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190 chapters
Beginning of U.L.S
The autumn air had filled the city. The sound of dry leaves being crushed under the feet of pedestrians was echoing in the air. Two 13-year-old boys were walking together with a box in their hands. Arash said:(( David, did you watch the movie I gave you? Did you see what cool powers he got? If someone gave you that power with the conditions that the boy had, would you accept it?)) David replied, ((Yes, one hundred percent, did you look at how much he enjoyed his powers? With all that power and freedom! I wish I could get his power too. What a pleasure I had.)) ((But did you see how many difficult times he experienced before he came to power? Then he enjoyed his powers for a short time, and after it, new difficulties came his way)) ((buddy, it does not matter. If they give you such cool power and no responsibility. You don't accept?)) ((If a person is given power before they don't struggle and don't understand what it is like to be powerless an
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U.L.S is here.
Frightened, Arash looked at David with a trembling face and saw that he also had such a screen in front of his eyes. He looked around and saw that the people in his eyesight were also having the same screen. David, who had no color on his face, said: ((Arash ... do you see this too? Says you want power? What should I do? Accept it or say yes?)) Arash, who was slowly returning to normal, said: ((fool, These two mean THE SAME thing." ((too late, I click yes and.... done.)) ((You idiot.  for Now, suppose this is all true. did not I say that the power that you didn't work hard for it, always comes bad thing with it.)) ((For some time I wanted to ask this question. Where did you get this mindset?)) (( movies and novels and....)) ((he he he, What a credible source)) (( shut up)) Arash looked at his screen and saw that there were only five seconds until his time was up. He quickly hit the answer he was sur
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Home: Safest place on Earth
Ten minutes passed and it was as if the whole world had fallen into a deep sleep, no one heard a sound. Arash came to his senses little by little after seeing the timer, which was decreasing in number every moment. He was so overwhelmed by all this that he did not know exactly what to do. So he thought only of one place, the place where he was always comforted, where he knew he was safe. (home.) So he got up quickly to get there. On his left, he saw David, who had closed his eyes and was trembling like a jelly on a washing machine. ((David, get up quickly. it's over. Look, there's only a timer left on this blue screen. Get up. Don't be afraid... Hurry up, let's go to our home. I'm sure our parents know what to do.)) David, who had gradually come to his senses with Arash's words, said: ((o...okay... I'm getting up now. I hope the others be fine)) Arash helped David get up and they Cautiously walked toward
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World in Chaos
Arash reached a two-story house, opened the door, and hurriedly closed the door behind him with a bang. ((Dirty thief, get out of our house quickly)) Arash suddenly saw his mother, Maryam, standing in front of the house with a baseball bat in her hand and shouting. ((Do not hit mom, it's me. For these events that happened, I left school and came here)) As soon as Maryam saw her son, she quickly went to him and hugged him. ((I was very worried about you. I'm glad you're okay. Are you injured?)) ((no, I'm good. how about Sara and dad?)) ((As soon as U.L.S happened, I called your father and he said that he will come to your school and pick you up. Now I think he's gone to your sister's school. I will go and tell him that you are at home. lock the door behind you.)) His mother said this and went inside the house. Arash locked the door behind him and entered the house. Arash went to his room and changed his clothes and came
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Earth Beyond Home
A long time passed. Hours turned into days and days into weeks.There were days when family members could not sleep for fear of the sounds they heard outside their home.During this time, except for the battery-operated radio, the Arash family had no way to communicate with the outside world.((We are at your service with FM 2076. One day after the U.L.S incident, riots have engulfed all parts of the country.The government has stated that it is doing its best to find the culprits.And asked the citizens to stay inside their houses and not to stir up these riots ....))((Dear listeners, Three days after the ULS incident, many changes have taken place in the whole earth.The news indicates that with the propagation of the wave of energy caused by the breaking and collapse of the sky, strange changes have been seen in different parts of the earth.The strangest of these changes is the formation of pieces of land that are suspende
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System Holder Are Here.
30 days after the accident. Ten minutes left to the end of the preparation time. Arash and his family were gathered in the living room. You can not see the light from the outside because all the windows and doors are reinforced with very thick wood that has been removed from the floor of the house. Arsh's mother, Maryam, ten days ago started coughing with a sudden increase in new energy, known as mana, and since then her condition has been gradually deteriorating. Sarah and Arash have not changed much and only a few scratches were visible on their faces and you can see fear and anxiety in their faces. Darius has undergone the most changes, covering most of his face with beards that he could not shave in this month, and of course a large bandage on his right leg, which is stretched from the waist to the calf. Three days ago, a small green creature accidentally entered the house from one of the reinforced windows. Because this ha
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First Encounter With System Holders.
Three days passed, but there was not much change in the living conditions of Arash and his family. The only thing that changed was Mary's condition. Which was getting worse every dayArash was reading his favorite book when he heard a loud explosion outside their house.He hurried to one of the second-floor windows, which was used to monitor their surroundings. This task had fallen on Arash's shoulders since his father got injured.There, Arash saw a five-man team fighting a group of ten goblins.In this team, two people were standing in front with a very large shield in one of their hands, and in the other one, a shiny sword was showing off.Behind them was a man wearing white and shiny armor holding a silver sword with both hands, and behind him were two girls with canes in their hands.((Alexander, you and Jack get their attention. Jessica and Sheila help you from behind and I will kill the goblins that pass through you.)) ordered the man
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When It Ends?
((Hello dear listeners. 33 days have passed since the U.L.S incident.During all this time, our dear planet has undergone many changes.The most recent of these changes was the arrival of aliens, which the U.L.S called system holders.The shape and style of these aliens are similar to humans, but part or all of the body of these aliens is similar to familiar and unfamiliar animals.According to the news we received, these aliens, as soon as they came from the portals, started killing the newly emerged creatures, and so far no one has been able to communicate with them properly.I will keep you updated as soon as new news arrives.))Day 35. Greetings to the dear listeners. The news I am giving you now may shock you too much.According to the news that our reporters told us, we realized a very shocking truth. These system holders who came to us from the other world are immortal. Yes, you heard right, immortal.Whenever these peop
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Event Boss
(Oliver, hurry up. We're close to the event boss nest.)) Oliver and his team of six were moving toward the end of the event like the rest of the system holders. It was two days ago that the percentage of monsters on the planet was lowered enough to pull the event boss out of its nest. system holders based in the Arctic were quick to identify the bass. The main reason that most system holders were interested at the end of this event was not the end prize of this event. Rather, it was that whoever struck the final blow to the event bass, his or her household would take over the planet. So you can imagine what a commotion there was in the world of system holders upon hearing this news. ((look at east. I can see the nest.)) every system holder hurriedly changes direction. ((ROAAAAAAAAR)) A very loud roar filled the entire mountain made of ICE. A three-headed creature with a height of 9 meters came out of the
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Patience is hard especially when you have nothing else to do.Arash and his family busy themself with their own thing. but all they could ting that they thought was (when?)U.L.S doesn't make them wait any longer and with a big (ding), a blue screen appeared in front of them.*((Congratulations to the system holders who defeated the event boss.As a reward, the household of the person who killed the event boss will be appointed as the planet's guardian.The U.L.S will give all the necessary expenses for the reconstruction of this planet to the guardian.))**((good luck))*((That's it? Was that all the system said? Is there no other explanation?))Arash looked desperately at the blue screen as it faded.Once again, many portals opened on the surface of the planet, and this time there was not much difference between the people who came from it.They all had horns on their heads and clothes like each other.A
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