Followed by the Silhouette

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Followed by the Silhouette

By: anbil_83 OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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I narrowed my eyes at him and caught glimpse of a guy, standing in a corner and what’s weird is that he wasn’t dancing. He seemed different and odd for all this. He’s looking in my direction, very still and I can see him intermittently. The hat makes it harder to discern. Except for the creepy, fiendish smile, raising the edges of his mouth real slowly. I squinted my eyes at him. He tugged his hat from the right, an expression of a muted Hi! I nodded reflexively and opened my mouth to call Frank, who was busy with stuffing ice cubes in two glasses of beer. “Hey!” I called with my hurting head. “What?” he asked the glasses. “Who’s that? Someone new?” I pointed at him. Frank gave up the stuffing and looked in his direction. “Haven’t seen him before” he said with confusion. . . . Elijah Heath, an eighteen year old teenager was stalked by someone. Read to know who was he? And what made him behave this strangely. Does someone REALLY follows her? Or she's hallucinating like others say? . . . "Is someone there?", I moped around the dim-litted living room. "Guess it's just me. I'm making excuses to cease. No, Elijah! You have to finish this up!". As I ascended three steps, I realized a change in the air pressure around me, an odd creak and a clear presence of heat_ behind me. My breath abated. Just as I plucked the nerve to turn, my ankle was grasped and I slided down as some hand pulled me. My knees rubbed along the hard steps. **Caution**: Contains extremely disturbing content. Read only if you can stand murder and blood descriptions else you might feel nauseous.


