The Discreet Billionaire.

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The Discreet Billionaire.

By: Victorex Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Carl was brutalized and shamefully humiliated by his in-laws for being soo poor and coming from a very poor background after getting married into the wealthy family. His wife was soo ashamed of him and felt disgusted to call him her husband and she wanted a divorce, but since she could not get it easily, she started having an affair with her boss, Oliver Acevedes, (A Billionaire's son) who became her lover and lust to have her despite the fact that she is married. What happens when Carl in-laws comes to the notice that he's not what they had thought he is and that he was far more than just being a poor son-in-law...


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18 chapters
Chpt. 1 <> Locked Out.
Carl returns home in the late evening, he looked so tired and weary as the day was closing. On getting to the house, he discovered that the gate was locked. He got to the gate, "Hey Galo, I'm back home, please open the gate" he voiced to notify the gate keeper as he knocked continuously on the gate. The gate was designed with a little bit of space that exposes a little of what is inside the Chavez mansion to the outsiders. BANG! BANG!! He knocked, but the wind didn't press through. With all the troubles of knocking, still, nobody came out to respond to him, though it was like that of the gate keeper to have the pleasure of locking him outside by order of Madam Vincenta, his wicked mother-in-law. He was sure his wife was inside but would she allow him, her husband to be locked outside of her home, if actually she still have a little feeling for him?!.. He stood outside like a beggar who has come to seek help. He could see the bright light and illuminant endowed around the big Chave
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Chpt. 2 <> A Cruel Heart.
Carl was stucked between being angry and being helpless, he looked deep into Galo's words and his emotions were deeply hurt. Galo continued harshly; "Listen Carl," he said, giving a repulsive look on his face.. "You are just a worthless bloke, maybe you don't know, but no one cares about you because you are nothing but a poor gold digger. You are not even invited to your own in-laws party, guess you didn't even know about it, ha.., 'he gave a slurring chuckle for a few seconds before he calmed.' Carl just stood mute trying to hide his hurt feelings. He struggles to ignore Galo's cussing, but how?.. "..Take a piece of my advice," Galo continues; "look for somewhere else to stay for the night and come back tomorrow, this party is for important people with very important personality and I'm happy to be told that you are not allowed to step your foot inside this residence, else I lose my job," "You heard that clearly, -else-i-lose-my-Job,' doesn't that sound familiar, huh?!" Galo said
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Chpt. 3 <> Bleeding Guts.
A bottle of Hennessy was angrily thrown on Carl's face from the entrance of the mansion, but it broke and scattered on the gate as it made a very disturbing sound in the neighborhood..Though it was night already, the shadowy image of two muscular looking men could be seen clutching another bottle of hennessy as without any further stealth dash out of the gigantic door of the mansion and hurried to the gate were Carl held soo firm as he had his eye fixated to the window of his bedroom as his heart was aching severely...He cried out Camila's name with pain filled in his heart as he feared another man is about to defile his own wife under his nose...The bodyguards surrounding the flashy cars were still standing motionlessly as they watched the scene as Pablo Chavez, the first son of the Chavez family threw another bottle at the gate which brushed Carl's white hair with his blood as the bottle broke and the pieces reached Carl's head."You jerk, haven't you heard enough or do you want
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Chpt. 4 <> A Billionaire's son.
Adorning and shinny lights glitzed up highly around, inside the lushly and glorious mansion of the Chavez family which is more of figment to the ones who are not in the wealth classes.."All hail dad's return!" Sergio, the last born of the Chavez family shouted with great joy.He was the first to stay by the door after hearing the rattling sounds of their father's jeep horning outside of the residence, and immediately Mr. Chavez stepped inside the mansion, he was the first to receive a warm and tight hug with a very bright face filled with happy smiles on his father's return.Two mature-looking bodyguards followed the great man, holding some beautiful packages on their hands which brightened the pretty and cute faces of his grandchildren who were rejoicing and waiting to welcome their Grandpa..With a beautiful sight, Mr. Edgardo Chavez spread his arms wide to welcome all his four grandchildren as they greeted in unison;"Grandpa! Grandpa, welcome home!" The cute little voices of the
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Chpt. 5 <> A Billionaire's son. I I
Camila quickly realized that her father was not happy with what he saw. She froze and slowly stroll her gaze to the ground, wondering if she tells her father about Oliver status as the son of a multi-billionaire, his expressions might change. But Immediately, Mrs. Chavez came in but she would not be the first to enraged her husband as she select her words carefully, knowing fully well her husband's reactions to infidelity, instead she calmly tried to twist the subject. "Honey, we have some visitors around, we don't want to mess things up by mentioning that low-life to cause a fued in the house" she cautiously said as she went over her husband and began rubbing his shoulders with her warm hands, but Mr. Edgardo jolted as he levelled his shoulders against her grips. "Is Grandpa angry?" one of the grand-daughters uttered with a sad face.. "Dad you can't be serious, why do you have to mention his name, we're not going to talk about a less privileged here!" Pablo ranted in annoyance.
