The rejected Son-in-law

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The rejected Son-in-law

By: Hunni OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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How will you feel when everyone rejects you? How will you feel when your wife becomes a Villain overnight? From something to nothing, Peter, a poor ordinary man, goes through hell when he lost all his Money. He moved to Los Vegas with his wife, where life takes an ugly turn. From being the favorite Son-in-law, he became the worst son-in-law. Disrespect and shame was his middle name. Getting desperate to make money, he was ready to do anything, but suddenly, there was shocking news that got revealed. What happens when a good man turns bad? Welcome to the world of Peter, The journey of a rejected a man.


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154 chapters
Chapter 1: Useless son-in-law
“What the hell do you think you are doing?” A female voice yelled, her voice was filled with an unexplainable anger and disgust as she deranged her nose.“Honey, I am eating.” Peter said, as he retuned his attention to the food he was eating. With the expression on his face, it was very obvious that he looked bothered. Megan scoffed as she rolled her eyes with her lips pressed in a thin line. “Are you not Ashamed of yourself? Other men are outside there making money to feed Their family and take care of Their wife, but here you are eating a meal that you didn't even contribute anything to.” She uttered with disgust and irritation visible on her Face and Voice. Peter closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, utterly harassed. He was not in the mood for Megan's yelling and endless trouble.“Can't you just allow me to eat this food peacefully?” He asked with a light frown on his face. Megan scoffed and clicked her tongue, annoyed by his question. “There is no peace for a poor man.” She sa
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Chapter 2: Regret
Peter couldn't believe what he was hearing. He felt broken on the inside. Jack was the same person who he has helped numerous times. The same man who he helped to even grow his club. He couldn't believe that Jack could do this to him. Well, he was not that surprised because a lot of friends he helped Looked down on him and refused to help him when he asked them for help. He gritted his teeth in anger. “So this is how you want to pay me back after Everything I did for you?. I was there for you when you had nothing and I supported you in Every way, but this is what I get in return, right?” He asked, totally annoyed and irritated. Jack laughed out loud like a psycho “Listen here peter, whatever you did for me was in the past and I appreciate it a lot but all I am telling you is that I won't give you any money. So, you better stop trying to tell Me shit about how you helped me in the past” He uttered, and he looked happy as he spoke. 'Useless fool. It is a Good thing that you have nothin
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Chapter 3: Getting rid of his Baby.
In the morning, Peter woke up with a burning headache. He couldn't help but groan in pain. “Gosh” he mumbled as he tried to open his eyes. He couldn't even understand why he was having such a heavy headache, maybe it was because he was thinking too much. He managed to open his eyes widely. He could see the sun peaking inside the room for the widow. He immediately Checked the Time and it was Eight in the morning. He couldn't even believe that he slept until that time. “Wow, I took a long nap.” He mumbled before he entered inside the bathroom, but something immediately caught his attention. He stared at it for a while before he decided to pick it up. It was a pregnancy test result and according to what he saw, it was positive. He felt joy inside of him at the thought that Megan was Pregnant. He couldn't deny the fact that he noticed some few changes in her. He couldn't help but grin so widely. He didn't see the test results at night when he entered inside the bathroom, so that means t
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Chapter 4: Illegal activities.
Peter was already burning with anger. The insult And disgrace was too much, and he couldn't bear it anymore. He has helped her family a lot. He was even the one that paid the rent of the house for years. He supported her mom with the restaurant she opened. He has helped them a lot and still, they treat him like trash just because he has nothing now. He realized that people are so wicked. He couldn't even believe that the same people who he helped a lot are the same people who were treating him like trash And Even supporting Megan to abort his child. “Who do you think you are to say that, You are a nobody, and you are not entitled to say anything at all.” Mary spat angrily. She was the one who slapped him heavily on his cheek, and she was ready to slap him again if he annoys her again. “You are really a disgrace to my daughter. I thought that after you relocated here with your stupid story of being scammed, that soon you will get some money and regain your rich status, but no, you rem
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Chapter 5: A Billionaire Son.
Peter immediately left her house with anger burning in his soul. He couldn't believe that she was cheating on him with his own friend just because he doesn't have money. He was so angry as hell, and it was truly annoying him a lot. He started to Even think that he was cursed Because everywhere goes for help, one way or the other something negative will come out of it. He didn't want the anger he was feeling to consume him because he might do or say something that he will regret. With the little money, he had on his pocket, he decided to take a cab. A lot of painful thought were running through his mind as he was not even thinking straight again. He was really mentally and emotionally stressed. After some minutes drive, he arrived at the house. He immediately got down from the Taxi and paid the taxi man. With heavy steps and pained heart, he entered inside the house. His Eyes immediately landed on Megan. She was making a call, and she was flirting with the person on the other line. He
