Lorenzo Rossi- The Quadbillonaire

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Lorenzo Rossi- The Quadbillonaire

By: The_Juice CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Lorenzo Rossi, bullied by his boss and despised by his in-laws, discovers that he belonged to a family of Quad billionaires.

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    I have exams this month, updates shall come up by July. I love you all...️

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    Updates days: Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Bonus updates: Saturday/Sunday.

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77 chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1“Mr. Lorenzo, come into my office right now.” Lorenzo’s factory manager barked at him, as usual. Lorenzo ran after the manager, and walked fast to his office, wondering why he was called into his office.“Yes, sir.” Lorenzo tried sitting down on the office chair.“Don’t you dare sit in the chair with your filthy clothes! The company spent a lot on that chair. It is not for worthless people like you.” The manager scolded him.Lorenzo stood up, feeling a little dejected, but he was still a little happy because of the project proposal he had submitted. He was elated because he was confident that the headquarters would accept his work.He was used to being talked down to and treated like trash by his employer.“I am sorry, sir. What do you want to see me for?” Lorenzo uttered.“I don’t like your tone. Watch it.” The manager hollered at him. “The proposal for the project you submitted. Was that your idea?”Lorenzo’s face lit up immediately, and a smile popped on his face when he
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2Lorenzo took a bus home. He was feeling tired and weak. He just wanted to get to the comfort of his house.He knocked on the door of the house and it took a while for his wife to open the door. It started raining all of a sudden. The breeze blew the water from the rain to where he was standing on the porch.He waited patiently for his wife to open the door because it was his fault that he left his keys at home when he was going to work. He was soaked before his wife opened the door for him. “You are late today.” Hazel, his wife, complained as he walked in.“I was busy at work,” Lorenzo replied to her with a smile on his face, because he knows she will be mad if she told him what happened at the factory.“Look at how dirty your clothes are. Don’t tell me you got bullied at work again today.” Hazel exclaimed, and she closed the door.“No, I wasn't,” Lorenzo lied and smiled at his wife.“Then explain the injuries on your body and why your clothes are so dirty.” She requested s
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 He didn’t want his family members to know that he was badly injured at the moment. He went to take a cold shower because the water heater isn't working. He almost froze as he finished taking his bath. He had given Hazel the money to pay for the way, did she not pay? “Maybe she forgot,” He thought to himself. He quickly got out of the bathroom and dried himself with the dirty brown towel that was hanging by the door. Hazel didn’t let him use the washing machine to wash it, she said washing his towel in the machine would make it wear out. He always respected her wishes and orders because he loved her and treasured her as his wife. He wore an old long sleeve shirt, it was his favorite, though the shirt was faded and old, he treasured it because that was Hazel’s to him. He knew she was in love with him when she had given him the shirt. Hazel switched up on him because of his financial status and the huge disrespect he got from her family made him depressed. He was feeling
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Lorenzo looked at the man in suit’s clothing again, and he noticed the gold wristwatch on his wrist, he was hundred percent sure that the watch cost him a fortune, same for his shoes plus all other body accessories he was putting on. He was rich, the rich always bullied the less privileged and this man was no different, he was being judged because of the way he was dressed. "Now that you have added Rossi to your name, you expect me to believe you and usher you in, please be smarter next time." The man in suit said angrily. "If you are a Rossi then I own this building." he added spitefully. He knew how beggars liked to lurk around the Rossi’s Palace and disturb them, so he thought Lorenzo was also a beggar that has motives to beg. "I should have told you my name first." Lorenzo palmed his face in disappointment. "I am not lying." He insisted. "You are lying, I'm sure you are one of those beggars that want something. Security!" The man shouted and a security man came runn
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Lorenzo moves close to touch his sister and the security man launched at him and yanked his hand off real quick. “What do you think you are doing? Why are you touching my madam with your filthy hands?” Roberto yelled, making Lorenzo stagger. “Roberto!” Leonora called in a thick Italian accent and glared at him. “Get your hands off him. He is my brother, your master.” She broke Lorenzo’s identity to him. Roberto fell to his knees in front of them. “I am sorry, young master, my lady. I thought he was joking.” He faced Leonora. “I am so sorry for my insolence. Please forgive me.” “Tch tch.” Leonora clicked her teeth. “Do your work right and never let this repeat itself,” She then faced Mr. Giovanni and cleared her throat before taking Lorenzo inside. Lorenzo marveled at the interior of the house and faced his sister. “Nora, what is this place?” Leonora smiled at her brother, she was happy that he called her by the name he always addressed her with when they were little.