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Chpt. 6 <> The Discourteous Maids.
"Will I give these beautiful present to my so-called husband? What has he done for me than to buy me some petty stuffs with the cheap penny he gets from father; "Nah, Damn him, this comp ain't going anywhere pass em', I rather give his gift to my sweetheart boss, Oliver; he's definitely going to appreciate me with something very special and classy that would suit my gorgeous self.." "I hope he gets me the red Mustang-gt-premium-convertible car I urged him to buy for me next week, something Carl would never be able to get even if he work his ass all over the world for decades..," Camila glared at the mirror in her bedroom while having an odious inexorable thought about her husband, she then brace up when her thoughts return to thinking about Oliver, she smiled with a romantic look on her face and licking her lips in a quite sexual way. She was busy fixing her face makeups as she plans on going out for a party with her classy friends.. It's obvious that she did not care if her husb
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Chpt. 7 <> The Discourteous Maids. I I
"He is just soo lucky that Mr. Chavez has not yet come against him, not just yet,he will soon get fed up with living with a useless son-in-law who is the only stain on his big name as soon as the very wealthy son of the Acevedes billionaire family proposes to Madam Camila" Sara chipped-in contemptuously while standing with her palms gummed on her curvy hips, donning a repugnant look at Carl, heartlessly.The store room was free from the stinging ants once again as Julia made sure of it and her head cluttered with astonishment to discover where the Chavez's son-in-law slept through out the night after passing out. The bed was filled with dirt and some little line of sticks that could cause wounds and scratches on his skin, that was what Carl slept on and she became worried about him.Though she is just a maid in the house, she was afraid to help Carl else she is prone to losing her one in a million job working in the house of a millionaire and a business mogul...But she clipped in he
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Chpt. 8 <> Hated Son-in-law.
"Good morning uncle Carl, how was your night " a warm smile smoothen across Sergio's face. Though he meant to acknowledge Carl's presence, but he wanted to make his elder sister even more angrier. Vivian peered cholerically at Sergio but waited for her mother to arrive quickly to drive some sense into him. With one sight on Carl's face, "Oh look who we have right here, the one who has disrupted our wonderful party last night " Valeria, Camila eldest sister came at once to the living room wearing a red stylish max mara gown made exclusively for her as she was about to go on a separate vacation.. "Gosh, his face looks swollen " she gave a expression of disgust towards Carl then turned her gaze away from him in dispair. Mrs. Chavez arrived in the living room with Sara, her favorite maid-servant who is still holding her silver tray for glass cup firmly while following her around. Carl feets immediately glued to the ground when he saw his wicked mother-in-law coming, The memories
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Chpt 9 <> The Missing Lavaliere.
The furnace inside the house reduced the icy atmosphere in the entire living room. Because of the chilly wind that blows around due to yesterday's rain, everyone selected the kind of special dress that covers their overall body. Kassy and kiki wagged their tails as they hurried to the living room, they had just woken up from their sleep. But what type of dog wakes up soo late like the two lazy but classy pet dogs of the family? Kassy is a golden doodle while Kiki is a whoodle. Both little hybrid cuties were the best friends of the family. Their cute barks alarmed the rest of the little grandchildren of the Chavez family as their voices were heard suddenly in the living room, shouting around playfully. Carl entered his bedroom and found his bed soo rough and he quickly remembered that he was called on by Mr. Edgardo for an urgent delivery very early in the morning yesterday before he could even think of arranging his bed and other things he found on the floor, the had only brushe
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Chpt. 10 <> The Missing Lavaliere. I I
His heart beat heavily like a band followed by the vibration of his body on hearing the the terrific news, He felt soo hot inside his body inspite the daring cold in the atmosphere, What Elder Sebastien has just revealed made him soo perplexed, "No no no no.. he didn't just said that the expensive lavaliere belongs to that evil woman, did he? Carl put his hands over his face as he exclaimed out feeling completely terrified. "Oh I am dead, I'm soo dead " he said, squeezing his palms on his face like he wants to crush it. "Not to long she promised to make me regret ever coming to this house, now I've just excited her anger and hatred on me, what am I going to do now??" "Will it be the end for me? I just lost a Lavaliere worth ten thousand dollars which I could never have afforded! He repeatedly smoothen his face surface and his hands went over his head and scattered his hair as he aimlessly walked to and fro the Chamber, feeling frightened, Tears was almost coming from his eyes,
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