Return of the son-in-law

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Return of the son-in-law

By: Chessman Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Klaus was treated like a trash can in the Baker's family. His wife was pregnant, and his mother-in-law demand she abort the baby and leave Klaus. All was lost until Klaus was revealed to be the last heir of a prominent family. He vows to secretly helps his wife reclaim her family position and toss those who taunt him.


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86 chapters
Chapter One
Klaus was seating facing Clara, her facial expressions made Klaus look away, he stares at his soaked palm, obviously he was worried, Clara has been this way since they got married, she tries to be happy and lively whenever he is around but deep down, Klaus knows she is sad. Clara comes from a rich family, she is supposed to be above clouds, but she chose to walk on the ground when she decided to marry Klaus.Now their marriage is at a tight spot, and she couldn't keep up with her beaming face. Klaus couldn't find a job and her mother was at their tail, she feared she might eventually lose Klaus. That was the last thing she wanted, her mother will be so happy, and she wouldn't mind marrying her off to a toothless man as long he is wealthy.Clara came up with an idea, the only way to solve their threatening situation.“Why don't you ask my mom for help” she said. Klaus has been looking for a job desperately, and he has been rejected countless times, this made him doleful because he cou
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Chapter Two
Klaus massage his closed eyes, his phone was ringing again, he tries to calm his anger before picking this one. It was Richard, Clara brother. He is a presence Klaus can't ignore, Klaus was always on Richard black list, and he seized every opportunity he has to taunt Klaus. Klaus didn't want to hear his voice, neither can he ignore the call.Klaus picks the call, the thunderous voice sounded immediately.“Klaus are dumb are you. You are stupid Klaus” Richard roars from his side. Klaus couldn't help but listen, he was used to his insults, but he thought today was different.“Richard—” Klaus wanted to ask what the problem was, but he was interrupt by Richard who hasn't finished.“You are fool Klaus. How dare you!. How dare you!, you rat!. You have no shame Klaus!, you are a piece of cabbage!” he increases his voice, Klaus stops listening, he removed the phone from his ears, when his barking was done, Klaus place the phone back.“What is it” Klaus asked gently. He was trying to calm hims
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Chapter Three
Klaus ears moved, his eyes tears out, he was surprised this man wasn't the boss here, he was already scared by this man presence, but he wasn't even the king.Klaus swallow his saliva, his situation just got critical and what is wrong with the young master anyway. the men staggered back with fear, their body was shivering as they gave Klaus some distance. The old man finally calms his face, he said to Klaus."Young master" he was finally close to Klaus. Klaus looks around, there was nobody here except the hefty men and him. he gazed to the old man looking worried, who is he talking to. He shook his head back when he saw the old man kneeling in front him, his eyes were wet. He cried out immediately.“Young master, forgive me. I was ignorant to let this baboon do the job” he bows his head. Klaus was shocked, his heart was pounding like a hammer, his ears were drifting about.When the men saw what the old man did, their legs collapse to the ground, Klaus turns hearing the sounds behi
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Chapter Four
The butler was anxious waiting for Klaus reply, he was beaming that this moment has come but at the same time his body was aching for the master words. Klaus was poker, he could see the expressions on the old man face, and he was still standing tall, Klaus sighs, his cheeks move up a little, the old man shook his head forward, he was wondering if that was a yes. Klaus finally breaks the undying silence.“What is your name” Klaus asked, he turns to look around the room.“I am sorry Young master” the old man went on his knees quickly, how could he have missed that part, his heart kicked, he was the chief servant anyway, names doesn't matter but since the young master asked.“Steve, sir.” he answered staring at the floor, he gazed up when he saw the Klaus feet's moving to him.“Steve Jones” he said, his eyes widen when he saw the master stretching his to hand to him, Steve holds Klaus hands with both hands, he stood from the floor. He bows his head, escaping the young master gaze. He was
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Chapter Five
There was a coughing sound immediately Mrs. Baker said those words, their lips moved, but the words didn't fall out, Mrs. Baker was giving the CEO position has a reward for whoever gets an offer from the Ricky company. This was alarming and heart piercing, after all the CEO is only meant for the Successor of the family, and it holds greater powers.Their Adam apple movement was heard. Mrs. Baker was helpless waiting for a response it seems even after the reward, nobody dares to utter anything. This was understandable because the Baker family were ants in front of the Ricky company not even she will dare to approach their abode but since the family is need for a super contract, everybody has to utter something even if they are lies.“Everybody must come to the Baker Vila tomorrow” Mrs. Baker ends the call.Clara finally let out her sigh, she was frightened that her mom knows about her pregnancy and the way she spoke, she fears that the conversation was only paused and later to be conti
