Legendary King.

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Legendary King.

By: Silver Lance OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Isaac a 24 years old young man, died after fighting cancer for the last two years of his life. He gets transmigrated to another Universe and became a king. But right after walking up he got a cold system to make him level up in a game world he played in his last life... ---- First time writing so, excuse the poor me, but I will try my best to deliver something good. ---- The cover isn`t mine, contact me if you want me to remove it. Contact me, Line: silverlance60


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33 chapters
Chapter 1: The Beginning.
Hospital A is one of the biggest and most famous hospitals in all of Egypt. Inside one of its VIP rooms, lay a young man in bed breathing heavily. The young man was bald, had swollen eyes a thin face and body, and a lot of IVs inside his body. Some may mistake him for a mummy. He spent the last two years of his life in bed, receiving chemist to heal his lung cancer. When he first arrived at the hospital two years ago all the doctors said that he only has 6 months left. But the young just kept fighting death, because of his most loved one, his mother. Before dying with his sister in a car accident she told him to live and cherish his life more than anything, but she also told him not to forget about them. The young man was now remembering the last thing his mother said, with tears pouring covering his face... Fighting lung cancer was hard. "I'm sorry .....mother, sister I can't keep my promise... I fought
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Chapter 2: Another World?
"Why am I here? What happened?" The recent events left me confused, even more, the only thing I know for sure is that I magically appeared in this Abyss Esque world after the mysteriously cold female voice read off some familiar loading screen lingo, looking around I saw that I had become a "Barbarian", Which I recognized was one of the game characters. The rusty hand axe appeared in my right hand and a battered junk-like buckler in my left. It didn`t take long for me to subconsciously understand my status in the game. In the next second, a high-tech-like blue screen popped up in front of me out of nowhere. -------- Player: Isaac. Class: Barbarian. Level: 1. HP: 50/50. Exp: 0/1000. Str: 30. Dex: 11. Agi: 10. Int: 22. Vit: 20. Accuracy: 150. Endurance: 90. Gold: 10. ----- "So, this is my status in the game... isn`t my status high for
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Chapter 3: Level Up? And, Anger?
Every time I level up my Hp increases by 10 and when I add one point to {Vit} my Hp increase by 5. The reason I did this was that this is the real world. As a player, I get injured and wounded from fighting the monsters. I don`t just lose health, I even think I feel one hundred percent of the pain. What is worth mentioning is that everything in this world is real, even the monsters, they are not codes. Their screams, spawning blood and chopped up bodies were so fucking irritating that it gets on my nerves every passing second. I had quickly acclimatized to the situation. I had gone from being nauseated from the gore that I was throwing up after killing my first monster, to becoming cold and indifferent despite the carnage that was left in my wake. All the heated monster blood on my body made me feel like enduring a test from hell. After only a couple of hours, I really had become used to this. I think I`m turning into a cold-blooded killing machine, even thou
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Chapter 4: Talk With The System? And?
I don`t know how long passed since I was in that state when the last moment in front of me died screaming in its own blood. Beams of golden light fell from the sky shined up every corner of the cave. Shortly after, the familiar voice of the system speak in my mind. [ Congratulations player Isaac. You have completed priest Tursek quest and passed the first test of the Abyss world, now you have to return to the camp, and receive your rewards from Tursek….] Ting! "Another level up huh?" That was the moment that cleared my mind. I breathed heavily and glanced at my surrounding, and I was really surprised after finding out the monsters that I killed. Even the boss of the cave {Corpse fire}, was dead on the ground. A pile of gold coins and various items was lying around the mess that I made. "Did I go crazy?" After thinking about what happened, I didn`t believe that what I saw here triggered my deep anger.
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Chapter 5: Back Again? And Unexpected Power?
If someone looked at me at this moment, he will probably say that I`m but a homeless guy, judging from my ripped shit, as well as my torn pants. "What the fuck is this?" I felt a little bit scared. All the stuff that happened to me made my nerves a little bit weaker, I feel as though I`m close to having a mental breakdown… I looked down and upon close inspection, I realized that the clothes that I was wearing were a little bit small for my size. When I was stretching, I easily tore Open the small clothing… "What's this pitiful quality? Who makes such clothes for a king?" The wind breezed through the palace, and I felt the chill, well I was almost naked... "Shit, I have to find something to wear." I glanced around the palace and found a wardrobe-like piece of furniture. I opened it up and found that there was much luxurious clothing in it. I picked out a fitting dark blue shirt and black pants. I put them
