My little brother became the hero and I a villain

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My little brother became the hero and I a villain

By: Kirigaya senpai OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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I can't do this anymore I'm sorry, I'm quitting I just can't handle it no more, I need rest, loads of rest


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8 chapters
Chp. 0-1 The day it all started
The clashing of swords and blades that give goosebumps to the even the gods while they just watch the war go on," Brother- No……..The general of demons, Raphael, even after your comrades have been defeated, you do not stop…..tell me-Was this the only way ?All those sacrifices, all those people,The innocents getting killed and the demons doing the evil,Tell me, Why do you still want to fight me !?!?!?!Why do you still want to fight us !?!?!?!Why won't you- why won't you end this already and return with me, to the place that we belong, to the place that we call home, to the place where our parents are waiting for us to return.Tell me,For what reason do you keep on fighting ? "The boy- No, the man in front of me says and asks me while he looks down.Is he avoiding making eye contact with me ? Well not that it matters, nothing really matters at this point…..... oh right the answer to his questions," Rei, the chosen one, the hero of justice and the one who will bring peace, the
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Chp. 2
" ( The prophecies hero ? Their last hope ? What- what the hell happened just now ? I'm not dreaming am I ?Those people- No, there's something more important than that- the hero…….if what they said is true, if all of the things we just saw was real- then that means the hero is among us, Urgh- My head is hurting so bad, it hurts, I should have stayed home today, even if I sleep all day, it's still better than getting headaches from time to time. ) "I thought to myself and then checked my phone.[Message notification]From- Mom[ Cain, where are you ? Did you get the eggs and milk from the store ? ]From- Dad[ Why is it taking so long for you to come home ? Do I need to remind you what will happen if you don't get home before 7pm ? ]" ( Seriously, he should be grateful that Mom is such a softie, otherwise I would have kicked him out of the house already, he's such a waste of a human being. ) "I thought to myself in anger.That's right, I don't have a great relationship with my so
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Chp. 3
" Hmm……….hm ? What time is it ? "I woke up and was looking for my phone.I got it and looked at the time,It was still 8 in the morning," Urgh- Why do I have to get out of bed when it's not even 10 yet…...wait- oh crap, the hero summoning- it is suppose to be happening today. "I got up and went to the bathroom to wash myself up and after that wore my clothes and left the house.I was running to that place from 2 days before where it all happened, I was running and was on my way to the place when it all started to happen again, the clouds were changing the colour and the weather was going all cold again." Thankfully I wore a hoodie today and some more clothes underneath so I'm not feeling that cold but man…… was all real huh ? "I thought to myself and was almost about to reach the place from yesterday when it happened.There were thunderstorms starting and it was not safe anymore for the people outside because this…….was not what we would call normal,The thunderstorms…..their
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Chp. 4
" Even if something were to happen to the hero, because of the mark on his hand, his soul will vanish from our world and he will simply teleport to his original world, he would indeed die or rather cease to exist from our world but because of the mark that was bestowed upon him by the gods that confirms that he indeed is the hero, he will not die in the true sense, Now, may I ? Hero, we shall go now, it’s almost time for us to depart. "" W-Wait a second,What if I were to tag along of my own accord anyway ? It's not like I'll die immediately or like I have to fight the demon king myself, I can simply tag along ya know ? Plus he's still my brother so I can keep him company too. "I said to the old man while stopping him on his tracks," Boy, I appreciate that you want to come and take care of our hero, but this is no small matter, and don’t you dare say you want to tag along just because it would be fun to be at the side of the hero and adventuring with him, you may be the hero's bro
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Chapter 5
*Fwoosh* " We have arrived, this is your first time travelling through like this so both of you may throw up, don't try to hold it in, even I threw up at my first time- Huh ?Where did they both go ? "" Sir, both the hero and his brother are right there. "…" Woah……..this is……so beautiful…isn't it Rei ? "I asked him." Yeah….this place looks so different and beautiful. "" ( Both of them are fine ? I could understand if it was the hero who stood up and didn't face any backlash but his brother too ? Hm….now that's interesting. )Yuusha, Cain, both of you come here, there are people waiting inside the castle, we have to hurry. "Gazef called out to us," Fine, Rei, let's go. "I said to Rei" Ok brother. "Rei and I then proceeded to run towards Gazef-sir.All of us then started to walk towards the castle, Rei and I saw many people along our way, from different races to different kind of people with status/authority, there were many people looking at Rei and me very surprised….or h
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Chapter 6
" Hm ? Who is this other person you have brought Geraz ? "The emperor asked Geraz," He is the older brother of the yuusha my lord, I have brought him on the yuusha's request as he would have felt lonely otherwise far away from his people and land, I hope it doesn't- "The emperor then waves Geraz to stop talking and looks at me and says," So, you are the older brother of our hero……what is your name boy ? "" It's Cain my lord. "I said and gave him a quick bow," Well we never guessed our hero would bring someone from his family from his world with him here, I hope you can cooperate with us as we were not informed in advance so we don't really have anything prepared for you. "Oh….so this is what Geraz was talking about, well it's not like this will be a real pain in the butt for me……yet that is, guess I'll play along, " Yes of course, like Geraz-sir said, I'm only here for my brother alone as it wouldn't be right for me to leave him all alone oh and I don't plan on being a nuisan
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Chapter 6.5
Rei's POV on how his encounter with his new maid went,*knock* *knock*" Come in. "" Hello yuusha, I am your newly assigned maid, my name is Lumine and I shall assist you with the best I can, if you have any questions, do ask me. "" Hm....for how long have you been working for the emperor and how much experience do you have with assisting people ? "" I have been working as a maid for the emperor for almost 5 years now, I have working experience of 8 years as I had to go through training in order to become a perfect maid for the yuusha itself, which means my whole life has been dedicated to you and you alone yuusha. "" Hm…..I'm not doing to argue with you like a fool nor I will try to change the things that you have been doing for all these years now,You have put in both dedication and your hard work into this,Surely you wouldn't want a nobody hero like me changing it will you ?Just keep doing what you have been doing for the last 8 years, just don't push yourself too much, yo
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Chapter 7
Right after we entered we were seen by the emperor and he then called for us," Hm, welcome yuusha and cain you too, the esteemed guests will be arriving in a while so both of can familiarise yourself with the people that are here right now,Yuusha you may come with me, we have got people from the south that wanted to see you,Cain, you may….umm….go and relax yourself while both me and the yuusha will be back in a while,As for the maids, you both can stand at the corner and wait till we come back,Let's go now yuusha. "The emperor said and then went with Rei to the people that were waiting for him,Both Penelope and Rei's maid went too," *sigh* And now I'm left all alone…….I should probably get some fresh air outside, this whole….suit like clothes may look cool but they are kinda uncomfortable for me to wear and even hard to move in. "I then go outside through one of the doors and then enter the balcony, there was only one person just a few metres away but I don't wanted to start
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