Unrivalled Blood Summoner

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Unrivalled Blood Summoner

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Mo Fang was reincarnated in a cultivation world, but he discovered that he couldn't cultivate like everyone else for unknown reasons, but fate smiled on him by bestowing upon him a system that grants him strength by absorbing blood energies from anything he kills, including the people he kills. When he realized he could become powerful through this method, he turned into a killing maniac who didn't even spare his uncaring families. Will Mo Fang truly become that powerful, will righteousness blind him, or will he choose the glorious path of Evil - let us find out together.


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_Sun Ping Forest_ _Sun Ping City_ Mo Fang despised being weak; it was like an irritant plaque digging into the flesh and causing it to rot; On earth, powerlessness only exists in the form of not having enough wealth to outmatch your adversaries, but power is everything in this world. The wealthy men who are weak will have to beg for the protection of someone powerful because the powerful are seen as the mortal gods of this world whose strength can divide oceans and slice through mountains, their prowess are only lacking in the matter of facing a true. "Is it because I'm a reincarnator that I can't use this world's energies to strengthen myself, or am I just a useless side character whose development is unnecessary?" Mo Fang asked himself. Mo Fang was sitting under a tree in a vast magical forest filled with magical and demonic beasts, looking out at the beautiful scenery with a sad expression on his face, his hair was crimson red and his eyes blue like the ocean. Mo Fang is not f
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"Absorb." Mo Fang called out again, but the circle did not appear on the young man's body; instead, a system notification was sent to him. [At the host current cultivation, "Absorb" cannot work on life bodies.] 'I guess a normal sword stabbing won't kill a cultivator that easily, but this dude is already dead; I saw him breathe his last just now when I stabbed him.' Mo Fang was furious that the young man had not died."How come you didn't die?" Mo Fang asked, disgusted, as he landed a kick on the young man's stomach, whose body flinched in pain, proving that what the system actually said was true. "Hey, system, will the "Absorb" function still work if I sever the head?" He did not remove the cow's head when he killed it. He asked the system because he was curious what would happen if he removed this man's head, and he didn't want to risk absorbing the blood of another 1-star cultivator. [Absorb will ultimately work on it as long as the body is lifeless.]"You, filthy brat, why ar
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[Mo Fang character is in the comment section, please check it out.] It wasn't a hand or anything physical that was holding Mo Zi's hands in the air and preventing him from moving his hand. It's a dark energy that can only be used by cultivators who have dark magic elements. Of course, if one looks closely at the visible dark energy, they can tell it's for dark elements users. And only cultivators with at least a peak stage 2-star cultivation base can perform telekinesis; anyone with a lower cultivation base will be unable to perform such a feat.Mo Zi, who was at the peak of the 2-star realm, was struggling to free himself, demonstrating that the person doing it is not just a cultivator but a powerful one. Mo Zi turned his head to his hand, but what he saw was a dark energy halo; it was nighttime, but he could clearly see the dark energy because it was even darker than the night itself; the house's lighting mechanism also helped him see it closely. When he looked in the direction
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Darren is a vampire who has seen far too many people die and has tasted every type of blood that exists in this world of cultivation except that of normal beasts. Although Mo Fang is confirmed as a vampire who does not have the trait of a true vampire, his prowess with blood proves it; in fact, his power increases more with blood than normal vampires. While a true vampire must control impurities in the blood, Mo Fang does not have to because the blood has already been evaporated into gaseous blood energy. ...Darren was even more surprised by his behavior after hearing what Mo Fang had to say, even after his mother died. It's understandable that most children dislike their father, but the mother was exceptional. Instead of crying or going outside to call for help, Mo Fang remained calm, not even raising his heart rate or widening his eyes; everything he did was typical of a 17-year-old boy. "Very well, I'll take you there; I'm also curious about how the other vampire genes absorb
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The fact that he could get powerful through the use of blood was known to him except that intimacy was also one of his power growth factors, which was new to him. If one were to think deeply, intimacy is also somehow related to blood energy in many ways. For example, the Yin essence the other gender releases will be absorbed by him. 'No, I'm gon na stick to blood energy absorption as my only means of power growth for now. No one will want to do such a thing with a powerless person.' Shaking his head, he let go of the thought of needing to have intimacy for his power growth. In his previous life, he died as a virgin. It could be said that his eyes have never been tainted by the unseen because he had to work hard with only a little time to spare, and that time he spent then either thinking of other ways to get rich or reading webnovels. Fortunately, his system does not assign him a mission to woo ladies or cause trouble with those more powerful than himself; instead, he is the one wh
