The Divine Supreme

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The Divine Supreme

By: Oldwell OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Remus Cosby is the 29th successor to the Order of Nine Mysticisms. Sent for training at a jail, he’s instead harassed by a fiancée visiting him to dissolve their marriage contract. Looking at the nine marriage agreements in his possession, he decides that this won’t do. He has to proactively cancel all of these engagements!


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30 chapters
Chapter 1
Underhill Prison was renowned for housing notorious criminals, from political assassins to arms-manufacturing warlords. Yet right now, those dangerous criminals were trying to be as quiet as possible in the cafeteria because Remus Cosby was having his meal amongst them.“When will that damned old man finally come back for me?” he grumbled, picking at his food in distaste. “It’s been three years. Is he dead or something?”Though he complained, he deeply missed Master Tyson, the old man who had taken him in when he was young.He had dropped Remus off at this prison three years ago and told him to train here for the time being. Remus had even gotten excited. He had hoped that he would finally find worthy opponents in such a dangerous place.However, he couldn’t have been more wrong in that judgment, as he had beaten nearly everyone in less than 24 hours.Remus had gotten bored after enduring three years of this.“Boss, someone’s here to see you!” a warden reported while rushing in
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Chapter 2
All eyes instantly turned to Remus. Even Kylie’s bugged out of her head.How did this prison bum suddenly become a VVIP even people in Neptuna respected?“Me?” Remus frowned. He didn’t remember having any connections in Neptuna.“Yes, sir.” The stewardess beamed. “This way, please.”Remus got up and left the plane cabin with a shrug, ignoring everyone’s awe-filled gazes. The moment he stepped on solid land, a tall, muscular man came up to greet him.“Anthony Mark, head of the Thirteenth Sect of Draculus Magna, at your service, Mr. Cosby. Welcome to Neptuna!” he said, bowing low.Neptuna’s citizens were taken aback by this sight. Anthony Mark was none other than Neptuna’s underworld warlord known as the Dragon Head.Of course, they only knew that identity. This was the first they’d heard of Draculus Magna.Remus remembered now. One of his bootlickers in prison once told him about this guild. Apparently, he was its founder, too. The chief warden must have let news of his arrival
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Chapter 3
Adeptus Gale’s face nearly collided with the piece of paper. His embarrassment was swiftly channeled into rage. “You…how dare y-wait, marriage…agreement?”He gaped at the words in shock.“Marriage agreement? What are you talking about?” The young man by Elias’ side came up to study the paper himself, his jaw dropping in the next second.In sickness and in health…till death do us part…Groom: Remus Cosby.Bride: Miranda Bowen.Elias quickly joined them. “This…so Father had been telling the truth?”Before his father passed, he had told Elias of an arranged marriage for Miranda. Elias hadn’t taken it seriously, given that arranged marriages were no longer a thing nowadays. There was also a chance the groom had forgotten about it, too.The crowd began wondering if this was the man Miranda had been waiting for.Remus tucked the paper back into his box. “How old did you say you were when you started honing your skills, sir? I might have misheard you just now.”Adeptus Gale’s face w
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Chapter 4
The guests murmured in surprise. Arresting a criminal?Kylie nodded vigorously, telling them everything that had happened at the airport. She felt confident about her judgment, that she wouldn’t have to deal with Remus Cosby anymore. She even pitied him a bit. The man had escaped from prison just to meet her again, but the price of that was likely another decade in jail.“Oh, so it was just some hooligan. There I was, already preparing myself for Ms. Lotus.” Abel Lawson relaxed instantly.Since that was the case, he still had time to plan.Someone jumped at the opportunity to butter him up. “That hooligan should be taught a lesson for making Mr. Lawson worry like this.”“I’ll have my police friends find out where he’s being held and have someone break his legs!”“I have connections in prison, too. I’ll make sure that he’s taken care of every single day!”Hearing all the discussions, Kylie pitied Remus even more. Remus’ remaining days in prison didn’t sound too good. But in any c
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Chapter 5
This was the Bowen family’s butler, Mr. Anderson! He was the one who always received Abel in Elias Bowen’s house.“Mr. Anderson!” Abel ran up to greet him. “What brings you here?”“Afternoon, Mr. Anderson!”“Good day, sir.”Several other people piped up.The butler didn’t spare them a glance. Instead, he walked up to Remus and said respectfully, “I apologize for all this hostility. I’ll make sure everything is settled accordingly here.”He then turned to Kylie, barking, “How dare you insult and threaten Mr. Bowen’s esteemed guest?”Kylie flinched, staring unseeingly at the ground in shock.Beside her, the men looked around, confused. Elias Bowen’s guest? Wasn’t Remus an escaped criminal?“Apologize to Mr. Cosby right now, or you’ll regret it!” the butler barked again.Kylie’s face had paled drastically. In Neptuna, the Cox family was no match for the Bowen family. Their butler alone could sentence her to death, and no one could raise a finger in protest!Kyle was at a loss f
