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"You are not worthy to be here!" The woman raised up her hand and hit the young man's face, which started bleeding instantly. " A disgusting stinky rat like you shouldn't be here!" The young man was flabbergasted and stunned. He hadn't even say anything, and he was treated like this. He lowered his head and fought the tears that were threatening to come out. " Where is my husband?!" The woman yelled right in his face. "He is coming. He just told me to accompany you first till he arrives." The young man answered in a low sad tone. The woman bursted into a fit of laughter and shook her head amusingly. Even the guests were not left out. " You want to accompany me?!" The woman repeated and laughed out loud. " Who do you think you are? Do you think I will allow a mad unfortunate dog to accompany me in this kind of party! You are just a piece of trash, whose only job is to clean mess! You don't fit to walk or even stand beside me, not even anyone in your generations!" *** A man with no use, An orphan with no direction. A genius with no opportunity...... He was known as a piece of trash with no worth. Been mistreated and looked by a lots of people, he felt he had no purpose. His boss betrayed him...... His lost the string he was holding on to...... But just when he was about to give up, the world turned around for him, showing him fate is nothing but a fickle mistress. Can the worthless man transformed into someone invincible and give those who made his life a living hell their piece of cake? Will he satisfy his lust for vengeance, or be caught in another thing entirely?



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CHAPTER 1. Shock of his life
..... " The boss asked you to bring his suite now to the top floor!" Hudson's brows relaxed immediately, and he nodded gently. " Okay." He was familiar with the person at the other end of the line. Before he could hang up, the phone was snatched from the person at the other end, and a familiar voice rang inside Hudson's ears. " Bring the thick cap when you are coming! I will be needing it within an hour, so be fast! I don't want my babe to leave, or you will be dead for that!"*Beep beep*The call was hung up immediately. Hudson could only stared at his phone screen in a dumfounded manner. He couldn't believe his boss again. This was the habit of Henry, and Hudson was already used to it. He knew his boss was having a new chick again by now, and he was the one task with the responsibility of bringing or carrying the Jimmy hat. " Will my life ever be better?" Hudson wanted to cry so hard, but he couldn't. His life at this moment was really a sore spot for him. There were t
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CHAPTER 2. Who are you?
" What's going on?!" Startled with the sudden silence, Henry yelled as he turned his back and stopped what he was about to do. " Boss, we don't know what happened. He just suddenly went quiet and limp," the body guard carrying Hudson answered unhurriedly in a calm manner. Henry looked down at the immobile Hudson, and he shook his head. " So?" He scoffed and snorted loudly. " Do I look like I care? Fuck! I said throw him out!" The bodyguards weren't expecting this, but they had no right to say anything. They just quickly did what Henry told them, scurrying away, with the immobile and quiet Hudson. *Baam*" That's where you belong!" The bodyguard, who carried Hudson, threw him away like a garbage and stepped on him, before he turned away. The moment the bodyguards left, Hudson stood up and dusted himself slowly, with a gloomy look. He was devasted and couldn't believe what he just went through. He wanted to think, but his mind was already numb. Too much grief had o
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CHAPTER 3. Lewis Dante?
" Then, it about what?" Lewis stood up calmly and stared deep into Hudson's eyes. Both people actually possessed the same eyes, as they both had hazel eyes. This was when Hudson's eyes flickered with something unknown, and he suddenly noticed something." Who are you?" He asked again, this time with a solemn expression, finally calming himself down. Lewis also noticed this, but he sighed and lowered his head. " I am your father." He answered curtly." How? I told you my father is dead!" Hudson still refused to believe Lewis and shook his head negatively. " Please, I hate lies!" " And so do I!!" Lewis snapped with a red rimmed eyes, as he lifted up his head. " Do you think am okay with lying to you and everyone?! I didn't die Hudson, it was all fake. It had a reason, and at the time, I couldn't trust anybody, but am sorry you suffered for it. It was all my fault, I am sorry." " What do you mean?" Hudson got confounded, and he blinked his eyes multiple times. " I didn't die
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CHAPTER 4. Too scary
The cops were dead scared! Who doesn't know Lewis Dante? A man who is equal and even more than the government and the law! A man that can simply crush the whole of Orlando into nothing, but dust! Who would dare him?!But they didn't want to jump into conclusion and decided to wait a bit. The person at the other end of the call was startled, and his brain immediately started calculating why the giant Lewis Dante will call him. " Is there any problem Mr. Lewis?" The person at the other end of the call was the head of the police force, but right now, he doesn't seemed so with how frightened he was. " How dare you Richard?! Is this the reason I put you in place?!" Lewis scolded the head of the police force, Richard and scoffed. Richard was already sweating proviously like a goat about to be slaughtered. He didn't understand what Lewis was saying. " Is there....any proble...m... Mr. Lewis?"Lewis chuckled slowly, " You dare to ask me what the problem is? What effontery?" He
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CHAPTER 5. He can't believe this. 
