The God Level Son-In-Law

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The God Level Son-In-Law

By: Rex Magnus Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Since my wife doesn't like this version of me, I shall overlook the risk and take off the disguise I've put on for three years. *** *** "Wife, I bought you this car, I hope you like it." *** *** "Wife, what if I tell you I was actually the divine general Rex Magnus who was revered by the whole world?" ....... ....... ....... This is the incredible story of how a presumed-dead hero rose again from a constantly ridiculed, cursed, and hated live-in son-in-law to shake the world, earning himself the title of the God Level Son-In-Law and retaining his possession, The Divine General.


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Chapter 01 - Intentionally Putting Rex Magnus Into The Spotlight
******7 p.m., Chase City, at the Johnson family’s estate.There are currently a lot of people gathered together inside a huge hall that is well-lit, grandiosely decorated, and filled with warmth and a joyful atmosphere.They were busy discussing amongst themselves, establishing connections and eating and drinking when suddenly, a cultivated voice sounded, interrupting the buzz.Everybody abruptly stopped and dropped what they were doing mid-action before turning their attention toward the speaker, the old matriarch Johnson of the Johnson family, who just turned eighty today."To everybody that came and brought wonderful presents for my birthday celebration today, I love you all and I appreciate your gifts." "Thank you fo-."Just as everybody was feeling flattered by her speech, an unexpected voice abruptly interrupted, startling them all."Hum... grandmother, we seemed to be forgetting someone here right now."Instantly, everybody turned their heads toward the source of the sound, an
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Chapter 02 - Rex Magnus' Reason For Not Knowing The Social Norms
*****"Wife, please, do you have any cash on you there?" Everybody became dumbfounded after hearing what came out of Rex Magnus' mouth, and their mouths widened. Some people couldn’t help but unconsciously dip their fingers into their ears, wondering if they’d heard wrongly, but who would have thought that Rex Magnus would repeat the question? While everybody was still feeling dumbfounded, both the old matriarch and Rex Magnus' wife trembled all over to the extent that one would think they were experiencing extreme coldness if they didn’t know better. Even Ethan, the guy who put James in the spotlight, wasn’t expecting this from James. He had done what he did mainly because he had wanted Rex Magnus to embarrass himself by saying he didn’t bring any gifts or bring out a cheap or useless thing. He had never expected that Rex Magnus would go this far at all, which shocked him. 'Why had I even overestimated this fool in the first place?' Ethan couldn’t help but suddenly sigh within
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Chapter 03 - Rex Magnus' Real Present
***** The elderly matriarch no longer cares about her appearance or status.She gestured frantically toward Rex Magnus with a burning desire to see him suffer.Rex Magnus became further confused as he witnessed the intensity of his grandmother-in-law's reaction.'Is giving someone money as a gift considered wrong?' he thought to himself, perplexed. 'Why then did those groups of young and elderly ones always become excited when I rewarded them with money back in the day?'Rex Magnus couldn’t help but abruptly scratch his head, feeling more confusedBack when Rex Magnus was still in the position of the divine general, everybody under him was always mostly pleased with receiving monetary rewards from him. However, his maid had once informed him that none of the recipients had spent the cash, instead choosing to frame it and pass it down as a family heirloom. Interestingly, Rex Magnus himself had once overheard some soldiers boasting to their significant others about receiving a divine
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Chapter 04 - Looking Down On Rex Magnus With Contempt
*****Just after the voice finished sounding breathless, another footstep began to walk in. But unlike the first one, this footstep sounded more elegantly and quiet to the extent that nobody would have heard had the place not been completely quiet after everybody heard the servant's report. Also, apart from how quiet and elegant this footstep is sounding, everybody could already tell how influential and great the person must be with how unhurried the footsteps were coming. Everybody instantly forgot themselves and turned their gazes hotly to the door. Even the old matriarch wasn’t expecting this visitor at all.She currently is flabbergasted to her very core right now. Of cause, everybody knows the Bottoms family like the back of their hands. Although it wasn’t the most powerful and influential family in Chase city, it had been standing amidst the top second-ranked families for years without shaking at all, while the Johnson family, although they were also powerful, they weren’t
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Chapter 05 - Alan Bottoms' True Aim