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Chapter 6
The Dragon Head?Elias and Brianne glanced at each other in shock upon hearing that name. Of course, they knew who he was and how influential he was in the city’s underground dealings. But what was he doing here of all places?“Welcome him inside right now!” Elias ordered. Yes, he was the richest man in the city, but he still couldn’t risk offending Anthony Mark, given his position.“Just in time. Maybe your friend knows the Dragon Head, hm?” Brianne mocked Remus once more. Most of the prisoners from Neptuna were disciples of the Dragon Head’s guild, after all. Remus’ friends might even turn tail upon seeing his boss!“Heh,” was Remus’ response. It pissed Brianne off to no end. Even Elias ground his teeth for a bit after hearing that. They were going to enjoy seeing the Dragon Head put him in his place.Just then, Mr. Anderson led Anthony in. Elias immediately greeted him with a smile. “Lady Luck has graced us with your presence, Mr. Dragon Head.”“Welcome, sir,” Brianne greeted
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Chapter 7
Wasn’t this the Working Emperor’s villa?Could she…could she be that sugar baby the man had kept around?Remus thought it might be possible. She seemed like one of those mistresses left alone without their lover.“You could live here too,” she purred, rubbing Remus’ chest. “Why don’t you go upstairs first, hm? I’ll be right there, and then we can enjoy ourselves properly.”This was the first time a woman had touched Remus. His heart felt like it might explode. He silently cursed the Working Emperor for letting this happen. He peeled away from her touch and dashed upstairs, heading right into the shower.“Hmm…” The woman laughed, then called out, “Remember to wash yourself clean and wait for me in bed!”In the next second, her expression fell, and she used her phone to order several guards to come wait in the living room. They were all dressed in tunics lined with gold.“Miss!” they greeted politely, standing in line. She had already put on modest clothes by this time. “A man s
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Chapter 8
Remus’ body began to react illogically. He leapt away from her, clasping the quilt tightly around his torso. “Stay back!”Curse that old man, Tyson!Jean burst into laughter at his silliness. “Haha, you’re adorable! Lucky for you, I don’t bite. But hey, why don’t you join me for an event this evening? You can’t refuse. Think of it as repayment for beating up my guards.” Remus agreed. He didn’t have any plans in Neptuna tonight. “So can you leave now?”“Nope,” Jean teased. “I still want to sleep with you. Come over here and let me feel you…”Remus swiftly escaped from her grasp and left the room.He later went to Neptunus Equestrian Race Tracks. (Might as well. He didn’t want to risk losing his virginity back at Imperial Villa, and he had nowhere else to go.)“Did you hear that Ms. Lotus is hosting a press conference tonight?”“I heard she had come to Neptuna weeks ago to secretly observe the market and potential partners here. She’ll be announcing who she chose as her partner
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Chapter 9
Everyone glanced at each other in confusion.Honor their losing promises? Was Remus admitting defeat?Miranda thought Remus was going that route too, given he probably didn’t know how to ride a horse. He’d stayed for two million but left yesterday when he was offered one million. So he was greedy!Just then…“Heee-!” With a loud neigh, Ben’s prize horse jumped back on its hind legs, then began bucking, as if in distress.The crowd stepped back in shock. What was happening to the horse?Ben had nearly fallen off with the first buck. He gaped in shock at the horse he had tamed three years ago.He clasped onto the reins and snapped his whip, yelling, “Whoa, easy, easy! I still need to win that race! Stop it!”But the horse only bucked fiercer the more Ben whipped it.Remus smirked. He had learned to ride tigers and bears in the forests while training under his master’s tutelage. Horses were a piece of cake.He snapped his fingers once again. This time the horse bucked with all f
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Chapter 10
Elias knew he would only get answers by mentioning the marriage agreement.Sure enough, Anthony’s attitude did a 180-degree turn. No wonder Remus didn’t have him do anything to the Bowen family yesterday. Anthony would’ve gotten into big trouble if he had.“I see!” He chuckled. “To be frank with you, Eli, I’m not sure about Mr. Cosby’s identity either. A friend of mine asked me to help him while he’s in town. That's all.”He couldn’t reveal it was his Temple Lord who gave the order.Friend? Elias hummed. This friend must be powerful; otherwise, the Dragon Head himself wouldn’t be so subservient to Remus.“Did this friend of yours stay in prison for some time?”That must be the only way Remus had come to know this mystery person.“Yes. They’re currently still in prison.”Elias nodded to himself in understanding. Beside him, Brianne scoffed. “See? I told you Remus Cosby was just a lackey. He might just be the guy who scrubbed that other guy’s toilet for three years in prison!”E
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