The Lich System

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The Lich System

By: Bobbydale Murr OngoingSystem

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Duth has died, along with his cousin. The tragic fate of two, the dearly loved another as family. However Duth returned to his world crashing down. Home town aflame, a lich choking his cousin.. Soon after his death. He wanted to stay dead, he was at peace. But centuries later that peace once more came crashing down. His cousins soul torn away from the realm of the dead, her pained agonizing cries stirred him, his rage. When he awoke from memories, the realm of the dead felt an untold rage! After a deal with a god Duth returns with the vengeance to sear stars, with him a gift follows. Will Duth find his cousin and slay those who dared step on the dead, or will he be consumed by hos hatred and hunt all of existence into deaths grasp?


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Second Life
Rena and Lia looked up frowning at an ancient tomb. Its entrance decrepit, stone cracked with overgrowth seeping in its nooks and crannies. Whilst old graves lay in ruin in all directions. Once large graveyard reduced to a place where only dead wander and sleep in peace. Often old memories by the dead and scary to the living. Both of them looked with a creeping concern at the stone door and its ancient written language. The carved words made no sense to them, but tracing their eyes over them, sent a shiver down their spines. It felt.. Intrusive to be here. Rena the swords woman turned away to look at dale, their wizard and scholar of mythic and ancient civilizations. He had knowledge in the field where as many others in the world weren't too keen on delving into ancients and their crimes. Granted he was like that, a wizard who loved books and forbidden arts. Not something many will walk the path of, its dangerous just reading those arts. Unfortunately wizards or mages really weren't
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Bad Idea
Lia shivered as her group stepped down the corridor into the tomb which descended with a staircase. Only after a few minutes did they reach the first floor. Only Lia jumped at the sheer amount of corpses. If any were to rise just a few would be a horror show. She quickly turned to run up the stairs. "Nope, i told you this is a bad idea!"BOOM*Lia's heart skipped a beat as her face paled, not even halfway up the stair case and she was faced with her groups consequences. The stone door to this tomb, it slammed shut.. They were stuck in here with many undead possibility of hundreds of undead even.Panicking she looked down at the worried faces of her companions. Of course its dark, but Dale had the bright idea to create a miniature sun for some torch effects.. No pun intended of course.."Dale was that supposed to happen?" She looked at the wizard quizzically, did he forget to mention it? She only felt more panic when his answer was a frown and a slow shake
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Soul Fiery
[Lich system]Name: DuthLv[1][Stats]Hp: 10/10Mp:15/15SP: 0SM: 5Skills: fire missile[Lv.1], raise dead[Lv.1], Harvest[Lv.1]Passives: 25% Magic Resistance, Soul life vision, Mana Regen, Cold auraTabs: [store][craft][inv][upgrades][evolution][system upg]-lockedOh? So i am weak right now. Thats not a lot of health nor Mp, but i find this system a tad faulty. Maybe I need to upgrade the system? Hmm going to have to get back on that later.SP=Soul Points: [Soul points are used for crafting dead entities like dragons, and upgrading]SM=Soul Mass: [Soul Mass is the substance needed to raise the dead, set new bases, evolve and extend your power via just being there and upgrades to self. More uses are explained when system is ungraded]WHAT!Dragons?!Imagine! 10 story titans who are armored like mountains, can breath molten fire that can melt diamond and even use magic as if they were the incarn
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Before This
After his death, Duth had only mourned as long as he could before seeing his cousin again. Still remembering the lich who broke her neck. Yet when you also die, mourning for life can quickly be forgotten. He saw his friends family and even pets again. The soul realm was certainly a hard one to explain. It didn't have landscape or cities, no it had what the soul wanted. What it was content with. You could call it your own little paradise that gave you actual satisfaction from your happiness. Span that into eternity and anyone may actually find themselves content with their new ever changing reality.He had no idea how long its been in the living world, as far as he could recall times in dimensions were different. Not that you can visit the soul realm with ease. Nor any realm for that matter. The energy required is to put in perspective.. insane, like planetary level. So how did the mortals access the soul realm and find ways to power their magics further?He unfortu