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Chapter Six
Everybody eyes were on the TV, Richard was the closest to the television, his feet were moving has the time got nearer.After a minute, Ricky company secretary appeared on the screen, she was tall and brown in complexion. Klaus couldn't help but look at her more, this is Helen Freeman, she wasn't bad at all.Helen was representing the CEO, Mr. Marshall. She thanks all bidder for their participation, everybody came closer when she was reaching the point of announcing the winner. Klaus remained in his position, his hands moved a little as Helen was reaching the last statement.“We got our winner already. Thank you!” Helen left the media. There was nuclear explosion in the living room. Klaus eyebrows pushed down, he was shocked that Helen didn't mention the winner, his face harden the more when everybody drifts their gaze to him.“Look what you have caused, you useless being!” The closest to him sounded. Richard tightens his hands, “you have drags us to the mug, you fool!” Richard wanted
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Chapter Seven
Klaus sneers before he approached the receptionist, he gave Mr. Harold a little respect, but he tossed to the ground, now he single-handedly dig his grave.If he kept ridiculing him, Klaus wouldn't have said anything, but he dare mention his wife with his fetid mouth. ‘I will show him what happens when you dance in front an hungry lion’Klaus stride to Harold, he caught up with him, Harold turns seeing Klaus was standing beside him. He shrugged his shoulder talking to the receptionist. The receptionist recognized Klaus immediately, he has been showed a picture of the new CEO by Lady Helen. She didn't want Klaus to face any issues when coming and she was also trying to give a good impression.The receptionist was about speaking when Klaus wave his fingers telling him not to utter anything. The receptionist was Sharp to understanding. He confirmed Mr. Harold appointment. “Sir, this way” he pointed to the elevator. Harold shook his head, the receptionist was talking to Klaus, not him.
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Chapter Eight
Klaus sat down on his executive leather chair, he looks around again, the freshness here was unimaginable. Klaus sigh he has never been to a CEO office before, so this was making him beaming inside but outside his face was deadpan.Klaus' stretch to the telephone on the desk, he calls Helen Freeman. She has some questions to answer. Immediately Klaus made the call, he heard a knock at the door."Come in" Klaus adjusted on the chair, his eyebrows moved when he saw it was Helen, he was surprised she was already here, he dropped the telephone just seconds ago. Klaus was impressed but he won't let her off the hook.“What did I say about the bidding” Klaus eyes were on her. Helen shivered a little, his voice keeps getting threatening. “Clara baker only” Helen dare not add 'but' she was already frightened by the new boss.Klaus saw she was frightened, she has always been the boss here, so it's normal to be scared when she suddenly become under someone, Klaus then soften his voice. “What ha
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Chapter Nine
Everybody paused to the sudden voice, their legs vibrate has they checked their phones to confirm the words. Their eyes widen immediately. Mrs. Baker ordered they put it on screen.Everybody gathers around her, their eyes were only on the TV, they wanted to hear the catastrophe that will soon befall them.Clara was left in the back as they neglected her immediately the streaming start. Her heart was pounding hard when the secretary of Ricky company was shown in the Livestream. She had very little luck on winning the bid, but she has to believe in a miracle because her future depends on it.‘Why would Klaus say such a thing’ she bites her lips hard.Mrs. Baker felt the pressure on her shoulder, she swore she is going to kill Klaus and tear Clara to pieces if they lose, she hasn't utter anything since because she was speechless. Her heart has been sounding ever since Richard mentioned the loan. how can she let everything she worked for go to waste just because of a stupid son-in-law.
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Chapter Ten
The door bash open and Klaus was standing there, their heart kicked immediately. Nobody has utter anything since Richard broke out the bet issues. their brain was busy calculating that they forgot that madman made a bet.Now that they think about it, Klaus must've be possessed by a spirit so he saw the future. No wonder he was so sure about Clara winning but deep down they knew the truth.this was a damn luck. ‘Shit!, why would luck pick a low life being, damn luck!’they couldn't keep their balance so they sat down on the nearest couch, this was beyond death sentencing and seeing Klaus has arrived their body quiver more.Mrs. Baker was the weakest one, how is this possible, she asked herself. She started to regret accepting the bet. just when she was above the clouds, Richard words almost brought her six feet to the ground.Klaus slowly steps to the crowds waiting in the living room, he spots Clara, she was confused, but her cheeks move seeing him. he wonders why Clara was here, s
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