Antonio De Isquierda: The Rise of Rich CEO

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Antonio De Isquierda: The Rise of Rich CEO

By: fismoo__ OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Antonio De Isquierda, a definition of poor and hardworking gentlemen who work as a waiter at a restaurant named Guisseppe. Also, he attended a fashion technology class during the morning. To make ends meet, he usually juggles his schedules, a student and a waiter. He tried to work hard not only for himself but also for his girlfriend. One day, Antonio got fired from his waiter job in the restaurant, he only had a few dollars left in his pocket, and had a promise to buy her girlfriend a birthday gift. Sad, alone and rags, he went to the store, bought the said gift and worst, he went to his girlfriend’s condo and perceived that his dear girlfriend cheated on him. Devastated, he didn’t lash out. He didn’t feel the rage but the emptiness succumbed to him; as if the universe wanted to make him like a loser and unlucky. The universe always has its ways to make him unlucky. Or does the universe try to test him if he can make it? Or maybe the universe is trying to make it hard for him because he is bound to do something greater? Or maybe, he is something greater and richer? But, a phone call changed his life and this would be the life he always wanted.

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Chapter 1 Fired
Antonio easily got to the restaurant and hurriedly put on his uniform and acted as if he was a part of society. One of his co-workers looked at him with those sorry eyes. And he just told him to not worry. After that, Antonio saw the Manager barging in the employees room. He can feel the fiery eyes piercing through his whole being, eyeing him as if he's the incompetent people alive. Antonio clasped his hand and slightly lowered his head. "Who do you think you are, Mister Antonio," the Manager said, "Coming to the restaurant with no remorse. You're basically 30 minutes late for your shift." "I'm sorry, Manager. I got caught in traffic at Olsen Road," Antonio said, without lifting his head. "Are you sure you're apologizing? How dare you come up with the same excuses every time?" The Manager yelled, not accepting Antonio's excuse. One of Antonio's workers is still listening and the Manager yelled again to the said employee. "Why are you still here, David? Leave," The Manager
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Chapter 2 Cheated
Antonio never thought he could be in this position. He dreamed of being promoted for his job but here he is being fired because of a misconception. He didn't even know what to do about the fact that every person who dined in the restaurant could actually throw a fit about their belongings being missing. He tried to take it to the manager and told them that I saw it under the table. He didn't have any reasons to steal. The woman who owned the phone didn't even bother to ask him first. Even the manager was abrupt in firing Antonio on the spot. And now, he calmly took his belongings to the employee's lounge before he called himself out at this place. Antonio’s colleagues eyed him with pity and just tapped his shoulders and told him to take care. Antonio just acknowledges their efforts to talk to him despite everything. Antonio will certainly be focused on his education since he didn't have any means to find a job. His midterms in fashion school are next week and he won't make it to f
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Chapter 3 The Boss
Antonio is on the verge of suppressed anger, frustration, and loneliness. He didn't shed a tear. He walked away, away from the rage, to the restaurant he is working at, to Sarah—his ex. Antonio will be different now. He has nothing to lose. He has nothing to hold on to. He has nothing to spare. Neither his friends in fashion school or even his colleagues from his previous work would know about his true self—the identity he tried to hide. Antonio will be the other guy, the other stranger, the other student, the other self-reliant individual. If he tried to be more than that, when he put his mind into it, he would be indestructible. He didn't even look back at Sarah's apartment right after he threw his precious gift to Sarah. He didn't even take the elevator after that. He tried to take the back stairs just to find comfort. He took the stairs from the 9th floor up to the 1st floor. He sweat profusely and heavily sighed for the instant cardio. His lips on a grim thin line. And if som
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Chapter 4 Meeting
Antonio was eager to talk about the sudden movement of his grandfather. When his grandfather gifted him a golden card, Antonio released a soft curse, knowing his life would never be the same again. His grandfather explained that he should have received the golden card earlier, as it symbolized entitlement and respect in their society. Despite being a billionaire real estate tycoon, Antonio's grandfather did not dress the part. His wrinkled face and white beard made him look more like Santa Claus than a strict businessman. "What's your next move, Antonio?" asked the manager. Antonio sipped his cold brew before responding to the loyal butler of the Isquierda Estates. The manager and staff watched him attentively, curious about his next step. "I need to finish my degree in fashion technology before deciding on my next endeavor," replied Antonio. "I have some ideas for you, Antonio," said the grandfather, signaling his butler to write them down so they wouldn't be forgotten. "We won
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Chapter 5 Of Insults and Joke
