The Return of Gaston Harrison

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The Return of Gaston Harrison

By: Jikwon Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Gaston Harrison was a loyal secretary, who was framed for murdering Chairman Harold Solice. He had no power to prove his innocence and was unjustly sentenced for the death penalty. On the day he will die, his friend, Jurgen, came to visit him in the jail. Jurgen confessed that he stole Gaston’s real identity, and that Gaston is the real heir of Hopkins corporation. Not only that, Jurgen revealed that Gaston’s girlfriend was cheating with him for many years!   How cruel it was to die after knowing the truth, perhaps, the world hates him. However, Gaston was given a second chance when the time turned back. The Chairman is still alive, and the Hopkin’s owner was looking for his missing son.   This time, Gaston will change his fate. As the heir of the billionaire, Gaston will punish the sinners and regain what should be his. 


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Chapter 1 "The Light and Shadow"
Gaston clenched his hands as he tried to stop the tears pricking at the corner of his gray eyes. He was in denial at first, miserable for the next months, but today, he learned to bear the bitter truth. He felt melancholy every time he remembered how everyone accused him of killing the Chairman. For a hundred times, he defended himself saying that he is innocent. Yet no one takes sides with the poor secretary like him. The only thing that is left to Gaston is ACCEPTANCE. Accept that he was framed. Accept that he has no future ahead of him. And accept that today, he will die. “Jurgen, when everyone was pointing at me, calling me a killer, a murderer, a monster, I… I…” Gaston shook his head as he lowered his eyes and continued, “I thought you’d be on my side at least. But you only came today when I am about to die.” Jurgen drew a deep breath before he leaned closer to the glass window. Through the small holes in the center of the rectangular glass, Gaston heard Jurgen’s breathing
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Chapter 2 "Was God Merciful?"
The time turned back. And now, Gaston faced Jurgen again. The friend who stole everything and who wished him to die for his stead. Yes, that’s Jurgen. After knowing the truth, Gaston only had this one wish. It was to punish Jurgen by all means. Yet, now that they were standing in front of each other, Gaston was in a mess. It was so difficult for him to decipher this. ‘Did I really go back to the past? Did God have mercy and give me a second chance?’ He asked these questions over and over again. Until Jurgen spoke. “Hey. Are you really okay? Why are you looking at me like that?” It was then Gaston realized that he’s been glaring at Jurgen while clenching his fists. He wanted to beat him and to slam his face. He felt so deeply mad that his throat hurts. ‘Why did you betray me? Why did you hide my identity?’ Gaston eager to ask those.Yet, he could not grasp the situation. Honestly, his mind was all over the place. “You’re being weird, dude. Anyway, just go out. Chairman wanted
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Chapter 3 "Pride and Prejudice"
“Father! This is too much!” Sonny complained. “Right! W-Why are you giving that much authority to a mere secretary?” Victoria followed. “Pardon. I didn’t say that I will give the corporation to Gaston. I said, he will temporarily manage the corporation,” Harold explained. “I am not sure who is the most qualified person to own Hamington. Until then, Gaston will manage it.” “Grandpa. This is unfair,” Jules added. “Let’s say that the b*stard… I mean, that Gaston won’t inherit Hamington. Still, do you expect us to bow our heads and listen to him? My pride cannot take this.” “A perfect leader can bow his head if it means lowering prejudice and ego.Gaston worked under my care for years. To put it simple, while everyone caused troubles, Gaston and I founded Hamington. There’s no other perfect person who can guide Hamington other than him. So, I want everyone to prove me that I am wrong.” One by one, piercing gaze went to Gaston’s side. He became the public’s enemy. Well, Gaston was used
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Chapter 4 "Things He Needed To Do"
“Kick him out of this house. That is my wish.” Everyone in the mansion knew that Jurgen is Gaston’s best friend. So, when Divine and Jurgen heard this from Gaston, they thought they heard him wrong. “You were joking, weren’t you?” Jurgen asked. “Did you just ask Miss Divine to fire me?” Glancing at Jurgen, Gaston replied, “You heard me right. I asked her to send you away.” “Are y-you still drunk?” Jurgen asked. “I know you are mad at me b-but this is t-too much. If you kick me out of here, where will I go?” “Why should I worry about that? You’re not a child anymore, Jurgen.” “Gaston!” Jurgen raised his voice as he could not calm down. “Why a-are you doing this? We're friends!” Friends? That was the most hilarious word for Gaston. “Please calm down,” Divine meddled. She placed her hands on Gaston’s shoulder and said, “Gaston, I don’t know why you are being like this. But Jurgen is your friend. Even if the two of you had a fight, this is not the right way to fix it.” Gaston remo
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Chapter 6 "The Rude Grandson"
Jurgen went to the pub to drink. He was wearing a button up shirt and tie, which are his uniform as Chairman’s guard. Sitting alone, he grabbed his drink and jugged his beer. “W-Why… Why are you… you doing this to me, Gaston?” he talked alone. His glossy eyes which were drifting around the space blinked slowly. With his haw hanging slack, he continued. “I am your friend! Why do you have to kick me t-that way?!” he shouted before slamming the desk. Other customers in the pub looked into his way and went back to their own business. Jurgen washed his reddened face with his dry palms and messed up his brown hair. He was so confused. Last night, Gaston and him were doing fine. They even planned on camping together next week. It was Jurgen’s mistake that he told Divine about Gaston’s secret, but that is not enough for Gaston to kick him out of the mansion. “N-Now… what will I do?” Jurgen sobbed, crying with sarcastic smiles. He spent all of his money investing in a small business and
