Somewhere In Mexico

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Somewhere In Mexico

By: Flow OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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All efforts made to see that Emma and Aiden, two siblings, get along with each other are futile. Marcus, a promising young lad who would do anything to make his parents proud of him accidentally gets entangled with drug dealers. His fate is undecided as it is left in the hands of his young siblings, Emma and Aiden to rescue him from the den of these blood sucking criminals before it is late. Find out what happens when Marcus is finally trafficked to Mexico to work with the biggest drug cartel in Mexico.


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Chapter 1
"No mum! Due to the heavy traffic, I couldn't make it to Donald's place for the lessons. Just decided to head back home, besides I'm very tired", Marcus said hurrying to his room. " No! Toasted bread again? I hate toasted bread", was his comment as he stepped into the kitchen. Emma was in her room making a drawing of her best Disney princess 'Barbie'. Aiden was also painting his Disney hero 'Ben 10'. "Emma! Emma! Emma! Oh no. I'm very sure this girl is just making one of her useless drawings of Barbie again. What a jobless fellow. Even her younger brother. I don't know what in God's name is wrong with these kids!" Their Mom, Mrs Kinney was so upset, having no one to help her out in the kitchen. Her phone rang on the balcony and she ran off to answer it. By the time she got back, the toasted bread had gotten burnt. She screamed and yelled, calling on the kids to come help her make another meal. Maybe noodles. Marcus was so happy about the new development and he willingly helped o
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Chapter 2
Finally, two days had gone by and the children were released. Emma headed straight to her room and she was bedazzled by the sight. Everything in her room had been changed and all her paintings and portraits had been gotten rid of by her parents. "Mum! Is this actually my room? I didn't leave my room this way. This isn't fair", Emma cried. Aiden too was trying to understand what was actually going on. He was almost in tears. Mr and Mrs Kinney were in their room listening to their kids' wailings but didn't make a move. "Their addiction has to stop. They can't go on like this. They ain't kids anymore for chrissakes. I think they should even take a break off from social media. That'd help them a lot", and with that Mr Kinney made his way to Emma's room and snatched away her phone. Same with Aiden. * * * Marcus was up in his room studying and he soon got bored. He changed his T-shirt and put on a pair of white canvas before he left for Eric's house. As he arrived, he saw Eric with two
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Chapter 3
Marcus swung his backpack to his back and left the dining room after having his breakfast. He looked around and went into his room to collect the pack. Unfortunately, Emma and Aiden were in his wardrobe. As he picked up the pack it accidentally fell down and a powdered substance spilt. "What the hell is this?" He stuttered, sniffing the substance. It was too strong for him. " Gosh! This is cocaine. What have I gotten myself into now? Eric never told me the business was of this nature". Emma wanted to scream but Aiden was quick to close her mouth, " Shh… Don't make a sound. We have to follow him to where he's going". Bella nodded. Marshall packed up the cocaine and sealed it in another plastic bag. He put it in his backpack and hurried off. He didn't go through the usual route but decided to take a path that would be shorter. He knocked sharply on the door and a man opened it. Emma and Aiden hid behind a car a few meters away from the warehouse. Marcus put his backpack down on a
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Chapter 4
"Please ma'am, did you see a black Chevrolet SUV drive past this route some hours ago?" Emma asked an elderly woman who had just stepped out of a mall situated at the far end of the road Marcus and his abductors had taken."I just arrived here a few minutes ago. I think you should ask the lady at the counter", the elderly woman said and walked off carrying a bagful of groceries."A'ight, thanks", Emma replied and walked towards the entrance of the mall with Aiden following closely behind. They approached the lady at the counter and greeted her in the calmest tone they could muster. They had to appear as calm as possible to avoid suspicions."Good day ma'am, please did you see an old, black Chevrolet SUV drive past some hours ago?" Emma repeated the question to the lady behind the counter. She seemed to be busy with some calculations and took a few seconds to round up what she was doing before she looked up at the kids standing in front of her."I'm sorry, I had to clear something", an
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Chapter 5
"That feeling when you're near home", Fregley inhaled deeply and let the smoke of the cigarette out almost immediately. Their hideout was situated in the heart of the woods about 7 miles from where they were and so it was impossible for them to get there in a vehicle. They had to go on foot."Mackey, you've gotta keep a really close watch on that kid. So that he doesn't outsmart you, again", Fregley said and gave Mackey a sneer.Keith was fast asleep at the back of the car, right beside Marcus. Mackey gave him a heavy tap on his shoulder. This jacked Keith up. He immediately reached for a bottle of Bourbon that was sitting right beneath his feet. "Put it down", Fregley echoed in his usual hoarse voice."I'm starving. I need to get something in my belly, okay?" Keith returned and went on with uncorking the bottle."I said put it down this minute! We still have a distance to travel on foot and getting drunk ain't gonna be helping matters. We have a hostage that needs absolute attention
