Rise of a Dungeon Lord

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Rise of a Dungeon Lord

By: Ghost_Worker OngoingSystem

Language: English

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In the year 3000, giant gates appeared all over the world, with the appearance of these gates hordes of monsters appeared driving humanity to the brink of extinction. Just when all hope was lost, the first hunters and awakened appeared. Using their superhuman strengths and abilities they launched a counterattack on the monsters. For the first time after thousands of years of war, humans could finally fight back.  See how Arthur Keane uses his system to find a place for himself in such a godforsaken world.

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  • ryan inyang


    great book! Author can we have faster updates??

    2022-12-19 12:58:33
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13 chapters
Where am I?
"Awaked! Hunters! These are words that symbolise fame, honour, wealth and prestige! however things weren't always like this""It was the year 3000, just as the world was celebrating entering a new millennium, giant gates appeared all over the world!However, before anyone could react thousands of beings that could only be described as monsters rushed out of the gate.Some had four arms, others were as large as the tallest buildings while some were made of pure elements immune to physical attacks; this would later be called 'The age of monsters' by us of later generations."Standing in front of a group of students, was a light-skinned red-haired beauty, coupled with her blood red pupils she had a look that stood out anywhere in the crowd.With a look of passion, She began to explain the glorious history and development of mankindUnfortunately not everyone seemed to be as engrossed as during her explanation, her eyes made contact with a certain student sleeping at the back of the class
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[Detected hostile presence system activated!]"What!? System?" The appearance of the system extinguished his last hopes that this was a dream."However, what hostile presence?" Looking around the class, hearing the loud shout, his body quickly reacted.Not sure if it was because his spirit was especially active after crossing, he quickly spun around, dodging the oncoming fist.Turning his head, he couldn't help but be stunned. In front of him was Elric, the class rep. However, at this time, he no longer had the aura of a noble son.His clothes were stained due to the last fall, and veins popped on the side of his head signifying his ever-growing anger."Damnit! Arthur, how dare you make fun of me," thinking back to the laughing faces of his classmates before he couldn't help but get angrier.At this point, the classmates had already calmed down and focused their attention on the two of them."Elric! Don't go too far, after all we're all classmates!" Not given him a chance to react, A
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The bet
[Congratulations to the host for getting][Ex lvl integration (×1)][strengthening pill (×1)][basic awakening breathing method(×1)][basic fighting technique(×1)][swift steps(×1)][Ex lvl integration (×1): fuse any two items without limitations once. (Note: this process is irreversible, use it wisely!)][strengthening pill (×1): a pill developed by a certain alchemist in a faraway land. (eat this mortal and stand at the peak!)][basic awakening breathing method(×1): increases the possibility of awakening by 30% (specially made for you who have zero talent)][swift steps(×1): an active skill that increases movement by 20%( whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, provided you can escape!]*Maybe it was my prayer before or the protagonist's aura but apart from the Ex lvl integration and breathing method that are currently no use, the others are just what I needed.**system use everything apart from the Ex lvl integration and breathing method*[Yes host!]immediately a warm curren
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My parents were hunters?
"Wha-!?"Before he could react, the dark shadow had already pounced on his body."I guess this is the end of the road, so much for being a protagonist. sigh ...."Just as he closed his eyes, ready to give up all hope, a milky voice sounded in his ears."Brother, finally you're back!""Elsa!"Looking down at his chest, a smile appeared on his face.Sticking to him like a koala, was Elsa.With blond hair, snow-white skin, a pair of blue eyes, and ponytails, she looked like a loli goddess that descended on earth.Subconsciously he stretched out his hands to pat her head."Hehe brother, what took you so long? I've been waiting for you all day." She muttered with squinted eyes, obviously enjoying her brother's touch."Let's go inside, shall we?""Um!"Nodding her head, they both entered the house.Inside the house was what you could only describe as shabby, with only a sofa in the living room and three bedrooms."By the way, Elsa, what did you mean by you've been waiting for me all day? D
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Dungeon raid
The night passed and the undercurrents were surging, different plans made in preparations for tomorrow's dungeon raid.Some were confident while others timid but one thing that was certain was that after their raid, their lives would never be the same.but none of this had anything to do with Arthur, after putting away his dad's diary he immediately went to sleep putting the days' worries behind him.Early the next day, a sweet smell entered his nose causing him to get up from bed."Big brother, the food is ready, let's eat!"holding a spatula and wearing her little apron, she entered his room with a slightly forced smile.Obviously still affected by the conversation yesterday.with a wry smile, he followed her to the kitchen."....""Elsa"".....""Elsa""Don't worry big brother I'll be fine, didn't we pinky swear yesterday?After saying so she quickly finished her breakfast and left the room.*damnit! Arthur, do you really want to start your new life by making your only sister sad?"
