Secretly Rich Son-in-Law

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Secretly Rich Son-in-Law

By: Banin SN Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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For Henry James, being adopted son into the Wilson family was no different from being a slave. When he eventually falls in love with the Wilson family's daughter, the things turned out to get worse. Henry James and Lily Wilson were kicked out of the Wilson home and live in poverty in a seedy flat. The worse thing was, no company was willing to hire Henry, making Henry and Lily Wilson like living in a curse. However, an old man who just got out of prison reveals everything. Explained to Henry James that the old man is keeping all of Henry's late father's estate in safe custody and Henry James will be the sole heir who will continue the James family fortune. 'Mother-in-law, are you saying that I don't deserve to be your son-in-law? If you find out about my new status, I'm sure you'll beg for me to still be your daughter's husband!’


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44 chapters
Chapter 1
"Honey, finally I got accepted for a job interview!" cried Henry happily. He just got a call for a job interview at Bizzare Group. Henry was of course very happy, after sending out dozens of job applications, only this time a company called him for a job interview. "Look, they even mentioned in the email that I've been hired and just need to come for an interview as a formality!" Lily rushed to hug her husband, it was the first good news she heard even after two years of her marriage with Henry James. "We should celebrate your acceptance into the company, Honey! Congratulations, I know you can do it!” Henry James and Lily Wilson have been married for two years. Henry was actually an adopted son in the Wilson family. He is hated by the entire Wilson family except for Lily. Lily and Henry fell in love each other and they decided to get married, even though the marriage did not actually have the blessing from Lily's family. "Yeah, you can talk to your mom. Tell him that his son-in-la
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Chapter 2
Meanwhile at Judith's wedding, Lily Wilson walked slowly into the party room. The luxurious building that Judith's family had rented looked so elegant and beautiful. Lily took a deep breath as if gathering strength and courage to face the people there. "Hi Lily, how are you? I thought you wouldn't dare come to this party!” Lily took a deep breath then exhaled slowly and put a sweet smile on her lips before she turned her body. “Hi, Jasmine. I am doing fine. You seem quite healthy and look fresh.” Jasmine smiled sweetly, she was her sister-in-law. “Of course I'm healthy and fresh. All of that is because I do routine body care,” Jasmine replied in a tone scoffed a little. Lily could only hold tightness in her chest. She had suspected this before. Since she married Henry, she always became the butt when she met her extended family. “Ah, yes. lately I rarely get treatment because I'm busy," Lily said while sitting on a chair. Jasmine who took the seat beside Lily squeaked. "Busy or yo
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Chapter 3
In a hurry, Henry rushed to Judith's party. Henry was worried about his wife who might be being bullied by many people. However, when he had just arrived at Judith's wedding hall, Henry was met with scorn and contempt from his parents-in-law. “Wow ... well, it turns out that you brave to come here! Where's your shame?" asked Catherine while sneered at Henry. “I'm sorry, Mom. I think, I have a right to come here.” Henry answered trying behave friendly up front of the public. "What exactly does Lily expect from you? You are poor and have no job. You see this man beside me? He is Albert Brown, he has always liked Lily!" said Jacob, Catherine's husband. Henry looked at Albert, he knew Albert Brown. The man who is almost the same age as Jacob is indeed very rich. However, he already had two wives. "Would you like to make Lily your third wife?" Henry asked. “Hey, nothing wrong if he makes Lily become his third wife! The most important thing is that Lily can live properly. Look at you…
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Chapter 4
Henry frowned for a moment. Young master? Henry heard someone calling him had called him Young Master. "Sorry, did you get the wrong number?" asked Henry felt a bit confused. "No sir, I'm Oliver Wood. I am the butler in the James family. And I have been looking for Young Master. You are the sole heir of the Great James!" replied Oliver Wood on the phone. Oliver Wood then spoke at length, saying that Henry's family was destroyed one night and caused the death of both his parents. Oliver Wood and some other servants of the James family experienced slander from the people who were jealous and wanted the destruction of the James family. But now that Oliver is free, the first task he does is to find Henry James, who is the sole heir of the James family. Henry, who still felt confused, could only remain silent. Even so, Henry's hunch felt that what Oliver Wood had told him was true. There were several points that can convince Henry's mind. But, still the news was too shocking for him. "
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Chapter 5