*****“Young master Bottoms, I wasn’t expecting your magnificent self to attend my birthday banquet, it's a wonderful surprise.” The Old Madamé Johnson suddenly expressed shamelessly. But the thing is that, apart from Alan Bottoms and Rex Magnus, nobody in the huge hall found anything wrong with her sudden change of disposition at all. Well… it wasn’t their fault though. The highest ranked family present were in the same rank as the Johnson family, third rated families, so to everybody standing before Alan Bottoms right at this moment, they were like mortals standing before an immortal. ‘What's this lowly old woman talking about?’ Alan Bottoms who had been startled by the Old Matriarch's unexpected words suddenly thought with flustered eyes. ‘Aren't I only here for her granddaughter? What in the hell does she mean by saying she had never expected I would come to her birthday banquet? Is today her birthday? What a coincidence!’ Suddenly, an elegant and slight grin appeared on Al
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Chapter 06 - The Lady That Stole Alan Bottom's Heart
******“The great young master Bottoms of the Bottoms family wants to propose a marriage between himself and the Johnson family!!!” Everybody's eyes instantly widen to the extent that they almost started falling out of their sockets. What Alan Bottoms said just now is completely out of their expectations and thoughts. “Wow!!! What a lucky family!” After overcoming their shock, thick enviousness that could almost drown an entire nation abruptly descended over everybody. As for Rex Magnus who also heard this statement, he doesn’t think much about it because his wife wasn’t the only young lady in the Johnson family. Also, he felt that she wouldn't be an option since she was already married to him. Thinking dismissively like this, he finally walked away without anybody noticing......“You… you… you want to marry someone from my family?” The Old Matriarch ultimately returned to her senses after looking astonished for a while and instantly became thoroughly excited to an extent tha
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Chapter 07
***** Everybody's heads followed the direction in which Alan Bottoms' finger was pointed, then instantly, all the buzzes within the hall died down and all sorts of expressions appeared on their faces. Two people standing beside each other could be seen there, Fiona and Sally. Right now, the two's mouths could be seen completely wide open. They couldn’t believe what they just heard. After a while, Sally gradually regained her composure and soon felt a surge of excitement building within her, growing into an overwhelming wave of fervor. She wasn’t expecting this great news. “You… you want to marry my daughter?” She suddenly questioned unconsciously. Hearing this, Alan Bottoms glanced at Sally, and although he felt nothing. Not even the slightest respect, he still nodded his head. “Yes aunty, your daughter had stolen my heart since the first day I set my eyes on her.” Apart from Sally and Alan Bottoms, nobody could still react. After another long while, Ethan's eyes abruptly f
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Chapter 08
*****“What nonsense are you brat talking, I dare you to repeat what you just said again!”Sally suddenly glared ferociously at her daughter, as if she would shoot out laser beams from her eyes and evaporate her to nothingness if she dares repeat what she just said.But unfortunately for her and the entire Johnson family, Fiona has already lost it completely right now to care about anything.“No!!!” She stood her ground without being moved at all and suddenly spat.“I will never agree to this! I’m a married woman!”Not flinching nor looking scared, she added.“How could I suddenly be told to marry another man?”Hearing this, the old Matriarch began to tremble all over again.She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.Ever since she knew Fiona. Apart from always acting cold, she had never been disrespectful to her or her seniors even when cursed to damnation.This is the first time.‘This stupid brat. How could she act like this at this critical moment?’The Old Matriarch
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Chapter 09
***** At the moment, a solitary figure could be observed strolling calmly and leisurely down a deserted street illuminated solely by the street lamps and the faint glow of the crescent moon above. This person is Rex Magnus who just left the coffee shop and is on his way home.Despite his apparent calmness at the moment, his mind is currently overwhelmed with the information given to him by May not long ago.'So, despite the affection, attention, and care I show that cousin, he was involved in the planning of the unfortunate and tragic incident that happened to me three years ago.'He pondered before a deep sigh abruptly escaped him and his eyes flickered with a cold glint within the dimly lit street. Then suddenly, memories of the diligent and taciturn young lad he once knew flooded into his mind.Although he lacked a deep understanding of human emotions, Rex Magnus had recognized the reverence and admiration the young man had for him then which was why he frequently guided him duri
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Chapter 10
***** Upon hearing her grandma's cold, emotionless voice, Fiona trembled instantly. Nevertheless, she responded while her gaze remained fixated on her palms resting on her lap. “Grandma, it… it was because I'm already married to the man provided by my brother.”As soon as these words reached the ears of everybody present, they became still. It was as if a heavy weight of emotion had descended upon them.They couldn’t help but suddenly remember the person known well to all the members of the Johnson family, Ronald Johnson, Fiona's Brother.He was the young and lone man who had single-handedly made the Johnson family a first-rated family when he was alive.Till today, nobody has forgotten him.In fact, some people still don’t believe in his death to date because they hadn’t seen his corpse or heard of anyone seeing it for the past three years.Suddenly, the old matriarch involuntarily squeeze her eyes shut for a moment and upon reopening them, they had become utterly devoid
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