The Crimson Phoenix

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The Crimson Phoenix

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“They say he who seeks vengeance should dig two graves, one for his enemy and the other for himself." Leo muttered loudly this time but, it sounded different to him now. Probably because that quote has never applied to him until now... "However, I won't be digging two graves this time around, but hundreds. Each for everyone in the Golden Hands.” with a bloodied sword in his hand, Leo declared with venom laced tone and fiery red eyes that held lot of stories and malicious content All Leo has always done and strive for is to keep protecting the ones he cherishes, but when fate reopens an old wound, what'll Leo do? How did a completely innocent boy whose dream is to be a hero completely become the villain? Maybe what they say is true. You either die as a hero, or live to watch yourself become a villain. As one who seeks vengeance, Leo is forced to make a choice between the things he cherishes and the ones who he seeks to punish for their iniquities. Which choice will Leo choose? The answer looks very simple right? Well, it isn't Follow Leo on an adventurous journey through his life and watch as he becomes a hero while also trying to uncover a deep secret that runs through him and goes back ages in time.


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Hu! Hu! Hu!Leo was caught between taking further steps and steadying his uneven breathing. He was panting heavily due to how tired he was. His legs barely held him up and even his knees were shaking. His arms felt numb due to swinging his sword too much. He had been fighting for a long time and he was covered in the blood of both his and his enemys'. However, his enemies just kept on coming and coming. There were burning jeeps, dead bodies being burnt and blood splattered everywhere, and Leo was standing right in the middle of all the chaos. Tracy kept urging Leo through the comms in his ears, to escape but he couldn't find the right opportunity. He stood in one place with his hands resting on his knees, trying to catch his breath. Three black vans came to the scene, followed by two Jeeps, however, there was a cannon with a long hexagonal-shaped muzzle, like that of an armored tank on top of these two jeeps and they were manned by two people, standing in the van and controlling the
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Moving to Sky Hills.
Staring out the window and watching as the trees were passing by, Leo couldn’t help but think of the things he was leaving behind. His friends, his love, his home. “I’ll be back… I promise I’ll be back.” Leo said to himself. Since Leo had lost both parents and he wasn’t finished with high school yet, he had to go with his aunt, Molly, to Sky hills. There, he would have a new life. Before leaving, he swore to Tracy that he would return to Sunshine city.The journey was a bit of a long one. It was actually just a five-hour drive, but to Leo, it felt like a whole day. He would occasionally pick up his phone and play games, but he wasn’t in a good mood to play much so he just decided to read a book which was based on gene improvement instead. He kept on reading and he was still intrigued by the book as he kept reading. This shortened the trip for him. Molly glanced at him and she smiled. ‘what a smart boy.’ She thought.Sky Hills was located on the Northern part of the country. It had som
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An idea and a disaster.
It was already nine o’clock on a Friday morning and Leo still wasn’t up from bed, because he had slept very late the previous night. Molly wondered why he wasn’t up yet and decided to check on him. Knock! Knock! Knock! She knocked on his door but got no response from him. “Leo, wake up, breakfast is ready.” She knocked on the door again, leaning in this time to listen in, but still no response. Not waiting any longer, she pushed the door open and was a bit startled by the scene in front of her. Lying on the bed, was a sleeping Leo with books scattered around him on the bed. His laptop was still on and at the side, doing a slideshow of pictures since it hadn’t been used for a while. Leo was snoring heavily with saliva drooling from the side of his mouth. She walked closer to the bed. She picked up a book and studied it, “General understanding of quantum physics.” She said as flipped through the pages and then turned to the bed, and scanned the other books on it with her eyes.
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New school.
It was a Monday morning and Leo was told to wake up early today. Since he didn’t finish his high school education in Sunshine city, he would have to continue it in Sky-hills. He had toured the city and there were three high schools at Sky Hills; Elian comprehensive School, Sky-Hills high school and Bennington Academy. Leo wasn’t actually sure which of the schools he wanted to be enrolled into so his aunt had to choose a school for him. She decided that Leo goes to Elian Comprehensive School since it was the nearest to the house and her friend happens to be the principal of the school. In terms of standard, all the schools here are basically on the same level… well, that’s what his uncle, Williams told them. They got into the car and drove off to the school. The school was very big, and had a large parking lot which had three yellow school buses lined up side by side and some different kinds of vehicles. The school had a stone platform on which the name of the school was engraved on a
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Building the Lightning absorber and Breakthrough.