" Take good care of it." Lewis reminded his son and gave him one last glance, before he walked out of the house..Hudson was dumbfounded and couldn't even blink his eyes. He wanted to say, ' sorry this is too much, I can't accept this', but the words were difficult to even come out. He could only watched till his father and shadow was out of sight. It took him some minutes before he composed himself, and immediately, he yelled. " Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" He couldn't believe his eyes at all. Ever since he had been working with his former boss, Henry, he has been hearing everything news about the golden card but had never seen it. The golden card was a card that was limited to only five people in the country, and it was a card that contained an unimaginable amount! The golden card could even purchase the whole Orlando country. But the people who possess it were unknown. And it is very difficult to assess it, even it can't be stolen. Hudson's brain summersaulted, when he checked
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Chapter 6. Disrespectful
Hudson finally made up his mind to buy a car and do some shopping, just so he could look good on the day of the reunion. It would be bad for the only son of the giant Lewis Dante to appear like a homeless dude right?" Yeah that's the spirit!" Hudson raised up his hands and wiggled them, exclaiming at the same time! Even though, he still felt somehow about his new identity, he could understand it is difficult for him to adjust to this new lifestyle. " Oh well, time to go!" Swiftly, he jumped off the bed and ran to the restroom. After some minutes, he came out and quickly get dressed into something simple. Too simple to be precise..Currently, he was putting on an old worn out shirt and pant, that made him look nothing less to the sewage cleaners. But he had a reason for dressing like that. He still want to kept a low profile and not reveal his huge status as Lewis Dante's only son and heir. "********"At a particular car dealership, known to house only expensive cars, two
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CHAPTER 7. I will buy it!
Hudson was furious with the way the car salesman acted towards him, and he felt humiliated again. " Hey, I said you should introduce me to the car." Hudson walked over to where the salesman was, and he gently tapped his shoulder. He badly wanted that car, as he was already attracted to it and would do anything to get it! He just couldn't let it go! Not when he now possess a golden card. " Get your filthy hands off me!" The car sales person pushed Hudson away and spat angrily. " How dare you touch me?! Who are you to touch me?! Don't inflict your wretchedness on me!" Hudson was stunned, and he stepped back a little. He frowned, as he couldn't comprehend why the salesman is acting like this....Gina suddenly laughed and shook her head amusingly. " Why are you acting as if you can afford the car?! If you can really afford it, I will kowkow 20 times in front of you and strip myself naked!" Henry just pulled Gina to him more and placed a finger on her lips. " Don't bother yours
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CHAPTER 8. What if I can afford it?
Hudson didn't care if all eyes were on him now. He just couldn't wait to get behind the wheel! " I will take the car." The lady was immediately trilled, and she almost jumped up. The happiness in her eyes couldn't be mistaken, and it was as if it could light up a whole dark ten buildings.Gina, Henry, and the car salesman couldn't believe their ears. Suddenly, Gina bursted into a fit of laughter, followed by Henry. " Does this look like a joking place to you Hudson? How can you afford to buy a car like that! Even if you work for ten good years, you still won't be able to get that kind of a car. That's how unfortunate you are!" Gina pointed to Hudson and shook her head, as she stuck out her tongue. She mocked Hudson loudly, that it even attracted other customer's attentions. " What are you trying to do, even if you want to fake your life, must you do it here?! Let me tell you, this car can buy your whole generation! So don't you dare try to bite more than what you can c
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CHAPTER 9. Fake Golden card
Just as Alisa was about to collect the golden card from Hudson, Henry immediately ran forward with a frown and yelled. " Is there any problem?" Alisa withdrew her hand and faced Henry. " Please, you have to know you are not the only customers here. There are also other customers willing to buy a car, but they don't appreciate a noisy place." She tried to express herself politely in the best way she could, even though she was slightly annoyed. Henry ignored Alisa and shifted his eyes to one particular thing. It was too good to be true to him, as he carefully observed that particular thing. " Is that a golden card?" " What does it look like?" Hudson crossed his arms over his chest and arched his brows slightly. He wasn't astonished with Henry's action, cause he knew how money minded his ex boss was. Hearing this, Henry almost choked, and he patted his chest. " Impossible!" He whispered beneath his breathe, as he widened his eyes." That a lie!" Gina stepped forward also and
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CHAPTER 10. Surprise 
" Your money?" Hudson laughed out loud. " Why will I steal your money? You don't even have up to that money in cash, so how come?" This......Henry felt like he was thrown a bucket of water, and he lowered his head slightly. He wasn't expecting Hudson to expose his secret, which is actually true. " What do you mean?! How dare you try to ridicule my darling?! Are you tried of living!" Gina rushed forward to hit Hudson, as she wanted to teach him a lesson. But before she could get to Hudson's side, Alisa blocked her. " I don't think it right to just throw baseless assumptions on someone innocent, please step back if you respect yourself." Alisa snapped at Gina and gestured for her to move backward. " Enough!" The manager was not in the mood for this kind of nonsense. " Romeo and Alisa, you will answer to me when am done." He addressed the two salesperson, before he turned to Hudson. " Whether you are a thief or not, I don't care. I am calling the cops now, and you are
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