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 “Father is right, brother,” Leonora said as the servants opened the doors for her to come in. Lorenzo’s personal maid grabbed a chair for her to sit on. Leonora sat gracefully by her brother's side and she placed her hand over his. “The hardship and suffering was your fate, it was decided by our forefather and that is how every successor of this family will live.” She smiled at him and let go of his hand. The maids served some food in her place. “We should eat first,” Loenora said to her Father and her brother. “We can speak after the meal so it won't be too cold to eat.” The two men obeyed her and they started eating. Lorenzo ate to his fill, savoring every dish that was served on his plate. He barely got to put food on his table for himself and Hazel, on the days he buys beef or fish, Hazel has everything to herself and she still reprimands him that he can’t provide up to half of what she used to eat. The maids cleared the table after they were done eating and the mal
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 “I have a favor to ask you.” Lorenzo asked his sister and his father. “What is that?” Leonardo asked curiously, he was keen on knowing what his son wanted. He wanted to grant him his wishes because of how hard he suffered. Lorenzo looked at his father and his sister before starting to talk. “I want to hide the fact I am back as the heir from the meanntime?” He requested and his sister was shocked as well as his father. “But why, Brother?” Leonora asked, wondering why her brother made such a request. “Are you sure that is what you want? I mean you could request anything else.” “Yes Father, I think it is better to keep it from the world for now, I want to take revenge on everyone who bullied me while I was still a poor man. It would be easier to keep it away from my wife.” he knew his last sentence would make them agree. “Well, he has a point father, I think it is a good idea but how will you keep your driver and your personal maid, I mean Dave and Daphne have to accom
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 The factory manager smirked at Lorenzo. He was happy that Hazel got Lorenzo to apologize to him. He was even happier that Lorenzo agreed to beg him in the office, that way every other staff would fear him. “I should take my leave then.” He announced to the couple, grinning hard at Hazel. “Mr. Rossi, I shall be expecting you at the factory for your esteemed apology.” He patted Lorenzo’s back. Lorenzo shrugged his hand off and glared at him. “Thank you for giving him a chance to redeem himself,” Hazel thanked the factory manager well. Lorenzo was very annoyed at what was going on. He wanted to wipe the smile on the manager's face with a punch. “It’s okay. He owes this chance to you. I wish he had some sense like you.” The factory man commented. “I should get going, I will be expecting your apologies at the factory.” The manager smiled before leaving them. “Why do you keep thanking him, Hazel? He was the one that wronged me. He beat me up with friends.” He raised his voic
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 “Stop touching me.” Lorenzo barked at them. “Why do you keep pushing me? The manager is not even saying anything. Mind your own business.” He shrugged the hands of the manager’s friends off his body. The manager moved close to him and grabbed him by his hair. “Whatever they do is my instruction, if you raise your voice at them..” Lorenzo spat on the manager's face and the manager let go of him. “This son of a bitch just spat on me.”The manager cried out. “He spat on the face I got an expensive procedure on.” One of the manager's friends quickly offered him a handkerchief to use. And the other friend went to Lorenzo. He raised his chin up. “I always knew you were a lunatic.” He said to Lorenzo before he started raining blows on his face. Blood oozed out Lorenzo’s lips that got bursted from the blows. “Paupers like you can never make it in life with your attitude.” The friend mocked him. “How can you throw your saliva at the face he just got a procedure on. Your ten years
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 David and David helped Lorenzo walk into Leonora’s office. After they helped him sit on the couch. The two of them excused the siblings to talk while they stood guard in front of the door to ensure no one was eavesdropping. Leonora was at the other end of the room receiving some business call while Lorenzo just scanned through the office. He never knew that a place like this existed in the factory. He wouldn’t know when he was not in the cleaning unit. The was three times bigger than the manager's office, he observed the structures inside the mood and commended whoever modeled the office in his head. Leonora places an ice pack on Lorenzo’s head bringing him out of his thoughts. “Do you love this place?” she asked because she had noticed he was looking around the office. He didn’t even see her when she dropped the call she was on. She knew he lost admiring the whole place. “Yes, it is a beautiful place,” He breathed. “I am glad you think so, I designed it myself.” She
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