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Chapter 7 "The Reason to Meet You"
Gaston has 4 initial plans. First, get his revenge. Second, find his father and get his rightful position as the heir of the Hopkins Corporation. Third, save the Chairman from dying. And fourth, find the murderer. Today is the fourth day since Gaston came back to the past. Until now, he was scared to think that everything was just a dream or an illusion. But he does not want to dwell on hesitating and waste time. If this is just a dream, so be it. But if this is the reality, he would do his best to survive until the end. Ding dong~ After arriving in New York, Gaston went to visit the Chairman’s Grandson. It was to get his sign and approval for appointing Gaston as the temporary person who will manage Hamington corporation. ‘If my aim is to get power, I don’t need to do this,’ Gaston said in his head. Hamington is the second largest corporation in their country. The first in rank is Hopkins. If Gaston needs power, finding his father and revealing his identity as the missing son wo
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Chapter 8 "Foreseeing Future"
“Your Grandfather will die.” Griffti held his breath for a second. There was a gnawing silence between him and Gaston. And even if there were sounds of wind gushing and murmuring words, they were muted down. The two of them looked at each other for long seconds, until Griffti detached his lips. “Is he… sick?” “No,” Gaston replied. “If he’s not sick, then why are you telling me that he’s going to die?” Because Gaston came from the future. It was hard to find evidence of a murder that hadn’t happened yet. Therefore, telling Griffti that he came from the future is the only explanation Gaston has as of now. But will Griffti believe him? Gaston took a deep breath. His secret is not something that is easy to share. Not candy, juice or chips which are easy to digest. Anyone who hears this might think that he’s losing his mind. ‘However, the time limit is short,’ Gaston thought. He gathered his courage and opened his lips again. Then he said, “There is someone aiming for the Chairm
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Chapter 9 "The Enemy's Weird Suggestion"
Walking in the Time Square in New York, Gaston saw many hotels and theaters. Despite the street’s large size, it was crowded with cars and people. Gaston really felt the fast life in this place, which was famous as the City that never sleeps. When he looked up, he saw signboards that advertise products and a TV screen which showed news about the recent Championship in the Fifa World Cup. As he looked down, the people who were walking with him on the pedestrian lane were browsing on their phones and reading news about Messi’s retirement. Not everyone was interested in the World Cup. But the majority were. ‘That’s why he has no choice but to believe in me,’ Gaston thought. This early morning, he received a text from the Chairman’s first grandson. Griffti asked Gaston to meet him today and sent the location too. Gaston agreed. But before that, Gaston needs to go somewhere first. It’s almost a week, yet he hasn’t found his father, John Hopkins. He went to John’s favorite restaurant
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Chapter 10 "Talented Architect"
Griffti went to the park and sat on the bench. He stared at the large space then the inspiration came flooding inside his mind. He moved his hand and started drawing on his sketchbook. After some minutes, he finished drawing his park plan using his imagination. Griffti stared at his artwork with a proud smile. Looking at this is enough. He has no plan in using his talent to achieve more than this. Because he knows that with his mental illness, he does not deserve any of his professors' compliments. Sighing, Griffti enjoyed the breeze while sitting on the bench. He will meet Gaston later and talk about things that kept him awake all night. ‘Can he really tell the future?’ Griffti wondered. The result of the Fifa World Cup is one of his pieces of evidence. But Griffti needs to clarify more things. ‘Who knows. Maybe he’s friends with the Argentina National Team,’ Griffti said. “No,” he disagreed with his own idea. “Even though he has a connection with them, there’s no way to ma
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Chapter 11 "Foretelling the Mall Accident"
After meeting with the Heydiko Project’s contractor, Griffti went to the cafe where he promised to meet Griffti. When he arrived at the cafe, he sat down and waited. Gaston ordered a glass of lemonade and drank it while waiting. “I am sure he will ask me more about my ability to see the future,” Gaston murmured before taking another sip. With those in mind, he prepared some things to say so that Griffti would be convinced that he’s telling the truth. Then, the logo of the mall caught Gaston’s attention. “H&Bert,” he read. ‘Why does it sound familiar to me?’ Gaston wondered. He was so certain that this is the first time he visited this mall. But oddly, the name of the man sounds so familiar to him. ‘I think I heard this mall’s name a long time ago.’ He dug into his memories. With much effort, Gaston recalled an event. After Chairman Harold offered Gaston to manage the Hamington for a while, Gaston declined the offer. As a result, the Chairman’s son, Sonny, became the temporar
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