Ascendance Of The Talented Tycoon

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Ascendance Of The Talented Tycoon

By: Miraculous X Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Henry's struggling world crumbled when he witnessed his rightful awards and love stolen by one man. But a mysterious revelation thrust him into a hidden world—heir to the Humphrey fortune. With assistant Mia, they resurrected Nexus Architects, sparking jealousy in the corporate world and a long-ago family feud came into play. As Henry rises, enemies become his daily oxygen as many want him down where they can trample upon him, however, Henry has no intention of going down ever again. Amid corporate battles and family rivalry, Henry must sail in uneven water to claim victory over his adversaries because he's Henry Humphrey, a man who'd seen the hideous side of life and now that he's rising to the top, all his enemies must crumble… He shall make a name for himself and his family legacy must prevail.

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71 chapters
Chapter 1.
"Where do you think you are going?" A voice asked. Henry frowned as he stared at the figure in front of him. "I'm not staying any longer, I need to leave this place, I feel suffocated." Henry frowned as he looked at the man in front of him staring at him with disgust."The manager requested you to watch the award-giving ceremony before you leave." The voice frowned."Fine." Henry groaned as he walked back to his seat feeling rather defeated.It was not as if he could go against the orders of his boss, so he could only sit down amidst the other employees watching the processing."And, the award for the Best Architectural Designer of the Month goes to Patrick Gonzalez." The loud voice of the Mc came and the clapping of the audience brought Henry out of his thoughts as he looked at the stage, his heart broken.This wasn't the first time this was happening. That award was supposed to be his, but no, it had been passed to his boss instead.He was an employee of Nexus Architects and was v
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Chapter 2.
Henry's heart sank seeing who it was. Sighing he picked up the phone as he prayed for good news even though he knew it was futile as what he was going to receive was bad news."Henry, how are you doing?" A gentle voice came from the other end of the phone."I'm fine doctor, how's my mother?" Henry sighed as she asked."Well, I called you to inform you of her condition." The voice on the other end of the phone replied."Is she fine?" Henry asked, feeling rather optimistic even though he knew that the news he would be receiving would be bad."Well..." The voice on the other end sighed, as his voice trailed off."Doctor, please say it." Henry pleaded, it was just as he had guessed, it was going to be bad news and he was already prepared to hear it."Well, your mother's condition is becoming worse, and you need to start her treatment urgently, or else I'm afraid we'll be helpless once it enters stage III."Henry's heart sank hearing what the doctor said, he couldn't believe his ears, it w
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Chapter 3.
"Son?" Henry creased his brow as he muttered the world, it was as if though he didn't hear well."Yes, son, I'm your father." The voice on the other end of the phone said happily."I'm sorry, but my father is dead," Henry replied coldly."No...""Get the Fuck off my phone, my father is long dead I don't have one." Henry huffed as he angrily disconnected the call He wasn't in the mood for any prank. At the moment, he felt so angry as though he should hit the one who had just called him and was claiming to be his father.Ring! Ring!Henry's phone rang again. Looking at the caller's ID, he saw it was the same number and angrily disconnected the call.Not long after, the phone rang again, this time, it was also the same number and Henry angrily disconnected the call.The phone rang again and he angrily disconnected it once again. Then again, and again, and again which annoyed Henry greatly.After the Fifth ringing, Henry frowned and picked up the call."What the hell do you want, I thou
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Chapter 4.
Henry scowled as he turned around to look at the figure who had just called him."Ohh, it's you, Abigail." Henry smiled as he looked at her. There were no emotions in his eyes and they looked rather empty."You had the guts to look for another woman right after I broke up with you, how dare you?" Abigail fired as she looked at Henry before looking at Mia.She was jealous of Mia as the latter was more beautiful than her, besides, she was dressed luxuriously. Even Patrick wouldn't be able to afford the brand of clothes she was wearing."And how's that my business?" Henry inquired as he stared at her. "How dare you?" Abigail sneered."Well the last time I checked, you returned the engagement ring I gave you and called me a stranger, so I think the same applies to you." Henry shrugged."Besides, it's just as you've said, we are not of the same world, we were never meant to be together, so I don't think you should worry about anything.""Also, since you've engaged to the one who loves you
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Chapter 5.
"Young Master, I'm sorry, but I think I'll have to leave." Mia frowned as she looked at her watch."Alright," Henry nodded."I'll give you a call once I'm done with my work," Mia continued."There'll be no need, I'll give you a call once I need your help." Henry smiled as he shook his head."Farewell Young Master." Mia smiled as she entered the car which was waiting for her.Henry nodded with a sigh as he looked at the car drive into the distance. Everything looked like a dream to him, in just a day, he went from a useless loser to the son of the richest man in the country.Well, he wasn't going to think about it too much and just let nature take its cause. Besides, it was time to shake the business industry. He has a great talent, but then he had always been suppressed by Patrick.Now that he was given another chance, he was going to make sure to cause a huge ripple in the business industry.A smile appeared on Henry's lips as he thought about it. Well then that was it, he had other