Five o’clock in the evening, Leo and his aunt, Molly, were in the garage building the lightning absorber. Stretching his back and yawning, Leo said exhaustingly, “I think we should stop here for now. I’m already tired. I can come back after an hour nap,” Molly also stood up. Her apron was a bit dirty near the knees. She wore them so as not to get her dress stained. “Okay, but aren’t you a little hungry? I know I’m hungry,” Molly claimed, rubbing her groaning belly which was longing for food. Leo chuckled upon hearing her stomach. “I could actually use a snack.” Molly uttered. They covered the lightning absorber and went back into the house to get a snack. In terms of completion, the lightning absorber is thirty percent complete. Leo was still reading books on electronics and mechanics. He wanted to achieve what Michael Faraday failed to and what many scientist have failed to achieve. He has a high focusing ability which allows him to grasp knowledge faster than others… of cou
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Meeting an Idol.
The class was a bit quiet and there was no teacher there because they had a free period. Leo was in the class reading a book on gene development by Dr. Cartel B. Jenson. Logan looked at the book and smiled. “Dr. Cartel...” He smiled. Leo looked at him, “Is a great scientist. Gene enhancement is a whole other level of science man.” “It really is. I wish I could meet the man.” Leo said, looking at the picture of the author at the back of the book. Logan suddenly looked confused. “Dude, so you don’t know?” He probed. Leo was confused and had no idea what he was talking about. “Know what?” He inquired. Logan who was reading before but dropped his book to face him. “The Hermit Research Laboratories THRL, is hosting an excursion. It has been two days now and you can still apply. He’ll be talking about his project and you can even get to see some other cool stuff.” He explained excitedly. THRL was a scientific research company which hosted various scientific project
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Gaining Internship from an idol.
Leo was dumbstruck as he took the card from him slowly. He was actually blushing. ‘so this is how it feels like to be acknowledged by your idol.’ He thought to himself. He could see the look of envy in Kelly’s eyes. Kelly was infuriated and she was steaming from her ears, ‘I worked so hard to get this man’s attention but you just asked a few dumb questions and you got an exclusive invitation from him!? This is not fair!’ Kelly thought as she was crying inside. She was a die-hard fan of Dr. Cartel and for that, she came all the way from Sunshine city just to meet him. Her jealousy was understandable. Dr. Rory suddenly came from nowhere and whispered something to Dr. Cartel’s ears which made him surprised. He turned to the students and he apologized. “I’m sorry I can’t get to explain further as I have something to attend to. I’ll be leaving you in Dr. Rory’s care. Bye for now.” He excused himself and walked away. Their eyes followed him and Leo could see Kelly look at Dr. Cartel w
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A life changing Accident.
“Oh my God, Leo I’m so happy for you…” Tracy cheered, as Leo broke the news through the phone as they were having a video call. She knew how much he loved Dr. Cartel, so him realizing his dreams was good news and she was delighted about it. “What can I say dude, you did well,” Mason commended, “At least you don’t have to worry about you not being able to complete your project.” Leo nodded and he realized that James hadn’t connected to the call so was wondering where he was. “Where’s James anyway?” Leo asked Tracy. James was not in the conversation and he couldn’t help but ask. Tracy rolled her eyes, “He’s in a girl’s house. As you all know how much of a playboy he is.” She said with disdain. Leo laughed out loud. James was actually a like a star to girls and most of them can’t help but fall for him. “Funny thing is…” Leo speculated to Tracy, “If you weren’t his twin sister, you’d be one of those girls that’ll fall head over heels for him.” Mason began to laugh like all
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A Shocking Discovery
Leo’s eyes fluttered open. He was dazed and he felt pains all over his body. His eyes were hurting as he looked at the light on the ceiling. His head began to hurt and he felt numb all over. “Patient is awake. Vitals are normal now…” a voice was heard beside him. Startled, he tried turning his head to see who was talking. He could see a man wearing a lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck, though he couldn’t see his face clearly as his eyes were still hurting and his vision blurry. “How are you feeling now Leonardo?” The doctor asked, with a slight smile on his lips. “Alive at least. Where am I?” Leo inquired, his voice came out hoarse and pitchless as he looked around the room. He could actually tell that he was in a hospital but he wanted to know where. “You are in Sky City’s Central Hospital,” He heard the doctor say, “You were involved in an accident, do you remember?” The doctor asked him. “I…” Leo searched his brain for clues as to what led him to the position he w
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Explanation: Part 1
It’s been five days since Leo learnt that he had super healing. He was no longer restricted to his room and could walk around and attend classes. But he was still bandaged all over though, in order to keep his healing abilities a secret. Logan came by his house and walked him to school. He had been doing this for Leo for two days now and he tries to support Leo when he’s about to fall. Leo had all of his face covered with bandages, except for his eyes and nostrils. He wasn’t using crutches since the doctor said his back was not in any way damaged, which happened to be extremely shocking to him. When they got to school, people gave Leo different looks. Looks of fear, anxiety and pity. Some of them were even murmuring about him. “Who’s that guy covered in bandages? He looks like an Egyptian mummy.” A guy laughed. The person beside him gave him a look of disdain. “Aren’t always aware of your surroundings?! That’s Leo, the new guy in our school. He got involved in an accid
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