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This is a new world, only remotely similar to the one in which our ancestors lived 600 years ago. The novel is set on the planet Gamelan in the kingdom of Magoria. Now the planet is engulfed in a great war. The king fights on three fronts, allied with the mountain clans and lords of the eight duchies to defend the north, west and east of Magoria from the enemy hordes. The fact that in a few years the war will be lost is known only at court. Far to the south of the Old Sea, no battle rages. Here, on the islands, peasants and miners live in peace; but sooner or later everything comes to an end. The enemy is preparing an invasion of the archipelago in order to capture the Riklia mines and destroy the few settlements. At the same time, a man sails to the island of Mirkhold, whose appearance can turn the tide of the war. The only trouble is that the stranger also does not wish people well.

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If you ask any navigator where in the world life is easier, he will point to the Equitanian archipelago. The islands in the south were deservedly called "safe haven". The last battles died down there hundreds of years ago, crafts flourished on the streets of the cities, ore was mined in the mountains, and crops were ripening in the fields. Even now, after centuries of prosperity and war with the Nikts, life in the south could be called a fairy tale, if not for one strange phenomenon.Snow fell there every winter.This happened for the first time seventy-nine years ago under Elingal X. Snow fell for a week, and then did not make itself felt for several years, after which it began to appear on the islands every winter. Peasants and miners quickly got used to it. In the mountains, it lay all year round, and in the east of Magoria it sometimes remained in the fields until late spring. Trivia and nothing more.Only a few met winter snowfalls with alarm. There was something sinister about t
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He began to wear the artifact from the age of fourteen, after which another miracle happened. In dreams, Tant saw a city in the rocks, and someone's voice repeated a word similar to the name: "Mirai". There also appeared a door with skulls, which was described in the diaries of the Nismant Christabel, who came to this city along with the people of Baron Rainier.- Find an ancient city. Open the mysterious door. Looks like some kind of fairy tale, - the old man said with a smile. “I think you've been lucky twice. First, I dug up the memory of Mirai, enclosed in a stone, and then Christabel's diaries.- And the door? Why wasn't it opened when the city was robbed?“ Renier was a petty merchant from Crag Feron. He just wanted to get rich, but there was enough good here. Plus, the door is creepy. It remains to be seen what powers are hidden behind it.Tant caught the hint in the accountant's words. The old man knew a little more than the rest about the expedition and expressed his opinion,
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- Hey! Look what we found! Yuller's voice was heard.The marauders stood in the center of the rectangular hall, and next to them, on a plinth, was a sarcophagus. The broken lid lay on the floor.“ In the name of Nismass!” Don't you dare! he shouted, pointing his hand with the bola at the southerners. - You know the laws! It is forbidden to open sarcophagi, urns and graves.Sebastian was the first to step back. The southerner wore a green jersey with brown puffs. He was short, with thick bristles, and was always carrying the mirror of his wicked wife in a case on his belt. The upturned nose and long golden hair made him handsome, and Üller's presence made him dumb.“ So there was nothing in it,” Sebastian muttered, pulling his comrade along with him, “except for these glass pieces. It's not a grave, your reverend.Tant looked around the high hall and not noticing anything remarkable except for six arched passages, he approached the sarcophagus. Ten men stood around him holding torches
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A wide yellow strip went around the center of the hall and closed in on itself, forming a circle. A myriad of tiny ornaments were burned into it, among which the triangle most often came across. He had seen something similar before. Magorsky Nismanty called such figures "seals of Griefer." Filled with gold or silver, they absorbed spells and protected people who fell into their space.After making sure that the hall was safe, Tant called the others. The companions entered all at once, quickly looked around and began to whisper in displeasure.“ There’s nothing here,” one of the porters concluded. “Slag and dust all around. Let's go before the ceiling collapses.What about under your feet? Yuller said, touching the seal. “It's gold, bastard. Judging by the brilliance, the purest sample.“ Okay, then I’ll go to the camp for pickaxes.He headed for the exit, but the thick-set Taur blocked his path, reminding him that he shouldn't walk alone.- Hey! Look at this, ”Corda’s ringing voice ra
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He looked at the barrier and shook his head critically. History was repeating itself, or the gods were simply mocking him. Opening one door, he found another. Sweeping his hand across the ice beam, Tant touched the triangle pattern. A similar bas-relief was laid out on the wall near the waterfall.Sending a firefly there, he strode down the stairs, looking at the wall pattern. There were triangles everywhere, but this one was the biggest. Its top looked down, and from each side stretched a jagged blade, the end of which rested on a sphere.Still not sure where he was, Tant went down to the water and looked at the piles of mossy clay near the waterfall. The embankment, which occupied a good half of the hall, grew there for a reason. If there was a way out, it was right behind her.“ The water is salty,” Tant said, bringing a handful to his lips. We are definitely not in the mountains. Probably near the east coast.– Why with the eastern one? - I heard the angry voice of Taur.“ Because