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Chapter 6.
"Well, I don't know how well the mall is doing, but here's a potential buyer." Janet laughed as she pointed at Henry."Huh?" The shirt chubby man who had just walked into the scene froze upon hearing Janet's statement."Well, I'd like to see the one who wants to buy out the mall." The man chuckled."Here he is by my side," Janet smiled as she pointed at Henry who had his hands in his pockets."Well..." The man muttered as he stared at Henry."Meet our rich young master, Henry..""Henry, meet the Manager of the Crystal Mall," Janet smiled as she Introduced Henry to the manager."Well, young man, are you intent on buying out the mall?" The short chubby man frowned as he looked at Henry.Even though there was a hint of disdain in his eyes, he didn't dare look down on the latter as the latter had a kind of strange aura that made him stand out.Even though he was dressed poorly and was looked down upon by all the people present, the calmness in his eyes was Otherworldly. It was as if he wa
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Chapter 7.
Henry sighed as he walked out of the mall. It had been quite a while since he had entered. Since there was nothing else to do, he could as well go check the company out. It was finally time to start.Thinking like this, Henry walked down the road, flagged down a taxi, and hopped in.---An hour later, the taxi pulled up in front of Nexus Architects. Even though Mia didn't say what company was given to him, Judging from what she said, he could tell that she was here at the company."Where do you think you are going?" A hoarse voice came just as Henry was about to enter the company.Henry frowned as he looked at the guards who had just stopped him. He could remember that they were the same ones who had thrown him out of the hall today."Do you want us to break your legs?" One of the guards sneered as he looked at Henry with hostility."Didn't you hear what the boss said earlier, that you shouldn't come near the company?" Another of the guards frowned as he looked at Henry.Henry frowned
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Chapter 8.
The executive watched Henry with repulsion as he tried to do what he knew best how to do. "Is this going to take forever? If you don't know what to do, just drop the damn remote and let the specialists do their work." One of the executives said loudly with a bored glance and the rest just laughed. "I think he is lost, by merely looking at him, you'll know that he's not good at anything, he just wants to do guessing work with us, I think it's a pure time waste to have him in front of us, he's not fit to be among us, just look at him." Another said and they all cracked up.Henry didn't budge because he wasn't bothered by their silly rants, he was more focused on what he was doing, scrolling and reading some content on the huge screen. He needed to place those low-minded thinking executives in their lane and he shall certainly do that.The executives' rants began to bother Mia, she couldn't just sit there and watch those fools disobey her young master. The young master might not take a
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Chapter 09
"Young Master, please forgive their rudeness," Mia hurriedly stood up as she bowed to Henry immediately all the executives walked out.."You know you shouldn't be apologizing on their behalf right?" Henry's mouth curled up into a smile as he looked at Mia."Yes, I know the young master, but I still feel the need to ask for your apology," Mia said hurriedly."Alright, you should know that I'm not annoyed. They are all nothing but clowns, so why would I get annoyed with the performance of a clown." Henry's mouth curled up into a smirk as he said slowly.Mia's mouth twitched violently hearing what Henry said. Seems like the executives had crossed the line."Alright, you know you shouldn't be bowing to me, right?" Henry raised his brows as he looked at Mia."If I'm not wrong, you should be older than me by some years, and if you are not older then we should be around the same age right?""Young Master, the master directed me to serve you probably, I cannot possibly disrespect you." Mia sh
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Chapter 10: Is This What You Call A Blueprint?
Henry's face went dark as he turned around slowly to look at the figure who had just talked. The voice sounded rather familiar, yet it sounded distant which made him rather confused."Ohh, it's you." Henry's mouth curled up into a smile seeing the figure."If this isn't, Henry Humphrey, the very best architect back then at college." The figure said in a sarcastic tone as he looked at Henry not hiding the disgust in his eyes."Well, Maximus, I'm quite honored with the title you just bestowed upon me. I, Henry Humphrey, will make sure to uphold it and never let you down." Henry chuckled as he walked towards Maximus with a hand in his pocket.Maximus was Henry's college course mate back at college and the latter had always been competing with Henry to beat him in all aspects. But he was always held back by Henry who seemed to know everything.The only edge he had was that he was from a rich family, even at that, he never seemed to be able to beat Henry who came from a poor background, w
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