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Beaten And Battered
A deep crimson flame shot out crashing into the entrance for so many undead. Its flames expanded rapidly. Inhaling oxygen and producing an even more explosive yield. Almost reaching Dale and his companions with blast radius alone, not accounting for the devastating shock wave that follows. The party with both relief and disbelief watched the undead in hundreds be consumed as a tidal wave of hellish flame ran across them like water. Their many war cries of groans, moans and creaking of bones silenced in almost an instant. Dale was rather impressed himself at his level of control and a successful experimental spell. Its components weren't that normal. Mostly based off theory. Yet the shockwave shot them back. Only his last embers of mana saved them from being embedded into a stone wall. That said..He had used a silver of his will, finding it possible to do so, whilst using mana and a small ancient rune used long ago and it worked. Which makes him think his pet pro
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Rena dreamt briefly, at first she had been peaceful. However moments only passed before something clawed at her from deep within. Twisting her dreams into nightmares of darkness, screams and the cold eyes of burning crimson blue fire. She snapped awake, cold sweat running down her brow and a deep shiver of fear that didn't settle for a second. She often had these omens, dreams of one day occurrences, it could happen anytime, but the more vivid it became, the less time she had until it happened.. This dream.. It was.. Too vivid. Huff* Huff* Huff* She inhaled and exhaled air like a gasping fish, was that a vision? If so.. Was there time short? How long had it been since she's had visions? A few years at least, Lia craned her head slightly. Taking no notice of Rena's distress.
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Dale had been restrained and disarmed of the scroll, by none other than the Lich. Who gave it a once over before chuckling. "That's funny, but.. Nooo.." He hissed in raving whispers. The lich latched onto his arm with a twisted glee. "Fooood…" A bioluminescent green wisping flame spreads slowly across his forearm. Seeping joyfully into any cracks and creavess found. Dale struggled helplessly, to no avail. All his mana had been sapped when he used the scroll. All he needed was the last string of words. However he couldn't speak under the force of this monster, he still hoped. Not wanting to let go of life so easily, Dale still had much to live for, so much to learn and see, so experience, why should he die here? He won't hand his life to anyone, but the moment that wicked magic touched him. The will of mind and body almost broke in an instant.  Read more
Tap* Tap* Tap* Boney finger tapped the cracked stone upon the thrones armrest. Staring blatantly at his system and the numbers with a twinkling light dimly sparking in his fiery eyes. [Lich system] Name: Duth Lv[1] [Stats] Hp: 10/10 +30% bonus Mp:15/15 +30% bonus SP: 6 SM: 125 Skills: Fire missile[Lv.1], Raise dead[Lv.1], Harvest[Lv.1] Read more
The Lich System
[Would you like to upgrade the system? it will cost you 500 SM] [Yes/No?] [Yes] ### Duth didn't know what he expected, a congratulations? Or an anti-climatic upgrade, but this? This was outside his rotten box.At first there was a long delay, expecting nothing more than some subtitle little notification. However, it wasn't so small and the effect was instantaneous. Layers of magical circles flickered into existence, spanning up into the skies and outwards like a machine of gears. Such runes were not physical, nor could he decipher them. Duth stood there
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Losing The Battle
Adilen signed as he looked down at the messenger. How did this happen? An enemy army appeared within the city? There shouldn't have been a feasible way to breach the city like that, the harbor was protected, so was here at the other end of the pass, finally the sewers were guarded and closed shut. 'Unless.. No.. You'd have to be magically adept for that, there are no wizards of my knowledge anywhere near this city. Nor did we make enemies with one.' Perhaps they were already hidden in the city? Ready to strike when they weren't looking and their manpower was low? That's seemed far more feasible than any mystical scroll that could warp you to a very specific location. One he would rather believe instead. He can't deal with them until he deals with the city walls defenses who were under siege by a rather large bandit army. However, that didnt mean the troops in the walls can't, he grabbed his warhorn, there were two actually. One was for the front; it was more thunderous, though it ha
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