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As soon as the stuffiness of the dungeon was replaced by an icy wind of voids, Tant held his breath. They raced through the darkness. In flight, Holden's grip loosened, and he had to hold his assistant by the sash. The movement did not stop immediately, and the darkness dissipated gradually. The outlines of the mountains appeared, the gate towers of the monastery and a long bridge between them. The light of the moon shone. They landed in the middle of a vast courtyard.- Saved! Holden howled as he collapsed onto the cobbled square. “Praise be to Nismass, Nygme, and all the saints!”“ Taur and Engure are still there. We need to go back for them, ”Tant said, looking at the basilica with the bell tower in front.- Nope. Engure is finished,” Kord whispered, panting with difficulty. - I saw him drapanul into the tunnel, without light.Silas kicked him, explaining that the Nismante Order did not abandon their brothers even after death.- He's right. Even if Engure is dead, his body must be
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The question puzzled Tant. He did not want to talk about the terrible temple and the deceased kenovia in front of everyone. However, Thomas quickly rescued him.“ But what the hell is the difference. Yes? Losses don't count in this fucking world.The wry-nosed one just waved his hand and went to the shelves, where there was an entrance to the kitchen extension. Tant and Holden sat closer to Kord.“ Maybe she won’t follow us after all?” whispered the hearer.“ I hope so,” whined the fisherman’s son. - This fury will not put the whole city to sleep.“ Yes, the city is already sleeping,” he whispered angrily. – What are you hoping for? After kenovia, this creature will even look for us in Tantalia.What if she's been here for a long time? Waiting for us to leave?Tantus glanced at the closed shutter. With such strength, he would have brought the matter to the end in her place.“ Tell them the truth,” Kord suggested, holding the pitcher to his lips. “Let everyone come with us to Master Wi
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The darkness was unimaginably thick. He couldn't move for a long time. The feeling of immobility was akin to nighttime numbness. Lying on the cold floor, he tried to open his eyes, but, as before, he could not see anything.Not immediately, but he managed to separate his fingers and feel for the pouches at his waist. A magical firefly dispersed the darkness. Launching it, Tant went cold. He saw a stunted stream of a waterfall and a bas-relief with a triangle. At the top behind the stairs was a black door with an outlandish lock. Kord lay nearby. Tantus scooped up water from the lake and splashed it in his face." Master, are we alive?" Kord whispered, raising his head. - It's hard to breathe ... Oh, I dreamed that I was at sea with my father and the boat capsized.Taking a deep breath, Tant called Taur and Engure, but no one answered. Kord gave a strangled cough, tugging at his bandage. The cough made sense. Tanta followed his gaze and froze. An eyeless woman stared at them from the g
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441 years from the founding of the kingdom of MagoriaToward midnight, a thick fog filled the valleys of Myrkhold, rolled over the hills and climbed the coastal cliffs. Soon the whole island was covered with a whitish veil, from which the peaks of mountain ranges protruded like spears. The port of Gotford at this time resembled a ditch in flames, thanks to the scattered light of the torches in the hands of the militia. Dozens of people lined up on the pier, watching the ships gliding through the haze.The first to enter the bay was a two-masted ship. By the wooden figure on the bow, depicting a lady with a snake tail instead of legs, any inhabitant could recognize the Astrid caravel. Passing a rocky island at the edge of the bay, the caravel lay down to drift. The bell sounded. As soon as the ship froze near the shallows, a signal was given from the shore to board the boats. On board, they began to prepare for the descent of goods, but before starting, the team took care of the sea wa
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The light of the sunset sky filled the forest with magical colors. Late evening in the middle valley, as usual, began with a play of shadows. The sun was slowly sinking behind the mountain line, lengthening the shadows of the trees, which lived their own lives at that hour. Colliding with each other, they crawled from the edge into the thicket, clinging with ghostly branches to the forest canopy.Vegetation was sparse near the fields. There were barns and farmhouses everywhere. Along the roads, wooden windmills cut the air with their blades. Plowed land darkened up to the mountains. This piece of land people won back from the wild three hundred years ago. Most of the predators preferred to avoid the valley. The only constant enemies of the peasants were wolves, earth-biters and shaggy mirquichts. Like bears, Mirquichts lived in dens and caves, and at nightfall they roamed the forests in search of food. In the valley they appeared infrequently, but it was still not safe to leave the ho
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