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Mo Fang was confronted with these expressions, but he remained unfazed and concealed a cold smile. It was obvious to him that Darren had washed Mo Zi's memory. "Don't you know how to greet your elders and even your father when they're standing right in front of you?" Mo Ren, the elder who gave him this spot, said coldly. Mo Zi noticed something unusual about Mo Fang while Mo Ren was talking to him. "I'm sorry I didn't greet you, but that's only because you guys came to my house uninvited; I was planning to go out to the forest, but you guys are ruining my plan."Mo Fang replied with a smile that quickly turned into a frown when he noticed Mo Zi's gaze on his body. "How is this possible? How did you manage to reach high stage 1-star realm so quickly?" 'I almost forgot that someone with a higher realm can easily see the cultivation of someone who is one realm lower.' When his cultivation was revealed, Mo Fang couldn't help but sigh. 'Large stage?' Fang Yu yelled in her head, as di
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Fang Yu
Mo Zi was drinking a gourd of purified wine with lower alcoholic content a few hours before the unexpected arrival in Mo Fang's humble abode, pondering what happened that night that left him in a sorry state on the ground, but no matter how hard he thought, the only moment he could recall was the time he wanted to hit Mo Fang for spouting nonsense about leaving the house. Shen Yu had already informed him that she was going to another country to see her family, whom she had missed greatly, so he was unconcerned about her whereabouts.While Mo Zi was thinking about that night, a familiar figure entered, accompanied by an extremely handsome young man who was guarded by two other young men. Mo Zi recognized her right away as his son's alleged wife before the engagement was abruptly called off. Her name was Fang Yu, and he suspected the extremely handsome guy with her was her new fiancé. Of course, he had no right to say or do anything about it, but he couldn't deny that he, too, dislik
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The disciples dispersed in groups after Mo Fang left Mo family, discussing only one thing: the bloodlust in Mo Fang's eyes was real, so real that he would have fought Clark to the death if given the chance. Most disciples whose power was lower than peak stage began to experience fear, the kind that causes shivering and sleepless nights. Only those disciples who had not erred against Mo Fang could breathe normally.Fang Yu felt inferiority rather than fear; her beauty was undeniably among the top three in sun ping, but Mo Fang didn't seem to care. At that moment, their gazes met, and while hers was aloof and proud, Mo Fang's was filled with bloodlust and hatred. Clark left thirty minutes after Mo Fang, Mo Ren, and Mo Zi went their separate ways. But Mo Zi and Fang Yu returned to Sun Shireen together, explaining what had happened and why Mo Fang couldn't join them."Hehe, he's being stubborn." Sun Shireen said only one word, but the hidden meaning was clear: Mo Fang's life is in gr
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masked [2]
The lady has nice curves in the right places, and even though she was wearing a mask, one could tell she was very beautiful; however, why was she running in the dark as if someone was after her life? "Jian, give her a quick evaluation and tell me what her true cultivation is." Mo Fang instructed Jian quietly. Jian started the evaluation right away and sent the results to Mo Fang. [Low stage, 2-star realm] 'Low stage, 2-star realm, that's terrible, but why is she running around the forest like something is after her?' Her blood energy, on the other hand, will boost my credit.' His lips curved into a smile.It was nighttime, and the moon was visible in the sky, but it couldn't reach the forest floor due to the massive trees' leaves. The masked lady ran as if she were being pursued by something; from the looks of it, whatever she was looking for wasn't a beast, but rather a human. 'I see her, but she doesn't see me.' Mo Fang smiled in his heart and moved on with light steps to a ne
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Her movements resembled those of someone who regained consciousness and then realized they had done something that could kill them. Her eyes blinked a thousand times before she could finally see the darkness, and her mind quickly recalled that face: the face of Sun Yang, whom she had been assigned to spy on. 'I'm sure Sun Yang knows more about psycho magic than I do.' Mo Fang was intrigued by the power that someone like Sun Yang possessed. "All right, you can put an end to her now." Sun Yang gave Mo Fang a friendly smile. A whirlwind of red energies encircled his body and rolled in an anticlockwise direction.Sun Yang was no longer there after the whirlwind vanished - he had vanished! Mo Fang sighed as Sun Yang vanished with the whirlwind; he would have loved to ask him a few questions about his technique, and perhaps the dude would even lend him his technique. 'I can't wait to use such techniques in my possession, if I'm to comment, that dude's power was insane and gave me the
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