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Chapter 6: The battlefield?
I was trying to show off in front of the guards, but who knew that there was no one guarding my palace? There were no guards at the king's palace? Really? The palace was just so quite. As I kept walking. I saw some heavily wounded soldiers sleeping beside the palace`s main gate. And another two soldiers beside them One of the tired soldiers who were sleeping woke up when he heard my footsteps. "Why didn`t they go to the church to recover and get some medicine?" "And where is the queen, Princess Azura, and my fiancé" I asked the soldier one of the soldiers. "Your majesty, shouldn`t you be recovering." The tallest soldiers said to me. "No need to worry about my health, just answer my questions…" I said. "Forgive me your majesty. We are here to protect your majesty by the orders of the queen, and the wounded soldiers didn`t want to go to the church." "The queen, Princess Azura, and the future queen is resti
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Chapter 7: Commander Felena?
Her powerful swing forced off all the close enemies with the closest one not even having time to react before Felena chopped his head. None can stop her, she has a daughter in her home, she must not die. Death wasn`t an option for Uwineian soldiers…. Right now there was only kill. There was no kill or to be killed, only kill. Smash! Crush! Bang! Clank! Weapons armour and bare knuckles were colliding. Spurting blood, and detached limbs had painted the picture of hell. Boom! Felena smashed the sword and the enemy in front of her off the walls. She looked up and the ladder was right in front of her. She swung the axe once more to back off the approaching enemies.. Dang! Dang! Dang! She sprinted forward and smashed all the hooks of the ladder. "You guys shall die. Rest In Hell!" For them there was no peace, peace shall not be an option. Felena kicked th
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Chapter 8: Isaac Joins The Battle?
Right at this moment, another shadow comes near Her."You too will follow your brothers." The new enemy said and laughed like a manic, and throw his rapier near her head...Everyone was expecting the death of Felena, as no one was in a position to save her.She just closed her eyes and waited for death to come near her.She had no regrets."Sorry Mia, you will have to depend on yourself." She said with tears in her eyes before fainting on the ground."Hey, dumb ass! Try and dodge my ultra-concealed weapon!"A confident voice rang from the other side of the battlefield.However, even thought the enraged rapier wielding man didn`t hear it, he felt something was aimed at the back of his head. An object was flying at him fast.He was surprised, he had to pull back the rapier and black whatever was flying at him.Pu–––The 'concealed weapon' was slashed in half, and red liquid splashed onto his
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Chapter 9: Brutal Strength (1/?)?
Today was the fourth day. "This little castle has a complex terrain that could frustrate any invaders. If it wasn't for this dangerous moat and that firm defense wall, I would've already conquered this castle for father, and the queen and the princesses would've been my toys already…" On the bank of the Zulia moat, a knight wearing a full suit of black armor with a silver mask grumbled. The silver mask had a ferocious demon carving on it and only covered the top half of his face. He was on top of a pitch-black warhorse, which was itself tall and sturdy, emanating the image of a majestic beast. The horse also wore a ferocious suit of armour, with only its legs and eyes exposed. An enigmatic force surrounded him, like a magnetic field. Behind him, nineteen other knights stood in silence. They were all black armoured and on black horses too. They also wore the same devil-styled mask as well but in black rather than silver. With the spiked armour
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Chapter 10: Brutal Strength (2/?)?
Everyone on the battlefield was shocked again by my strength.I`m so powerful, yea keep praising and hail the mighty me…..I enjoyed their stares and looks.The morale of the soldiers of Uwineian was boosted by the new 'reinforcement'. Their hope of winning increased dramatically.On the other hand, the enemies was scared to death by my power.No one in their right mind wanted to face me.But I didn't stop there. My next move had maximized the power and effect of individual heroism on the battlefield."The king's soldiers, rise up and battle! For our kingdom! For our fathers and mothers! For ours wives and children!"After my successful attempt at destroying the siege ladder, I raised up mydouble-handedd gigantic axe. With the soft glow of golden light from the sunset encompassing my armour,My roar was like that of an invincible god.Suddenly, an invisible, yet vehement force spread from my roar. Like a ts
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