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Chapter# 1
“It’s taking him forever!” I moaned while tracing my index on the circle of my flute.One thing I hate the most on this crazy planet is “the waiting”.I deepened my fork prong inside the white linen tablecloth. “Probably be using you by now” I whispered to it and it glistened back winking at me.I held my panging stomach. It’s nearing six in the evening and I haven’t eaten since breakfast. My gut is hollowed and churning.“That’s it!” If he comes and if it seems a crime to order without him then let it be, it’s his fault.I ordered a mousse and a coffee. I was convinced that now he’ll crash in anytime.Skimming the place around, I’m feeling so bashful, so red faced. Say hi to my rash. You see, it comes whenever I feel like Steve has chucked me out or Steve is seeing some other girl or maybe he forgot he has a girlfriend.I sighed; these thoughts are really whelping whenever I feel like torturing myself. And I do this over and over picturing every minute detail till my head hurts like
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Chapter# 2
I surveyed the pub, everyone is wiggling, the lights chase the bodies below, pointing a hint of people’s movements.I bustled between them. Gulping from the flask the sweet, sweet champagne which spills a little. The silver minidress I’m wearing resembles the disco ball above. Shining green and purple with the lights like a chameleon.I peered at a boy smiling at a girl my age and then he stretched his arm around her waist. The girl nodded and he ushered her to the back door. I take my plotting eyes away.It reminds me of Steve.How we used to go clubbing, we’d make complete fool out of ourselves, we’d chuckle on other people’s stupid dance moves, we kissed and drunk and then he’d take me to his place and make love.I’m missing those bright green eyes with a hint of yellow in them, the way they glowed luminously at me.Everything used to be so beautiful. Like in fairytales. W
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Chapter# 3
Flitting through the fields I let the warmth rush through my nostrils. I keep my eyes shut and get carried away.The gruff surfaces of wheat tickle my hands, I felt heavenly.Flying through them, another warm sweep fluttered my dress. The ethereal light felt so welcoming.The crops caressed me, one by one. I hummed with the breeze."Elijah!", a sweet voice called me.I searched around bewildered."Come here!".My ears directed the sound.I gawped at Lisa, who spread her arms wide, slowly."Come, baby!", her voice resonated."Come!", she said again.My cheek curled to one sound.Abruptly, low growls echoed, surrounding me. Lisa looked woeful.The growls grew louder. Blood started thrumming in my ears. Thick and hot."H-help me!", I stammered."Help yourself"I gasped awake, panting hard.My breath hitched. Trying to drag my heart in place, I wiped sweat off my forehead with my sleeve. It felt scratchy."Ah, I didn't change clothes. What the hell happened last night?".The whole nigh
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Chapter# 4
I'm sat outside his window and I'm drunk again. Too drunk to remember why I'm sat outside HIS house's window. But I'm armed. I have a gun and some other stuff. Maybe if I'll wait I'll know why.I peeped in again. The sweat on my face is starting to get thicker and my breath is getting hotter.He leaped down to grab the bottle as I heard the bathroom door."Better be off!", Kayla walked out. She's prettier than me. She's all chill. I envy quickly. Jealousy hits me, something green and thick in my blood.I thought of getting my eyes away from her as I can't stand her looks. Instead, I gazed at his translucent eyes, narrowing as he smiled at her.How lucky she is! I almost cry while being drunk and sick.He is a paradigm of a beautiful man."You think I'll let you go?", he smirked.God! He smirked at her. I love him when he smirks like that.He relinquished the wine as he traipsed to stand behind her. I watched his fingers sliding around her waist.Deeply inhaling in her neck, he nuzzle
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Chapter# 5
"Miss Heath, do you mind explaining your absence for two weeks straight", Mr Roth frowned.That's when the class have up talking. An interesting topic to indulge. Well, it's Ms. Freak they're gonna discuss. A girl with strange looks, strange happenings and insane family.I cleared my throat."I had some issues but rest assured, they're now resolved", I said in my normal, seditious tone. My nonchalance. It's funny how hard I try to be nonchalant.But no, no matter how hard I try with my pretended chill, Mr. Roth just picks a needle in my chill bubble. He always makes me look like a criminal, in front of the whole class."Repulsive as ever", Jessica exhaled sharply through her nostrils. Her just hate her snubbing laugh."Okay, take your seat".He continued with his hovering of Biology. I felt like I'm being stared at.Lydia.My only friend since elementary. She has both beauty and brains. Not bad with boys either.Jason on her front, unfolded a note or something when she spanked his beh
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Chapter# 6
"Okay, all of you, go up and play. Try leaving me alone for some time", Mrs.Wilder shouted through all the clattering cups and dishes."Yaay, let's play blind fold. I've got black silk", Lydia said enthusiastically."No, I don't think it's a good idea. Let's try something else", Elijah muttered."Oh! Come on, coward! We won't hurt ya. Besides, you're thirteen. Guess, you should grow up by now", Jessica flipped her hair."It's not that", she mumbled as she tugged a rebellious, black strand behind her ear."I think you should go first", Lydia said, "Trust me, Elijah. I think it's time for you to snap out of it"."No, Lydia I won't stand it", she replied endorcely."Well, at least we can give it a try". Elijah wanted to take Lydia somewhere and wanted to tell just tell her that how hard it is for her to put up with such games. Games that require things she can't give. Games she can't play because of something.But she didn't tell all this to her. All the judging eyes gaped at her, entic
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Chapter# 7
I'm sitting here on the pavement with my back resting on some backside of a bakery. Thinking of what I've done in the past years and what will become of me in future. I want to just evade away from the planet for sometime and think things through. I feel my inside getting hollow as I think of my life. I've been living like I'm living someone else's life. Now I'm confronting it all and it's hard to admit, it's my life.It's starting to drizzle. I see as one drop of water lands on my right foot, I drag it back. Then another on my left, I drag it under shade too. I hate rain. More concisely, I hate the things related to it. Wanna know, what?It reminds me of the time I learned to utter the word "dead". I remember how strangely I was introduced to it.Well, one night I didn't feel like sleeping at all, so I hopped out of bed and clambered downstairs. Spying on Lisa and dad has been sort of my hobby and I really enjoy catching them doing things they won't let me do. Like using strange word
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Chapter# 8
Lisa was busily whipping cream for the cake she planned to surprise Elijah with. Elijah loved chocolate cakes and Lisa made them often. Just when she raised up after checking the oven, she was dumbfound. She didn't knew Heath will come home this early."That's what you think, you'll sneak out under my nose and I won't know!", Heath had it enough.The whipping got harder and harder."I have rights, okay and there's nothing you can do about it", Lisa replied."Oh, yeah. I know exactly who you met", he narrowed his eyes at her.Lisa gave up whatever she was doing as she knew now nothing can be done. She prepared herself for what she hears everyday and on top of it, it doesn't matter any more."You're a slut. You hear me?... A slut!", every single word was weighed with anger."You mustn't be considering that"."Come! I'd had enough!", he hauled her out in wrath."Stop! Where on Earth are you taking me?""You know where your life is taking you with all this you're doing?""Yeah! I know. Et
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Chapter# 9
"Thanks for the basket, Lydia", I said frenzily, "How come you remember I like 'em?"."What basket?", Lydia asked in confusion."Toblerone... The basket... My birthday", I tried to explain pathetically."You're psychobabbling again", she sighed, " You know sometimes I feel for ya. Was it only the grim upbringing?".I shot her a just-don't-go-there look."Gee. And sorry I couldn't make it for your birthday. I got busy with Tyler and his dudes. They arranged a bonfire. So... I hope you didn't mind and to be honest, I don't like your prude Aunt"."No, I didn't mind", I lied even though I was hating her a lot for saying that."Did you hear from Steve?""No, I don't know anything", I shrugged, trying hard not to freak when his name came up."Well, I think that freak must've left for Sheffield. Remember he always talked about changing highschool?""Yeah, he talked about it all the time"."Well, look Jason has been giving quite a shine at you, lately", she said pointing at him."So?", I prom
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Chapter# 10
"Good thing they're gone. Gee, I can't even smoke with them roaming about", Jessica seemed frustrated."My parents aren't that freaky, I smoke in front of them", Lucy said."Ok, stop boasting about your goody good parents and go fetch some for me", Jessica replied.There's nobody home except for whom I came for. I tried to get myself drunk but nothing really happened, I'm not foggy enough, I'll remember all this. But I've got to get these toxic wenches out of my life. Murdering people seems like a drug now. I can't stop, no matter how much I try to distract myself. I always end up at my pursuer's house.I leaned in her room a bit more. Careful not to get caught beforehand."Where do you keep 'em, anyway?", Lucy asked."Where do ya think, my second last drawer", Jessica waved a key, "It's locked".Lucy scooted up and grabbed it."Don't touch anything else", she called her from behind."And your lighter?"."Oh, it broke, I'll get the lights", Jessica got up.I ducked and ran full speed
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