Savvy Son-in-law

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Savvy Son-in-law

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A wife who thinks with her vagina and thinks the worst of her husband, a mother-in-law who twists words for her own benefit, a father-in-law who’s a multi-millionaire but is stingier than a beggar, and many more in-laws who can spew empty words much better than any popular politician out there. And there’s rarely anything they all ever agree on, except when it comes to mocking their one and only son-in-law to the point they put the workers in their villa above him. They take out all their frustrations on him and humiliate him to the bone and beyond at every possible opportunity. However, like the inevitable judgment day, the day their reality turns upside down inches closer, the same day when the wife’s ego gets eaten and the in-laws' faces turn ashen as a newborn calf’s first poop, and that’s just the start of a savvy show.


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“Rebeeca, are you kidding me? Now I know why you didn’t have a wedding. To think your husband is a freaking pizza-delivery guy!” a blonde in a skimpy dress let the words flow out of her mouth like a monkey's exaggerated screams.“That’s not it, Jane.” The brunette sitting in the driver’s seat took her shades out and bit on them. She was wearing a metallic fashion dress that revealed some of her breasts and most of her healthy thighs with zero cellulite and perfect shine. She tried to explain herself by telling her a few things."So you're saying your vagina never vomited white stuff after getting married?" Jane covered her mouth in both shock and pity. "I went out on an extended foreign trip to find a good-looking husband, but you are here… stuck with a pizza-delivery guy."Rebecca didn't know whether to laugh or cry."At least tell me he's attractive.""Well," Rebecca felt awkward to respond to such a question.The car they were in, a red Porsche, had stopped in front of a cluster of
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Benjamin entered the villa through the main door while chewing on a pizza slice. This was the same pizza he had wanted to give to the chief driver, though he ended up lying about forgetting to bring it. He took the rest of the pizza to the children’s room. His in-law’s children, there were four of them. All crazy, selfish, and self-absorbed in their own ways, just like their parents. Two of them talked too much, while the other two rarely ever talked. When Benjamin walked in, they were all playing games or chatting with their friends in their own mobiles. Their mobiles looked stylish and up-to-date compared to the crappy old mobile Benjamin had. “Hey, kids. I brought pizza,” Benjamin put excitement into his voice. “Put it on the table and leave,” the oldest of the four, Lisa, replied without even looking. Even though she looked cute with her pigtails and all, her words were always cold and indifferent, even more so than Rebecca. Benjamin did as she said and was leaving. (Not one o
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At night.Almost everyone from the family gathered at the dining table and began eating, all except one who was still standing and serving food for others.He was the only son-in-law of the Sterling family, yet taunts and mockings were flung at him every other minute. Even the children took part in it enthusiastically.Sunday was a cheat day, so Selena was gorging on everything her hands could get hold of. While everyone sitting ate their fill to the point of burping twice or thrice, nobody offered Benjamin food or told him to sit and eat, not even his wife.He was hungry, but he was fed their trivial talk peppered with lies. He had to listen to them exchanging lies to one another. For instance, the children lied the most by hiding things they were doing. Lisa was chatting with her boyfriend since afternoon, but she lied about that. Roshan was watching exclusive stripping videos since evening, yet he acted like he was doing his homework. The other two children, who were much younger,
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If there was anyone more shameless than pigs, it was Shawn’s wife, Elizabeth. Shamelessness ran in her blood was what Benjamin believed.Her family would spend around 100 days every year in the Sterling family, and the rest of the days, Elizabeth would regularly travel to and fro using Sterling’s money. She didn’t have any job, not that she tried to get one in the first place.She was so dependent on her husband for her lavish lifestyle of attending yacht shows and tennis tournaments all around the world. Still, she had no respect for Selena even though Shawn loved his mother more than anything else. Maybe, that was exactly why she couldn’t bring herself to respect Selena because she wanted Shawn to respect and love her the most first.She would always try to put fights between Veronica and her mother and would enjoy the show from the side. However, she received the most entertainment from a single person. And that was the only son-in-law of the Sterling family.“Benjamin! Where are y
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Rebecca dropped him at the Rye’s Pizzas, a cluster of vintage pizza huts, and left without saying at least a cursory bye. Only Benjamin waved his hand, expecting her to look back. Though she didn’t look back, she did notice his efforts through the mirror and faintly smiled.“I wish I knew fashion designing as well,” Benjamin thought. “Then I would have joined her company.” He sighed and got to work.Right after entering the cluster of huts, Benjamin had to take out all of his possessions and put them in the employee’s storage box before getting into the blue uniform. Rings, lockets, and bracelets especially were not allowed inside the food center after all.Normal deliveries must be made within 30 minutes to any part of the city, and the customers would give anywhere from 1 to 5 stars of rating.Express deliveries must be made within 15 minutes only, and the customers would give anywhere from 1 to seven stars.Benjamin’s average rating now reached 4.8 after over 12,000 successful deli
