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Richmond was rejected and ridiculed by everyone around him. Including the ones he loved because he was poor and homeless. But through his art of mystery medicine, he rises gradually to the richest man in the city. What then happens to the men and his friend treated him like thrash him because he was poor?


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Chapter 1: WOUNDED
WOUNDED "I say one day you will leave this world behind. So live a life that you will remember...." The lyrics of the song sang by Avicii re-echoed in his ears. Richmond's blood ran cold and tears gradually dropped from his blue eyes. This song which was sung at his parent's funeral ceremony brought back the heartbreak that came with their deaths. The hushed lyrics of the song filtered away from his ears and the dark moments of the past were refreshed in his memory. He could still remember that fateful morning. His parents went out to get him a present on his fifth-year birthday but only their corpses returned to the Grearld Villa a few months after. As young as he was, his blood ran cold and he shivered absently as he stared at the dead body of his parents at their funeral ceremony. Large droplets of tears formed in his dripping gradually on the bare sand. "Drip..." It sounded as it landed gently on the dusty floor. His heart ran cold as he continued to recall these sad events.
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Richmond's heart raced as he pulled the door open. Then, he saw the unthinkable and he froze. At the sight of Jennifer and another boy kissing, the award in his hand dropped making a shattering sound. Tears trekked freely down his eyes as he stared at them with great distain. Richmond looked down at his shattered award. Gradually, his anger began to rise to his neck and he could no longer breathe properly. How could she do such a thing to him? "She had always promised to stand beside me," he thought. Immediately they saw him, the duo stopped their act. But there was no trace of remorse in Jennifer's eyes. She shot an irritated frown at him. "How could you," Richmond yelled at her trying hard not to shed tears. "How could I?" Jennifer fired back. "Did you think I was going to be stuck with you poor ass and your rotten limb forever? Did you?" She fired back. Richmond was heartbroken by what she said and he limped forward to her with tears falling from his eyes. While Jennifer hid
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Chapter 3: THE OAT
Richmond had finalized his admission status as a student of Giwa international University. But he was still the poor student everyone knew at high school. He had given all the money he was awarded by the city's government to his adoptive mother to open her dream supermarket. Unfortunately, a fire incident occurred in the area and the supermarket was razed to the ground. For Jennifer, he had not set his eyes on her ever since that day. And from the enquires he made, she had broken up with Jake and ended her life. Richmond drew a deep breath and sighed. Life hasn't been fair to him. He sat at his table in the male dormitory working on a unique medicine that could stop cancerous growth in any part of the human body. He had turned his part of the room into a semi-laboratory. He looked into his reflection in the wall mirror before him. A tear escaped from his face as he thought about his broken limb that has this odd way of betraying this handsome face. His eyes ached because he had
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Chapter 4: Sweet Revenge
The city shook violently at the strange news. And some people refused to believe their ears until they saw the magic themselves. Such a thing had not been heard of before. One cure for all forms of cancer was about to be discovered. But the government was still carrying out its investigation into the safety of the drug. And it had been reported that the drug was one hundred percent effective. And the mysterious scholar who had discovered the cure for the ailment remained a mystery to the heart public."On a more serious note, who was this extremely brilliant scholar? The broadcaster on the TV announced. Richmond switched off the new television set recently bought by John and Michael. He was the scholar that discovered the drug but he didn't want anybody to start chasing him for a cure that had not yet been certified. So, he had instructed that his name be hidden from the public. Even his roommates were blind to what was going on. But few people in the city still knew who this s
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Chapter 5: A grevious Mistake
Six months after, Richmond came limping up to Mr. Steven's mansion to check up on him. Immediately he came into the mansion, the first person he noticed was Tina and his lips parted into a smile. After the incident the other day, she had been all over Richmond and he could not help but love her back. He was very grateful that he had finally found love again. One that had perfectly replaced Jennifer in his life.But he still stood his ground by not accepting a penny from them since he began the treatment up till that time. And nobody in college knew about Richmond's relationship with Tina. He had successfully sealed it away from the public. Even from his close friends. Richmond was grateful that he had finally forgiven her. It made him realize how kind she was on the inside.Immediately she saw Richmond, her lips parted into a smile. "How is my babe doing," she inquired. "I am great Tina," Richmond replied with a warm smile. From the front door, Mr. Steven proceeded out of the bui
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Chapter 6: Stooping so low
Richmond limped to his dormitory feeling extremely heartbroken. He was finally to avoid those deadly dogs. Tears trekked down his face as he realized all the humiliation he had passed through for being poor and the fact that he had a broken limb. As he continued to limp, a car passed by, splashing muddy water on him. He almost lost his balance but he was able to stand with his right foot. The car that splashed water on him drew a stop in front of Richmond and the window of the car was wounded down. Richmond was extremely scared. "Bum, bum...." He could already feel his heart beating hard against his chest. He wondered what lay in wait for him in that car. Inside the car, Tina and her husband-to-be sat, smiling mockingly at him. Richmond clutched his hands tightly to control his rising anger. He stared into Tina's eyes and the looks on her face said it all. She had the intention to betray him right from the beginning. "Isn't that your stupid boyfriend who was so stupid to think
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Chapter 7: Drum of revenge.
