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Johnathan Cross, an average university student gets treated worse than trash by his rich peers and teachers. On the day everyone is getting the greatest news of their lives, Johnathan gets informed that he only has 3 months to live. Johnathan’s life is over and everyone celebrates. Johnathan prays for his death to come sooner so he can escape from his life of misery. In the darkness of the night, Johnathan has one last hope left and he wishes for his life to change for the better. The next time Johnathan wakes up, he couldn’t believe what his life has become overnight.


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It was a normal afternoon at Primrose High school and a student just burst into class 6-A, waving the screen of his phone in front of everyone and yelling… "The admission letters have been sent and I got into Wellstone College, what about you guys?!" Angered by the interruption, the teacher turned around and yelled "Hey, don't you see that I'm teaching right—" However, the other students didn't allow the teacher to finish as they all rushed to grab their phones and started checking their emails, hopeful for good news. "I got in! I got into High Rise University!" yelled a student, standing on his desk and pumping his fists into the air. "I got into Stellar Prep Academy!" "Hurry and check yours too, what college did you get into?!" All the students yelled at the top of their lungs and after they all finished celebrating, they looked at an empty desk in the center of the classroom. Immediately, their faces grimaced with disgust. "What about that loser Johnathan Cross? Who knows w
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"Who the hell is that?!" "Who thinks they can come in like this without being invited?!"The other students in Molly's room complained after Johnathan interrupted them and they stopped what they were doing to focus on him.When they all realized that it was him, their faces quickly changed to that of disgust."Look who is it""What is the human trash doing here?!"They all sneered at Johnathan as they separated to go find their clothes to wear.While everyone wore their clothes, something drew their attention which put smiles and laughs on their faces.What they found amusing was that although they had stopped, Molly and Bradly were still going at it like nothing was happening. They were enjoying themselves too much to care.Johnathan who could see that everyone else at least had the decency to stop when he came in got angry at his girlfriend and best friend.Johnathan rushed to the bed where those two were, grabbed Molly's hand aggressively, and then pulled her off of Bradly."What
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"It's a heart disease and I only have three months but seeing you act this way just makes me feel like I could die right now" Johnathan lowered his head in grief.He was hoping that Molly would go back to acting like she used to. She used to be very caring but ever since he became friends with Bradly, Molly started acting increasingly distant.Now he knows why."Molly please, I know this looks bad but it's not too late for us. I can still forgive you and act like I didn't see any of this—" Johnathan said but was cut off mid-sentence."Good, now you can stop bothering me all the time. Just die so that I can finally have some peace!" Molly said, shocking Johnathan to his core.Johnathan looked at her and for the first time, he truly couldn't recognize the girl he fell head over heels for two years ago."Molly, don't you think that's a bit harsh? You can at least show pity for his illness?" Molly's roommate spoke and everyone's eyes immediately went to her.Annoyed, Molly approached her
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"Did you just say, Young Master?" Johnathan mumbledJohnathan's eyes widened in disbelief. He looked behind him to see if Abraham could be talking to someone standing behind him. However, he was the only one there"Wait, you're talking about me? You're calling me young master?" Johnathan asked, completely stumped.Abraham raised his head "Yes Young Master Cross. You're the only one I'm talking to in this room"Johnathan couldn't believe what he was hearing and so he started to laugh, confusing all those around him."I knew something strange was off when I woke up to all of this. Tell me Abraham or whatever your name is, did Bradly put you up to this? Was it him or some other dirtbag from school?" Johnathan asked.Abraham grimaced in confusion "Bradly? Who in the world is Bradly, young master?"Johnathan got angry and he leaned closer, almost ripping the drip connected to his arm."Don't play dumb with me. I'm talking about Bradly Silver of the Silver group! The most popular guy in sch
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"Please son, have a seat," Jaxon said to Johnathan as the nurse went to help him sit upright while the doctor was checking on his vitals on the monitors.Johnathan looked all around his father and he couldn't understand why he had all of these things hooked up to him."Umm dad, are you okay? You’re going to be fine, right?" Johnathan asked with a terrified tone.Jaxon laughed then suddenly he started to cough. The nurse hurriedly helped him with a glass of water."First things first son, how have you been all these years?" Jaxon asked then reached forward and caressed Johnathan’s face "Look how big you've gotten but you still have the same face Sonia gave you""Sonia? Is that my mother's name?" Johnathan asked.Jaxon sighed and leaned back on the pillow, put behind him by the nurse for his back."Yes she is, my beautiful and beloved Sonia but before you ask to see her, it's sad for me to say that she's no longer here with us. She passed away fifteen years ago"Johnathan felt that news
