Last man on earth when there is no earth?

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Last man on earth when there is no earth?

By: Dmanga_lover OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Discovering that he is the last man… … he realized his life might not be so bad. But what’s the point if he’s trapped on that godforsaken planet? After a long bad day ending in the most unexpected way, a young man wakes up in an unknown location with most of his memories missing. Saved from dying as a pickled corpse by a strange alien he's then told that "Humans are a unisex species." and that he looks nothing like them. Apparently the human male population went extinct while he was asleep, leaving only females behind. Not only that but it seems he's stranded on an uninhabited planet with an alien as his sole companion. A new life. The burdens he has to shoulder couldn't outweigh his happiness at the chance to restart. But the more he learns about the universe around him the more he realizes. It's not always rainbows and sunshine.


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149 chapters
Bad days. Everyone would eventually get a few, some more than the others. You might forget your umbrella on a rainy day, getting soaked with nowhere to hide. That’s a good example. You might even slip and fall nearly breaking your back, the best you could hope for is a splash in the mud. Getting sick when you have an important day, losing your wallet, breaking up with your girl... etcetera etcetera. Sometimes those days could go so bad to the point of being hilariously funny, you just can’t help but laugh when you survive them. How worse could it get? Listen closely, never ask a bad day “is that all you got?”. That’s the most stupid thing you could ever do. I’m, or at least I like to think I’m, a normal seventeen years old high school student. Alright,
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Chapter 01 I wake up and... what?
It’s pretty dark in hare. Isn’t it about time to wake up? Waking up? I don’t remember going to bed. Going to bed? I don’t remember getting back home. That’s right, the invasion. There was an alien invasion. A lot of lizard faced guys. Were they looking for the stones? Man, I wish I met the purple guy. Now I’m dead. I’m supposed to be dead… right? Right, the space invasion. I was shot in the stomach. Really, what a bad day. Wait, what am I so angry about? Space ships… alien invasion…. Yeah, that’s right. I swing more toward the fantasy side, not the sci-fi. Swords and magic were my thing. Laser guns and space crafts
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Ch 01.2
Cold Its cold Wait… it’s cold! I can feel cold! I can feel again! A sneeze forced my eyes open. My right cheek was against the floor. I think I’m currently completely naked too. Why? I remember floating in the darkness for a while before my mind gets slowly shut down, that I couldn’t feel a thing beside breathing before falling asleep. Now both my eyes function normally and I can feel my limbs. I lift myself and sit there butt naked. My movements are a bit sluggish but soon enough they became normal. The first thing to note is of course the huge scar in the middle of my torso left by the blast from that alien’s laser gun. I reached for the spot almost reflexively. However, there is no scar. No trace of the injury is left. Is this a new body? In the fi
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Ch 01.3
Standing there showing off my manhood to an armed girl, I prayed in my hear that she doesn’t turn out to be a tsundere. If she really is one then this situation would have either one of two endings: One: she accidentally kills me. Two: she accidentally turns me to a girl. Her reaction, blushing to the point of steam rising from her head, made me realize what a shameful first impression I’m giving right now. Covering my crotch with both hands I turned away. It was like one of those dreams where you go to school just to notice you weren’t wearing any pants. The embarrassment. I would never wish for my worst enemies to be in such place. Turning my back to her wasn’t any good either. Again, I have nothing on at the moment. Now, all that’s left is to wait for her to scream. If I’m lucky enough she wouldn’t resort to violence, best case scen
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Chapter 02: A night in a space craft.
Her name is Lilia And she is female Zesionien from a planet in the twenty first sector called Zesion? Yeah, I know, she isn’t a demon. What did you expect? A succubus wearing a white dress? Those creatures like to wear dominatrix style black clothes. Besides this place is a little too comfortable to call it hell. And although she has horns, she feels more like the serious and surprisingly innocent type. She is an alien and as it seems, I’m on a planet in the twenty first sector called Gorgola. Just as I thought, this isn’t the typical fantasy setting. One thing to be thankful for though is that even if this is a sci-fi setting the girls are probably as cute as Lilia here. No, I doubt there are that many that could live up to her looks. She’s many levels above what I used to consider an extremely attractive girl. Maybe God doesn’t hate me after all. To think th