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In the evening, Rebecca took Benjamin to her personal physician, one different from their family doctor, who gave him some medication to improve his hunger. No tablets. Only some syrup. However, the doctor took 300 dollars for providing less than ten minutes of her time, which was much more than what Benjamin earned that day from tips working from 10 to 4 on that day.As they were heading home, Rebecca was silent as usual. She was a woman of few words, as though something always ran through her mind.“Rebecca…” Benjamin started a conversation. It was better than being silent, after all. “Today,” he was fiddling with his wedding ring, “one of my coworkers started rubbing my elbow.”Rebecca was startled out of her thoughts, but she put on a poker face.“I told her I’m married, of course,” Benjamin continued. “How can I look at another woman when I have you, right?” he looked into the mirror and could see her pretty doll-like face. He wanted to plant a kiss on her cute cheeks, but he cou
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Things in life rarely ever go as they planned, wouldn’t they?Benjamin so badly wanted to spend some time with his wife alone at a dinner table in a beautiful restaurant, but Elizabeth ordered him to cook for tonight. She actually liked Benjamin’s cooking, but her pride came in the way of confessing the truth, so she was also the same person who criticized his cooking the most.Though Benjamin didn’t say it out loud, he was hoping for the day when she would leave the home on a trip. Elizabeth would often go for foreign trips with her family, mostly for watching tennis tournaments, using Sterling family’s money, of course.Jacob was the highest earner of the family, being the movie producer that he was. Selena earned the second highest. And then it was Rebecca.As usual, Benjamin served tonight’s dinner as well. While Benjamin was downstairs with others, Oliver snuck into Rebecca’s room and searched for Benjamin’s mobile. It was placed on the bed itself, so it didn’t take him long to s
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The next day.Benjamin found his mobile on the dining table, and he initially thought he might have forgotten to take it last night. However, when he sniffed the mobile once, his expression changed as though he knew what might have actually happened.However, his wife was waiting outside, so he rushed out, but he was spell-bounded after seeing Rebecca in her indo-western attire with a full-sleeved cream top and a stylized black salwar bottoms. His mouth stayed open for a good number of seconds. He couldn’t blink let alone take his eyes off his wife.Rebecca raised her brows. “Seriously?” she snapped her fingers. “You look like you’re going to eat me here and now.”“D-Did I?” Benjamin came back to this world. “B-But you look really beautiful in this dress.”“I know,” Rebecca sounded a little arrogant.“Did you make this design?”“Of course, but let’s go.”“Okay.” He jumped into her car, startling her.(He’s really active today.) She thought as she got in.“It’s only 9 o’clock. Why are
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Rebecca was driving the car. Benjamin was in the back, slightly shaking his head.“Are you still thinking about the gift?” she asked.“Ah, yeah.”“It’s understandable. I haven’t seen such a gift before, either. 25 kilos of pure gold in the form of coins. It’s worth more than 3 million dollars. The coins seem stylized, so they might sell for more if they auction it. That would not only cover the wedding expenses but would also help the couple start a beautiful journey together,” she sounded like she envied a little. She didn’t care about the money, but would she also have received such a surprising gift if she had held a wedding? Would anyone in the world care enough for her or family to send her 25 kilos worth of gold? She could only wonder.“A beautiful journey, huh…” Benjamin wasn’t so sure about that.After dropping him off at work, Rebecca left.And Benjamin experienced one of the worst job days since he started working at Rye’s Pizzas. Not a single customer gave him a tip today,
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Later that night.Benjamin had dinner and was waiting in his room. The newly appointed maid with chocolate looks was cleaning the room, but her eyes were on Benjamin. “Can you tell me how you managed to trap, I mean, make Rebecca fall for you?”Benjamin almost smiled hysterically. “So that’s the first thing you could ask.” He shook his head. “My in-laws think just like you. Everyone in this villa treats me like I’m their enemy even though I’m only trying to be their friend.”Rebecca came home late at nine o’clock, looking tired. The maid quickly walked out.“Should I prepare the bath?” Benjamin asked.“I can do it myself,” she said. “Wait, Jane came to pick you up, right?”“Yeah, she did.”“She didn’t do anything funny, did she?”“No, she didn’t.”“Mm,” Rebecca entered the showver and walked out twenty minutes later, fully clothed. She always put her clothes on in the bathroom itself, so he never even got a chance to peek at her beauty. She jumped onto her bed in her pajamas.“You are
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