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Chapter 6: Getting to know the truth.
“A billionaire Son.” The man said as he Tightly hugged peter, Giving him a bone crushing hug. Peter was very shocked because he couldn't understand why an obvious rich man was hugging a nobody like him and even calling him a billionaire Son. Peter immediately broke the embrace of the stranger he didn't know. Peter's brows were knitted together as he tightened his lips, pressing his lips on a thin line.“Please, who are you and how can I help you, sir?” He asked respectfully, looking at the aged man in front of him. Collin smiled widely and there was a sparkle in his eyes as he looked at Peter. Although he felt sorry for Peter, he was glad that he found him. “I am Collin, How are you doing, Peter?” He asked, and Peter narrowed his eyes a little, as he was confused. Collin was being friendly with him, and he couldn't help but a raise a brow to that. Curiousity was what he knows at that moment.'How did he know my name?' He mused inwardly as he was curious. “I am doing good.” He replie
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Chapter 7: A DNA Test.
“I am not really joking!” “Then who is my father?” He asked as he gulped down a bottle of water because he felt hot on the inside, Super hot.“Charles Williams!” Immediately Collin said that, Peter choked on the water. He felt like he was dreaming. With his eyes opened widely in shock he coughed. Charles Williams is the top five richest man in the world, and he is the CEO and founder of Williams Co-operation. Charles Williams Owns most of the clubs, Five-star restaurant, hotels and many more in Los Vegas and yes! He is multi-billionaire. “Oh my goodness, Peter, are you okay?” Collin asked concerned when he saw that Peter choked on the water he was drinking. Besides, everyone knows Charles Williams, and personally, he knows that the news will be a shocking one to Peter, but it was true. Peter cleared his throat and took a couple of deep breath to Calm his nerves. “Yeah, yeah. I am fine, sir!” He said, even though he was not okay. Collin shook his head, before he said, with a little
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Chapter 8: Father and son moment.
“What the….” Peter could only mumble that underneath his breath as he was lost, and his eyes were glued to the result in his Hands. He couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. Suddenly, all his doubt he had about him not being Charles's son immediately disappeared. He just couldn't believe it at All, according to the DNA test, he was Charles's biological son. Collin just smiled as he gave Peter the 'I told you' look. He was Hundred percent sure that Peter was Charles son, and it has been confirmed by the DNA test. “I told you, son! You are his biological son and there is no two ways about it. I hope all your doubt is cleared now?” He asked, enjoying the look on Peter's face. Peter just smiled at him a bit and nodded in a 'Yes'. “Wow, uncle, I can't believe this but now all my doubt are all cleared. This is so….” “Amazing And beautiful. I know.” Collin completed the sentence for him. Peter just chuckled and smiled, lovely. As his eyes sparkled. He couldn't believe that his life j
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Chapter 9: Soon -to-be CEO
“So I am invisible now?” He asked and faked a frown. He really loved the cheerful atmosphere and the happiness he was seeing in the eyes of his Brother. Charles laughed and Peter just chuckled. “Of course not, but now my son is here, and I am so happy, so I don't really I have your time now, Collin.” Charles said jokingly, and Collin rolled his eyes and scoffed. “No problem, The two of you should just enjoy your time together and have fun.” he said and smiled wholeheartedly. Charles returned the smile. He was genuinely thankful to Collin because Collin was the one who even noticed that he had a son And started investigating. He was indeed happy that he had a brother like Collin who was always there for him. Facing peter, he said. “So Peter, you will be staying with me for the meantime. Alright?” He asked to know if Peter was okay with the staying with him, idea. If Peter did not want to stay with him, it won't be a concern, he will just get a superb place for him to stay. Peter, wh
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Chapter 10: Special announcement.
The door of the car opened, and then a manly figure came out of the car. “Oh My God!” “Who is that?” “Oh my Goodness, he is so handsome?” “I haven't seen him before.”. “He looks rich” Peter was looking so, so charming. Gosh! He was looking hot and attractive. Every one around just looked at him with admiration. People started taking pictures, videos, the internet was filled with Peter's pictures. People posted a lot of his pictures with a lot of hashtags. All eyes were on him. Immediately, a lot of reporters ran to him to interview him, but bodyguards showed up and immediately prevented Peter from the crazy reporters. Even though they were held back, they kept throwing question like. “Who are you, Mr. handsome?” “Are you single?” “What's your name?” Reporters were going Crazy, but luckily, Peter was saved from all their question as he was taken into the resort peacefully. Damn! Peter was indeed handsome. He was putting on a nice expensive black suit, with a white shirt insid
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