Antonio commanded the valet not to use the car; instead, he let the valet park the car 10 minutes from the school. He wanted to make the impression that all the university kids presumed he was poor and pitied despite the rumors of him being a thief. Everyone laughed at Antonio when they saw him in the university quadrangle. Some even whistled and insulted him, being a man without money. Worse, they even told him to snatch their most expensive phone. Antonio walked his way into the brick wall of the university. In front of it is Ansley Hall, where all the university people walk to their rooms. He noticed the posters plastered on the wall of the university building; he grabbed them with full force and tried to put them in a trash bin. He knew it was a fiasco, a ridiculous situation where affluent adults condemned a mishap of truths. "Yet, you're the worst fashion tech student. I didn't know you had it in you," someone from the bleachers near Ansley Hall blurted out. "He's the
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Chapter 6 The Talk
Enough for these rich kids who rely on their parents for their essence. The parents who pick up their children’s mess are those parents who are actually unapologetic to everything. The problem of every privileged child who seems like they own everything, they even think they can own other people’s time or their existence are troubled enough to remind the underprivileged to bow their heads as low as possible. Ardently, they can’t even fix their own life. The rich boy’s father went to the university’s office and started to question the principal. The scowl on the rich boy’s face is evident and Antonio doesn’t even crawl back to his original state, he’s just there standing as if it wasn’t his problem to fix. “What do you mean about this, Mister Vondale? How dare my child be called in detention?” the rich boy’s father sneered. “I called you here, Mr. Smith because your son is in trouble,” The principal greeted the rich boy’s father, who strode his way to the door with an arrogant aur
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Chapter 7 Semi-Truth
The decision should be finalized, that’s what they wanted. But the sudden change of course can’t predict the finality; their shocked faces, wide eyes and the sweat running at the side of their faces is evident. The rich girl named Olivia held the arms of her father since she was embarrassed about her father’s behavior. She didn’t even glance at Antonio. “What’s wrong with you, father!?” Olivia said, quite annoyed. “That guy is the one who throw the punch to Dale,” “I don’t care if he’s the one who punches Dale,” the rich girl’s father stated, as if he wanted to make Antonio the victim of the said ridiculous menagerie. Dale glared at Olivia. Olivia stomp his feet and gritted her teeth, “Father, in the first place you shouldn’t apologize,” “We should, my daughter,” the rich girl’s father said with conviction. Mr. Smith vocalizes his concern on the situation, “That poor uneducated poor should be the one to apologize. After all, Dale and Olivia had their reasons,” Dale is behi
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Chapter 8 The Rich Girl Interrupted
The rich girl doesn’t even want to get involved now and proceeds to gazed at Antonio despite the sudden behavior of her father. Olivia had her common sense now; her father who’s about to slap her but it didn't happen since they wanted to get away from the hall and leave as if nothing happened. No one even wondered that the rich girl's father would do that to her daughter. Antonio doesnt gawk even further since he knows that Olivia will follow her father’s command. They will feel sorry, Antonio thought. Everyone is looking since they knew, yes even the personal assistant of the rich girl’s father knows who I am and they would pretend I am just a normal university kid who is supposed to be kicked out. Suddenly, the rich girl interrupted the conversation of his father and one of Antonio’s personal assistants. They are outside of the university premises and they vouch not to cause another scene. The rich girl’s father didn’t even see how her daughter tried to make amends to Antonio.
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Chapter 9 The Night is Long
Antonio already has its path of independence. Right after the chaos in his university, he decided to book a fancy restaurant away from the downtown; the dark nights twinkling with the light of hope and opportunity of getting drunk with life-- must be the truth he always wanted to have. The manager of the said pub guided him to the reserved table, prepared a rum and glasses of expensive finger bites. Antonio seated, crossed legs and gazing at the manager who seems anxious and waiting for his orders. Antonio thinks that the other employees in the said pub seem curious of sudden changes of their manager's personality. The manager spoke to him in a calm tone which Antonio seemed shocked. Antonio noticed that it sounded so scripted and he wanted to put an end to his blabbering mouth, but he can't because he don;t want to have a reputation of being rude to the manager, even to employees who are eyeing him with death glare, as if he can buy them. I mean, he can but he won't. “How does a d
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Chapter 10 Earl Gray Tea
Antonio doesn't need to know more about the drinking session he had last night. He woke up feeling thirsty and still on his clothes. No one in the house dared to touch him or even change his clothes to make him comfortable. Everyone thinks he's some sort of an individual who's off limits. He doesn't have a severe hang-over and he decided to strip off his clothes. He walks naked in his modern room, filled with black and white motifs. He even walked to his glass window near his toilet. Antonio examined himself there, standing and staring to his biceps, to his stomach and down to his center. For a minute, he stood there, reminiscing the conversation he had from that particular female staff member. Antonio thought about the female staff's name. But a part of him knew her name but he forgot. He showered all his thoughts, doubts and worries. Everyday is a constant battle of knowing what to do of his new lifestyle. One of his personal assistant rush in, and ask Antonio what he wanted to d
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