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Dungeon raid(II)
"the dungeon, it's glowing!!"rushing out of the bus, what caught their eyes was a sight for sore eyes.The huge dungeon about 100 metres was glowing with a slightly pink colour easily being the centre of attraction."Does anyone know what the hell is going on?"As the head of the trip, Reyna tried her best to analyse the situation."Take a deep breath Reyna, let's analyse things calmly""glowing gate, glowing gate, I know I've heard of this somewhere"looking at the ever-increasing brightness a look of worry appeared on her face."Miss Rey?"Just as she began to think of what to do next, a sudden voice interrupted her thoughts."Miss Rey, I think I've heard sir principal say something about this"a teacher with a somewhat bland look, fatty, and glasses spoke up"Dammit that old man, why can't he be here at this moment!""What then, just what the hell is going on?"seeing the anxiousness on her face he didn't delay any longer "one day when the principal was telling us about his hunti
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Dungeon raid(III)
"It seems I wasn't late, was I?"standing in front of George with a smile was none other than Arthur, with a light in his eye, he had an amazing overwhelming Aura of confidence."Arthur ?"looking at his befriend in front of him, George's heart quickly calmed down."Haha, George, let me take it from here!"not giving him a chance to react, Arthur decisively jumped into the horde "Swift steps activate!"This time, there was a difference. time seemed to slow down and he seemed in a different zone compared to reality.nothing it much thought he took his sword and began a beautiful dance through the horde.everywhere he spun, skeletons fell left and right,he immediately became the centre of attention.coupled with the basic fighting technique, he instantly because the star if the show"everyone look at that!""Am I dreaming of something?""Is this the same sleeping God from our class?"as time went in, both humans and skeletons alike were stunned by the sudden change of pace While the
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Boss Room (I)
Pushing open the door with a trace of anticipation, a bright light shone in his eyes.Entering the gate, he seemed to be in another world.A large gothic castle stood in the centre, a red moon giving the surrounding an eerie glow and a surrounding full of graves.Just as he was about to take a step further a terrifying aura gushed out from the castle."Damn! judging from this aura and size of this boss room, the dungeon has most likely become an A-grade if not S-grade"Not giving him time to gather his thoughts, the rest of his classmates passed through the gate"Wow look at that castle!""So huge!""Haha I can't wait to face the boss""Yo skeleton man, get ready to taste my fireball!"With waves of excitement going through the crowd, everyone was still pumped from the earlier awakening."Quiet! we don't know what could happen everyone keep your eyes peeled"Hearing the shout from their group leader, everyone reluctantly buried the excitement in their hearts.Unfortunately just a few
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Boss Room (II)
"Don't turn back, run for the castle, as long as we beat the boss we'll we can get out of this darn place"With a shout, Arthur continued to lead the charge toward the castle. Just as they were about to reach it, a burst of loud laughter came from above, gaining their attention.[Zehaha! human you're going in the wrong direction]looking at the grinning vampire floating above a name flashed in everyone's mind."Khaled!"[Zehaha, did you miss me? because I sure enjoyed watching you perform just now.][ Wait, wasn't there one more of you? Oh right, he died Zehaha]Ignoring the increasingly gloomy look on their faces the vampire above continued to laugh completely disregarding his earlier elegant persona.Just as he was about to continue talking, a loud shout interrupted him."Dammit I can't take this anymore!""If you lose, you die. if you don't fight, you can't win!"Stepping to the front of the crowd was their classmate, Kevin , with a slightly rugged face, pitch-black hair, and eyes
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The King of bones
CASTLE THRONE ROOMIn a highly decorated throne room filled with gold and banners, a large skeleton sat resting on a throne *Boom!*Just as the skeleton was lost In thought, a large bang came from the throne room entrance revealing a figure running towards him.[Good day Milord]not giving him a time to react the figure immediately went down on one knee[Anna, what brings you here?]Seeing the figure in his front, the king of bones didn't bother to raise his head.[Milord, I can feel spatial fluctuations around us, are we expecting guests?]Kneeling in front of a huge throne wearing a maid costume was a demoness with pure golden eyes, a pair of curly goat horns, a long slick tail, and two pairs of wings attached to her back.[Guests? I think in this situation, they should be the enemy]raising his head slightly, the king of bone's eyes glowed red with a glint of expectation.Unfortunately, Anna didn't have any expectations but rather it seemed she was about to explode from anger any
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