Reincarnated Villain System

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Reincarnated Villain System

By: Mayari OngoingSystem

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The moment the little tyrant of the nobles, Zephyr Calypso, saw his stepsister, he recalled his memories. He realized that he was in the world of a game he played in his previous life. To make things worse, he was the greatest villain in the common route of the game! "I'll be killed by the main character and the four capture targets ten years from now. Is there still any hope for me?" Just thinking about the fearsome glints of those sharp swords those beautiful capture targets held in their hands, Zephyr couldn't help but tremble in fear. Till a voice finally sounded in his head. 【Welcome to the Reincarnated Villain System】


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Chapter 1
“Her name is Mana. She’ll be your little sister from now on, Zephyr.”In a lavishly decorated room stood a handsome yet frail-looking middle-aged man. He held onto the hand of a silver-haired girl as he introduced her to a well-dressed, black-haired boy standing before him.The middle-aged man was known as Archer Calypso, a marquess of the Athaliah Pious Theocracy . He served as the Chief Magician of the Clovis Knight Order, as well as the patriarch of the Calypso House. He was also the father of Zephyr Calypso, the stunned 9-year-old boy standing before him at this very instant.Zephyr Calypso was the sole son of this noble family. He had dignified facial features and a head of slightly long black hair. Standing at just under 1.5 meters tall, he was considered to be on the shorter end, especially among the nobles of this country. His skinny physique also revealed his lack of physical training. However, the noble education that he had undergone from a young age gave him a composed and
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Chapter 2
Eyes of the Chronicler was a strategy-based game with a fairly complicated storyline. There were 4 main capture targets, and just like most gal games, it would start off with a common route before diverging into the independent routes of the chosen capture target in the later stage of the game.The excessive number of events and frequent time skips in the game crammed players with an overload of information, creating a poor user experience. On top of that, the multitude of routes that led to bad ends, as well as the lack of satisfying eroticism within the game, left frustrated players dying to bang their heads against walls.Putting all of this aside though, there were still some strengths to the game.The illustrations of major characters were amazing, and the background and storyline of characters were also quite detailed.The main character of the game was a fellow named Terrence Iovenara. A prince carrying the bloodline of the Austine Empire, he went missing in the streets when he
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Chapter 3
“Thank god!” A sudden scream of excitement sounded from the study room, causing the maid standing at attention outside to jolt in fright. As if a brave warrior who had found a ray of hope in the midst of despair, the little boy inside the study room stared at the System Interface in front of him with eyes widened expectantly. 【Ding!】 【System initialized.】 【Welcome to the Reincarnated Villain System!】 It’s here! It really is what I thought it is! Zephyr looked at the three words ‘Reincarnated Villain System’ with his eyes brimming with tears of agitation. As expected of his System, it was tailored right down to his needs! He was still thinking that there was no way to save the Calypso House when his System delivered what he needed right into his hands. With such a System on his side, what did he have to fear? Let me see what there is on the System! 【World scanning completed. Host scanning completed. Installation of Affection Point Exchange Shop completed. Installation of Gold
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Chapter 4
Time to go for an all-out fight!In the Marquess Archer’s study room, Zephyr touched the emblem pinned before his chest with a solemn expression on his face, reminiscent of a Pendor Knight clutching onto his blade prior to the start of a battle.Today was the adopted Mana’s first day in the Calypso House, so it was bound to be an important occasion to her. However, due to his recollection of his past memories, Zephyr had already ruined their first meeting.Ey! What a huge regret! Why did I react so slowly back then? With my looks, even if I can’t charm her over right away, I would have at least been able to leave her with a favorable impression of me!Zephyr examined the black-haired, gold-eyed boy reflected in the glass before him before squeezing his slightly chubby but attractive face. Once again, he affirmed himself.Yeap, I’m good-looking.And judging from the game’s character illustrations, my dad and mum’s genes are still quite stable. I’ll continue to grow more and more handso
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Chapter 5
Zephyr suddenly recalled something—Mana, in her younger years, was afraid of knives. To be more exact, she was frightened of anything sharp that could potentially be used to hurt her. As a saying back on Earth goes, ‘ once bitten, twice shy ’. This saying described an irrational fear toward certain objects often stemming from certain traumatic experiences, perhaps more commonly known as a phobia. Phobias induced feelings of tension and fear in one under certain specific circumstances. Even if one knew such emotions were irrational, one’s body would still cower instinctively in the face of similar circumstances, hindering one’s daily life. Phobias could manifest in many ways, but Mana’s phobia was directed toward sharp objects. As for the reason behind that… Zephyr could only say that those who possessed exceptional talents often had to bear great pain too.Sighing deeply in his heart, Zephyr began to recall how Mana’s childhood was depicted in thestoryline. All of Mana’s misfor
