Arthur gave, the great goblin would not fall. “Hold on…” Arthur stops throwing jabs. ‘I should throw heavy punches instead. Arthur starts landing heavy punches one at a time towards the goblin’s chin. *Thump* The goblin fell again. But he stood up again to fight. “Est sollam viathi ti icta mea isti ti clani mea ti est para…Etca sidi vos nona fati quli, vos amiyati…”(Translation: The only way to beat me is to nail me to the floor… And if you don’t do that you’ve lost…)The goblin said as if he raised his hands to fight. “How the heck am I gonna defeat this thing if he is impossible to kill?!” Arthur was starting to get tired but he was still able to dodge the goblin’s punches
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