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Johnathan looked into his father's eyes and Jaxon was dead serious about this."But if you do this then that means you'll die. I don't want that dad, I just got you and I don't want to lose you that quickly" Johnathan tried to persuade Jaxon but the man on life support seemed adamant.Johnathan was about to cry but Jaxon gave him a hot slap in the face to stop him."Wha— why did you do that?" Johnathan mumbled in shock as he held the cheek his father slapped."Listen here son, you're a Cross and after me, you'll be the next heir to all my fortune. It's extremely disgraceful for an heir to sit around crying when there are important things to do. Suck it up, be the man I know you can be, and carry out your duties. Do it for me and your mother" "B-but—""No buts! Are you a Cross or aren't you?" Jaxon asked."I am" Johnathan answered."Then you have work to do now will you do what you have to or will you bring shame to your family name?" Jaxon said with a burning passion in his eyes.Joh
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"Huh? Wellstone Collage? Wait, why Wellstone College? What does that place have to do with any of this?" Johnathan asked in a panic after thinking about all his classmates that must have gotten admitted there.Primrose High school just like a select few other schools of similar status has a partnership program with Wellstone College. This partnership makes their students more favored during the selection process for admission.Certainly, some of the people who wrote the admission exam with Johnathan would have been admitted there, people like Molly and Bradly so the thought of that place being connected to this case was alarming.“Late Master Jaxon and I have been investigating this case for over a decade now by going with what little memory he had of the event. Just recently, one of our channels revealed to us a connection with Wellstone Collage that we didn’t know before” Abraham saidJohnathan looked down at the letter and creased his forehead. He said, “So are you saying that one
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"Wait, you're Gustav? The designer Gustav?" Johnathan asked in amazement.Gustav walked closer quickly and bowed his head to Johnathan and so did his assistants."Yes Master Cross, that's me. It's my absolute pleasure to meet you and to be of service to you. These two with me are my assistants Lynette and Tori" Gustav said and remained to bow until Johnathan told him and his assistants to raise their heads."So Gustav, what brings you here? Don't tell me that you, the famous Gustav is going to be styling me?" Johnathan asked and the smirk Gustav had was all the evidence he needed."If the young master will just stand like this, I would like to take your measurements," Gustav said, showing Johnathan the exact position to stand in and Johnathan followed, acting very happy to oblige."Lynette, bring me the tape, and Tori, go bring me the materials we'll need from outside the room" Gustav instructed and his two assistants rushed to do as was told.While Gustav and his assistants did their
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"Good evening Sir— Umm, I mean grandfather!" Johnathan bowed to Zebadiah. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you. I've heard so much about you from Abraham"Zebadiah looked at Johnathan very well before he grinned from ear to ear."What are you doing standing over there Johnathan, come give your grandfather a big hug!" Zebadiah said, spreading his arms out and waiting for Johnathan to do what was told.Johnathan rushed towards Zebadiah, reducing the distance between him and Zebadiah by half when he paused suddenly because the door to the study was pushed open even more.The banging sound of the doorknob hitting the wall pulled everyone's attention to want to know who dared to interrupt this grandfather and grandson reunion.Johnathan quickly turned around to find out who had pushed be door and standing by the doorway was an elderly woman with flowing long pudding hair, dressed elegantly and was a similar age to Zebadiah."Where is he?! Where is my darling grandson, Johnathan?!" The woma
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Johnathan looked at the pen and hesitated to take it."What's the matter, Johnathan? Take this pen and sign on these documents" Zebadiah said with a commanding tone and Johnathan took it."Our family is the number one and only deliverer of Oat Stone, the most precious mineral in the entire world and we've been doing that since the mineral was first discovered. That's how we've managed to amass such a tremendous amount of wealth throughout the centuries" Zebadiah said as he leaned back into his chair.Johnathan was skimming through the documents, reading what his role as the heir of the Cross fortune was going to be."With our monumental wealth that we can never exhaust even if we tried, what other way is there to spend it than investing in the creation of other very lucrative businesses? These documents have a list of all the businesses we have shares in, how many there are, what they are worth, and their ROI"Johnathan went through the list and after a quick math, he saw just how muc
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