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Chapter 6
“Pu!”“L-lord Brother?”“It’s nothing. Haha.”Under Mana’s concerned look, Zephyr shrugged it off with a laugh as he glanced at the top of her head. Due to the two year age gap between them, Mana was half a head shorter than him, so the ‘ Affection Points +1000 ’ was practically sticking right next to his face.Clovis moly! 1000 Affections Points! A freaking four-digit figure!Zephyr was screaming frenziedly in his mind, and he had a strong urge to do a celebratory dance right on the spot. While the Emblem of Glory probably played a huge role too, it was still unbelievable to him that a four-digit figure would roll in just by feeding Mana a spoonful of meat. This was way better than him tearing up before Cordelia earlier on!Zephyr turned to look at Mana with his golden eyes once more, and this time, other than pity, his eyes also carried a hint of joy too.By brushing up Mana’s affection, not only will I be able to avert my death flag, I’ll be able to strike it rich too! This is kill
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Chapter 7
“You must be kidding me! What I want is skeleton soldiers, so why are you giving me professional dancing skeleton pallbearers here?!” On the training field, a deeply frustrated black-haired boy stared agape at the skeleton pallbearers, who were dancing with the coffin while making their way over to the wooden pole, and he suddenly felt that he had been scammed. It’s 2500 Affection Points, a hulking 2500! Did I really spend so much money just to buy this? What in the world do I need this for? For my own funeral procession? Zephyr clutched his chest, which was hurting so badly that he felt like he was having a heart attack. Then, he snapped out of it and attempted to make one final struggle. “Stop right there for a moment!” … Ten minutes later. Zephyr lay down on the grass field as he stared at the blue sky and white clouds above him with the eyes of a dead fish. The six skeleton pallbearers were currently kneeled by the side of the black coffin, as if waiting to carry him out.
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Chapter 8
“Come, Mana. Try this smoked sausage.” Nighttime, in the dining room, a silver-haired girl was seated beside Zephyr. Looking at him with an embarrassed blush dyeing her cheeks, she opened her cherry-like lips and waited for delicious food to be sent right into her mouth. “Glomp.” She bit down on the smoked sausage, causing meat juices to explode in her mouth. Even though Mana was already trying her best to be as prim and proper as she could, a trickle of oil still ended up flowing down her chin. The realization of her inelegant behavior caused her face to redden even further. Seeing this sight, Zephyr smiled kindly as he picked up a napkin and carefully wiped her face. “Lord Brother… I-I’ll do it myself.” “Allow me.” Zephyr insisted as he hastened his movements slightly. Out of sheer embarrassment, Mana directed her gaze downward, not daring to look at Zephyr directly. (Affection Points +200!) Ooh Mana, I love you! Seeing how his Affection Points were trickling up at an insa
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Chapter 9
What kind of person was Zephyr Calypso?If someone were to ask the farmers of the Calypso Fiefdom this question a month ago, they would have surely laughed their heads off.Everyone knew that nobles of Zephyr Calypso’s standing usually stayed in the most stately of mansions within the city. Even those living the city would struggle to catch a glimpse of him, let alone farmers living in the city outskirts like them.But a miracle occurred half a month ago. The young master of the marquess house actually lowered his pride to step onto the fields on the outskirts of town in order to visit the farmers, thus granting Old Kent and the others the rare opportunity to see him in person.And everyone’s first response upon seeing Zephyr Calypso was all the same⁠ , and that was to take a second look. He was simply too good-looking, that’s why.Zephyr’s face had been a lethal weapon in reaping Affection Points. Some said that he was cute, some said he was handsome; if the public had a list of desi
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Chapter 10
“Milord, thank you for your compassion. May the blessings of Crysta be with you!” Outside the Fief Lord’s gristmill, Old Kent loaded his flour onto his carriage before bowing deeply in gratitude to Zephyr. Behind him was a huge queue of farmers, who were looking at him in envy. Old Kent was quite lucky today. It was already time for the taxation official to get off work when it finally got to his turn in the queue, but the generous and compassionate young master Zephyr noticed how he had laboriously toiled a huge cart of wheat over and had waited under the glaring sun for long hours, so he made a special exception and extended the operations by half an hour. Due to this stroke of fortune, Old Kent managed to pay his taxes today. One must know that Zephyr was a traveling tax official, which meant that there was no saying when they would be able to see him once more. Naturally, Old Kent was more than overjoyed with this turn of events, and the others were deeply envious of his luck
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