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Ch 02.2
Sector twenty one, planet Gorgola, Lilia’s space craft. By the time we sat down around the camp fire the sun was on it’s way out. A few minutes earlier my stomach started roaring. Surprised by the loud noise Lilia proposed we eat first. Today’s dinner is going to be the rations from earlier and left over soup she cooked yesterday. It’s red in color and tastes like tomato so I’m naming it tomato soup. We sat around the campfire eating silently, but when we were done it was back at the awkwardness we experienced on the way here. I looked back at her ship. It was clear from the crater beneath it that it had a harsh landing. Its body-shell and windshield don’t look to be in best condition, even someone with no experience would say it’s incapable of flight. When I asked Lilia about it as an attempt to trigger a conversation she told me the engine is damaged and it’s impossible to take off. Read more
Ch 02.3
Sector twenty one, plane Gorgola, Lilia’s space craft. Although it looks quite small from the outside, the craft's interior is comparatively spacious. It’s clean and well organized, you wouldn’t be wrong to think it was assembled recently. In fact it’s too clean for something that crash landed from space. How is this thing still intact? “I will make something for you to wear.” Lilia said as she walked to the back. “You can’t sleep like that, right?” “That’s… something we can agree on.” I’ve been walking around like a pervert for a few hours now. I don’t want to ruin her impression of me any further. “The night is cold too, you don’t want to get sick.” In one of the corners was a glowing ring about two feet in diameter. She pointed at it and told me to get inside. “Stand here, then take that off.” Not like this, a w
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Ch 02.4
Sector twenty one, Planet Gorgola, Lilia’s space craft. After I was done with the shower Lilia began scanning my body looking for any abnormalities. The tube like space was no simple shower room. It has the ability to apply a full body scan and detect any type of foreign bodies or internal injuries. So that’s what the boiling water was about.. I told myself as I came to that realization. You don’t know what germs and microbes might be sticking to something you found on an uninhabited planet. Better sanitize it just to be safe. I guess that’s another reason as to why she kept her distance from me. Definitely not because I smelled nasty. The scan also took my measurements. Apparently the ship has yet another sci-fi device that could make clothes out of raw materials you could collect outside, and super high quality at that. Basically it
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Chapter 03: I want to know your name.
After I was done with my business, I covered it with some dirt and walked back to the ship. Of course, I didn’t forget to wash my hands. The water did sting a bit though. The sanitizer mixed in it must’ve been a rather strong one.Lilia was preparing to go out. She said the morning is the time she uses to gather fruits, since the most dangerous beasts are still asleep. When I asked why she doesn’t store some instead of gathering them everyday she explained that she does that only when making the rations.Apparently, despite being an uncharted, Gorgola has animals and vegetation that could be found on other planets. One theory is that most of them were brought here during the attempts to study the planet, which ended up in failure before they could even start. But seeing how there is that lab she found me in it’s more reasonable to blame it on the ones who built it.Anyway,
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Ch 03.2
About an hour passed before Lilia returned. In her hands she held what looked like a combination of huge watermelon and an apple. “Umm… what is that?” Lilia looked at me, then at the watermelon apple fruit, then at me again. “This? According to the catalog it’s a papaya.” She said with a straight face. That doesn’t look anything close to a papaya if you ask me. “… it seems… different from what I remember.” I commented, still trying to understand what part of that was the papaya. “Really? The first time I saw a real one was when I came here.” She walked over to where I stood then handed me the papaya? fruit. “It can’t be eaten like this so we have to cook it fir-” she suddenly came to a stop and glared at me “you reek.” And just like that I was forced to shower again. My clothes were washed and dried on the spot as well. We began preparing lunch immediately after. I gathered the wood for the fire, careful not to
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