Mr. Steven stared hatefully into the eyes of the young man that stood before him without pity. He hated poor asses like his. And this wasn't only a poor ass, he had a broken limb. He could feel his soul satisfied watching him begging on his knees. He saw him shaking on his painful limb. Especially when he deserved it for thinking that his family would stoop so low to get married to such a fool like him. "I can't help you," he said turning around. "Chase him away," he said to the gateman. At his words, Richmond's heart almost stopped beating. He felt as if his head was about to fall apart. What exactly was he going to do now while his only love lay on her sick bed dying gradually and painfully. "Didn't you hear what he just said? Or you want me to send the dogs after you again," the gateman fired. Without saying a single word, Richmond rose from the floor with a painful stagger and he began to limp away aimlessly. "One-legged monster," the security officer yelled after him. Mo
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Chapter 8: The New Boss
About a month later, Richmond had finally taken the death of his mother as a part of life. Though, he didn't see any Joy revealing his newly acquired wealth to any other person. As no one had been there for him. He had decided to remain the normal Richmond everyone on campus knew. No more no less. A part of him went with her into her grave that day. That part was every good part of him. He had not officially announced his new position as the new manager of Keystone pharmacy, the second largest pharmacy in the city, second alone to his partners who headed the production of the cancer drug. When he got to the pharmacy complex, the first person he met was Tina. She was standing beside a grey-colored car. His face vanished into hatred and disdain as he saw her family as one of those who had a hand in his mother's death. Whatever their mission in his new company, he was not going to allow it to see the light of day. From the magnificent building, her new husband, he was informed w
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Chapter 9: The Contest
"Well, I don't think there would be any need to sanction you. In the real sense, you rescued me from that brutal slut," Richmond revealed with an air of authority. At the sound of this, Mrs. Juliet lets out a sigh of relief. She could never imagine leaving that prestigious company at someone else's mistake. "Thank you, sir," she appreciated from the dept of her heart. "Please have your seat," Richmond said gesturing to the seat before him. Miss Juliet slowly took her seat on the chair. The new manager wasn't as terrible as had thought. "So what're your new directives for the company sir," Juliet inquired. Richmond drew a deep breath before proceeding to answer this question. He wished he could look into her eyes and tell her the truth but it would make him look like a psychopath.He wished he could make her an accomplice in this battle against his blood. He had just one directive and one drum to beat. And that was the drum of revenge. He was going to use this new position to t
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Chapter 10: Hidden Truths
Nights passed, still winds blew and ears listened as lips gossiped. The students drew to the secret places of their dormitory, all for one reason, WHO WILL BE THE NEXT WINNER OF THE BIG STUDENT AWARD? "Tina Steven has already won the competition," Richmond heard some female students talking as he limped by. "But that isn't sure, I heard there is a new student that would also love to win the contest. His parents are stinking rich," another said. Richmond pulled away from them. "Who could this new student be," he thought. Will he threaten the new position he was about to acquire in school or even aid his revenge? Those were the questions in his mind longing was answers.The day for the big Student's party finally came as anticipated. Richmond went out to get the clothes that he would be needing for the party as non of his clothes befitted someone that stands a chance of winning any of the awards. He went into a boutique with his tattered clothes and got the things he would be nee
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