When Henry arrived at the cashier, he excitedly said to the cashier. "Excuse me Miss, I want to pay my wife's medical bills," said Henry. The cashier looked up to see who was talking to her. After knowing that the man who came over was Henry, the cashier only looked at Henry with an unfriendly face. She even deliberately called out to the man standing behind Henry. Henry furrowed his brows when he realized his presence was not being considered. "Hey, Miss... I was the one here first, how come it is this man that you serve first?" The cashier looked at Henry in disdain. “Of course I put him first because that customer definitely has the money to pay. You are just a poor person who wants to ask for a fee waiver. You should be self-aware and willing if I put other customers first!” "How could that be? I have money and I will pay for it,” said Henry. The female cashier scowled. “Sir, don't waste my time! Get out of the way quickly because I don't believe a word you say one bit! Even i
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Chapter 6
At that time, Henry followed the hospital staff who escorted him to the VIP room where Lily was. Henry requested the most classy room in the hospital, with the best facilities of course. After two years of taking Lily to live in trouble, this time Henry wanted to give the best for his wife. “Sir, this is your wife’s new room. We have also prepared the best facilities and the best medicines for your wife. Every morning the doctor will visit to check your wife's condition. If you need anything, please ring the bell here, then the nurse will come to help you soon," said the man. Henry nodded his head. "Thank you so much for your help." "We felt grateful because you would forgive our cashier's mistake earlier. If there's nothing else I can help with, then I'll say goodbye," said the man while bowing respectfully. For the first time in his life Henry felt respected and being treated well by someone else. He remembered, a moment earlier the nurses and hospital staff bowed to him to pay r
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Chapter 7
"Your mother," Henry answered curtly. Then, he sat down on a chair, right beside Lily's bed. "I'll turn on the loudspeaker," Lily said. Henry nodded his head. “Lily, where are you now? How is your condition? You must be pretending to be sick, right? Are you currently in that slum flat?” asked Catherine when Lily picked up the phone. “Mom, I'm in the hospital now. What makes you call me?” she asked. "Shouldn't I be calling you? I am your mother! Is it not permissible for a mother to call her own biological daughter?” said Catherine with annoyance. Lily took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Always like this. Every time she talked to Catherine, they would fight. “Well, okay. Mommy can call me. So, what's wrong?" said Lily lowering her voice. "What hospital are you at? Surely your husband chose the cheapest room right?” asked Catherine contemptuously. “Mommy is wrong, I am currently in the VIP room. Please just check here if you don't believe it!” Catherine groaned, “Bullshit
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Chapter 8
Henry saw his wife's face started to stiffen. He reached out his hand to ask for Lily's cell phone. Lily, who understood her husband's intention, immediately gave her cell phone to Henry.“Sorry, Mom if I interrupted. I know if mom and dad don't agreed our wedding. But, I promised I will making Lily happy,” said Henry.Catherine pouted his lips. "You don't deserve to be Lily's husband at all. Albert, who has not yet become a husband, has given many luxurious gifts. When he becomes Lily's husband, I'm sure Albert will give other, more luxurious gifts. Compared to yourself, you as her husband have never given anything to Lily!” said Catherine curtly."I’ll prove that I can make Lily happy with me, Mom," said Henry."Nope! I just want Albert Brown to be my son-in-law!" cried Catherine then with emotion she also hung up the phone."Mommy is too much," said Lily, sobbing sadly.Henry hugged Lily and tried to calm his wife. “Don't worry, I won't let your family separate us,” said Henry."Ho
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Chapter 9
Catherine and Jacob gape at Henry's boastful promise. “Are you sure about what you said? You're going to divorce Lily?" asked Catherine to make sure. "Of course, I'm sure of what I'm saying. If I can't get Lily to get a project from the Emerald group, then I will divorce Lily myself," said Henry confidently. Catherine and Jacob looked at each other with smirks plastered on their faces. They were quite happy because in the end Henry himself was willing to divorce Lily. They were sure that Henry would not be able to help Lily win the project. Let alone helping Lily to win a project, he couldn't even get a job, isn't it pretty clear that Henry couldn't possibly have the ability to help Lily? "Fine, then we agree. If you manage to get the project together with Lily then we won't try to separate you two again. However, if you can't get the project... then you should divorce Lily as soon as possible. I no longer want to have a poor useless son-in-law like you,” said Catherine. Henry ju
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Chapter 10
Henry's arrival was greeted warmly by Jinny Baker in her office. Jinny Baker is a beautiful woman who is very smart. At her 32 years old age, she has become a professional CEO and has excellent performance. She is also a tenacious hard worker. By wearing a milk brown blazer suit, that day she looked very elegant. "Please have a seat Mr. Henry. Sorry for the impudence of our security. They don't know who you are," said Jinny Baker pleasantly. "No problem Miss Baker. Maybe they saw that I didn't look as neat as Mr. Albert, so they thought I was a bum who was about to ask for a job," said Henry. Jinny Baker smiled, she felt very bad about what happened to Henry earlier. "Again, my apologies. I will immediately give sanctions to the two security guards earlier," said Jinny regretfully. Henry waved his hand. "It's not necessary. They are innocent because this is just a misunderstanding." ‘Oh, what a kind-hearted man!’ Jinny Baker thought in surprised. “Okay sir. Let's get straight to
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