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Chapter 6
The cops were at Beacon high school that morning, to have further probings with the teachers and students about the missing kids. They were directed to the office of the principal where they were offered seats."Good day ma'am. I am agent Thomas and with me is my partner, officer Jones. We're present from the NYPD 19th precinct. How're you doing today?" the agent spoke with a smile on his face. The principal was already aware of who they were and why they were at her school. Their ID card said it all. She adjusted the glasses she had on and set aside the files that were open in front of her before she went ahead to address the gentlemen in her office."Good morning sirs. You're welcome. I'm principal Daniels. It's an honor to have you in my office today. I know you're here because of the missing children from our school. I'm glad you're making so much effort in finding them. Thank you so much", she said, crossing her fingers in front of her."Thank you very much ma'am and besides, we'
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Chapter 7
Emma and Aiden were back home with their parents and no one said a word to another. The silence around the house made everywhere tense and Emma couldn't take it anymore. She was gradually drowning in guilt and she had to say something."Dad", she called out to Burdett who was sitting with his cheeks placed on his palms. He turned to Emma but didn't say a word. She went on anyway,"Are you and mom still mad at us? We're really sorry for everything. It was bad enough that Marcus had to get kidnapped, and then we just left without appropriate information on where we were going. Please don't stay angry with us forever. Please", she said, tears rushing down her face. Burdett walked over to Emma and sat right beside her. "Hey, listen darling, we're not angry with you guys. Anything could've happened to you out there. And I thank God you returned safely. We're just worried about Marcus. We don't know what could be happening with him right now. Okay? Don't be sad", he said and pulled her int
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Chapter 8
The driver had arrived at the borders between Arizona and Sonora. He calmly presented his ID card and an entry permit. The customs and border protection officers had asked him to open down the dump body of the vehicle which he did. They mounted the vehicle and examined the vehicle thoroughly. He was asked to move on afterwards, since nothing illegal was found in the vehicle. He heaved a sigh of relief and drove on.8:32pm and the truck had just arrived in Nogales. Gustavo had arrived an hour earlier to pick up Marcus. The vehicle came to a halt and the driver jumped down, looking around expectantly. Gustavo walked over to him, unsure if he had approached the right person."Are you Ethan? Ethan Farrell?" he asked, staring at a note in his hand. He seemed to have written the name down."Yes. And you're Gustavo?" the driver replied in a deep, masculine voice. They both exchanged handshakes. They walked over to the vehicle and Gustavo looked around to ensure that no one was around before
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Chapter 9
"A'ight Mrs Carla, I'm glad to announce that you're pregnant", Doctor Wyatt exclaimed, holding a report card in his hand. Carla held on to Burdett's hand tightly and didn't let go. Burdett was all smiles. They never expected to have another child after Aiden and this was like a miracle. "You're 10 weeks gone ma'am", Doctor Wyatt went on, a huge smile on his face. "Congratulations Mr Kinney", and he stretched his hand for a handshake. Burdett took his hand, grinning loudly.This was the first good news they had received in months after Marcus' abduction. Maybe God was trying to replace that which they had lost. But Carla still had faith that Marcus would return home.They got home to meet Aiden and Emma who had just returned from school and were watching the television."Welcome Mom. Hey Dad", Emma greeted without taking her eyes off the programme."What's the outcome of the test?" Aiden asked, anxiously. He had a bowl of popcorn on his laps and at intervals, Emma would throw her han
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Chapter 10
"Sara, are you set? Come on let's go or we will be late for classes", Olivia called from outside. She attended the same college as Sara. She had stopped by at Sara's house as she usually did every morning to enable them both leave for school together."Sara? Why aren't you even answering me? We're gonna be late", and she kept on knocking at the door but still got no response. She paused to check what time it was and it said 8:47 am. Classes would begin by 9am and they still had a distance of over 30 minutes to walk before getting to college. "Maybe I should leave. When she's done, she can come along", Olivia muttered to herself. But on second thought, she decided to try her luck by turning the door knob. The door swung wide open and she poked her head in but couldn't see any sign of a living soul in the house. She slowly but stealthily walked into the house and what followed was a loud, shrilling scream.On the floor lay her friend Sara, in a large pool of her own blood with her neck
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